Glancing across the table she could make out the soft curves of His face through the flickering candle light, her fingers playing nervously with the glass which held the red wine that He had poured for her earlier. Lifting His head He looks straight into her eyes and she feels His love burning deep into her soul and a soft shiver runs through her body. The meal had been wonderful and she had remained calm throughout the evening, but now the time to leave was drawing closer she was starting to feel a little uneasy, and her shaking hands were giving her away. Reaching across the table He puts His hand on hers and steadies it, the warmth from His touch soothing her immediately

“Please don’t be nervous little one” He says softly

“I have promised you that I will take things slowly and I would never hurt you…you know that my love….and I guarantee that you will enjoy your lesson tonight”

Almost in a whisper she answers Him “yes I know and I trust You with my life…but I can’t help being a little nervous”

Standing He takes her hand, helping her rise and gestures for the bill. She waits patiently as He pays for the meal then follows Him to the car parked just outside the restaurant. Feeling the cool night air she takes a deep breath and exhales slowly trying to calm her nerves before sliding into the seat and doing up her seat belt. The trip home seems to take half the time as it did to get to the restaurant and soon they are standing at the front door and He turns the key in the door and holds it open for her to pass. The familiar surroundings seem to take on a different feel tonight as He takes her hand and leads her to the bedroom.

“Make yourself comfortable my love and I will fetch us some wine” He says with a smile before turning and walking towards the door, stopping momentarily He turns and chuckles … “Oh…and there is a gift for you on the bed”

As His footsteps fade down the hall she turns and sees a small bag laying next to the pillow, picking it up she opens it and finds a beautiful lace teddy. Holding it up she thinks to herself that this aint going to hide much and giggles. Slipping the straps of her short black dress from her shoulders she lets it slip to the floor and steps from it, picking it up and turning to place it on the chair she catches the image of her naked body in the mirror and smiles. All the hard work she had spent on keeping herself fit had paid off and she was proud of the image she saw. Slipping on the teddy she runs her fingers through her long wavy hair before going to sit on the bed just as He walks back into the room. Seeing her before Him He looks her up and down before smiling his approval.

“You illegal bahis look beautiful my love…good enough to eat” He says with a wink

Placing the glasses of wine on the bedside table he turns and beckons her to Him and she rises and walks to stand before Him. Reaching out He brushes her hair from her shoulder then bends down and kisses her neck softly. She can feel the heat of His body so close to hers and her heart begins to race, both in anticipation and excitement. Leaving her neck He takes her chin in His hands and takes her lips with His, kissing her with passion and love and she senses the nervousness she had felt draining from her, being replaced with wanting and need. His hands roam softly over her body as His lips devour hers and her nipples harden as His palm brushes across them softly. Slipping the straps of the teddy down from her shoulders and breaking the kiss He lifts one of her breasts and runs His tongue around her erect nipple, her heart pounding as He sucks it into His mouth and she arches her back, pushing her body towards Him, her hands running through His hair as ripples of pleasure run through her body.

Taking His mouth from her nipple He scoops her up into His arms and walks to the bed, gently laying her on it, then takes hold of the teddy and pulls it gently from her body tossing it to the side. Looking down at her He notices the moisture on her inner thighs and strokes his fingers gently along her slit, feeling her want and need and begins rolling her clit slowly with His fingers watching her squirm. She moans softly and He thinks she looks so much like an angel but how that will change when she is desperate for His cock.

Quickly He removes His clothes before laying beside her on the bed, cupping her face and kissing her hard. His hand works it’s way down her smooth body until it reaches her pussy and He rubs slowly up and down he wet slit before pushing His fingers into her wetness. She spreads her legs further and He pushes His fingers deeper, twisting them and making her groan into the kiss. Her fingers dig into His back and He slips a third finger inside her and searches for her g-spot. Finding her special spot He massages it hard and can feel her juices flowing onto His palm and He knows her need is hightening.

Breaking the kiss He tells her to put her arms above her head and leave them there, as she does He slips His fingers from her pussy, leaving her feeling empty and void. His fingers dripping with her juices He reaches around and rubs them over her tight ass, feeling her squirm a little. She senses the time for her lesson has arrived and she takes a deep breath and tries to relax. Slowly He pushes illegal bahis siteleri against her ass hole and feeling the resistance kisses her cheek softly

“It’s ok my love….trust me” He whispers

Hearing His reassuring words she closes her eyes and concentrates on giving her body to Him. He pushes a little harder and slowly feels His finger entering her ass, stoping every now and again to allow her ass to adjust. When His finger is deep inside her He stays still for a moment before slowly pulling back, easing it from her tightness, then pushing in deep again. Slowly her body relaxes more and more and He starts to pump His finger faster and harder into her, when He feels her accepting His finger with no resistance He starts to slide a second finger into her ass, making her gasp and stiffen for a moment before relaxing again. His fingers in her ass make her pussy flood with juices and she feels them running down over her ass, lubricating it and allowing Him to fuck her ass with His fingers with such ease. Suddenly a third finger is being pushed into her ass and she cry’s out at the sudden pressure deep inside her, at the same time she feels a sense of need she has never felt before and lifts her body from the bed trying to take more of His hand inside her stretched ass.

“ohhhhhhhh…i want You to FUCK Your slut my love”… “FUCK her pussy and her ass…..take Your sluts body”

Hearing her words He knows her sense of need is ripe and the passion in her soul was His for the taking. Slipping His fingers from her drenched ass He rolls onto His back and she climbs quickly onto Him, kissing Him passionately as her hand directs His hard cock into her dripping pussy, her pussy sucking it in , she slams her lust filled body down hard feeling His hard cock spreading her tight cunt wide and filling it.

His hands around her waist steadying her. She lifts her body and slams it down again hard, forcing His cock deep inside her, making it pound against her cervix , her juices flowing over His groin. She reaches down and takes His nipples in her fingers, rolling them and tugging on them as her body fucks His cock harder and faster. Throwing her head back she cry’s out to Him…

“FUCK your little slut…..FUCK her hard and make her cummmmmmmm”

“I want to feel Your hot cum burning into meeeeee”

Hearing her He quickly puts His hands on her shoulders, stopping her from riding His cock and holding her still…

“I will cum in you my love” He says looking into her lust filled eyes

“But I will cum in your tight ass”

Her eyes widen at the realisation of His huge cock going into her tight little ass…it couldn’t canlı bahis siteleri possibly fit into that tiny hole…but she trusts Him and knows she has come to far to back out now…besides she need relief so badly.

He pulls His cock from her hot cunt and runs His fingers over her slit, gathering her juices on His fingers and rubs them over her ass, making it slippery and lubricating it for His cock to enter easily. Making her bend forward He places the tip of His cock against her ass, holding it there for a moment then pushing up gently. She feels the tip of His cock opening her ass hole slowly, then gasps as it slides in further and He holds it still as her ass adjusts, and He feels the resistance to His massive cock easing. When He feels she is relaxed again He pushes down on her shoulders, forcing His hardness deep into her ass in one quick movement.

Her hands grasp at His chest and a shrill scream emanates from her gapping mouth as a sharp intense pain flows through her impaled body, every nerve in her body feeling the pain of her ass being stretched to the limit. He holds he still for what seems an eternity, then slowly starts to pull His cock from her ass, when it’s is almost ready to slip from her ass He pushes her down again.

“Now my slut…ride my cock…start slowly and increase as you relax…i want you to make me cum in that dirty little ass of your…NOW”

Feeling His cock pulsing in her stinging ass she whimpers and starts slowly moving her body up and down. He reaches down and finds her swollen throbbing clit and begins to rub it hard and fast. She begins to ride a little harder as her body relaxes and her desire grows, His cock sliding in and out of her faster. Leaning back now as she feels her need to cum quickly taking away any traces of the earlier pain she had felt, taking His pounding cock deeper into her ass and revelling in the feeling of having something so big jammed into her ass. Feeling His cock swelling even more inside her she rides it harder and with feels her orgasm starting to take her body making her ass tighten around His cock. With a grunt He begins to explode into her ass, filling it with His hot seed and making her cum harder than she has ever cum in her life…both of them crying out loudly as their bodies merge as one.

Letting her body flop down onto His she can hear His heart beating fast and loud, His breathes coming short and sharp and He runs His fingers gently up and down her back. His lets His cock slip from her ass and rolls her onto her side beside Him, holding her tight in His arms until her body stops shaking.

“Was it all I had promised You my love” He asks looking into her eyes and seeing her contentment

“yes it was….everything You promised and more Sweetheart” she answers with a grin and kisses Him softly

Kissing the top of her head He snuggles her against Him and they both drift off into a blissful sleep…



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