I have a very close knit family, and as such, we enjoy getting together every chance we get. I, however, didn’t know that this year I would find love at one of our gatherings. I was about 20 when all of this went down. I was something of an odd ball in my family, I’m a guy with long black hair, glasses, and about 5’8 and wore almost nothing but black. As such, I didn’t talk to the family quite so much. There is however, one exception to this rule, my cousin Angel. Angel was 18 at the time we discovered our love. I still remember how she was dressed, a black top which read “Black Sabbath” on it, short cut jean shorts, and black and white converse.

While she loved spending time with the family, every time I showed up, she was the first to run up and hug me. Her hugs usually were at my waist due to her being 4’5. This time however was different. When I had last seen her, she was almost boyish with no breasts to be seen and no ass to seemingly hold on to. Now she had beautiful round breasts, perhaps C-Cups or even D. Her ass was a sight to behold as well. To make it short, think a shorter Scarlett Johansson with black hair and beautiful hazel eyes. When I saw her, I thought,

“Damn, I think I need a piece of that.”

Of course, thinking something was wrong with me, I snapped out of it.

“How on Earth could I think of my cousin in such a way?”

I thought. However, I just couldn’t shake the feeling that we had something unique.

Just as I was lost in thought, Angel came and grabbed my hand to lead me to the game room. Both of us are gamers so naturally we spent most of our time playing as many games as possible and eating only when necessary. All the while, our family was outside talking and catching up. It was when we decided to hold off on playing games and start watching T.V. that we began to talk. We were in the midst of watching Sword Art Online, and we got to the part about the main character’s cousin developing feelings for him. After the ordeal in the anime, I simply said,

“that’s kind of sad.”

My cousin whom was lying next to me on the couch asked,

“What do you mean?”

I responded with,

“well, she obviously loves her cousin very intensely but he doesn’t feel the same way. I just find that kind of sad.”

She replied back with her gaze catching mine,

“what if I said that I loved you like that?”

Just then, I felt a small hand begin to caress mine. My heart was pounding and I said, “then I guess the feeling would be mutual.”

Just then, she curled up to me and began to feel around my body. I decided to reciprocate by caressing my hand on her thighs. Slowly we began to guide our hands to our forbidden areas. She reached into my pants and grabbed hold of my now erect penis and began to slowly casino siteleri stroke up and down. I made my way to warm and now wet pussy only to begin to insert two fingers inside and begin to pump in and out. We looked into each other’s eyes and decided to seal what we felt with a warm kiss. Her lips were soft and kind, while her tongue expressed the raging love inside of her. We stopped however once we heard a knock at the game room door. My father simply stated,

“food’s ready!” before departing.

We had one more kiss before going to dinner. I had to wash my hands before eating, but not before tasting her delicious pussy remnants on my fingers. It was everything I had dreamed. Once we sat down, I realized I was sitting across my cousin, my new lover. Above the surface of the table we were normal people acting like a family should; however, below the table, Angel and I were caressing each other with our feet. Of course all good things end and we all had to depart for our respective homes. I was saddened by the thought of not seeing her again for quite some time. Until of course, she asked if I could give her a ride to her dorm. I was excited and could see the intent in her eyes.

“Yeah, sure.” I replied.

We said our goodbyes to the family that we wouldn’t see for another few months or so and departed. Once in my car, we shared another warm kiss, this one from sheer passion and lust. She whispered with an innocent voice,

“I want to go home with you.”

I was excited and stated,

“then that’s where you will be going.”

I started the car and began to drive when suddenly she was unzipping my pants.

“Don’t worry about anything baby, you drive and I’ll keep you satisfied.”

Just then she began to lick and suck my rock hard cock. The warmth of her mouth and caress of her tongue was unlike anything I had before. Her gagging and bobbing up and down were amazing. I couldn’t help it; I came in her beautiful mouth. She looked up at me and swallowed my load.

“Keep it hard baby, were not done yet.”

She said with a warm and seductive nature.

Just as we arrived at my house and ran inside. We made our way inside only to begin kissing and ripping each other’s clothes off in a furry of passion. I picked her up and carried her to my bed and threw her down on top of the mattress. Immediately, she removed her undergarments to reveal her beautiful, succulent breasts. Her nipples were soft and a beautiful shade of pink, and her ass was firm yet soft and succulent. I removed my pants and boxers to reveal my raging member and tight ass. We embraced and I began to suckle and fondle her breasts. She began to moan in pleasure,

“oh yes baby, that’s it, just like that, mmmm.”

Her mouth was wide open and her eyes fluttered in ecstasy. slot oyna I continued to caress and play with her tits while I whispered,

“Would you like me to eat your pretty, young pussy?” in a seductive manner.

She bit her lip before responding with a sexually charged,

“yes baby, yes, eat my young pussy!”

I smiled and worked my way down to her soaked pussy. God I love the smell that her region irradiates and the tight feel of her 18-year-old pussy. As soon as I knew it, I was tongue-fucking my cousin. Her moans of pleasure were amazing.

“Oh god yes, more, I need you more than ever! My tight pussy needs only you, oh god yes!”

She began to shake and quiver before letting out a profound

“ohhhh god, yes, yes, yes, ohhh!” and collapsing in climax.

I climbed on top of her and kissed her soft lips once more. Our eyes locked and she said,

“I want you inside of me, all of you, no pulling out, got it?”

I kissed her again and whispered,

“anything you want baby.”

She smiled, and bit her lip as I got on top of her and prepared my raging member to ravage her tight, wet, warm and young pussy. I slowly worked the head of my member inside of her and gazed into her eyes that screamed,

“fuck me, fuck me now!”

As I plunged my member further into her, she let out a sexually charged,

“ohhhh, yes!”

Her breathing was now heavier than what it had been and she wrapped her body around mine all while gazing into my eyes. I was fucking my cousin, my lover, and it was the most beautiful thing, we were one. I slowly began to pump in and out of her warm pussy with my rock hard cock. She would moan and I could feel her warm breath on my neck and ear. Her grip tightened with every other movement, pushing me deeper in to her.

“Faster baby, faster.”

She said with a seductive quiver. Her voice ignited my sexual charge and I began fucking her faster and faster, each pump harder and harder.

“That’s it baby, yes, yes, more baby more, I want you to fuck your cousin like there is no tomorrow!”

She yelled in sexual ecstasy. By this point I was fucking her like a mad man. My member was pumping in and out with such force and with such speed that all time seemed a blur. I was reaching my peak, as was she. I yelled,

“I’m gonna cum baby, I’m gonna cum all inside of you!”

She looked me in the eye and responded,

“cum baby, I want you to cum inside of me, I want you to get your cousin pregnant!”

That was it, the thought of getting my sexy cousin pregnant was enough to bring to climax. We both let out a profound,

“yes, yes, yeeees!”

before cumming together. My cum coated the walls of her pussy. We kissed once more and embraced, our passion still burning canlı casino siteleri inside.

She locked my gaze once more and stated,

“I want you fuck my ass.”

I was surprised at this.

“Are you sure? It might hurt you.”

I said.

She kissed me deeply and said,

“I’m sure. I want to do it with someone I’m in love with. Not some stranger. I love you, more than a cousin should.”

I couldn’t help it, my cock rose once more, like a wounded soldier still ready to fight.

“Okay baby, I’ll fuck your sexy ass.”

I said, turning her over.

Her back was smooth and her ass firm. Her body took the shape of an hourglass, what luck I had to get to fuck someone like her. I grabbed some lube and began applying it to her ass and to my cock.

“Are you ready my love?”

I whispered.

“Ready when you are baby.”

She said, enticing me further. I guided my member into her anal cavity and was surprised at her strange combination of a moan and a yelp.

“Are you okay baby?”

I asked, fearing I’d hurt her.

“I’m okay baby, don’t worry, just fuck your cousins’ ass like you own it!”

Her statement was enough to send me over the edge.

I pushed my entire cock into her ass and she let out a deep and loud moan,

“ooooh god yeeeees!”

I began to pump slowly but with force.

I loved the way her ass looked as it shook with each thrush of my penis inside of her.

“Oh god babe, your ass is nice and tight!”

I whispered into her ear.

“You like that don’t you, incestuous pervert?”

She said in a playful tone.

I was charged even more now. I began in pump faster and faster with much more force than before. Both of us were reaching climax.

“I’m gonna cum babe, I’m gonna cum in your ass!”

I yelled in ecstasy.

“Oh god baby, yes, yes, cum in your cousin, cum in this ass, cum in your cousins’ ass!”

She yelled with sexual pleasure.

“ooh god yes!”

I yelled as I thrust into her ass once more, coating her anal cavity with my cum. I rolled off of her and on to the other side of the bed. She placed fingers from both of her hands inside of each cavity that I inseminated and scooped out some cum only to lick it and swallow it.

“Thank you baby, I loved all of that.”

She said curling up closer to me.

“I’d like to do that with you more often. If you’d like.”

I said holding her tighter. She kissed me and looked deep into my eyes and said,

“I only want to be with you.”

I smiled and whispered,

“so be it”

and kissed her deeply.

My cousin is now pregnant with my baby, and we still fuck like crazy. Were also double lucky because, it’s a girl. We both agreed, she’s gonna be daddy’s girl. We debated many names until agreeing on the beautiful name of Kelsey. That’ll be a name both Angel and I will enjoy crying out in ecstasy.

To be Continued…



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