Angie, is a new 18 year old friend, and is a curious and responsive, sexually developed, young woman, shy and hardly kissed even by the 2 boyfriends she had before meeting me. Angie is a 32 A cup, 22 waist, and 33 hip beauty…she is 5 foot 2 and auburn-black hair (like mine) nice brown skin of a Amer-asian, and is one of the cutest friends I have. She is so much like me when I was a virgin.

I fell a little in love with Angie when we first met. A few weeks later we were at the home of a mutual friend who was away. We were talking in the kitchen about our growing friendship and our similarities. Sharing some of our basic likes and dislikes. She was cutting an apple to share when I moved close to her side and pretended to whisper a secret to her.

I moved shoulder length hair to the back of her neck, and gently kissed the soft hair just behind her ear. I was very close and I felt her body quiver and skin become tight as one big “goosebump” overcame her and made her soft hair stand up to my lips. I moved my hands slowly up under her t-shirt to her breasts (she was wearing no bra) and caressed her firm breasts with my fingers, I could feel the rise of excitement in her and an erection of what I would find be the most beautiful, rosebud illegal bahis nipples.

We moved to the bedroom-TV room as we held hands and ate the apple. She unbuttoned her shorts and they slipped easily to the floor with her T-shirt, which I had raised over her head. We stood by the bed; her eyes were soft and lovingly moist, inviting my lips to be close. As we sat on the edge of the bed, she parted her long hair and passed the bite of apple in her lips to mine at the beginning of a long kiss. My hand slipped into her petite lace panties.

I felt a fresh sweet dampness between her legs. Her body shuddered. A soft moan of excitement came from her lips. I was pleased; her hair was like that of the soft, silky, new hair on the back of her neck. Angie had almost no hair at all to hide her sweet innocence. I felt her soft damp opening welcome the gentle exploration of my fingertips, as she arched her neck to meet my gentle kisses on her soft flesh above her breasts and she lay back on the middle of the bed. Angie was soon squirming with pleasure in response to my finger caresses of her wet pussy. I gently rolled Angie to her stomach and spread her legs a little. As my fingertips explored her sweet dampness, I could feel the hardness of her clit…just illegal bahis siteleri like the penis of a young boy only much smaller and more sensitive. I could tell with her tightness she was a virgin. My gentle massage of her clit and gentle exploration of her pussy seemed to drive her mad. I could hardly hold her still and keep her underneath me as I moved my lips and my tongue down her back and slender waist, kissing her all the way and my hot breath seemed to make her body even hotter. As my lips met the creamy skin of her firm buttock, I gently bit the skin a hundred times while my tongue worked its way around her slender hips and reached the soft, silky hair and peach fuzz which was unable to hide the outer lips of her sweet, moist pussy. I knew I was driving her crazy, she never had such an experience, and her vaginal depths produced sweet secretions as her vaginal lips parted to meet my exploring kisses and the teasing of my hard, darting tongue. With this excitement she could hardly keep still. Her legs were around my neck and holding my mouth and tongue tight to her pleasure. My heart was beating so hard I thought she could hear it. I could hardly move when, at last, she gave a big cry and moan as her hips rose and fell in a canlı bahis siteleri rush of climatic frenzy. Angie seemed to faint after a complete body shudder. I remembered my first climax brought by a gentle, loving friend and relished that memory brought back with Angie’s utter and complete response to our play. We lay resting for a few minutes, my head on Angie’s tummy and my fingers twirling the soft hair of her innocence.

My lips moved to her rosebud nipples and peach size breasts. I gave each nipple love bites with my teeth and drew the nipple and breast into my open mouth. I pressed the erect nipple to the roof of my mouth with my tongue while softly massaging the breast with my pursed lips.

We relaxed for a while, as I softly kissed her eyes and lips. I was wet and dripping so took off my T-shirt and my bra to cool off. I had my panties on but they were soaking wet, and I knew why. Angie was absolutely beautiful in her innocence and in her loving, natural response to my attentions and my affection.

As we lay, quietly, close to each other, I saw the door open a little. Looking beyond Angie’s beautiful eyes, I saw her boyfriend Alex, an 18-year-old, “surfer-type” blonde with a great body. He looked, embarrassed, shy and flushed. I didn’t know how long he had watched us. His slight smile told me he liked what he saw and I could see from the bulge in his pants that he was ready to explore, and participate if he was invited.

And that is another story.



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