This is a story from the 1970s. The names have been changed, but largely true.


I had been ‘best friends’ with Jane throughout college, but had not seen her for a couple of years, because of busy lives, and distance.

I’d sent her a birthday card, and she had replied with an invitation to stay with her for a long weekend at her London flat.

I willingly accepted, and was excited to ‘catch up.’

Jane and I had met on the first day of college when we found ourselves in adjacent rooms in halls of residence.

Although studying different subjects, we were both on the teaching course, which threw us together quite a bit.

We became like brother and sister, bouncing ideas off each other, and giving advice where needed, especially as it was all new to us.

She was very attractive, which I often took for granted, long auburn hair, tall, shapely figure, green eyes, and a wicked sense of humour.

Apparently she was now sharing her flat with a friend Kamma, on a temporary basis, while she was between jobs. She hoped it wouldn’t interfere with ‘our’ weekend.

I got the train from Nottingham to St Pancras on the Thursday afternoon, and then a tube to Stratford. The weather was hot that summer, so I’d only taken a kitbag with a few shorts, t-shirts, and underwear.

Arriving at Jane’s flat, I was greeted with a huge hug, and she looked fantastic in a blouse, and shorts. Kamma, her friend was out, which gave us a chance to have a coffee, and a chat.

About 6.30 Kamma arrived back. She had been job hunting so was dressed in a dark suit, but suffering from the heat.

Quickly she said “Hi Rob,” and disappeared into the bathroom, reappearing moments later in a loose, shift dress.

Kamma was tall like Jane, but had short blond hair in a ‘bob,’ with some quite obvious large ‘boobs.’

She was full of life, a true extrovert, and slightly rude, and disrespectful, but very open, and upfront.

We all decided to go out for to a local Chinese restaurant, and the evening was fun with lots of ‘micky-taking,’ and banter.

Sleeping arrangements hadn’t been discussed, so when we got back to the flat we had to open up a sofa bed in the living room, and the girls were sharing a double bed which was in Jane’s bedroom.

It was still very hot, so we all turned in as we were all ‘knackered,’ as Kamma put it.

I heard the girls chatting for sometime, before I drifted off to sleep.

On the Friday morning I got up to put the kettle on, and Kamma appeared in quite a skimpy, short t-shirt, which was distinctly off putting in the confines of a very small kitchen.

I only wore shorts, and there were several times when we brushed past each other, which I wasn’t sure if it was accidental, or not. But I kept myself under control.

Friday was spent with Jane and myself, going to the National Gallery, then Oxford Street, and ending up in Soho. We had some Tapas, and some beers,and made it home for 10pm.

Both of us were exhausted from the walking we had done. We sat in the lounge along with Kamma, and with large glasses of wine, steadily becaming very drunk. And, of course, drink loosens tongues.

Kamma told Jane and I about some of the blokes she’d had. Lurid descriptions had us in fits, laughing, and giggling.

Jane and I were not as frank and open, but Kamma found it hard to believe that we’d never slept together.

She started to flirt with me, making various comments, and using innueno.

I resisted the overtures, which I think annoyed her, but eventually all three of us were so ‘plastered,’ that we retired to bed.

I awoke on the Saturday conscious of Kamma in the small kitchen opposite my sofa bed. She made sure I was awake before banging about making a cup of tea. She had her short t-shirt on, and when she got the milk from the fridge, she bent over so that I could see her shaven pussy.

She knew I was looking, and when she returned the milk to the fridge, she repeated the view, but this time spreading her legs wide apart.

She turned and said, “Oh Rob, do you want a cuppa?”

“Please,” I replied. And the casino siteleri whole scenario of pussy flashing was repeated.

I think the task of taking a carton of milk from a fridge never took so long. Kamma was making sure I got a good long look, even at one point half looking round to see if I was watching.

She brought the cup of tea over, and placed it on the floor beside me, this time bending low enough for me to see down the top of her t-shirt, and to see those hanging tits. And then she sat down on the side of my bed with her own cup of tea.

“So have you got someone at the moment Rob? Or are you gay? I’m sure Jane would have told me if you were.”

I smiled. Obviously she was wondering why all her flirting wasn’t paying off.

“No, no, and yes she would have told you!”

“So you’re telling me I don’t stand a chance?”

This was Kamma being direct, and upfront in her usual way

“Never say never,” I chuckled, and teasing her in return.

“Ah, I’ve got it, you really, really fancy Jane, and you don’t want to upset her by coming onto me!” This was more of a statement rather than a question.

I mumbled slightly, “We are just good friends, and probably that would spoil it.”

“Hmmmm, I think I must have words about this,” Kamma’s brow wrinkled. “I won’t upset anyone.”

And she got up from the bed, but not before she had winked at me, and placed her hand on the duvet, squeezing my cock before she went back to the bedroom.

I lay there wondering what she might say to Jane. I didn’t want our friendship to be blighted because of Kamma’s brashness.

We all went to Portobello Road, and the market, following it with drinks in a couple of pubs on the way back to the flat.

It was really hot again, I felt lucky to be with two attractive ladies. I had shorts and a t-shirt on, Jane had a blouse, and shorts, and sandles, Kamma had a low cut blouse, tied at the waist, and a voluminous cotton print skirt, down below the knee.

We planned to have a take away that evening as it was our last night together before I went home on the Sunday lunchtime.

We bought some wine, and two bottles of vodka. I thought maybe it was a bit too much alcohol.

We decided on a curry take away from an Indian restaurant just around the corner, and it was a good choice.

The conversation was hugely funny, with Kamma telling outrageous tales, some of which I’m sure were exaggerated, but by 9 o’ clock we were all quite drunk.

In a lull in the conversation I was stretched out on the sofa, almost drifting off to sleep. Kamma and Jane were slouched in two armchairs opposite me. The vodka was taking its effect.

As my eyelids were half closing, I heard Kamma and Jane making comments suggesting that I couldn’t take my booze.

“He is a good looking specimen, isn’t he?” whispered Kamma, “I’m sure he fancies you.”

“I told you before, it might mess up our friendship.” replied Jane, “I don’t want that to happen.”

“Well I fancy snogging him, if you don’t,” she said giggling almost uncontrollably.

“Awwww you are awful Kamma,” added Jane, with more giggles.

I was hearing all this through an alcoholic haze, but it did raise my consciousness.

“Did I hear someone mention ‘snogging?” I slurred, half opening my eyes.

“You did indeed,” giggled Kamma, as she raised herself up, and stepped towards me.

Planting her knees astride me on the sofa, she leaned over me, and clamped her mouth on mine.

I heard Jane say, “Oh Kamma, the poor boy,” excited, and laughing.

Kammas tongue flicked inside my mouth, and it all became a bit more passionate quite quickly.

I could feel the heat of her body, beneath her cotton skirt, grinding down on me, and I felt myself, embarrassingly, becoming hard beneath my thin shorts, and I guess Kamma did too.

Almost unable to breathe, I felt her hands reaching down between us, and unzipping my shorts. My cock flicked out from my boxers.

In my alcoholic haze I was being carried along by Kamma’s dominance. I was conscious of Kamma moving slightly, as she continued to kiss me. To my slot oyna utter astonishment I felt myself sliding inside her pussy. She had plainly not been wearing any underwear.

I managed to separate myself from Kamma’s kisses, and half lifting myself up onto my elbows, I groaned, “Christ Kamma, what are you doing?”

“Fucking you, so enjoy it!” But of course Jane was a witness to all this.

“Kamma, you’re being a trollop, I’m going to bed, and you two can just fuck like rabbits.”

Jane upped and left as Kamma raised herself up, and started to rock back and forth. I was not going to resist. I had not had sex for so long it had a certain pleasure.

But as she became more vocal all I could think of was Jane, and it was strangely then that I realised how much I cared for her.

In not very long Kamma started to cum. Jane must have heard her cries of pleasure, and the swearing that came with it.

She continued to move quite gently after her orgasm, and kissing me gently this time, I started to jerk inside her as quietly as I could.

My orgasm was long and pleasurable, but Kamma whispered, “Maybe we shouldn’t have done that, I think we might have upset Jane.”

“Probably, but I really hope not, you didn’t give me much chance.”

“I wanted you, but I’m sorry if you didn’t enjoy it,” she looked sad as my diminishing cock finally slid out of her pussy.

“Oh god yes I loved it, I haven’t done that for about a year, but I didn’t have a condom on?”

Kamma smiled, “You poor thing, no wonder you came so much, and it’s ok i’m on the pill. Look I’m going to go and make my peace with Jane. Please, quietly, give me your number tomorrow, I’d like to see you again.”

“Yes ok, I need to apologise to her as well, perhaps in the morning.”

And with that, Kamma went to the bathroom, before going back to the bedroom.

I lay there briefly before undressing, and opening up the sofa bed to turn in.

Soon there were raised voices coming from the bedroom. Phrases like, “how could you,” “I’m sorry,” “you know how I feel,” were clearly audible.

Eventually it went quiet. I looked at my watch, and was surprised it was only midnight. So much had happened that evening.

The way in which Jane might think of me was in the forefront of my mind. I was trying to think of the words I would use in the morning. But then I heard movement from the bedroom.

At first I was expecting one of them to come out, perhaps to use the bathroom, but the sound became more defined, and I was slightly shocked when I suddenly realised there was the sound of Kamma’s voice, and it was gentle murmurings of pleasure.

Surely she wasn’t masturbating?

And then I heard Jane.

“Kamma, Oh god.” It was hushed, very much trying to be discreet, but it was so obvious to me.

I was absolutely straining to catch any sound. My mind was racing. Kamma was clearly bisexual; but was Jane a lesbian? I think I would have known.

There followed minutes of hushed sounds of pleasure from both, but enough to tell me that Kamma was cumming first, immediately followed by Jane.

It all went quiet once more.

I’d almost dropped off to sleep when the bedroom door opened slightly, and then a bit further, until Jane crept out in the semi darkness. She walked slowly to the bathroom. I heard the cistern flush, and as she returned she saw me move.

“Rob…are you awake,” she whispered.

“Yes Jane.” I kept it brief.

“Can I talk? I need to explain something.”

I sat up in bed. “Hey, sit your bottom down here. I don’t think you need to explain anything.”

Jane sat close to me in her t-shirt with a ‘Goofy’ printed on the front.

She held my hand, and began…

“We always shared our problems, and never hid stuff from each other, didn’t we?”

I nodded.

“Well last year I thought I’d found my true love. He made me so happy. But then in April it all went wrong. I don’t want to speak about it much, but Kamma has been a rock, she’s been there for me.”

I squeezed her hand, and said, “Jane, my darling Jane.”

“Thank you, but anyway somewhere canlı casino siteleri along the way we had sex together, and when she needed somewhere to live temporarily, she moved in.”

I whispered, “I understand Jane.”

“Not totally,” she replied. “When Kamma fucked you I was so jealous. Not only because of her and me, but because of you and me.”

Puzzled I pulled a face.

“I’ve always wanted you, from almost the first day at college. But somehow I didn’t think you wanted me, not in a sexual way, and I was so shy, and unsure of myself.”

“Oh Jane, we must be the stupidest pair in the world. Of course I fancy you, you’re the sexiest woman in the world.”

Jane looked at me, stunned.

“Rob, you mean that? I’m still hurting from Chris.”

I held her face between my palms, and we kissed. Our first kiss in five years. She moved closer, and we kissed again, and held each other properly.

Time came to a halt, and everything that had happened that evening disappeared.

As we kissed yet again, I pulled the ‘Goofy’ t-shirt over her head, and she slid under the duvet next to me.

Her soft breasts pressed against me, and I felt myself harden. I slid my boxers down, and Jane pulled me on top of her, wrapping her legs behind my thighs. Her pussy was so moist that I slid straight inside her as far as I could go.

“Oh Rob, I wanted this so much.”

We both began to move, and it was like we had known each other’s bodies for years. We made love in every sense, gradually building to a point where our orgasms came naturally, and with an explosion of emotion.

In the afterglow, both of us damp with perspiration in the summer heat, we lay in each other’s arms.

Quietly we whispered words which should have been said years before, but we both knew the future had a big question mark.

One of those questions came immediately. Kamma put her head around the door, and said quietly, “Can I come in?”

Jane replied with a smile, “Oh Kamma, come and sit down here, silly.”

And there we were, three naked people sitting on a bed, discussing the relationship between all of us.

It didn’t seem embarrassing at all, and a lot of open conversation took place.

I watched fascinated as Jane and Kamma opened their hearts to each other. Kamma was so positive, and when I saw them kiss I had no hint of jealousy, in fact it was slightly arousing.

In the heat of the Summer’s night I lay back, and watched them both tenderly continue kissing, and then touching, probably knowing their relationship was going to come to an end.

Kamma, though, could only be herself, and as mischievous as she could be, whispered to Jane, “Poor Rob, look at him being left out.”

Jane giggled, because she knew Kamma, and knew where this was going.

“Don’t tease him Kamma, you’re so awful.”

“Ok, no teasing then,” and leaning over she went down on my cock, and took it into her mouth.

After I’d taken a deep breath, I heard Kamma stop a moment a say, ” I can taste your pussy Jane!” and immediately she went back to sucking me.

Jane saw me close my eyes, and grit my teeth, and not wanting to be left out she slid under Kamma’s upturned ass, and started licking her pussy.

As Jane lay back I was able to lean over, and putting her leg over my shoulder I could lick her pussy, and start to suck her clit.

The three of us were making so many licking and sucking noises, it was really a one off experience.

Kamma was the one leading the action, and she soon mounted me with Jane astride my face. Amazingly I made Jane cum, as she was kissing Kamma above me. Jane’s pussy juices were running down my cheeks when Kamma changed direction again.

“It’s time to show Rob how grateful we both are for this weekend,” she said naughtily.

They both kneeled either side of me, and started to suck my cock in turn. I was in ecstasy.

Needless to say I didn’t last very long. I remember looking down as both their lips pressed against the head of my cock as it exploded, sending jets of spunk onto both their faces, and then watching them kiss, and lick my semen up.

Alas the weekend came to an end.

Mine and Jane’s long distance romance lasted a couple of years, before it staggered to an end. I never told her about the weekend away I had with Kamma, but that’s another story.



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