My head on the stomach of the well built black man, I caress his balls and admire the BBC that just fucked my wife of 20 years.

My wife Lee Anne is standing at the foot of the bed smiling. Of course she’s smiling. She’s just recovered from a multi-orgasmic pounding of her pussy. And that pussy belongs to Big Black Cock.

I make eye contact with Lee as I skin the foreskin back and lick the large mushroom head. Jacking the loose skin back up, it covers my tongue. I hear our Bull, Shawn, sigh. He likes the way I worship his cock. He’s trained me. Taught me what the black man expects from white bois. After a few beatings, his lessons have paid off. I open my mouth and gently nurse our man’s cock clean.

Sucking Shawn’s staff of life, I remember how we got here.

20 years ago Lee and I were married. Fresh out of college, Lee was the most beautiful woman I’d had the good fortune to date. She was then as now, 5’6″ weighing a firm 120. Blonde hair (it took me several months to find out that she was a natural blonde) that framed her face. Her large, dark brown eyes sometimes flashed with an intensity that could freeze me. Lee’s full lips is sanctuary for me. I spent much time kissing them, tasting her, and feeling contentment in her arms.

Lee’s body was to die for. Her 36 double D’s attracted attention from men and women alike. But her finest asset was her ass. Well, for me anyway.

Lee Anne had what I call a bubble butt. My college friends called it a ghetto booty. No matter, I would eventually be allowed to pay homage to it. But that was later.

By most standards I’m not much of a “He-Man.” Jack Armstrong? Forget it. I was born to a Nordic background. My skin is pale and my hair is almost white, it’s so blonde. I stand at 5′ 6″ and my weight is a mere 130. I’m no threat to anyone. Although I’m not very manly, I am not too bad looking. I’m almost a Bobby Hatfield doppelganger, with lighter hair.

The Formative years:

I was named Andre at birth. I was a small baby and that continued to be the case as I grew. My slight build as a child was tempting to bullies. Many times I went hungry, having surrendered my lunch money while in middle school. That stopped when Tyrone was bussed to our school when we were both in the 9th grade.

Our white school became integrated with Tyrone’s presence. He was the quintessential jock. Towering over most of the boys, he excelled in football and basketball. Unfortunately Ty was not an interested student. His grades were poor and threatened to have him disqualified from the varsity teams for which he played.

I was determined to get a scholarship and my lack of friends gave me plenty of time to study. Then fate stepped in.

My chemistry teacher paired me with Ty for Lab class and I gravitated to him. He was everything I was not.

Tyrone had seen me give up my lunch money on a couple of occasions, once beating the white guys to it himself. All that stopped when we were paired up for Lab.

He asked me to tutor him in exchange for his protection. I readily agreed.

It was a tough chore. I would be trying to get Ty interested in our lessons, prepping for exams, and he would be distracted by our school’s white girls…

Or sports.

Ty was as determined to get a football scholarship as I was for my grades. And so for the next four years I would tutor Ty and he would keep the bullies away from me. It was a “marriage of convenience” that worked well for each of us.

From the age of 15 until we reached our 18th birthdays, we were the odd couple; Mutt and Jeff. Ty became one of the leading defensive backs in the state and I a 4.0 GPA student.

Because of my tutoring, Ty was able to keep his grades up which allowed him to play his sports.

I applied at a few colleges and was successful.

Tyrone was courted by a number of big football schools.

As fate would have it, we were both accepted and given full ride scholarships at our state university.

I took an off campus apartment that was both close to the college and my part time job. Although I had a full ride, I needed to earn money. I was raised to have a good work ethic, so I took a job busing tables at a local sports bar.

Many times I’d see the jocks from State U. come in after a big win. They’d be rowdy even before they stated drinking. Sure enough, I began to get the usual bull shit from them. Still diminutive in size, the bigger guys felt like they had to prove something to themselves by picking on me.

One night, after a unceasing barrage of insults and veiled threats because they felt I was moving fast enough, I’d had enough. I threw the cloth I used to wipe tables at one of my tormentors and challenged him to take it outside.

He took me up on my offer, smirking at his buddies that he’d be back in a second.

Once outside, we squared up. I threw a weak round-house punch that missed. My momentum caused me to lose balance and I fell sideways, landing in an embarrassed heap.

The jock starting güvenilir bahis kicking me. I curled up in order to protect myself as he kicked and laughed and called me vile names like sissy, and faggot.

Then out of no where I hear a familiar voice. “What da hell is dis?” Ty to the rescue.

“I’m just teaching this punk a lesson Ty.”

Even though the jock was a large man, he was no match for Ty. Ty had grown to 6’4″ and looked to weigh 264 of pure muscle. He also looked angry.

“That punk is a friend of mine” he seethed.

Partially uncurling myself from my defensive position, I watched Ty take the jock by the front of his shirt as he warned him to never fuck with me again.

Ty pulled me up and asked if I was okay. I hadn’t seen him since high school. Showing up like he did, he was a sight for sore eyes.

We went in the bar and as I resumed my work, Ty joined the jocks at their tables and warned them off me.

I got off at mid-night and Ty hung around and waited for me.

We walked back to my apartment, the original odd couple. He, tall broad shouldered, and black, me, slender, pale and my head barely reaching those broad shoulders, made an unusual sight as we strolled down the still busy avenue.

Catching up on old times, we sat and chatted like the friends we once were. Again I gravitated to him. I felt drawn to him. Maybe it was the way he was always saving me, I don’t know. I do know that I liked having him close. I was somehow comforted by his presence.

I assumed he was busy with team activities, when I asked him where he’d been. He told me that he had been academically disqualified from team activities. He was unable to maintain the necessary grades. He looked at me with his soulful, sad eyes as he told me that his only chance to go pro was to make a rep for himself at State.

I knew what he wanted and spared him the discomfort of asking. I offered to tutor him yet again.

Unlike before, Ty was an interested student. It wasn’t too difficult to get him to apply himself. He was motivated, but it was a struggle for him.

As the next 5 months dragged on, Ty began to get better results on his exams. Finally his grade point average was high enough to qualify him to play ball. He was ecstatic, as was I was for him.

I stopped by the practice field one day to congratulate him. I watched all those big men run, block, tackle. Ty came over to me during a break. His wide smile welcoming. He thanked me and went so far as to hug me in a sweaty bro-hug.

“Man, you don’t know how glad I was to run into you.” he said and swatted my butt the way all jocks do.

I’m not sure why, but that swat made my dick twitch a little.

The head coach came over and asked if I was the guy who had tutored Ty. When I said yes, he offered me a deal. I could be a team manager if I would tutor other guys who were having difficulty maintaining their GPA’s.

Team manager my ass. I was more like the team mom. I picked up their post game towels and jock straps. I handled their padding. I tutored them.

Often those large black men fresh from a shower, would stand near me as I folded towels, or picked up jock straps, their long black cocks swinging freely. It was a distraction. I was amazed at first at how huge they were, but soon became comfortable looking at them.

Several times a week, over the next few months, Ty and a couple of black team mates would stop over for tutoring sessions. More often than not they’d all have a white girl with them.

And more often than not, those were some of the prettiest white girls on campus.

The study sessions had a party atmosphere to them. The guys sometimes took their girl into my bedroom and it always aroused me to hear them fucking. The women would moan and groan, begging their stud to fuck them harder. Often their black man could be heard insulting them, heaping verbal abuse a top their grunting.

I had seen those big black cocks, up close and personal if you will, and the thought of them plowing a pretty white girl’s pussy was highly arousing for me.

For months this went on. After they’d leave, I’d change my bedding so as not to sleep in their wet spots. That did not remove the scent of the raw sex that permeated the air. I would lie in bad and masturbate my little dick, thinking of those big black cocks in those white women.

It began to seem natural to me. Those huge cocks in white women. I became intrigued by interracial sex and finally obsessed with the idea that black cocks were superior to white dicks.

Every time one of the black guys would pass an exam I’d helped tutor him on, there’d be celebrations at my apartment. Many times these huge negroes would hug me in gratitude and give me a swat on my ass, jock-style.

All that did was fuel my obsession with black cocks. My dick would get hard, when a black man hugged me. Harder still, when he would pat my fanny. I felt comfortable in their company. I felt small, somewhat inferior, and I certainly submitted to their türkçe bahis demands of my time and use of me apartment.

During my 2nd and 3rd years at State University, I was basically programmed to serve black men.

One day, alone with me in my apartment, without much fanfare, Ty pulled his sweats down and told me to look at his woman pleaser. I was always amazed by the size of his cock. I mean it is huge. My own dick was as meager as my weight. I could mange an unimpressive 5″ hard-on. Ty’s was larger than that even when soft. Hard, he easily measured an angry black 10″.

When he said I could touch him there. It kind of surprised me. I asked him if he was gay.

For that insubordination I earned a bitch slap which Tyrone was quick to administer.

Ty explained to me that some white boi friends of the co-eds he fucks are attracted to his BBC. “They like to watch us fuck and some suck my cock clean after we cum”, is how he explained it.

I could understand that. In my own fantasies I imagined how those cocks would feel in my hand, in my mouth.

I sat frozen as he approached me. “Go on, touch it Andre. Ya know ya want to.”

I watched that monster cock grow to it’s full glory while he jacked it. Looking me square in the eyes, Ty smiled and nodded down to my lap. I had a hard-on that Ty could see tenting my pants.

Taking my wrist, he pulled my hand to his manhood. I couldn’t help myself. I was in a daze. I felt the back of my hand on his cock.

It was hard.

It was hot.

It was now in my grasp.

Still holding my wrist, Ty used me to jack him. I found the contrast between my small white hand on his big black cock erotic. I began to jack him myself. First one hand on his cock, then the other to cup his balls.

As I slowly jacked him, Ty told me again, how white bois like to suck it. “Day ain’t queer or nuffin. Jus sumptin bout how day drawn to a big black cock. Come on white boi, give it a kiss.”

His words reverberated in my head. My brain sizzled. He was right. I was drawn to it. The magnificence of that big black cock demanded attention and respect. Leaning forward, I kissed the spongy head, tasting pre-cum for the first time.

“Dats right boi, help a brother out. Help me get my nut.”

He wants me to help him cum, I thought to myself. A man with a cock this big wants my help getting his nut.

He deserves it. His big cock commands it I thought.

I began kissing and licking the shaft, getting it slick as I jacked him off. Ty pulled me off my chair telling me the proper way for white bois to worship black cocks is on their knees.

Something in his logic seemed right. I knelt and looking him in the eye made love to his cock. I slobbered on the shaft. I licked his balls. I took him in my mouth and gently sucked that wonderful cock. I pulled him from my mouth and rubbed it all over my face. I was lost in Ty’s crotch.

Grabbing my head, Ty began to skull fuck me. I gagged as he penetrated my throat. I held onto his ass for balance as he fucked my mouth like a pussy. His stamina was great as he used me for his pleasure.

Submitting to this black man seemed so right to me. I felt a natural balance in my world as I knelt at the feet of this wildly bucking negro. I began to think that it was my duty to please this cock. My pale, thin body reacted to what I was doing. My hard dick twitched. I began to sweat. My life was changing. 10 minutes ago I was just a skinny white boi working my way through college. Now I was still a skinny white boi sucking a big black cock. I now had a new found purpose.

At the age of 21 I’d became a cock sucker.

I relaxed my throat as best I could and Ty shoved his cock in me until my nose was in his pubic hair. I felt his cock throb. He’s going to cum, I thought.

I was right. The first blasts went right into my belly. Then Ty pulled out until only the head was between my lip. I tongued and laved as he filled my mouth with his seed.

“Swallow dat shit”, he grunted. “White boi with a mouth full of nigger cum. Suck it you mother fucking faggot.”

“Huh?” Now I’m a faggot? I wondered about that. But swallow I did. My first taste of cum was surprising. It was a bit funky. Salty, tangy, delicious. I found myself enjoying my role as his receptacle.

Finally Ty began to soften but still I kept him in my mouth, suckling and nursing, trying to get the last drops of his offering to me.

When he pushed me away, I knew I had done my job. I had conquered that monster cock and drained it of it’s might and anger. I was pleased with myself.

Ty apologized to me for calling me a faggot’ “when a black man cums in a white person, we get all caught up and calls them names. It helps us put our nut where it belongs, in you white motherfuckers.”

Once he explained it to me, it made sense. The abuse only heightened his sense of empowerment over me, over what ever white person he may have his cock in. His dominance over me while he permitted me güvenilir bahis siteleri to greedily suck his cock and drain his balls, is the natural hierarchy.

After using me, he put his cock away and left. I was still on my knees, my dick harder than it’s ever been. I needed relief. Closing my eyes, I fished my dick out and as I masturbated, I imagined I was still sucking on that big black cock. I was seeing my small white hand on the blackness of his shaft.

It took me only a few strokes to get myself off. My thin, weedy sperm was nothing like what Ty fed me. Curious, I brought my sperm coated hand and tasted my self. I rationalized that it was a science experiment rather than a deviant act, comparing the seed of a black man to that of a white man.

There really was no comparison. Where Ty’s was copious, thick, and heavily flavored, mine was of poor quantity, thin, watery, and the flavor was just not there. I knew I had sucked the cock of a superior male.

It was the only time Ty allowed me to pleasure him.

I graduated in only three years and moved away. It was while going for my masters degree at a different college in another state, that I became aware of Lee Anne.

She was always surrounded by lots of people, mostly guys fawning over her. She and her entourage acted like they owned the campus. Always partying, always dressed in the latest style, they seemingly had no cares in the world.

By contrast I was bookish. Isolated from all things distracting, I poured myself into my studies and was lonely by default. My only companions were my late-night memories of Ty’s BBC and my fantasies of black men fucking white girls and me sucking them off. I would jack off 4-5 times a week. My training in chemistry was sufficient enough for me to see that my ejaculates were less and less thick, finally becoming a thin, small quantity of slimy glop. Hardly the stuff to make children with.

I wondered how the white race lasted as long as we had.

It was while walking to class one day that Lee finally noticed me. Perhaps it was the other way around. I saw her in the quad, alone for once, and crying.

Drawn by her beauty and her sudden vulnerability, I approached and asked if there was anything wrong and if she needed my help. Sniffing and wiping her tears, she looked at me questioningly for a moment before recognizing me.

“You’re the nerd” she said. “I always see you scurrying about loaded with books.”

I let that pass and asked again if I could be of assistance.

Lee patted the place beside her on the bench, wanting me to join her.

It was then that she poured her heart out to me. She admitted that she was a party girl and had fallen behind in her studies as a result.

She also told me that her friends had deserted her.

Empathy in my voice I asked her why. “You’re always the center of attention. Why would your friends ditch you?”

After a few minutes of silent hesitation, Lee admitted that her friends had discovered that she was sleeping with a few of the black guys in town and were disgusted by her activities.

“Fucking racists”, she accused them. “If some of those bitches could have enjoyed fucking those big black cocks like I did, they’d know why I let the brothers have my pussy.”

My thoughts immediately turned to those nights in my apartments when the black guys I tutored would use my bed to fuck their white girl friends. My heart raced. I sympathized with her, telling her I’d never desert her for something so trivial.

This beautiful white woman giving her self to those large negro cocks I thought. My breathing became shallow.

Lee looked at me like she was seeing me for the first time. Studying my face she asked, ” why are you not put off by that?”

Blushing, I related my past experience as team manager and the large cocks I’d see almost daily. I told her I understood the magnetism of a large black cock. “They fucked the pretties white girls there.” I explained. “I was envious.”

I was unable to bring myself to admit to her that I had let Ty fuck my mouth, and that I enjoyed it.

The memories stirred my dick to fullness. Lee looked at my tenting pants and smiled.

“So if I was your girl and fucked a black guy, you wouldn’t mind?” she queried.

I blushed and tried to hide my erection with books. “No, I don’t think so” I stammered.

“We’ll see” she smirked.

We began dating and shortly thereafter became almost exclusive. Almost because Lee would continue to give herself to black men while I remained her faithful virgin. We didn’t fuck but she’d show me her pussy after she’d been with one of her studs and let me jack off to her tales of their coupling.

After being with Lee for six months, our sex life was pretty much routine. It was during one of these intimate times while I was memorized by the site of her cum leaking cunt, that Lee wanted me to get a closer look.

“We’re gonna change it up tonight, Andre. Come closer.” she hissed. “See what that Leshaun left in me.”

Encouraged, I knelt between her spread knees and put my head deep between her thighs. I could smell their sex. The musky, heavy aroma of her freshly fucked cunt mixed with negro sperm was intoxicating.



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