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anal pleasureIt all began when i went to the grandparents house in village.,I was a young boy and had till then little sexual experience.Mostly with girls around my age.I went this time just like other times in summer there.This time i noticed a older lady that lived with her mother and her son.She had the body of a real woman,things i couldn’t find on younger girls.She had wide hips with a big round ass,and big saggy tits.The first moment i saw her i knew i would love to make her my lover. Since the first day she began to watch me and invited me to play with her little son and talk to her.She used to wear dresses without bra in most of cases or t shirts almost trasparent and i could see her big tits.She told me she was divorced and was 34 year old.The woman looked unaware of showing accidentally half of her big tis with her big nipples and when sitting her black pants.She treated me like little boy but but she began slowly to ask me about my sexual life,of what i like or not in women, and wasnt shy to take sanitary pads in hand before changing them or ask me if i was circumsized or not.these things began to erect my uncut penis so many times that i couldn t stay without watching her body or talk to her sexy things i had in mind and from my fantasies.one night she invited me to go and see her at house.i said yes but thought they would be all awake.in fact they were asleep and she told to enter from the window opdhe had opened and began to kiss me and told me whispering to follow her at the toilet cause her mother and son were sleeping.it was a small one but fortunately in lack of lights that we couldnt turn on had some moonlight coming out from the window.as we closed the door immediately began kissing and touching each other for some minutes.this stopped when she told me to unzip slowly as she pendik escort wanted to pee and she put down her black pants and took squatting position as the toilet was the squatting type.i opened my eyes to see everything of her as i was unzippng to take out my dick.first i saw a big white cloth pad that she had put on her vagina,and then her big hairy vagina in squatting position.it was the first time i saw a big vagina and with some real hair on it.i used to see just small shaved one that looked like a baby compared with this one.she saw my curiosity and told me to see her more near and after peeing began explaining the parts of it and opened it with fingers making me stare eyes wide open and take out my uncut penis.she explained that she was on periods and she used cloth pads for her vagina because women at her age mostly used these and could take some from her mother.it made my penis really hard and she begged me to give it in her mouth,and so did i.She began licking first and later sucking my dick or just the skinmof the forehead really hard,she added some moanings too while doing it but keeping the voice low not to be heard from the sleeping people.i was enjoing every second of it when she got up took my penis of her mouth and told me:Come and do it in my ass,and when i asked her why she told me i could not fuck her vagina cause was on periods,and fucking her ass was safe from pregnancy too.she was told from other women anal sex was great especially when you had large vagina after c***dbirth and from genetic,she told me was a virgin in the ass but wanted to be filled up with sperm in her big white ass but with a small hole,she bended and turned her ass in front of me putting one hand in the wall of the toilet and the other on my penis.she continued begging to be filled up and i began to put escort pendik my head and slowly and outting it out,her moans became more sexy as she was feeling my penis trying to penetrate her ass.i could feel really great with her narrow hole.she was wide and soft from behind,i used to touch and feel with my hand the soft ass and sometimes her tits bouncing a little.she told me to stop for a sec snd took some lube and turned in front of me,she put some on my penis,and with the other hand some on her asshole explaining me it would be easy to penetrate,dhe turned her ass again and i could see her asshole with lube and my uncut penis trying to enter gently into her with her talking all thr time saying she was feeling so good.the feeeling of being inside a mature woman s ass was exploding my penis that had reached half of it being inside.she used to raise naturally her moanings and dirty talkings saying, fill me up,fuck my big ass,i love it,i want a man inside me.in these moments i was madly fucking her from behind,until we heard the someone trying to open the door,it was her mother but as she couldn’t open it cause it was closed,we stopped as she talked to her what was she doing,i was so embarrassed,we stayed for a moment with my penis in her ass,as she told her that was wshing ass and pulled out my penis and squatted with her back in front of me and took some wsrm water and washed her ass.no problem mom,i was washing my ass,cause she asked why she was saying the word ass.it so damn sexy watch her wash with water her big ass.she got up and told me to put it again there and i did that,as i did some other pounds with her silent ,and just the sound of of penis being in and out i told her i was about to come,and she told me yes,i came strongly in her soft asss and she couldnt stay without saying:oh my pendik escort bayan god,you filled me up soo good.she told me to lesve immediately from the window as she pulled off her pants with cloth pad,and with just her dress on and with my sperm in her ass open the door of the toilet let her mother come in to pee.She went to sleep and so did i.Ithe next day she invited me again at 12 o clock and i went there immediately,she was excited again and took me straight to the toilet, pulled her pants down in the ssme position of yesterday and told me to fuck her again.she called it all the time filling up as she as embarrassed to call it fucking cause i was a lot younger than her.i said that my penis was flaccid but she told me to try anyway,it will feel better as my hole is not big ,it will grow inside me and i will be mad,i tried in the beginning with my head and with uncut skin trying to open the big amount of lube she already had put in her ass.it was so soft putting it that it became big in seconds.she kept oaning and talking to me directly to please her.she was very shy and educated while not having sex but had really exciting language while fucking.we thought her mother wouldn’t come again cause she saw us i think go into the toilet.but this time instead she was near the window of the toilet getting dome clothes that were hanging.i was in the last moments,when i saw her watching us,i was behind her daughter while she was begging me to be a man inside her and fill her up.i noticed this but couldn’t stop,and kept doing the same thing even harder but her daughter didnt realize this fact cause was bending over and moaning with her hands on the wall.i came really hard in her warm ass as the mother kept giving looks to us.It was soooooooo sexy being watched and embarrassing too.when the woman turned and began to wash sperm out of her ass her mother left,i told her we got caught.she was shy about it,but couldn’t do nothing cause she had needs.putting her pants on,she told me,thank you,now i feel a woman in my ass too…



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