When we woke up Sunday morning, Julie was back to her sexy, exploring, teaching self, and Steve and I were back to being her willing students.

At her insistence, I was on my hands and knees at the end of the bed. Our husband was behind me, just about to put is cock into my already wet pussy. Julie positioned herself in front of me on her back, her knees high and spread. “Don’t fuck her yet. Eat her and then tongue fuck her beautiful ass. I’ll tell you when it’s time to fuck her.”

As she was giving Steve those instructions, I was already busy eating her wonderful pussy. I thought back to the conversation that started all of this and I understood now. I understood how right she’d been about me not knowing what I was missing out on. My heart warmed for her even more than before. Had I not been busy eating her pussy right then, I would have given in to the overwhelming urge to hug her and tell her how much I love her.

I’m not sure if it was our husband’s growing talent as a pussy eater, or the incredible emotion I was feeling, but I was already feeling my first orgasm starting to build. I moaned into her pussy and pushed my hips backward onto Steve’s tongue. He chose that exact moment to thrust his tongue deep inside my ass, and I exploded.

When I’d calmed down, my wife pushed my head away from her pussy and spun around on the bed, taking two pillows with her. She maneuvered herself under me until we were in a 69, with her head on the two pillows, I assumed to lift her head up high enough so she could reach my pussy with her tongue.

Before starting to lick my clit, Julie told our husband to give her his cock. I couldn’t see, as I was already eating her pussy again, but I knew she was getting him slick with her saliva. Then I felt her move her arms so she could guide him into me.

As he was sliding his cock into me, I could feel Julie licking up and down my pussy from my clit to his cock. When I couldn’t feel her tongue on me, I assumed she was licking him. She continued this for several minutes before saying “Now this is what I call having the best of both worlds. Licking a sweet pussy and wonderful cock at the same time—it just doesn’t get any better than this.”

I giggled into her pussy and then decided I wanted to get her off. I had been just enjoying myself up to that point—enjoying the taste of her, and the feeling of being naughty. I enjoyed that feeling—a lot. I had never felt it before and it was very exciting to me. Not only was I doing something naughty, but I was doing it with a third party watching, and that made it even better.

It wasn’t long before I had my wife moaning and squirming beneath me, and it wasn’t long after that when I knew to take her clit between my teeth. When I clamped down firmly, she exploded. I kept it up until she exploded for a second time, this one much stronger than the first. I could feel her fingernail dig into my buttocks. Finally, I released her clit and drug a pillow over, “Raise up”. When she did, I put the pillow under her butt. With her butt higher, I was able to lean forward and begin teasing her ass with my tongue.

The instant she felt that, she reached around my butt and began teasing my ass with her finger. After a minute of that, I felt her hand slide down my butt. I found out why a few seconds later. When her finger returned to my asshole, it was slick with my juices.

When she slipped it inside my ass, I thought I was going to explode right then. I moaned and plunged my tongue as far as I could inside her ass and kept it there while her finger went deeper into mine. When she started swirling it around, she sucked my clit into her mouth and clamped down on it with her teeth. That put me over the top. I exploded again, this one much more powerful than the first. Through it all, I forced myself to keep my tongue buried deeply in her ass.

“Fuck her now, baby. Fuck her hard. Don’t let her come down from it.”

Our husband dutifully obeyed. When she let out a giggle, he said “What?”

“Your balls are bouncing off my head.”

“Do you want me to-“

She cut him off with, “Don’t you dare slow down or stop.” And then she went back to licking both of us.

It only took three or four minutes of that to make me explode again, but this one rocked my world. I must have blacked out for a few seconds, because when I came to, Julie’s mouth was not on me. Her finger was gone from my ass. Steve’s cock was still buried inside me, but it wasn’t moving. They were both hugging me as best they could.

“Wow!” I said through my gasping. “That was intense!”

Julie giggled and said to Steve, “If I were you, I wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to get a good taste of her right now. I’m sure she’s slick as slick can be, but before you do, I get to taste it too. Pull your cock out of her and give it to me.

When he pulled out, I took the opportunity to roll off Julie onto my back. I was still panting and trying to catch my breath. I watched as our wife enthusiastically licked our husband’s cock. casino siteleri “Ummmm” She purred. “Very nice indeed. Now you go get some.”

Steve moved over and lowered his mouth to my still trembling pussy. He immediately dove his tongue inside me. “Gawd yes. It’s wonderful” he exclaimed when he came up for air. And then he dove back in for another taste.

I was jealous. I wanted to taste my cum, so I told them so. Steve knew what to do. He moved up and slid his hard cock back inside me, moved in and out a couple of times, and then crawled up over me until his cock was available for me to lick.

I couldn’t believe how slick it was. I loved it. “More.” I pleaded when I had cleaned him.

Steve chuckled, but obeyed. He moved back down, entered me again, and then crawled back up to let me clean his cock again. Julie laughed, “I think she likes it.” She chided, to which I responded, “Gawd yes. I love it.”

“Well, when you’re done playing, I’ll finish him off. We can’t leave him like that—not if we’re still going to the nudist camp.”

We all laughed at that.

After two more collections and cleanings, I told Julie that he was all hers. She had him lay on his back and she straddled him, easing her self down onto his huge cock.

When she had fully engulfed him, she leaned back on her hands and began slowly moving her hips in a circular motion. “Mmmmmm, I love it like this. My pussy has never been so full of cock.”

Soon though, she straightened back up and then leaned forward. She began moving up and down on his cock, slowly at first and then picking up speed. Steve had a big smile on his face as he watched her beautiful tits swinging above his chest. It looked fun and erotic, so I made a mental note to try it the next time we fucked.

After only a couple of minutes, her body stiffened and she began to moan, “Um, um, um” with each down motion. “Uggggg! Gawd!” she practically screamed as her body began to shudder. I knew she was cumming, but she didn’t slow down. If anything, she sped up even more.

Our wife came three more times, each more powerful than the last. Steve announced, “I’m . . . close.” He grabbed her hips and began forcing her down on his cock harder. Finally, his body tensed and he let out a strained grunt.

Julie kept fucking him for all she was worth for another two or three minutes until, exhausted, she rolled off of him onto her back. I wasted no time moving down so that I could clean him with my tongue and lips.

When I had him all clean, I moved over to Julie and asked her to spread her legs for me. When she did, I proceeded to lick and suck their combined juices from her pussy. Gawd! I felt so naughty doing that, and I loved not only the taste, but the feeling of doing something so deliciously naughty.

* * *

We showered together, each washing ourselves though. We didn’t want to risk doing anything to turn our husband on prior to heading to the nudist camp.

After our shower, Julie and I fixed us some turkey sandwiches. She drank tea, but Steve and I mixed ourselves a drink—him a Jack and Coke, and me a stiff Screwdriver.

A few minutes later, we were all dressed and in the car with Julie driving us. Steve and I had packed the ice chest so we could have another drink if we felt the need.

It was only a thirty minute drive to the nudist camp. We couldn’t see anything from the road because of the trees. After turning down the drive, we came to a gate. Julie pushed the button and told the man who answered that we were visitors. He instructed her to stop at the office to register, and the gate began to open.

The drive was curved, and when we went around the last curve, we could see the small office, several cabins, and several campers. We stopped at the office and went inside, where we were greeted by a cheerful man and woman, both totally naked.

We filled out the visitor forms, let them copy our IDs, and then paid the daily visitors fee. Then the woman, Dotty, asked us if we wanted a tour of the place. We decided to take her up on that. “Okay then. You can park in the field just outside the office. Do you want to get undressed before or after the tour?”

“Before.” Julie answered for all of us. Julie parked the car. Steve and I walked the 50 yards or so to where she parked, and we all stripped naked. I was shaking like a leaf.

In a couple of minutes, Dotty pulled up in a golf cart. Julie had educated us about taking a towel with us everywhere at the camp. “It’s a hygiene thing. I prefer using a dark towel.” She had explained, “On hot days I can sweat and leave pussy tracks.” She concluded with a giggle.

Julie and I squeezed in the seat with Dotty, putting a towel down first, and Steve sat on the seat on the rear of the cart that faced backward. The tour lasted about 10 minutes. She drove us all around. I was amazed at how many permanent homes there were. Of course there were many, many campers. There was a very large pool, a nice clubhouse, and a snack bar.

When she dropped us back slot oyna at our car, both Steve and I mixed ourselves another drink—in a plastic cup, of course. Then we headed for the pool. There were naked people walking everywhere, and probably a hundred or more in and sitting around the pool. There were several dozen reclining chairs, but none were available right then, so we put our towels, sandals and drinks in a shady spot by the fence and went into the pool.

I was still very nervous. I felt like everyone was looking at me, sizing me up, judging me. Of course, nothing could have farther from the truth. People would glance our way briefly and then look away. Some of the men would look a little longer, but no one could blame them. Julie had been right about most of the women being older and from chunky to right out fat. Counting Julie and me, there probably weren’t more than 9 or 10 women there that would get a double take from the men.

The whole middle of the pool was taken up by a volleyball game, so we stayed on one end. After about 15 minutes, Julie came over to me and said, “You and Steve need to get out and walk around. You can’t hide in the water all day.”

I sighed and told her, “Okay, but you have to come with me.” She agreed so we all climbed out of the water, took up our drinks and towels and put on our sandals. Then we headed off for a walk. July had been right about a lot of things in the last few days, and she was right again. After twenty minutes or so of walking around, greeting people and stopping to chat with many, it became much easer to forget that we were all naked.

Of course, I was still slyly checking everyone out without being obvious about it, and I’m sure everyone was doing the same to us. It just wasn’t a blatant kind of ogling. By the time we’d been there an hour, I was very comfortable mingling with the people and having conversations with them. I was really starting to enjoy myself.

When it was time to leave, I didn’t want to get dressed, so I didn’t. I just spread my towel over the passenger seat and got in. Julie giggled, “Ahhh, someone’s gotten hooked on being a nudist, huh?”

“Yep.” I chirped back to her.

Without warning, Julie turned into a Burger King and went through the drive through. “What are you doing?” I gasped.

“I’m thirsty. I’m going to get myself a coke.”

“We have cokes and water in the—oh, I get it. You just want to see if I’ll crawl down in the floorboard. Right?”

She giggled, “Yep”.

“Well, I’m not going to, so there.”

There was a polite young lady at the window. I didn’t look that direction as Julie collected her coke and paid, so I don’t know if she even noticed me. As we pulled off, Julie and Steve started laughing their asses off. Apparently, not only had the girl noticed me, she had made sure one of her male co-workers got a good look too. “I know what he’s going to be thinking about when he jacks off tonight.” Julie said with a giggle.

The whole thing made me feel sexy and alive . . . and very, very naughty. I loved it.

* * *

We got home around seven. Julie and I went upstairs while our husband made us all drinks. I decided to take a quick shower, so I turned on the water and stepped in. I didn’t know I wasn’t alone in the bathroom until I heard Steve say, “Oops, sorry, I didn’t-“

“It’s okay, silly. I’m just going pee.”

“I’ll go use the other bathroom.”

“Don’t be silly. I’ll be done in a flash and you can go next.”

I wiped the fog off the glass door just in time to see Julie cleaning herself with Steve just standing there, watching her intently.

“Hey Deb, Steve’s acting like he’s never seen a woman pee before.”

“I haven’t.” He responded.

“Really? Geeeze, a lot of guys like watching. Did you?”

He shrugged, “I don’t know. I guess so. I really couldn’t see anything anyway.”

“Well, you’ll be able to next time. I’ll make sure you have a good view.”

I thought the whole conversation was weird. I’d never thought about it, but I didn’t understand why guys would want to see that. Although, the one time I watched Steve pee . . . when he was in the shower trying to pee with a hardon, I did find it fascinating.

“Hey Deb. Watch this.” So I wiped the fog away again just in time to see Julie reach around Steve, who was just starting to pee. She forced his hand away and replaced it with hers. His flow stopped, “That’s okay. It takes some getting use to. Just relax and concentrate. You’ll get it started again.”

It was funny watching that, and it did take Steve quite a while to get restarted, but when he did, she aimed it like a pro. When he was finished, she nursed it with her hand and then shook it gently. The show was over, so I finished rinsing, shut off the water and dried off.

When I got back to the bedroom, Steve and Julie were just sitting on the bed talking and sipping their drinks. I took my drink and sat in the stuffed chair in the corner, after going back to the bathroom for a towel. The towel thing canlı casino siteleri made a lot of sense to me.

“So, we can’t stay up too late tonight. I have to work tomorrow.” Steve announced.

I asked Julie, “What’s on the agenda for tonight. I know you’ve got something new for us to try.”

“As a matter of fact, I do. But you’re going to have to really trust me on this one.”

“Oooooo sounds yummy.” I used her phrase again.

She chuckled, “You haven’t heard what it is yet.”

“If you say it’s fun, then I’m sure we’ll love it. Count me in.” I said, trusting her totally.

She turned to Steve, “How about you?”

“I agree with Deb. You haven’t led us wrong yet. We’ve enjoyed everything so far.”

“Well okay then. Polish off your drinks. Then Deb, you get a clean sheet and spread if over the bed. Steve, take some Viagra and then run down and mix the two of you fresh drinks. Make them strong ones. You’re both going to need it. I’ll go get some things.”

He didn’t usually take Viagra on work nights, but it was early so he agreed.

When Julie returned, she had a bottle of baby oil, a very slender vibrator, a thicker one, and something in a plastic bag that she wouldn’t let us see. “Deb, get on your knees on the bed. Put a pillow under your head and I want your butt up high.”

I didn’t hesitate to assume the position, so she told Steve, “You just sit here beside her and watch for now.” And then she leaned close and whispered something to him. Julie dripped a generous portion of the baby oil down my butt crack. A second later, I heard the high pitched hum of the small vibrator and felt the tip of it against my asshole.

I knew how wonderful it felt when she put her tongue in my ass, and later her finger, so I was getting excited at the thought of having a vibe in it. She teased around it for a short while before slipping the tip inside me. I thought I was going to cum right then, but I didn’t, so I moved one of my hands under me and began rubbing my clit. She had the vibe half way inside me and the feelings were so incredible I couldn’t get enough of it. I came.

Steve chuckled, “That didn’t take long.”

“You just wait, that little orgasm is nothing compared to what’s gonna happen before we’re done.” And she started moving it in circles inside of me. After another couple of minutes, she pulled it out and inserted one of her fingers. She worked it around inside me just like she’d done with the vibe, and then she worked another finger in.

“Ummmm” That feels so fucking good.” I said with a moan.

I could feel her fingers working in me and stretching my opening. It felt wonderful. Before long, she’d worked in a third finger, and that felt even better. Finally, she pulled out and immediately turned on the thicker vibe. I couldn’t wait to feel it inside me.

I didn’t have to wait long. She soon had it lubed up and it slid in without much resistance. Again, she moved it in circles and used angles that I could feel were stretching my opening even wider.

That vibe had much stronger vibrations, and it didn’t take long before I came again, but this time without touching my clit. When I finished gasping for air, she asked me, “Are you ready for the next level?”

I had no idea what the next level was, but I was more than eager to find out. “Gawd Yes!”

So Julie pulled the vibe out and inserted her fingers again, but this time, she used two fingers from each hand. She used them to pull and stretch my opening wider and wider. I can’t say that felt wonderful, not after experiencing the stronger vibe, but it didn’t hurt.

When she was satisfied with her handiwork, I felt like I knew what was coming next, and I was right. She told Steve to get in position. “Go very, very slow. Deb, you tell him if it hurts, if he’s going to fast, or pushing too hard. There might be some minor discomfort at first, but if you stay relaxed, it won’t be anything you can’t handle, and believe me, it will be worth it.”

I did my best to relax, but I was nervous. Still, I trusted Julie completely, and that helped me relax more. The head of Steve’s cock was larger than the largest vibe, so it was still a tight fit, even with all the stretching. But finally, I felt it slip past the barrier and enter my ass.

“Stop right there and give her a minute to adjust to it. Then, when I tell you to go, just take it a half inch at a time, then stop and let her adjust again. Just keep doing that until you’re all the way inside her.”

When she gave him the okay, I felt him press forward. It didn’t hurt at all, so I told them I was okay. He pressed forward again and I felt more of him enter me. “I’m still okay.” I announced, “I can take it a little more at a time.”

Steve said, “Okay, but stop me if it hurts.” And with that, he pressed more firmly. It felt wonderful so I let out a moan. Steve stopped abruptly.

“Don’t stop. It feels wonderful.”

“You heard the lady.” Julie said with a chuckle.

Steve pressed forward again, this time much more firmly. He didn’t stop until I felt his legs against the back of mine. He was all the way inside me. I couldn’t believe he got that huge thing all the way inside me without hurting me even once.



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