A tryst with a colleague’s mother. All sex is consensual and all characters are eighteen years or older. Rather heavy on panty fetish. This is a fantasy so request that the reader look past inconsistencies in location specific language, spelling or places.

My friend Anirudh rushed to my desk one day and announced that his parents were coming over to visit very shortly. Their trip had been approved! That was all he could talk about for the next few days. I was happy for him and started asking him a lot of questions. Oddly enough, he only spoke about his father. How he and his dad would go to the football games and on boating and fishing trips. How his dad was a exotic car enthusiast and how they would rent such cars over the weekends and go on rides. He would show his dad the local historic cricket fields and go to games, sometimes even in London. He talked a lot about his dad, which prompted me to ask, “Hey, Anirudh. Isn’t your mother coming too?” And he said, “Yeah, yeah. But, you know, she..she is a housewife. She is not interested in all this. She will spend most of her time cooking and watching TV and movies. Yeah.”


I worked for an India-based insurance company. My team was located in a small suburb of London and were a close knit group with most of us living in the same block of flats. We met often, during festivals and celebrations and the like.

Anirudh was the first to get his parents over to visit. Most of us were just waiting for the right time. His father quickly adjusted to our lifestyle. I gathered that he was really looking forward to this visit. But I could see from the very first day that his mother, who I called Rekha-aunty, found it very difficult. She had no companions of her age and she felt out of place. While the girls in the flat complex went on walks, or shopping or to the movies together, I often saw her alone, looking forlorn and sad.

It was very easy to see the dynamic being played out in Anirudh’s house, which was something very common back home in India. A dominant male, head of the household. A quiet, submissive, subservient female. The other younger male(s) in the house taking their cues from the elder male on how to behave towards and treat the females of the house.

Anirudh and his dad did not blatantly abuse Rekha-aunty. But their verbal barbs and the way they treated her in front of others made me feel sorry for her. She was not allowed to open her mouth in others’ company, and was almost always confined to the kitchen. I observed them commanding and ordering her around even in my presence. One day Anirudh even had the temerity to comment on her cooking while I was invited to dinner. Anirudh’s dad also joined in berating her. I could see the embarrassment on her face at this treatment. I would not have dreamt of doing this to my mother in a million years!

Anirudh had given her a laptop with a DVD drive and he told me that he rented local language DVDs from that shop in the Indian Market, and that his mother spent time watching those movies. At least she had that, I told myself.

I had found out that Rekha-aunty had grown up in a town not too far from the one where I spent my youth upto when I went to work in the big city. In the few times that we were able to chat, we found a lot of common things to talk about, mostly relating to our hometowns and the surrounding areas. It seemed to me that aunty married very young. Though Arun and I were of the same age, she was much younger than my mother. I liked being around her. I even managed to accompany her for some distance on her walks, giving some excuse or another to be close to her. But even at those times she used to look around furtively to see if anyone had seen her talking to me. I, of course, made sure to approach her only when Anirudh and his dad were away.

Rekha-aunty was very, very fair. I was the typical rural South Indian. Tall, slim and very dark. She had long, heavy hair that she took care of very well. Her braids were thick and when she flung it over her shoulder and onto the front of her body, she reminded me of a sexy, seductive movie star. She was unlike most Indian ladies and mothers of that time. She appeared to be physically fit. I wondered if it was natural or if she was secretly working out. She did not have fat hanging under her arms and her belly was relatively flat. The flesh on her radiant face was tight and without any wrinkles or lines. She had a nice behind. Not too big and not too small either. Her sari was wound tight on her ass and I ogled her from behind every chance I got. I kept reminding myself that she was Arun’s mother.

But one night I found myself fantasizing about her! Fuck! That night, as was usual, I was lying in my bed, watching porn on my laptop and jerking off before I fell asleep. Instead of fantasizing about the girls at work or my colleagues’ wives, I found myself thinking about Rekha-aunty! Her thick thighs outlined under her sari. Her exposed hips showing her nice bets10 curves, her wide waist. Her bra straps clearly visible under her blouse.

I fisted my thick, heavy penis and thought about the time I caught her once (just once) squatting down to get something from a lower shelf in her kitchen and found myself looking at her tight ass, wondering what kind of panties she was wearing under there.

Another time (just once) I saw her stretch her arms up, this time getting something from a top shelf that was out of reach for her and I saw her beautiful tits from the side, raised and held tight by her bra, the cups of her bra themselves clearly visible through the sheer material of her blouse and the nipples poking out and the areola pressed hard against her bra. That time I went into the kitchen to help her and she gratefully smiled at me, but I knew she had caught me peeking down the front of her blouse, which she hastily adjusted.

I grabbed my cock and stroked it, imagining doing to Rekha-aunty what the guy in the video was doing to his woman. I rammed my cock in and out of Rekha-aunty’s creaming cunt. After a while I jumped up and cradled her face in my hands and mouth-fucked her. Then suddenly and abruptly I turned her around and parted her ass cheeks and fucked her in the ass, her asshole was very dark and the skin on her ass crack was darker still compared to the rest of her body. All this time Rekha-aunty was submissive and cooperative, letting me do as I pleased. She groaned and moaned and let out all those sexy, erotic noises. And finally I pulled my dick out of her ass, and she turned to accept my cum on her face. I plunged my thick dick into her mouth and at the very last instant I pulled it out and sprayed her face with ropes of my hot, sticky cum. Some of it fell on her eyes, nose and lips. Fuck! Rekha-aunty! I screamed into my pillow. Jerking off to aunty felt soooo good! But man, I was twenty four and still a virgin and Rekha-aunty was my friend’s mother! What the fuck! I repeated this in the morning in front of the full length mirror I had in my room.

The second weekend that they were here, Anirudh and his dad had to go out to watch a local football game, and he requested that I take Rekha-aunty to the nearby Indian market to get the weekly groceries and DVDs and the like. I readily agreed.

While quiet and timid when Arun and his father were around, I found she was quite talkative, inquisitive and almost bold in talking to me, which I liked. She asked about my family back home, my mother and father and the like. Then in due course, the talk turned to marriage and she asked, “Arun, are you parents looking out for a girl for you?”

I said, “Oh no, Rekha-aunty. I am not ready yet. There’s still time.”

She asked, “Or is it that you have a girl in mind?”

“Ha ha, aunty! No nothing like that. I will probably just be normal. Get hitched to a girl my parents agree on. But I have told them to wait for a few more years.”

On the way back from the Indian store, on a whim I said to her, “Aunty, why don’t you come to my flat for a change. Let me make my special tea and we can have it with the snacks I bought.”

She just laughed, “What! You making tea for me? Really! I have to see that! Arun and his dad never even step into the kitchen!”

So we came back to my flat and as I busied myself in my small kitchen, Rekha-aunty walked around looking at things. We kept our conversation going, with her shouting out questions and I answering from the kitchen. This went on for a while. But suddenly I realized that there was no sound from aunty for a while! What was she doing?

I walked out, and froze! She was standing beside my bed, which I always kept made, neat and tidy. But in my rush that morning I had forgotten to put away my personal laptop, which was open on the bedside table. I had not bothered to put a display lock on it. I guessed she may have touched a key on the keyboard, by accident or on purpose. The screen had come alive and the video I was watching on it last had started playing.

It was hardcore porn! Even from where I stood I could see the figures engaged in sex. A studly man was ramming his cock into a dark-haired girl’s mouth, using it like her cunt, while another girl caressed his ass and fingered his asshole and licked the first girl’s hairy cunt.

Rekha-aunty stood stock-still, watching the video with a shocked expression on her face, but still looking and digesting the movie playing just the same.

I too was shocked. Fuck! What has to be done? I couldn’t move. We must have stood there for what seemed like an eternity but could have been max fifteen seconds. It was a totally embarrassing situation. Thoughts ran through my head like lightning. I should probably walk back silently to the kitchen and resume our conversation like nothing had happened.

But I was too late.

She felt my presence and turned around and faced me! I was caught! I felt the blood bets10 giriş rushing to my face, and I felt hot all over. I didn’t know where I got the courage to look her in the eye. And I blurted and stammered, “I eh..…sorry aunty. I didn’t..last night”

She let out a small giggle, “Sorry? Sorry for what? Don’t be sorry. You think I don’t know what you boys do? Forget it. It’s..It’s…just interesting..what you are good for you?” She pointed at the video, which was still playing. Now the italian stud was fucking the dark haired young girl, while the other girl was licking his asshole and sucking on his balls.

She turned around and looked at the screen once more. The guy had taken his dick out of the first girl’s cunt and the second girl was now licking it clean of the juices and also inserting her tongue into the first one’s cunt and asshole. I did not say anything. I just walked past her and slammed the screen down, not wanting to extend my embarrassment. I pulled out the cable that connected my laptop to the external drive that held my porn archive. I usually downloaded stuff, not wanting to be online while watching such movies.

Aunty just let out a small laugh, “Arun! Don’t worry. I won’t tell anybody. As if it is anybody’s business anyway. Forget about it!”

I felt my face flush with heat and embarrassment and shame. Why did it have to be her!

“Come, Arun, ” she said. “Let’s have that tea of yours. Let’s see how it tastes.”

She tried to talk about other things and that was nice of her. But we both really knew the embarrassing situation I was in. It really did get better as we talked about our hometown. I thought she felt homesick and again I felt sorry for her. Suddenly she looked at her watch and realized how late it was and jumped up, “Oh Arun! I have to go. I have to have dinner ready for them. They will be back soon. Aiyoh!”

I said, “Don’t worry aunty. I will come and help. We will be done before they come back. Anirudh knows I like to cook. I will just tell them I was helping and learning from you. Just stay for some more time and we can go together.”

She looked at me with her big, dark, deep, pretty eyes and my heart melted. I pushed her to the floor, lifted up her sari and licked her cunt till her juices seeped out. And then I fucked her and came all over her body. She was goading and egging me on all the way. She smiled a sly, naughty smile as she wiped my semen from her face with her palm.

“Oh. Ok. Ok. I think that is a good idea. We can tell them that,” Saying this, she calmed down and we started chatting once again. She told me stories of her family, and asked about mine. We grew comfortable with each other. But soon it was time to get back.

She seemed happy and relaxed as we walked slowly to their flat. But all this changed as soon as we reached their house. Anirudh and his dad were already there! Something happened. The game they had gone to watch had to be stopped and they had returned earlier than expected.

They were furious at Rekha-aunty. “Hey,” Anirudh’s dad shouted. “Where were you? Where did you go?” And Anirudh jumped in, “Yeah, mummy, you only went to the Indian market. What took you so long?”

Aunty was at a loss for words, and she began stuttering and stammering.

But I quickly said, “No, no, Anirudh. It was my fault. Actually, you see, my car had some starting trouble and we had to wait for the guy to come out and fix it. Took about an hour. We actually left late and just got back.”

This seemed to calm them a bit. “OK!” Anirudh’s father said. “Fine. Go make us some tea. This time make it hot and add that ginger and masala thing. Last time you did not! Don’t forget! Mpph!”

“Yeah, mummy, ” That asshole Anirudh added. “Make more this time. We may want more than one cup.”

Father and son sat down to watch yet another stupid program on the television.

Aunty and I exchanged a long look. I could sense the sadness in her eyes. Our eye contact lasted for a few more seconds than it should have. Her eyes said, “I told you so!” and I kept looking at her until she tore her eyes from mine. She turned and walked away quietly to the kitchen.

That night I once again thought of Rekha-aunty and her reaction to watching my porn video. I masturbated. I imagined undressing her, taking off her clothes one at a time. First her sari, then her blouse. I pictured her in her bra and panties. I have a severe panty fetish, but all I could do was watch videos and imagine the women and girls I met in their underwear. I wondered what kind Rekha-aunty wore. Perhaps she only had the ones she brought from India. Yes, definitely. She would be wearing full-back indian panties. Cotton variety, probably plain ones, thick against her crotch, her gusset stained and wet with her secretions and wide and tight behind, against her ass cheeks. I stroked myself to ejaculation that night, and once bets10 güvenilir mi again in the morning. I was desperate. I wanted to fuck Rekha-aunty. I wanted to lose my virginity to her. But how?


That Sunday happened to be a special festival day and Anirudh had invited me to lunch with his family. I knew that for this occasion people usually made large quantities and many varieties of dishes of all kinds. Aunty had told me about what she planned to make, and I took this opportunity to go to their house much earlier than needed, using the pretext of helping her cook.

Anirudh and his dad were none the wiser. They were watching a County Cricket championship game. Boring!

Rekha-aunty looked especially radiant on this day. She had bathed and done her pooja (prayers) and had worn a beautiful, festive, colorful sari and matching blouse. She had a bright red pottu (bhindi), and a small amount of sacred ash smeared on her forehead. She smelled divine. I could sense the sandalwood cream on her body and the faint remnants of the soap from her bath. Her hair was still unmade and a bit she had it bunched inside a towel she wrapped on her head.

I had done my part too, having bathed and shaved and was wearing a traditional South Indian bright yellow shirt along with a comfortable matching cotton sweatpant. I knew I looked dashing and smart. (I was vain)

She looked at me as I entered the kitchen, and gave me a sweet smile. She reached up and smeared a bit of that sacred ash on my forehead and touched my cheek with her cool hands.

She and I went about making the food for the festival lunch. It was so nice to be close to her. Fuck! I could have her right there on her kitchen floor!

They lived in a flat that was bigger than mine. The kitchen had a ‘serving window’, one that looked out onto the dining room. Past the dining room was the main living room, and standing at the serving window I could see the TV that was playing in the living room.

The kitchen was not big, and as we worked together, aunty and I often brushed our bodies past each other. We touched each other, but thought nothing of it. But after about half an hour of this, I could not handle it. She looked so innocent, appealing, sexy even in her traditional outfit and seeing her exposed stomach, back, hips, and her cleavage that was visible with her bra peeking out from time to time, and the suppleness of the tops of her tits, her lips, mouth, neck – all this had my imagination running wild.

What? Had she forgotten about the porn she watched on my laptop? Was it not playing in her mind? Did she not picture me watching porn and masturbating?

“Arun!” She whispered, suddenly. I was jolted from my reverie. It took me a couple of seconds to realize what was happening, what I was doing that caused her to call out to me.

She was standing at the counter. I could see the dining room, and then beyond it, the backs of the heads of Anirudh and his father as they chatted and talked and pumped their fists and screamed at the match running on the TV.

But that couldn’t be why? Then it hit me like a punch to my gut. With a shock I realized that I had my hands on her!

My left hand was on her exposed waist, my fingers curled around the thin line of fat where she tucked her sari to her body. I could feel the suppleness and the coolness of her flesh on my fingers. My other hand was on her right thigh, my palm flat, pressing into the firm, hard muscle feeling its thickness and roundness. My torso was pressed against her ass, not hard, but just touching her. But it was enough. I could, and I was sure she could too, feel my thick dick as it rested against one of her ass cheeks. How long was I like that? I couldn’t say.

Her body was still as a steel pipe, but her head was turned towards me as she looked into my eyes with her large, black eyes. She had a scared expression on her face and her eyes were wide.

I stepped back from her as if I had touched a live wire of electricity. She quickly turned away to see if either of the men had noticed, but fortunately they were too engrossed in the game to pay any heed.

I gasped, and whispered, “Aiyoh! Aunty!! I am..sorry..I don’t..know..,” Then I said in a cool, composed voice. “Sorry, Rekha-aunty, I should go. I..I will come back later.”

“No! Arun! Stay. Don’t go!” And she turned and we looked at each other. She wasn’t scared, or angry or embarrassed. “I want you to stay here with me!” She whispered, and we stared at each other.

Before I could answer we heard Anirudh’s voice as he called out to his mother. And he was walking towards us! Within a couple of seconds he had bounded into the kitchen. We had very little time to react!

I gasped and crouched down and made as if I was searching for something inside the shelves. Aunty also quickly turned away and acted busy as Anirudh came into the kitchen.

“Hey mother! When will food be ready? Smells so good! We are hungry!” And he said to me jokingly, “Hey, Arun, hope you are not distracting my mother and making her late!”

“Hey, Anirudh! No, nothing like that. Just trying to make sure we get everything perfect. Need to be patient!”



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