I recommend you read my story “The Amsterdam Coffee House” before reading this one as there is some linkage.

I use the British word “Fanny” which means vagina. A welly is known in the USA as “rainboots”.

Going back to 2009 we had become firm friends with another swinging couple, Gina and Tim from Leeds. In background, age (early forties) and sexual desires they were very similar to us. Gina and I have had loads of girly fun together, we certainly turn each other on! Unusually for me, Gina is a little larger built than women I normally go with, she is probably a size 16 against my size 12, but she has the most wonderful large soft breasts. I spend ages fondling them and sucking her nipples.

We had met them often at swingers clubs, had a weekend away with them at a cottage in Yorkshire and always had a great time, both socially and sexually.

When we first met them they declared they were softswingers, which means they did not do full swap. We had no problem with that as we had been softswingers for many years and indeed softswing can be just as much fun as full swap. That changed for us when I got really randy at a swingers club in Newcastle and let two men have full sex with me, while my husband John had sex with my friend. That occurrence is described in my story “Shel’s First Full Swing” if you want all the details.

However, we deliberately did not mention this to Gina and Tim in case they thought we were putting pressure on them to do full swap with us.

After a very enjoyable visit to a sex club in Leeds with them both we were discussing upcoming holidays. John mentioned that we were thinking of a visit for a long weekend to Amsterdam.

“Oh, we like Amsterdam,” said Gina, “Especially the Coffee shops, we do like a few smokes.”

“Wow, we never knew you’d been to Amsterdam before and never imagined that you’d be doing drugs.” I replied. Tim had a job where even the use of soft drugs would be frowned on. “Have you ever been to any of the clubs in Holland? We have been to a couple and just love Fun4Two.”

“Never been to a club apart from UK ones and a couple of smokes is not exactly hard drugs are they?” Says Tim. “But how about this for an idea, let’s all four of us have a long weekend in Amsterdam? It will be great, the Coffee Shops, the pubs, the Red Light District and a bit of play in the hotel!”

Everyone was in full agreement with that idea and within a couple of days the trip was booked and paid for.

After landing at Schippol Airport and getting the train into Amsterdam we checked into our hotel, quite near to the station and the RLD. Luckily we were allocated adjacent rooms.

“Right, give us a knock at 8 o’clock and take it from there.” Suggested Gina after we had booked in, “what are you wearing tonight Shel?”

“It’ll just be jeans and a top for me, you know not many people dress up in Amsterdam of an evening.”

Our room turned out to be excellent. A king sized bed, a shower large enough for two and a well stocked mini-bar!

Promptly at 8 we were gathered outside the hotel discussing what we should do first. We decided that we’d go for food immediately then hit the bars in the RLD with possibly an excursion into a Coffee House if Tim spots a good one.

At 10 o’clock we are standing in the Old Sailor pub in the middle of the RLD sipping on our drinks, a little drunk already due to the wine consumed with our meal.

“How come you know the doorman here?” Tim asks John.

“Every time we come to Amsterdam we drink in here.”

“Do you think he would know a good Coffee House in this area then?”

“I’m sure he would, but we already know a great one not far away.” John replied. “Shall I tell them the full story Shel?”

“I suppose you’ll have to now.” I’m a little worried how our friends will react when John tells them the story of me getting well fucked by the black owner of the Coffee House on our last trip to Amsterdam.

“So it happened like this,” says John. “A few years ago we did a trip to Amsterdam and just around the corner from our hotel was a Coffee House. Now we had never done any drugs before, preferring alcohol, but we thought we’d give it a go. Long story short, when the owner asked what sort of smokes we wanted I had not got a clue so I jokingly asked him for ones to make Shel randy.”

” Well, he produced a couple of “special” smokes from under the counter and believe it or not within 15 minutes Shel was more randy than I have ever seen her and she ended up shagging the owner when the shop was empty and locked up.”

“Whaaattt?” Exclaimed Tim and Gina in unison!

Red faced I admitted it was all true and although it was a one off I really enjoyed it.

“I bet you did,” giggled Gina, “but you have never let on that you’d had another man up you, we thought you were strictly softswing.”

“Right,” Tim announced, “drink up, we’re going to that Coffee House right now, I hope that guy still does those specials because I want Gina and Shel to have at least one each!”

“And illegal bahis I want to see this guy that had gave my Shel a good Dutch poking!” added Gina.

Arriving at the Coffee House a few minutes later it looks pretty busy, but there are a couple of tables free. Upon entering the place, Wim, my Dutch lover, comes straight over.

“Shel, Shel, Shel, it’s so good to see you again! John, you also.” He adds as an afterthought, “Come, please sit down here, are you a group of four?”

“Hi Wim, it’s great to see you again. Yes, we have brought our friends to visit this time with us. Do I not get a hug then?”

Wim pulls me in for a cuddle and a quick kiss, reaching down to fondle my bum in doing so, much to the amusement of everybody watching.

Releasing me, Wim asks what everyone would like.

“Wim, I’m sure you remember those special smokes that got Shel so randy a couple of years ago. Can we have three each of those for Shel and Gina? Do you recommend them for men? Are they some sort of Viagra? If not, I’ll have a bit of mild space cake, what do you fancy Tim?” John said, ordering for us all.

“If the smokes act like Viagra for men, that’s what I want, otherwise just a couple of joints for me,” Tim answered.

“Sorry gentlemen, the smokes only make you randy and if your fine ladies are smoking them tonight then you’ll need to provide your own Viagra to see you through the night. I’ll get the order served immediately.”

A few minutes later myself and Gina were inhaling our first of the special smokes.

“Listen, I know how potent these things are so I suggest we only have one smoke each in here, then make our way back towards the hotel and have another before we go in, then all in our room to play.”

Which was fine in theory!

However, as Gina was finishing hers I could see her becoming more aroused. Her nipples were more prominent and her breathing was a little more rapid.

To tell the truth I was feeling the effects as well.

When Gina leaned in to kiss me, I responded immediately, an open mouthed full on tongue in mouths kiss, which must have lasted a full minute.

“Shel, I now understand why you got fucked the first time you had one of these. I’m soaked, my fanny is aching to be filled and my clit is tingling! Will you take me into the toilet and finger me? I so much want to come.” Gina whispered in my ear.

“I know, I feel the same, but it’s a very small toilet in here, you’ll have to wait till we get back to the hotel.”

Telling John and Tim it was time to go we got up to leave.

Wim came over to open the door for us. “I wish this place was not so busy, will you all come back tomorrow in the afternoon?”

“We’ll see what we can do.” John replied, “but no promises, it might be a long night for us.”

Holding hands Gina and I head off, a little bit wobbly, in the general direction of the hotel, followed by our husbands.

Coming up to the Old Sailor pub the doorman asks if we are coming back in.

“Are they still doing food?” Asks Tim, perhaps suffering from the munchies.

“Yes, but be quick”

Tim is straight in and we have no option but to follow.

After getting our drinks and a toasty for Tim, we can’t find a free table so have to stand near the bar. Gina gets right in front of me and pulls me in for another full on kiss. I can’t help responding and our lips lock together, tongues mashing against each other. Our arms are wrapped around each other’s necks, the passion for each other is overwhelming!

Lost in our own world we don’t realise that the pub has gone silent with most people watching us until Tim nudges both of us and we come up for air.

“Didn’t realise we were providing the entertainment,” I mutter, while the customers go back to their chatter.

“Look, there is a table just come free in the window, let’s go grab it.” Says Tim while diving through the crowd to claim the seats.

Gina and I plonk ourselves down on a bench seat directly in front of the window with the men sitting opposite us.

“How are you feeling girls? Still randy?” John asks both of us.

“I certainly am and I know Gina is, but I’m still going to have another of the smokes before we go into the hotel, this is going to be a night to remember!” I reply.

Gina leans towards me and whispers in my ear, “I’m still dripping, but Shel my love, I have to tell you I am desperate for cock rather than woman loving.”

“I know, I feel the same, that’s maybe how Wim got into my knickers so easy, I feel like I want to be fucked all night long,” I softly whisper back. “I know you have never done it before, but would you consider swapping husbands for tonight? That way we’d certainly be getting shagged none stop, they’d be so rampant!”

Gina starts giving me little kisses, “The way I feel, I’d take on all the men in the hotel, yes, we’ll do that, we’ll spring it on the men later.”

With that we locked lips again. This time a couple passing by on the street outside stopped to watch! This is weird, illegal bahis siteleri we are in the middle of the RLD with scantily clad hotties flaunting themselves in windows. Over the road is a Gay Cinema with explicit posters outside and yet two middle aged women kissing draws attention!

Finishing our drinks we leave the Old Sailor, the doorman laughing while saying, “Have a good night and thanks for entertaining the customers.”

Walking back along the canals, we are looking at the girls in the windows and the men standing outside thinking about maybe paying for sex. Myself and Gina again holding hands and giggling to each other wondering what it would be like for us both to rent a window and entice men in. Obviously just a fantasy between two sexually charged lovers. Timing it right we finished our special smokes, as we reach the hotel entrance.

In the lift it is a mass grope fest, me and Gina playing with each other’s tits or grabbing a cock, the men trying to rub our fannies or squeeze a tit where they can.

Tumbling into our room, I push Gina onto the bed and start stripping her off. I feel hands reach under me and start pulling my clothes off also. We are quickly naked and I suck on her large, soft breasts as the men remove all their clothes.

Laying me on my back, Tim’s head is quickly between my legs and licking at my soaked, dribbling fanny. I love the feelings produced by his tongue and lips. Closing my eyes I concentrate on the pleasure radiating outwards from my fanny.

“Wow Shel, your clit is hard like a little cock! I know you have a larger than average one, but tonight it must be nearly as big as my little finger!”

“Just keep working on it, no more talking! Oh yes, that’s wonderful Tim, keep licking, suck my clit, stick your tongue right up my hole, fuuuucccckkkkkkk you are good!”

I hear Gina groaning right next to me and I know she is getting similar treatment from John.

Suddenly she shouts, “I’m coming! Get a fucking cock in my hole NOW!”

I feel Tim start to move away from me to service Gina so I clamp my legs round his head.

“Stay right there and keep licking my cunt!” I demand.

“I NEED COCK!” shouts Gina again.

“John, stick your prick in her right now, shut her up. Fuck her good!” Keeping Tim pinned between my thighs I give John the green light to shag Gina.

“Fuuuuuuccccckkkkkk, I’m coming, oh, oh, oh, oh. I’m squirting on you John. Shag me harder, don’t stop!”

“Tim, when I release you just stuff your cock right up me, Gina won’t mind, it’s what we both want.” Easing my legs apart a very wet faced Tim stands up, takes one look at John ramming his cock into Gina then lifts my legs up and apart.

No finesse, no easing the cock gently in, he powers it straight into me.

It does not even reach halfway in before my orgasm hits! It’s happened again! Every time a new cock opens up my fanny I come as it enters me! But this is different. This cock is bare, I know that I could not stop Tim from shagging me, the room could burn down around us and he’d still be ploughing into me.

I also know that he is going to flood my cunt with his spunk. I’m so looking forwards to that. Luckily I know he is free of disease and has had a vasectomy so no worries at all!

I’m getting exactly what I need, he is hammering into me, slamming in hard, thrusting right up as far as his cock can reach then pulling out until my fanny lips are losing contact with it. Normally I’d want to change positions or vary angles of penetration, but not now, that cock is making me happy and wet just by sawing in and out.

Slam, slam, slamming into me, my legs are crossed around Tim’s back and I am holding tight around his neck. He is snorting and panting into my neck. I know he is unsure how he was allowed to put his cock into my cunt, but he is making the most of it!

I feel his cock stiffen a bit more, thrusting frantically into me, straining to force every millimetre up inside of me.

He’s coming! His cockend expands and I feel the first spray of cum blasting into my cunt! That pushes me into another orgasm! Repeatedly he strains and grunts while unloading at least a cupful of spunk into me. My fanny grasps tightly onto his prick with every spasm of my orgasm, this is amazing! Every nerve in me is overloaded with sensation, stars are exploding behind my eyes!

Slowly we come down from our joint well timed orgasms.

We both relax together, breathing heavily, his cock just losing a bit of hardness, but not yet soft, a dribble of his spunk seeps out and runs over my bumhole.

Now that the wild passion has passed, at least for a little while, I look around and see that John and Gina must have finished their coupling a few minutes before us. They are sitting on the settee with a glass of wine each. Gina has a rosy glow from her tits right up to her chin, obviously she enjoyed her fucking as much as me.

As Tim slips out of me I feel his spunk slowly seeping out of my still open fanny. Gina passes canlı bahis siteleri me a handful of tissues, which I wedge over my fanny to avoid a pool on top of the bed.

Everyone is quiet, knowing we didn’t just step over a line we ran across it at full speed.

“Is everyone OK with what happened?” I ask.

Nods all around, then Tim says, “I am not really sure how we made that leap, but it was amazing.”

“Well, it was half planned by me and Shel,” replies Gina, “we were so randy from the smokes that we knew we’d need more than a standard fucking, so the best way was to get you guys to swap. Admit it, you were shagging the different cunts much harder than you would have done with the familiar one.”

“Gina, I know we have not discussed this, but I’d like to spend the rest of the night with Tim in your room, while you and John stay in here, I think I’ll need a lot more sex tonight.”

“It’s a big step Shel, but I think your right, it will satisfy all our cravings and allow us to explore our new sexual partners at our own pace. My pace for tonight will be fast and furious. Can you keep up John?”

“I’ll do my best, but any chance of a quick nap around 4am to recharge?” replied John jokingly.

After putting a few clothes on for the journey out into the corridor to the next room, I give John a big kiss. “Enjoy yourself pet, give her all you have and do whatever she asks of you, at least until you pass out.”

I also gave Gina a big kiss, “And you, try not to permanently damage him. Remember we are in the next room and can probably hear every orgasm.”

As soon as Tim and I are in his room our clothes are straight off, we hold each other close and kiss deeply.

“I still can’t believe this is happening,” says Tim, “have I really got you to myself all night?”

“You sure have, but it’s going to be a long HARD night for you, lover boy.”

“Shel, to have full access to your beautiful body all night, I don’t care if my cock snaps off by the morning.”

Looking down I see his cock is nearly, but not quite fully hard, I drop to my knees and take it into my mouth. I can taste his cum and my juices on his knob end. Sucking deeply and working my tongue around his shaft it only takes a minute to get it ramrod hard.

I quickly stand up and move onto the bed, kneeling in the centre of the bed I wiggle my bum at him. “Come on Tim, I want you to give me a hard ride, no foreplay just get it right in.” I am still randy as hell, my clit is tingling, my fanny is aching to be filled with cock, I just want a good hard shag!

Climbing behind me, Tim presents the head of his cock to my still gaping hole. No effort is required to push it in, my own secretions and his spunk which is still in there from the last orgasm provide fantastic lube!

Bottoming out he feels deeper than when he was having me in the missionary position, which is just fine by me. “Come on then, ride me. Long, fast strokes.”

Tim takes the hint. Holding tightly onto my hips he savagely thrusts in and out, straining into me on each in stroke and pulling back so far that my fanny lips can feel the ridge of his knob end nearly leaving me.

He shags me like this for a good fifteen minutes, I’ve been on the edge of orgasm all that time, but have held myself back as I want to come while he is squirting into me.

“Shel, I’m coming, coming, coming.”

“Get my clit, rub it, nip it, ahhhhhhh that’s it, rub it harder, shag me hard, force it right up me……………………..OHHHHHHHHH, THAT’S IT, fuck, fuck, fuck. Fill me with your spunk!”

For the second time in an hour my insides are coated with his spunk, only this time I am squirting as well. My fanny has clamped hard around his cock.

“Oh Shel, arrrggggg, ugguugggggg, WHAT? I can feel something deep inside your fanny rubbing on my cockend, fuck that feels so great. OOhhhhhh I’m coming! Ohhhhhhhhhhh!”

My fanny is convulsing around his cock, sucking his jism out of his twitching cock. I can feel my cervix moving as I orgasm, it is rubbing against the very tip of his cock.

I feel his jets of cum lessen and cease but he is still thrusting into me, after less than a minute he suddenly starts coming again, another two powerful bursts of spunk splash against my cervix.

We both start shouting in ecstasy at this new sensation, then I fall forwards almost lifeless onto the bed with Tim left kneeling behind me. He is sucking air into his lungs like he has just run 100 metres.

Shaking me, Tim is making sure I have not lost consciousness.

“I’m OK” I mutter while small aftershocks still radiate from my fanny and my clit. “Fucking Hell, that was some fuck. You came twice there didn’t you?”

“Oh Shel, that was amazing! Yes, two separate orgasms, just a few seconds apart, but certainly separate. I need a drink!” With that Tim fetches two glasses of wine from the mini-bar. “Bottoms up,” he says.

“You might just get lucky with that,” I reply before taking a long gulp of the white wine. “Pass some tissues please or else this bed will be like a swimming pool.”

Propping ourselves up against the headboard we sip our wine and contemplate the evening of wild sex. The unmistakeable sound of orgasm comes faintly through the wall from my room.



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