Saturday — Day One

Jack Mitchell leaned against his front porch railing, watching the moving truck and activity next door as his new neighbors moved in. He was glad the house would no longer be empty, and curious about who would be living next door to him in his suburban Southern California neighborhood that he’d lived in for three months. He’d heard that it was a young couple.

After four years of hundred-hour workweeks as a junior principle at a tech start-up, the majority owner had sold out to Google and the job ended. Jack got a big payout, and he used a chunk of it to buy an ocean-front cabin and then design and build his first-ever house at the end of a cul-de-sac, replete with a pool in a secluded backyard and a workout room. At 25, Jack apparently had it all.

Except a woman. There’d been one serious relationship, and Jack had no trouble hooking up with pretty much any woman he desired, although he had not often taken advantage of that. He was handsome with curly black hair, a warm smile, and the charm to attract any woman. While work had consumed his life, Jack had not neglected his health or body, running and hitting the weight room, working out daily. At 6′ 2″ and 210 pounds of pure muscle, he was considered by women to be a “hunk”.

A flash of blonde hair and bare leg caught his eye, walking down the ramp of the moving van. He couldn’t get a good look, but it appeared that the lady of the house might be a looker — he resolved to check that out.


Andy and Anna Clarke were excited to move from the cramped apartment across town to their own house. Andy was a very bright and talented accountant. At 5′ 9″, 155 pounds and fairly handsome, he wasn’t exactly a woman’s dream, but his kind, easy manner had been enough to capture Anna’s heart two years ago.

Anna, on the other hand, was simply stunning, a fact she hadn’t grasped. She had just turned 22 and was tall at 5′ 9″ and 120 pounds, with long, naturally curly blonde tresses that she usually wore in a ponytail. Her beautiful face was adorned with a spattering of freckles, a cute button nose, bright blue eyes and naturally long eyelashes that women envied. But the eyelashes weren’t all other women were jealous of.

She was considered skinny and somewhat plain in her high-school years. Her envy of the male attention the other, more developed girls garnered stunted her self-esteem, so she rarely dated. Then, at 18, womanhood struck Anna with a vengeance. She grew four inches in a year, and suddenly there were curves everywhere. Her flat bottom developed into a perfect, heart shaped derriere with curvy hips. Her legs were long and gracefully sculpted, her tummy perfectly flat.

But it was between her cute belly button and her graceful neck that mother nature had particularly blessed Anna Leigh Patterson, later Anna Clarke. Her A-cup breasts, which had never required her to wear a bra, suddenly started to grow and grow. She was full C-cup by her 19th birthday when she met Andy. She had gone from being invisible to the boys to being very self-conscious of her suddenly voluptuous body. Her breasts were full, round, and perky, and were capped by big, beautiful, upturned nipples in the center of dusky, wide areolas. These nipples, on top of her big boobs, made Anna even more self-conscious of her body, so she chose to wear padded bras to hide them. The nipple problem was not just their prominent size, but also their sensitivity. They hardened at the slightest coolness and popped up instantly when she was sexually aroused illegal bahis — which wasn’t often. She never went braless, even to bed.

She met Andy in college, was attracted to his easy-going personality and they married after dating a year. He was captivated by her beauty, her radiant smile, and her utter lack of pretention.

Andy was the first and only man she had slept with, so she had nothing to compare him to. He was tender and kind in bed. While Anna loved the way he made sweet love to her, she rarely climaxed.

While she thought her “growth spurt” had stopped at 19, she was wrong. To her and Andy’s amazement her breasts continued to grow, to a D-Cup when she turned 20 to a DD on her 21st birthday. She was embarrassed at their size and the unwanted attention they drew from men – and women. She was forced to spend a lot of money on new bras when she started bursting out of her current selection.

She dressed very conservatively, never wearing anything to draw attention to herself. Andy frequently complimented her on her beauty and tried to get her be “just a bit daring” as he wanted to show her off to his friends — and to the world. But she wouldn’t budge, blushing at every conversation.


Jack walked next door with a bottle of red wine to meet his new neighbors, encountering Andy in his driveway.

“Hi, I’m Jack, your next-door neighbor.” He offered, shaking Andy’s hand. Andy was momentarily rendered speechless buy the big, ruggedly-handsome man towering over him.

‘A-Andy Clarke, glad to meet you, Jack,” he stuttered in reply.

Jack immediately noticed the lack of strength in Andy’s handshake. He smiled, “Welcome to the neighborhood. I brought you a housewarming gift,” he said, offering Andy the bottle.

Regaining some of his composure, Andy replied. “Thanks, Jack, my wife, Anna, loves red wine. She’s around here somewhere.” He looked up the driveway and spied her walking their way. “Here she comes — honey, this is Jack, our neighbor.”

Anna appeared from behind the moving truck and walked up to the men. She was wearing loose-fitting shorts that covered her legs almost down to her knees and a baggy sweatshirt. Her hair was loosely held in a ponytail and she wore no makeup on this moving day.

“Hey hon……….” The rest of her words stuck in her throat and she stopped in her tracks when she saw Jack. Andy noticed her unusual reaction and saw her give Jack a long look from head to toe. Jack was wearing workout shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt that showed off his manly, muscled torso.

Jack was equally taken aback by the stunning blonde standing in front of him. His gaze hung on her beautiful blue eyes, cute nose and sensuous lips before moving down to the rest of her body, hidden in baggy clothes. He could tell she was busty, but couldn’t get a good look. Her calves were toned and beautiful.

Andy saw his new neighbor give his lovely wife a good long, and obviously very approving look. He smiled, proud of the effect Anna had on this handsome man.

Jack snapped out of his reverie. “Hi Anna!” He offered, flashing a huge smile at her and taking her hand. “A pleasure to meet such a lovely lady,” he gushed, taking her hand and lightly kissing it.

“N-nice to m-meet you,” she stuttered back.

Andy first noticed her face flush at Jack’s touch and deep voice. Looking down, he noticed something else. Anna’s nipples, snugly encased in her sports bra, had suddenly made an appearance, pushing out through her sweatshirt. ‘Wow, never seen that before’, illegal bahis siteleri Andy thought, feeling a strange mixture of pride and apprehension. What was happening here?

Anna quickly and awkwardly folded her arms across her chest to cover up her nipples. The unintended effect was to show Jack just how big her breasts were. The bottom of her sweatshirt pulled up to reveal a couple of inches of her lovely tummy and the top of her panties. She had worn a lighter sports bra for the move, which unfortunately offered no restraint for her nipples.

“Andy says you like red wine — looks like I made a lucky choice of housewarming gift,” Jack said, offering her the bottle.

Andy, mindful of his wife’s nipple predicament, took the bottle, “Thanks, Jack, we’ll open this tonight to christen the new house.”

‘OMG’, Jack thought. ‘She’s knockout. Did I see her nipples popping out? I need to see more…..’ He felt the first signal of an erection. ‘Down boy — not now!’

Jack, sensing an opportunity to be near Anna, made his pitch. “Can I offer some help with moving your gear in — looks like you have a full truck there.”

Andy, grateful to share the heavy lifting, responded. “That would be great — the helpers we had booked no-showed.”

Anna gave Jack one more long look and led the way up the driveway, offering Jack his first view of her curvy behind bouncing under her loose, unflattering shorts. She disappeared while Andy and Jack unloaded the truck. Andy was struck with how easily Jack lifted and moved heavy items. ‘Wish I was built like him,’ Andy mused.


Anna walked quickly to their bedroom and shut the door, breathing heavily. ‘What the heck was happening to her?’

When she first laid eyes on Jack, she couldn’t help but check out his buff body. Without realizing it, what she saw was the embodiment of her unconscious vision of a perfect man. Tall, rugged, handsome beyond belief, sexy eyes, and muscular without being one of those freakish gym creatures that creeped her out. And that smile. OMG. But one image was frozen in her memory.

His crotch bulge. It looked like he had something big in there. Really big. And was it a trick of the light, or did it seem to move just a bit? Andy barely had a bulge down there. That’s what set her off like never before. She had felt her face flush, her nipples suddenly stiffen, and, worst of all, a tingling deep in her pussy.

‘Damn, why did I choose this thin sports bra today of all days?’ “Because all your regular bras are too tight, you fat pig,” she spat out loud. Her breasts were continuing to grow, and now her latest batch of DD bras were uncomfortably tight, with breast flesh starting to bulge out the top and sides — not pretty and not comfortable.

She rummaged through a box of underwear until she found a padded bra that would at least not show her nipples. With great effort, she peeled off her sports bra and tossed it aside. Looking down, she could see her big nipples standing up, proud and engorged. She had lately noticed that as her breasts grew, they started to splay out to her sides, so that her nipples pointed to the side a slight angle, not straight forward like when she was smaller. Andy informed her that her breasts we now visible from behind her and he thought that was sexy. She didn’t. ‘If he thinks they’re sexy, why doesn’t he pay more attention to them?’

She couldn’t help but bring her hands up to cradle her breasts and trail her fingers over both nipples. It was like she had touched a live wire — a jolt canlı bahis siteleri of pleasure shot through her body — straight to her pussy, which pulsed in response. ‘OMG — I just orgasmed!’

Her pulse was racing, she could feel wetness in her pussy and smell the musk of her release. She slid her middle finger inside her panties and felt the wetness. ‘How did this guy do this to me in like 30 seconds? What is wrong with me? This is so bad. I’m going to have to clean up and change panties.’ She stayed in the bedroom for few minutes reading an old magazine to compose herself, then journeyed out of the bedroom, hoping Jack was not still there.


She found Andy and Jack hard at work bringing in furniture and boxes, so she busied herself unpacking to avoid the risk of a repeat of the driveway incident. A half hour later she was in the kitchen looking out the window at Andy walking out to the truck and didn’t see Jack right behind her. Then she sensed his presence, and quickly turned around to find him standing close behind her. He was holding a heavy box of dishes and smiling down at her.

“Where would you like these, Anna?”

“Um, right over there, on the counter, please.” Jack set the boxes on the counter and leaned against it, only a foot or so from her.

‘God, he’s so handsome.’ she thought, looking into his eyes.

‘I have to have this woman,’ he thought, looking into her eyes.

She snapped out of it and asked him how long he had lived in the neighborhood, and that led to an easy conversation that brought the temperature down a few degrees. He found out she was an elementary school teacher’s aide. She was thankful for her decision to change bras as her nipples had popped up again as soon as she felt him behind her.

He was willing his cock to stay soft. Andy walked in without them noticing. “Well, that’s the last of it. Thanks so much for the help, Jack.”

“Glad to be neighborly, Andy. Great to meet both of you. How about dinner on my patio tomorrow night? I’ll grill some steaks for us, and there’s more good pinot noir where that came from. Least I can do until you get your kitchen put together. Say 5pm?”

Andy and Anna looked at each other and Andy responded. “Sounds good. What can we bring?”

“Nothing — I’ll take care of everything.”

“Ok, we’ll see you then. Thanks!” Jack left, but not without taking a last good look at Anna.


“So, what do you think of our neighbor, honey?” Andy casually asked a few minutes later.

“Seems like a nice enough guy, helping us with the unloading and everything.”

“Well, I couldn’t help noticing him checking you out, Anna. He clearly appreciates a beautiful woman.” He stepped over and put his arms around her and kissed her forehead.

“Oh, I don’t think so, I’m sure I’m not his type — married, you know.”

“Well, Jack and I noticed your reaction to him — those nipples gave you away,” he said, looking down at her chest.

She turned beet red in embarrassment. “I really don’t know — don’t understand what happened, Andy.” She kissed him in that way that he knew she was aroused.

“Oh, I think you find our big handsome neighbor attractive,” he whispered into her ear as his hands came up to caress her big breasts, seeking out her aroused nipples. ‘Are these for me- or him?’ He wondered.

She dragged him to the bedroom and peeled off her clothes. Andy quickly mounted her, and noticed right way how wet she was, and how she vigorously humped at him until she came to a quick, sharp climax. Andy followed her quickly, spurting his cum hard into her. ‘Wow, that was different, honey,” he panted.

“Yea, that was good,” she cooed to him. She didn’t tell him it was the thought of Jack that made her cum so quickly and strongly.



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