Lisa and I were in my bedroom trying to pick an outfit for me to wear at the firm’s annual dinner. Dressing up is not something I’m very good at.

‘And so what’s this?’

She was holding up the large black strap-on dildo that I’d forgotten was in the drawer I kept my scarves in when I asked her to get my green silk one out for me. My face promptly went bright red.

‘Exactly what it looks like.’ I answered, trying to sound blasé.

‘So exactly what are you doing with it?’ She asked.

The truth was that I had a kinky husband who liked me to take him from behind with it, but I couldn’t tell Lisa that now could I? I stuttered and stammered unconvincingly about wanting a more adventurous sex life while I tried desperately to come up with a believable explanation, but it wasn’t working and Lisa jumped to the obvious conclusion.

‘I didn’t know you were into girls, Debs.’ She said.

‘I’m not.’ I protested, alarmed.

If truth be told, I’m not into girls, well, not really, but I have always harboured a touch of bi-curiosity. Just a vague wonder what it would be like to be with a woman. Not that I was about to admit that to Lisa, or to do anything about it.

‘Yeah, right. Now pull the other one.’ She was teasing me, but I could sense that there was a kind of serious enquiry behind the words. ‘So what’s it for, just in case you decide to turn lezzie?’

‘No, really, I’m straight.’ I gave in when I saw the disbelief on her face, knowing that I’d have to tell her to prevent her thinking of me being a closet lesbian. ‘Look, if I tell you, will you promise to keep it secret?’

‘Of course I will.’ Her eyes shone with curiosity.


She nodded. ‘Promise. And you’ve got to tell me now because you’ve got me wondering.’

I looked at her for a few moments wondering how to tell her then I just shrugged my shoulders and launched into it.

‘It’s Frank. He’s straight too, but he likes me to use it and fuck him up the bum with it sometimes.’

‘You’re kidding?’ A grin of astonished amusement was spreading over her face. ‘Really?’

‘Yep, really.’ I confirmed. ‘You know what they say, it takes all sorts. But that’s between you and me, and it mustn’t get out.’

‘And does he use it on you as well then?’

‘No!’ I almost stopped at that, but for some reason I went on. ‘I’ve asked him to, but he won’t. He says if I can have the real deal, why do I want plastic?’

‘And you haven’t fancied trying it with someone else, like a woman? I’m sure there’s a girl who would like to do it for you.’

‘No not really.’

‘Not really, eh?’ She giggled. ‘So you have a little bit?’

She was getting to close to the truth. ‘No. I told you, I’m not into women.’

‘Come on, we’re friends. You can admit it to me.’

‘What, so you can have a laugh?’

‘I think you’ve admitted it now, saying that. And no, I wouldn’t laugh because I’ve wanted to go to bed with a woman for years, but I’ve never had the chance.’

That was something I hadn’t expected. Never ever had Lisa given any indication that she was even remotely bi-curious. I stood and stared at her.

‘So you see, you can tell me.’ Her face had that please take me seriously look on it. ‘In fact, if you want someone to use that dildo on you, I’m your girl.’

Just for a moment a flash of real lust shot through me. God, if only I had the nerve. I felt myself take a sharp breath at the thought.

‘You do, don’t you? I can see it on your face.’ She smiled hungrily. ‘Shall we try it?’

I gazed at her in silent alarm, which she promptly interpreted only too accurately. I won’t detail the ‘no we can’t’ versus the ‘of course we can’ conversation that followed, but eventually lust overtook reluctance and I finally gave in, speaking so quietly at the carpet that I almost didn’t hear it myself.

‘What was that, Debs?’ She pressed. ‘Did you say yes?’

‘Yes.’ I looked up defiantly. ‘But if we do, then nobody must know.’

‘Agreed.’ She looked so brightly enthusiastic she almost put me off. ‘But we’ll just use the dildo, nothing more. Okay?’

For a moment I didn’t understand. ‘What do you mean?’

‘No kissing, or licking, or fingering, or anything?’

‘Good God, no!’ I was shocked that she could think such a thing. ‘No, I just want to know what it’s like to have that thing used on me, nothing else. In fact do it to me from behind.’

I figured that way we couldn’t accidentally get too involved. Events were already getting out of control as it was. But I did want to feel that big plastic cock up me, and the idea of Lisa doing it was getting more and more appealing. In fact now that the decision was made I could feel myself moistening at the thought.

It’s funny how once you’ve decided on a certain course of action, no matter how unlikely it had once seemed, it becomes no longer anything to fear, and very soon both Lisa and I were stripping off our clothes and giggling excitedly, though why we both automatically decided we should canlı bahis şirketleri be in the nude I’m not sure, but we did. It made for an exciting and interesting comparison though. She’s built quite a bit different to me; I’m getting on for six foot tall and slim with hardly any boobs or hips, while she’s shorter, with a very feminine shape and full breasts. We are both dark-haired, but we differed in one other respect too. I had a full natural bush, but to my surprise I saw that Lisa was shaved completely smooth. I thought how sexy it looked.

‘Well, I like it.’ She said defensively when she saw me looking.

‘So do I.’ I admitted, wondering if I should try the same.

She picked up the dildo and adjusted the straps to fit her hips before stepping into the harness and pulling it up with an exaggerated shimmy that had me giggling all over again. It looked strange, seeing my friend naked but with a big black penis jutting out of her crotch, but lust once again coursed through my being and I just wanted it inside me.

‘Let’s do it.’ I told her, flinging waiting dresses from the bed to make room and then clambering on to kneel on all fours, waiting breathlessly for her to climb on behind me.

Because I was so much taller than Lisa it took a few attempts to get us lined up. I had to spread my legs wide and then stick my bottom out backwards, making myself really open and vulnerable. I folded my arms and lowered my head onto them, and waited, bottom up and feeling delightfully submissive.

I sensed her shuffling about behind me for a moment or two, and then I felt the cold plastic of the dildo searching for my entrance. It is a big dildo, I sometimes wonder how Frank manages to accommodate it, but he does, and in my minds eye I saw it pushing in, stretching me as it entered. I couldn’t help it; I let out a little whimper before she even found the way in, partly from arousal and partly trepidation.

‘You okay?’ Lisa’s voice was a breathless whisper.

‘Yes, fine.’ I told her. ‘It’s just so new to me.’

‘And me.’ She pressed forward just a little and I felt my pussy lips open to enclose the head. ‘I’ve never done anything like this before.’

Again she shuffled forward a tiny bit and her hands gripped at my hips, ready to slide it into me. I tensed ready, wanting it, needing it, but scared of what it meant to be fucked by a woman. It was only a dildo, I told myself, we weren’t touching each other or doing anything very intimate, but it still felt scary — and thrilling at the same time.

As she pushed it into me the hands holding on to my hips felt so small and cool that I couldn’t help but compare them with Frank’s big rough ones, and it seemed so absurd that the large rigid thing that was sliding deep into my vagina could have anything to do with the beautiful girl who knelt behind me. But it felt so good, the contrast making it even more exciting, especially when she had pushed it so far into me that I was full of cold hard plastic and I could feel her warm skin pressed against my bottom. She paused, with the dildo right inside me, her fingers gripping tight to my hips and her body pressed against mine, as if she too was savouring the sensation.

She drew back hesitantly, not sure how far to move and trying not to pull it right out, and then paused. I knew what she was doing; I could almost feel her eyes gazing at the black shaft protruding from my wet pussy. I expected to feel shy, but instead the realisation that she was looking at me so intimately was another unexpected turn on.

‘Does it look as nice as it feels?’ I asked her softly over my shoulder, wondering what it looked like.

‘It looks beautiful.’ Her voice was thick with arousal, and it felt good to know I could turn her on like that.

She thrust it back in, not hard and not fast, but with a steady pressure that had my passage expanding again to accommodate the girth until once more she was pushed up against me, and then she stopped as if waiting to see if I was comfortable with it. It felt nice, having her so close behind me and my pussy so full of the dildo, and I must admit I was enjoying feeling her skin on mine, except that I wanted to feel the dildo doing its worst and I was getting impatient. I needed fucking.

‘For God’s sake Lisa, fuck me properly.’

She giggled throatily and set up an awkward rhythm, the unfamiliar thrusting motion at first making her clumsy. But I didn’t mind, the odd movements reminded me that I was being fucked by another woman and added strangely to the thrill of it.

It didn’t take her long to get the hang of it though, and soon she had the plastic cock gliding rapidly in and out of me, her firm little fingers grasping my hips and holding me steady. I was so wet by now that there was almost no resistance and she rammed it hard into me, making me gasp each time I felt the base of the dildo slam up against me and her belly slap against my bottom. Even my hard little nipples were rubbing against the bed with each stroke and adding to my pleasure. canlı kaçak iddaa I could feel the first signs of an orgasm stirring inside me.

‘Is that good?’ Lisa asked, gasping the words.

‘Is it ever?’ I could hardly get the words out through teeth clenched with passion. ‘For God’s sake, don’t stop.’

‘Is it going to make you come?’

‘Yes!’ It wasn’t going to be long either, that wonderful feeling of orgasmic heat was growing inside me and spreading out from my pussy.

‘Good, don’t hold back. I want to know I’ve made another girl come.’

‘Believe me, you’ll know.’ I gasped, her words making me all the hotter. The fact that I was being made to come by one of my own sex was registering more firmly in my brain and stimulating my arousal even more. It was daring, naughty, taboo almost, but so fucking sexy. My inhibitions were rapidly falling by the wayside and pushing me to the edge of a climax.

‘I’m coming.’ I told her, triumphant exhilaration clear in my voice.

Two more hard strokes before my world exploded. Wave after wave of ecstasy ripped through me, making my fists clench and my toes curl every time she slammed that dildo up me. I cried out, yelling the word ‘yes’ each time her body crashed into mine, pushing back, moaning and gasping, feeling my pussy throb and contract as if to grip the shaft of that big black plastic cock. Eventually Lisa stopped thrusting at me and just ground the thing into me, forcing it in as deep as she could and holding it there as I twitched and bucked against it.

Finally the waves of pleasure became ripples and I fell forward, gasping for breath, allowing the dildo to slide from me as I lay on the bed spent and trembling. It took me minute or so before I could roll over and look up at her, seeing a big smile of achievement on her face and the dildo, glistening all the way to its base, jutting out in front. I shook my head slowly and smiled up at her, deliberately letting my legs fall open so that she could see my glistening pussy.

‘That was awesome.’ I told her truthfully when I had enough breath.

‘Yep, it looks like it.’ She stared straight at my pussy. ‘You’re soaking.’

‘I know.’ I acknowledged. ‘That’s the first time I’ve been fucked by a woman and I’ve got to tell you that it’s the biggest turn on ever.’

‘Good, it’s my turn next.’ She bean to unbuckle the harness around her hips.

Up until that moment I’d not thought that she’d want me to return the favour, or if I had, I’d pushed it out of my mind, so the suggestion came as a bit of a shock.

‘You want me to use it on you?’ I asked, startled.

‘Well, yes! Fair’s fair you know.’

It was, and I knew I’d have to do it. Not that I minded, in fact all of a sudden the idea was only too attractive. ‘All right, just give me a minute.’

I shuddered as an orgasmic aftershock rippled through me, brought on by the increasingly enticing knowledge that I’d soon be fucking her. She pushed the strap-on over her feet and handed it to me, her breath becoming noticeably quicker.

‘When you’re ready.’

I pushed myself into a sitting position and reached for a box of tissues from the bedside table. ‘Okay, I’ll just give it a wipe down.’

‘No!’ Her voice was quite loud, making me glance sharply at her. ‘No, don’t. I know it sounds odd, but I want to share your juices.’

Yes, it did sound odd, but it sounded very sexy too, and so I just nodded and stood up to step into the harness with the cock still shining wet from its time inside me.

‘Thank you.’ She whispered, as she climbed back onto the bed and took up the position I’d so recently enjoyed.

I’d had some experience with my husband and so I wasn’t as awkward as Lisa had been, but even so the difference in our height came into play again, and even though she knelt with her behind as high as she could I still had to spread my legs apart to line the dildo up with her pussy. It seemed strange to be doing it with a girl, a girl with a lovely smooth bottom instead of the rough, hairy and spotty one that Frank usually presented. I know which I preferred, especially as I didn’t have to aim at her crinkled little rosebud, but at the pretty wet and shining pussy just below it. I guided it to her entrance and moved forward, letting the tip of the already wet dildo gently part her lips and begin to penetrate.

‘Oh, that’s gorgeous.’ Lisa told me as it entered her, smiling back happily over her shoulder.

I nodded, concentrating on feeding the dildo’s length into her so that she could take it all without discomfort. She had no trouble and the entire shaft disappeared inside her without me having to do anything except move forward.

‘All right?’ I asked.

‘Very all right.’ She answered eagerly. ‘Do it please Debs.’

I grasped her hips and began to move, my hips pushing the dildo in and out of her, slowly at first but then with more force and speed. She gasped at each thrust, clearly loving it, and pushed herself back to impale herself deeper canlı kaçak bahis onto the plastic cock. I gazed down in a kind of wonder as I fucked her, watching the shiny wet black shaft going in and out of her and getting a kick from remembering that some of that shininess was mine. Somehow it seemed right that we should share our juices and for a moment I regretted that I wasn’t being anointed with hers. But then, because of the position our heights had made us take, I was feeling the backs of her thighs coming into very sexy contact with the inside of my widespread ones as I pushed into her. That and the base of the dildo pushing against my pubes each time I thrust into her were keeping me good and hot. She was one sexy lady and I was finding it was nearly as erotic to give as to take.

She felt so smooth and lovely that I let go with of one hip and just let that hand roam around her back, following her spine up and down as I fucked her before gently stroking her bottom, feeling those firm globes under my palm. She didn’t object, in fact she moaned quietly, perhaps from the dildo still sliding in and out of her, but maybe from the feel of my hand on her skin. I found myself hoping the latter anyway, before my heterosexual instincts kicked in and I took hold of her hip again.

She didn’t tell me, but I guessed when her orgasm was coming because she went rigid, gripping at the bedclothes and turning her face first one way and then the other, her eyes screwed shut and her lips wide apart. I thrust harder, quicker, forcing the dildo fiercely home inside her until she finally let out a long shriek of pure pleasure and pushed back at me with all her strength. I was hard pressed not to be pressed back onto my heels but I managed to hold still, the dildo so far inside her that my belly was pressed flat against her, the base of the dildo completely lost between us. Then, like I had, she simply collapsed flat forward onto her belly, the dildo sliding from her pussy to wave wetly before me.

I stared down at her for a minute or so, regretting like mad that it had ended, and then, still wobbly from my own orgasm and out of breath from thrusting into her, I subsided down beside her, resting on my back because of the strap-on that stuck out in front of me and now looked like a shiny thick black mast. We turned our heads to look at each other and smiled with excited accomplishment.

‘That was bloody lovely.’ She laughed self consciously, her voice wobbly from her climax. ‘I’ve never done that before either, but it was so good.’

‘Tell me about it.’ I told her, too breathless to say much else.

She frowned, suddenly serious, and then asked rather hesitantly. ‘Are we going to do it again sometime?’

I hadn’t thought of making it a regular thing, but I was influenced by still feeling so randy. ‘As soon as we get our breath back if you like.’

‘Mmm, that sounds nice, but I was thinking of another day, maybe?’

‘As well, you mean,’ I giggled, hoping to feel the dildo inside me again before the afternoon was out.

‘Haven’t you had enough for today?’ She asked, turning to look at me and resting her head on one hand.

I looked sideways straight into her eyes so that she knew I meant it. ‘No, not yet.’

‘Neither have I.’

My pussy melted at those words and we lay staring at each other, wondering how to continue. But then she clambered to her knees and looked down at me and at the black cock standing out from my pubes.

‘Don’t move.’ She said, swinging a leg over so that she straddled me. She looked down, grasped the dildo and impaled herself on its length, her pussy so wet and slippery that it slid effortlessly home.

‘Is that all right?’ She asked, kneeling over me, her bottom pressed against my pubes.

‘Yes.’ I could have answered more fully. I mean how could it not be all right to have my beautiful naked friend sitting on me, her thighs to either side of me and her weight pressing the base of the dildo into me? ‘It’s fine.’

At first she rested her hands on her thighs and gently lifted and lowered herself onto the shaft, all the time looking down at me with a sexy look through slitted eyes. Then she licked her lips and began to move more quickly, her breasts starting to bounce in front of her so that she cupped them in her hands and massaged them, still looking straight at me, as if challenging me not to find it erotic. I couldn’t help it; I began to move with her, timing little up thrusts as she came down onto the dildo and watching her play with her breasts. God, but she looked sexy.

I watched her moving, just able to see the black shaft disappearing between her legs as she sank onto it and feeling the pressure of its base when she took it all inside her. Sometimes she would grind herself down onto it, forcing it against me and stimulating my pussy too while she moaned quietly and pulled at her own breasts. It was like watching someone at play, but at the same time sharing her pleasure.

Soon, without really realising it, I had placed my hands on her thighs, letting my palms slide up and down, stroking her legs every time she moved. It felt so good I let them stay, feeling her muscles move under her soft warm skin, the sensation adding to the pleasure I was getting from watching her play.



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