I want to thank MJ and JJ from The Fenlands for inspiring this story.

Part 2

The next few days were a blur, little more than barely controlled chaos. They were soon flooded with orders since the only other eating establishment in the small town closed as soon as the shutdown went into effect. It was all they could do to fill the requests, especially when the social services office asked for help providing food every day to some pensioners in dire straights.

Each night the two of them returned exhausted to the cottage well after dark. While Jenny fixed dinner, Clare showered then sat naked eating her meal. After dinner, Jenny took her turn in the shower with Clare sitting on the commode watching and pinching her nipples.

Jenny spent a lot of time trying to figure out the demeanor change Clare seemed to go through each night when they returned to the cottage. At the cafe, she was most definitely in complete charge, doing anything and everything necessary to keep things operating smoothly. Once they entered the cottage, she changed markedly, completely deferential, submissive almost, to Jenny.

On the sixth night, Jenny felt a familiar twinge in her pussy as she brushed over her sensitive nipples while soaping herself in the shower. She realized it had been almost a week since she last masturbated and a lot longer since her last fuck…a lot longer.

Suddenly Jenny was desperately horny.

She glanced over where Clare sat staring at her intently, needing to touch herself…to cum…yet embarrassed to just go ahead and do so in front of Clare. As she let the water run colder to help dissipate her passion, she remembered Clare starting to play with herself in the bed that first night.

It dawned on Jenny that Clare hadn’t tried again, in the bed anyway, since saying she would not until Jenny allowed her. It didn’t take Jenny long to conclude Clare was probably as horny as she was, maybe even more so being nineteen years younger.

“Doesn’t that hurt?” Jenny asked Clare as she dried herself looking at the puffy nipples Clare continued to pinch and pull.

“A little,” Clare replied with an impish grin, “but I like it, especially when I’m randy.”

“Like it?” Jenny asked in surprise. “Really?”

“Oh yeah…I like rough sex sometimes…hell, most times,” Clare murmured huskily, “nothing that’s really harsh or leaves lasting marks or anything like that. Sometimes I cum really intensely being restrained or spanked while being fucked…or my pussy being licked and sucked.”

Jenny thought that might be too much information, especially since the implication was that her father and mother physically abused Clare as part of their incestuous sexual play. Yet Clare seemed nonchalant about the revelation and Jenny felt a yet stronger stirring in her own cunt.

By this time, they both slept in the small bed nude save for the panties Jenny continued to wear. Jenny could feel Clare’s hip lightly touching hers as they both lay on their backs in the dark.

“You can do it again if you want,” Jenny whispered softly as she unconsciously fondled her own right nipple, sending a sensual pulse to her pussy.

“Do what?” Clare asked.

“Play with yourself,” Jenny said lowly, turning to look at Clare, “make yourself cum…if you want…like the night I stopped you.”

“Thank you, Ma’am but would you prefer I do you first?” Clare said coyly. “It would be my pleasure to service you.”

“That’s alright,” Jenny replied, feeling the heat growing between her legs, “I think it best we each just take care of our own needs…for now.”

Clare did not need additional prompting. She lay flat on her back with her legs spread wide, the left one pressing against Jenny. She first fondled both of her tits before snaking her right hand down under the sheet to split the wet folds of her pussy lips. When she slid two fingers into the tight entry to her cunt, she brought her other hand down, pinched her massive clit in two fingers and began to jerk it off like a little boy’s cock.

Jenny initially lay unmoving next to Clare, feeling the way Clare’s legs trembled and her body writhed. After a few moments, Clare’s fingers were making a wet, squishy sound in her cunt and she began moaning lowly as her hips bounced in a steady rhythm. Her entire body tensed and she let out a muffled shriek before slumping back on to the bed panting raggedly.

While Clare masturbated herself to what appeared to Jenny to be a fairly massive orgasm, Jenny was fingering her own wet pussy. She furiously attacked her own clit with one hand while pinching her left nipple with the other. Her subdued climax followed Clare’s by just a few seconds with a fair amount of her pussy juices soaking her lacy panties and smearing the inside of her upper thighs.

“Thank you, Ma’am, for allowing me to do that,” Clare said when her breathing returned to normal and her body stopped quivering. “You know you can use my body in whatever izmir escort bayan way pleases you now…anyway…anything…anytime.”

With that, Clare rolled over, gave Jenny a light kiss on the cheek then rolled back on her other side, apparently almost instantly asleep. Jenny lay for some minutes staring at the ceiling, enjoying the last aftershocks of her unexpectedly strong orgasm, wondering if she crossed a line over which she could never return…or if she even wanted to do so.

Jenny awoke in the morning with Clare’s arm draped across her body and a hand covering her belly button. When she moved slightly, Clare’s hand snaked down toward Jenny’s pussy. Jenny stopped it by placing her hand on top of Clare’s. They lay in silence for a few minutes before getting up to start the day. As Clare rose, Jenny was inexplicably moved to reach over and give her a somewhat playful slap on her bare ass cheek.

“Thank you, Ma’am,” Clare responded with a grin, “I do hope there is much more of that to come.”

With that Clare walked to the toilet to pee while Jenny still lay in the bed, mixed emotions flitting through her head even as her pussy tingled again.

Over the next few days, they settled into a busy routine at the cafe. Clare found every excuse she could to touch Jenny, not sexually per se but more like maintaining and enhancing their physical connection. Each night, her demeanor changed completely upon entering the cottage, deferring to Jenny in every way. After that first time, Clare even went so far as to specifically ask permission to masturbate as they lay in bed each night before going to sleep and to warmly thank Jenny after she increasingly noisily achieved her climax.

Jenny found herself being more and more aroused by the situation. By the third night after they got off next to each other, she didn’t even try to disguise that she was masturbating right along with Clare. Soon after that, she told Clare to pull the sheet aside so they could see the way each other fingered themselves. Not surprisingly, their now regular nightly orgasms became longer and more intense.

Then one night, Jenny didn’t even realize Clare was fondling her left tit until her own especially intense orgasm ebbed away. The looked at each other, smiling shyly in the dim light before Jenny fell asleep with Clare’s hand still cupping that breast.

They also fell into an unusual morning routine. Clare was first out of the bed but before going to pee, she would bend over with her ass in the air for Jenny to give her a playful swat. As the days passed, the slaps became harder and more plentiful at Clare’s behest.

“Please, Ma’am, may I have another” or “Harder please, Ma’am” became ritual requests with which, after the first few times, Jenny willingly and eagerly complied. She then fingered her own pussy with the palm of her hand still stinging from the slaps while watching and listening to Clare pee.

There was no longer a question if she and Clare would have an uninhibited and unrestrained sexual relationship…just when Jenny would finally surrender and take the last inevitable steps into complete intimacy.

In the middle of the fourth week, Clare came back where Jenny was sorting take out containers with tears welling up in her eyes. Without a word, Jenny hugged her close, the flood of tears soaking her t-shirt on her left shoulder.

“What’s the matter?” Jenny finally asked when Clare’s sobs slowed.

“Fucking Harry,” Clare grumbled, leaning back against the table top with her eyes cast down at the floor.

“What did he do?”

“You know we’re doing reasonably well here,” Clare explained, “we pretty much broke even last week and might even make a small profit by the end of the next while keeping most of the staff working and paid.”

“Thanks to your hard work and organizing skills,” Jenny murmured, putting an arm around Clare’s shoulder, barely resisting the sudden urge to fondle Clare’s tit.

“Well, he’s not doing as well. Granted he does have more competition but he’s also basically a lazy shit and wants everyone to do everything for him. Apparently he can’t get the delivery part working properly and curb side pick up is slow, so he’s thinking about shutting everything down.”

“You mean…?”

“Yeah…we’ll all be out of a job, here and back there,” Clare sighed before looking Jenny directly in the eyes. “I convinced him to hold off until I could go over there and see what might help make things better.”

“When…when are you going?” Jenny murmured barely loud enough for Clare to hear.

“If I leave right now, I can be there shortly after dark. That way I can met with Harry first thing in the morning, spend all day tomorrow working with him and drive back here Saturday morning. Saturday will be a short day here, closing right after lunch and then all we have to do Sunday are those dozen or so pensioner meals for the social services people. We can have the rest of the time to ourselves.”

Jenny izmir escort felt a growing knot in her stomach, wondering if by home Clare meant their apartment or her parents’ house…and bed.

“OK, sounds like a plan, especially if it will keep everyone employed,” Jenny agreed, giving Clare a tight hug, “I’ll get one of the drivers to drop me at the cottage and get me in the morning.”

Clare squeezed Jenny tightly then turned toward the door and her car.

“Oh, one more thing,” Jenny called out just as Clare was about to leave the building, “when you stop by the apartment, get my toys from the bottom drawer of my dresser. There’s only two.”

“Yes Ma’am, I already had that on my must do list,” Clare saluted and grinned devilishly, “and all mine…and maybe a few of my mother’s too.”

The cottage felt eerily quiet when Jenny entered after one of the drivers dropped her off with a promise to retrieve her in the morning. She poured herself a glass of wine then slowly stripped out of her clothes to stand naked at the kitchen counter. With at best intermittent cell service, she couldn’t even count on hearing from Clare until the morning.

She finished the wine, poured another and took it into the shower with her. With the warm water splashing over her body, she pictured Clare sitting on the commode, pulling on her nipples. Her fingers found her throbbing pussy slit, already slick with juices leaking from deep inside her cunt. Her knees buckled and she slapped her pussy repeatedly until her orgasm crested with a mournful moan that no one else was there to hear.

The sheets were cold, even after Jenny lay squirming around for a minute. The aroma of Clare’s body permeated the pillow next to her, causing yet another twitch deep in Jenny’s cunt. She finally decided to place the pillow between her thighs, humping it as she did when she first taught herself to masturbate as a prepubescent girl, adding the scent of her own sex and some of the wetness from her bare pussy to it before drifting off to sleep.

Jenny first realized she was back when Clare’s arms encircled her body, pressing her tits against her back and kissing her on the back of her neck. She squirmed around to face Clare, holding her tightly and exchanging a momentary passionate kiss, the tips of their tongues lashing each other outside their mouths, with no regard for the two grinning cooks standing nearby.

“So, how did it go…with Harry?” Jenny finally said when they broke the embrace, leaving unasked any question about her parents and what they most likely did over the past two days.

“Way better than I expected,” Clare answered grinning cheerfully. “Straightening out some of his problems was just a matter of a little organization and he’s agreed to leave us to do whatever works here for as long as we can manage to at least break even.”

“That’s wonderful,” Jenny exclaimed, pulling Clare close for another tight hug, feeling those hard nipples pressing against her own.

“So what do we have left to do here today?” Clare asked, getting down to business as she turned to the two cooks before looking back at Jenny with a wink. “I’m really ready to get out of here and back to the cottage.”

On the ride back to the cottage, Clare told Jenny the details of the arrangement she made with Harry. At one point, she reached over to squeeze Jenny’s thigh, smiling slyly as she did so, her nipples pressing out firmly against the fabric of her shirt. Jenny smiled and spread her legs more so her right thigh was just a little bit closer to Clare.

Jenny carried the extra luggage Clare brought back with her, clearly additional clothes for them both. Clare mysteriously insisted on carrying in two parcels herself contained in brown paper grocery bags.

As Jenny bent forward to drop the bags on the floor, she felt Clare’s hand brush over her ass and up under her t-shirt. She shuddered as she stood and turned. Clare was already naked above her waist. She pressed her lips to Jenny’s, her tongue sliding into Jenny’s mouth at the same time she unclasped Jenny’s bra and pulled her t-shirt over her head.

The kiss was more intense and passionate than any Jenny could remember. Her hands fell to Clare’s ass, pulling her even closer as their tongues lashed together frantically. After a few seconds they were both groping with the other’s jeans, ripping at the zippers until they fell to the floor and both of them stood naked save for their panties.

Clare followed Jenny’s jeans to the floor, dropping to her knees to bury her face in the moist gusset of Jenny’s panties. Feeling Clare’s lips and tongue through the thin fabric, Jenny let out a low moan, grabbed the back of Clare’s head and thrust her hips forward. Clare ripped the panties aside, hungrily thrusting her tongue between Jenny’s puffy pussy lips, through the slick walls of her throbbing slit and took her pulsing clit between her lips.

Jenny’s low moan turned to a full throated shriek. She fell backward escort izmir on the bed, pulling her knees up and spreading them wider, giving Clare unimpeded access to her pussy and ass.

Clare sucked Jenny’s clit hungrily then slid two fingers into the wet welcoming entry hole of her cunt. It took only a moment for Clare to find Jenny’s spongy pulsing g-spot, pressing it hard while holding her throbbing clit with her teeth and flicking the tip with her tongue.

Jenny’s shriek morphed to an incomprehensible animalistic howl. Her back arched completely off the mattress. For a moment, she went totally rigid then began to quiver uncontrollably. Her pussy erupted with a steady stream of her juices, soaking Clare’s face as well as the bed.

That was but the first, or more correctly the beginning, of her orgasms. Before the first dissipated, a second exploded then a third and then more beyond count. Ever stronger climaxes seized her cunt and spread throughout her body to the tips of her fingers and toes. Even the hair on her head tingling. A final garbled scream escaped from her lips with her entire body seemingly on fire before the room faded away.

Jenny blinked awake a moment later enveloped in Clare’s arms. Her body still quivered in irregular spasms as the last aftershocks of her uncounted orgasms slowly ebbed away. When she turned her head, Clare smiled at her sweetly.

“Welcome back to the world, Ma’am,” Clare cooed, leaning forward to give Jenny a tender kiss on her forehead.

“That was awesome,” Jenny murmured hazily, a warm fuzzy feeling engulfing her body as she tentatively reached out to brush her fingers over Clare’s erect left nipple.

Clare smiled and moaned lowly at that touch. She pulled Jenny tighter, giving her another tongue lashing kiss before pushing her head down lightly. Jenny took the hint, licking her way down Clare’s neck and body until she could take her right nipple into her mouth.

“Oh god yes,” Clare sighed throwing her head back, “suck it…more…god…suck it…harder…more…fuck yes…bite me…bite my tits…harder.”

Clare thrashed wildly the harder Jenny clamped down on her nipple, but clearly in pleasure not pain. It took a moment for Jenny to realize Clare was cumming with just her nipples being sucked and bitten.

With her own pussy beginning to throb again, Jenny slid a hand down toward Clare’s cunt, stopping when she felt the smooth freshly shaved skin just above her mons. For Jenny this was the final line, one until just days ago she never even imagined stepping close to, let alone crossing. She took a breath, bit down on Clare’s other nipple and slipped her fingers between another woman’s pussy lips for the first time in her life.

Clare’s body stiffened at that touch. Like Jenny’s own slit, Clare was wet and warm, the flesh soft and slippery with her juices. Unlike Jenny, Clare had a huge clit, easily the size of a newborn boy’s cock, that throbbed against her finger. She pushed her finger down even further, finding the moist pulsing entry to Clare’s cunt and plunged the tip of her finger inside. The walls of Clare’s throbbing canal clamped around Jenny’s finger like she was sucking it in even deeper.

With her own passion burning through her like an uncontrolled wildfire, Jenny slowly slid down Clare’s body, pushing her legs apart until her face was positioned just inches above Clare’s hairless cunt. The scent of Clare’s sex was intoxicating and overwhelming.

Jenny hesitated for just a moment, taking in her first close look at another woman’s aroused sex, before flicking out her tongue and dragging the tip through the warm, moist gash. The taste of Clare’s juices surprised her in being both different in some ways and the same as her own in others. Clare placed one hand on the back of Jenny’s head, pushing her face harder into her cunt. Jenny looked up to see Clare was viciously pulling on her left nipple as she thrashed wildly.

When Jenny flicked Clare’s enormous clit, she stiffened.

When Jenny took that throbbing clit between her lips and sucked, Clare shrieked her building passion.

When Jenny plunged two fingers deep into the dripping entry of Clare’s cunt, she screamed and bucked her hips, begging for more.

Jenny finger fucked Clare and sucked her clit like a little cock until she slumped back on the bed completely spent. Jenny crawled up Clare’s trembling body, kissing her passionately. They then settling into a cuddling hug until their ragged breathing returned to normal.

Clare stirred first, gently caressing Jenny’s tits and still stiff nipples while propping herself up on one elbow. She smiled sweetly before bending forward to give Jenny a tender kiss.

“That was…awesome…Ma’am,” Clare whispered huskily, “and I am so glad you will now let me serve, and service, you properly.”

“Serve me?” Jenny asked sitting up and looking at Clare in confusion. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“From now on, once we walk in that door or, when we return, the one at the apartment,” Clare said softly, her head bowed, “I am giving myself to you…body and soul…to serve you in any way you want…to do anything you want…or you want to do to me.”



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