Anal Fucking

I was born in the USA but had never knowingly lived there. I was the only son of a British diplomat and I was born during his posting to Washington. By the time I was two we were off to another posting in another country. At the age of 8, I was sent off to an all boy, boarding school in England, but every holiday I would go to my parents in whatever country they were representing Her Majesty.

One thing that stayed with me was a fascination with all things American. I decided I was going to take advantage of my US citizenship and live in the USA. I remember when I was about 15 and school was first making us think about University, I decided I wanted to go the USA. I remember the look of shock on my father’s face when I announced I did not plan on following him to Oxford.

He tried to put me off talking about the expense and how he could not afford to pay the high fees of American tertiary education. I realised then the only way I would be able to make my dream come through would be by getting a scholarship. From that moment on I went from being an average student to top of the class and the top performer in exams.

All the work paid off and to cut a long story short at the age of 18 I was going to UCLA in California. I was on a full scholarship, tuition and board. My parents were giving me a small allowance but I knew I would need to get a job.

This is probably a good time to introduce myself. My name is Samuel Hamilton-Downes, but everyone just calls me Sam. I am pretty short, only 5ft 6 inches, slim with medium brown hair. I’m not ugly but I’m not gorgeous with fairly soft features and a small upturned nose. I had never been good at sports and had turned into a studious boy. I was often seen with my nose in a book. I had been reasonably confident at school but after being locked up with only boys for the last 10 years I was not very confident around girls.

I think most of my friends from school regarded me as a bit of a goody goody. I would do what I was told to do by the teachers and follow rules.

I won’t bore you with all the details of settling in but even after 2 weeks I was still in awe of UCLA and all things American.

I had started looking for a job and I came across an ad for an assistant in a book store. I thought that was the perfect job for me and sent in my CV. I got a reply saying they were interested in seeing me for an interview.

I had brought my cycle with me from the UK and I was getting around LA on two wheels. I called up the owner, Mr Tobias, to arrange an interview. When he heard I would be riding he gave me directions to the back alley so I could lock my bike in a secure location.

I duly turned up at the back door and was met by Mr Tobias. He was a giant of a man. He was well over 6ft tall and very solid. He was overweight but it was solid, not flabby if that makes sense. He was in his 50s with grey hair and a bit of stubble. He gripped my hand which completely disappeared in his grasp.

He took me into the office just by the alley entrance and we talked about the job, books and how it was being a Brit in California. It was a pretty cosy chat. Then suddenly he looked at his watch and said he had another appointment in a few minutes and suddenly he was all business. He told me the pay and that he would want me to work 5 half shifts a week and we could work out the times later on. I agreed and he gave me a contract to sign. He told me to initial each page and to sign at the end. I sat down and started to read it but he mentioned he had to leave and he wanted this sorted before I left.

“It’s a standard contract for working in the service industry. Your fellow students will all have signed something similar.” He said. “Sign it now and we can go through it in more detail when you start work.”

I felt a bit uncomfortable but signed it in the end. It was my school training kicking in. I usually obeyed what an authority figure tells me what to do. He kept the contract and told me he would give me my copy when I came in.

He told me he would call me in the morning to arrange my start date. With that he rushed me out of the door.

It was only when I got back to my dorm that I realised I had not had a look around the shop.

Mr Tobias had a satisfied smile on his face when he returned to his desk. He quickly checked the contract to make sure Sam had initialled and signed on all the right places. He was especially interested in the parts which were similar to a model release form. There it was Sam had signed away all rights to any movies or pictures taken whilst working for Mr Tobias. He had also agreed to model and pose with any merchandise sold in the shop and to wear a uniform as directed by Mr Tobias.

The older man placed the contract in his desk filing drawer and locked it safely away. He picked up the phone and asked Jamie to be sent to his office.

In a few seconds there was a knock on the door and a slim figure with long blond hair walked in. Jamie was wearing tight boy shorts, a cropped t-shirt canlı bahis and make up. Mr Tobias pushed his chair back from the desk and pointed to the space. Without hesitation Jamie minced across the floor in 4 inch heels and knelt before his boss. He moved his hands to the crotch in front of him and pulled down the zipper. He delved into the trousers and pulled out a huge piece of meat. It was about 6 inches long and soft. He reached a bit deeper and pulled out the hairy ball sack.

He pulled the end of the cock to his mouth and started to lick around the head, digging deep into the piss slit with his tongue. He puckered his cheeks and started to suck the cock into his mouth. As he sucked he could feel it growing and filling his mouth. He could feel the head begin to touch his throat. He moaned around the cock. His hands held the base slowly stroking it to full erection. At the same time his tongue and mouth were working on the head. Mr Tobias let out a satisfied moan and placed his hands on the back of Jamie’s head. He pulled the head towards himself and he felt his cock head move to the back of the mouth and then swallowed down the throat.

Jamie had been trained in the art of deep throating even the largest cocks. He swallowed the full length of this large cock and his nose was nestling in Mr Tobias’ pubes, squashed by the large belly. The hands on his head pulled him backwards and the cock withdrew from his throat and the tip was all that remained between his lips. Again his tongue licked the piss slit and all around the head. Then he felt the inevitable pressure has the hands pulled his head forwards and forced the cock down his throat.

Slowly the movement of the hands and his head increased. Jamie started to make gagging noises as the cock punished his throat and his mouth was filling up with saliva which dribbled out of his mouth and down the cock onto his hands. Mr Tobias loved a wet sloppy blow job and Jamie’s were the best. After all he had been trained personally by Mr Tobias and he was never short of practice.

Mr Tobias felt his balls contracting and his cock swelling and he started to come. He pushed his cock as deep as possible and the first shot of cum went straight into Jamie’s stomach. He slowly removed his cock until the final blast of come landed on Jamie’s tongue. He swallowed it all and then when he felt Mr Tobias relax he set about cleaning the cock.

When he was finished he carefully placed the soft cock back into the trousers, zipped them up.

“Jamie I think I have found a new sissy to give you hand around the store. She does not know it yet but she is going to learn to suck cock as well as you.”

“I’m going to give you some time off while I get the new bitch settled in. I don’t want a faggot like you scaring off the new girl.”

“Do you know the best part? Samuel Hamilton-Downes” he mimicked the British Accent. “Thinks this is a proper book shop. He is going to be in for a big surprise when he starts work, I can’t wait to see his face. Now get back out there and clean up the video arcade!”

Mr Tobias leaned back in his chair with a very satisfied expression. He was going to have a good quarter. In addition to his Adult Book Store he also had an adult website which was just about to get a new star.

The next morning Samuel attended a class and a tutorial and was free for the afternoon. He kept looking at his phone to see if there was a missed call or a message from his new boss. What he did not know was that Mr Tobias had no intention of calling him. He knew how to manipulate young men and knew that he should let Samuel call him. He knew if he sounded slightly uninterested with the call Samuel would want to impress him all the more when he turned up for work.

On the afternoon of the second day Samuel decided he needed to call and check he had the job. He called the Mr Tobias’ mobile.

At the other end Mr Tobias saw Samuel’s name come up and cut the call without answering. Samuel was a bit confused and kept thinking the job was no longer his, or that Mr Tobias was cross with him when he did not sign the contract straight away.

He was worried for the rest of the day and decided to call again in the morning.

This time when he called the phone was answered.

“Who is this?” boomed Mr Tobias’ voice.

“It’s Samuel.”


“Samuel you interviewed me 3 days ago and gave me a job in your book store.” I replied feeling very unsure of myself.

“Oh right, I remember you now. The small Brit. Yeah sorry I’ve been a bit busy over the last couple of days. I will set the roster for the next month this afternoon. Come in and see me tomorrow after lunch. You can start straight away, come in at 4.30 and you can work from 5 until 10.”

“Thank You Mr Tobias I’m really looking forward to starting work. I’ve always wanted to work in a book shop.”

“It’s a varied role Samuel, I think you’ll find enough going on to keep you excited.” Mr Tobias smirked as he knew a lot of people were excited about bahis siteleri seeing the new boy.

On Thursday afternoon I was thinking about my first day of work in America. I was not sure what to wear but for reference I thought of a musty book shop back in the UK. I put on dark corduroy trousers with a plain blue shirt, tweed jacket and a tie. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought people will be happy to look to that person for advice on their reading matter.

I got on my bike and rode to work. I again went in the back way so I had somewhere secure to put my bike.

I rang the bell at the door and Mr Tobias opened it almost immediately.

“Come in Come in!” he said as he let me through the door.

“Let’s start in my office. We’ll run through a few things and then I’ll take you out on the floor. Today we’ll just have you familiarising yourself with our stock.”

We went through to his office. Mr Tobias went to a cabinet beside his desk and brought out a crystal decanter and 2 cut glass tumblers. “First things first, we need to properly welcome you to my bookstore, I think you’ll have a great time here and I’m sure you’ll stay with us your whole time at college. What are you studying again?”

I said “English”.

As I answered he looked up and told me to sit down. “I like that in my boys, they wait for instruction before they do anything, you and I are going to get along just fine.”

“Here, you better have a look at this.” He said as he handed me a copy of my contract. As I looked down he poured 2 large whiskeys. Making sure it was out of my sight he tipped some blue powder into one of them. He gave it a stir with his finger and then he turned back to me and handed over the drink.

“I’m only 18, I’m not allowed to drink and I’m not sure I should have a drink on my first day of work.”

“Nonsense my boy. Knock that back. I find it will help you get over your first night jitters. It always takes some getting used, meeting the other staff and also getting to know the customers. We’ll take it easy on you today. I’ll introduce you to Tony when we finish in here and he’ll show you round the store, point out all the stock. We’ll leave the till for another night.”

“Cheers!! Down in one” He drank is whiskey and looked at me. “Come on down in one. This is Scotch, you Brits invented the stuff.”

I picked up the glass and did as he said. I drank it down in one. I could feel it burning my throat, I coughed and spluttered a little bit as I swallowed.

He took the glass from my hand and he picked up the contract at the same time. “I want to introduce you to Tony now. We’ll go through the contract later. You’re a bit overdressed for our store, we’re very casual here. You might have to wear a uniform every now and then or wear some items from the shop if we’re having a promotion. Take your tie and jacket off for now.”

As I stood to remove my clothes I felt a bit dizzy and he told me to leave them on the back of the chair. “No one comes back here it’s very safe.”

“Right Let’s go into the store.” He stood behind me and casually put his hand on my back to direct me along the corridor. He opened the door.

I gasped as I entered the store. Instead of rows of book shelves and some comfy chairs, there was a display holding black rubber objects. The only one I really recognised was a giant black penis made of rubber. As I looked more closely there were other penises, some shorter cylindrical shapes. What I could not see was books.

I managed to say “Where are the books?”

Mr Tobias grabbed my arm and walked me around the display unit and up an aisle. “Here” he said as he pointed at a rack of magazines. Each one had naked men on it. Some single others with men doing unspeakable things to each other.

“I can’t work here, it’s a mistake I thought this was a bookshop, this is disgusting my parents would disown me if they found I worked in a sex shop.”

Mr Tobias grabbed my arm and told me to keep it down. “You’re causing a disturbance and upsetting the customers. Come with me!”

He pulled me along back to the corridor and to his office.

“Now tell me what the problem is?”

“It’s not a book shop. It’s a porn shop it’s for pooftahs. I can’t work here, I’m not a pooftah.”

“We’ll see about that.” Mr Tobias said quietly to himself.

“This is an Adult Book Store. We specialise in the gay market and what you call unspeakable acts, my clients call acts of love. Now sit down in that chair and we are going to sort this out.”

“Now you’ve signed a contract and you have to give me one month’s notice if you want to leave. So I’m going to need you stay for that month. I have just spent the recruitment budget on hiring you and I will not have the money to run the ads for a second time this month.”

“No I can’t work here, it’s a disgusting place, you can’t expect me to work here.”

“I can and I will.” He was beginning to sound angry, and whilst I was sitting in the chair he was on his feet in bahis şirketleri front of me. He was a big man and I was feeling frightened as he towered over me.

“Look let’s work this out calmly, like gentlemen as you Brits would say.”

With that he went back to his cabinet and pulled out the decanter again. He filled up both glasses and handed one to me. “Drink this it will help settle your nerves. Nothing like a Scotch to help you get over a shock.”

“We’re both in a bit of jam. I need someone to work here and you don’t want to. So let’s look at it calmly and see what our options are here.”

“I have a signed contract with you explaining exactly what the job entails and exactly where you will be working. You on the other hand did not do your research properly. That’s your problem not mine.”

“But but you did not let me read the contract, you said you were in a rush and we would discuss it today.”

“Look boy, contracts are important things, you should never sign one without reading it first. That’s your problem.”

“I don’t care about the contract. I’m going to walk out of here now and never come back. You can’t make me stay and work here against my will.”

“Boy I have a signed contract. What do you think the dean of the university will say when he hears you have broken your contract in less than a week of starting at his University? I should let you know he is a good friend of mine and a frequent customer of the store. He is gay and often indulges in the unspeakable acts you talk about.”

That news shocked me and it removed any confidence I had that I could just walk out of this store.

“What do you think he is going to do when he find out you are a student too lazy to research a job properly?” He continued.

“What do you think he is going to do when he hears you referred to him as a pooftah?”

“What do you think he is going to do when hears you think his favourite sex act is unspeakable?”

“I don’t think he is going to be very pleased. He is also not going to be pleased when I go to the press about some homophobic British student who caused a scene in my bookstore.”

“Let me make it plain to you. You are going to work out your notice period at my bookshop. Alright?”

I stood immobile, unable to drag my eyes from the floor.


Still I said nothing.

“For the last time, you are going to work here for the next month. Answer me Boy!”

Still looking at the floor I nodded my head.

“That’s not good enough I want to hear you say it. I want to make sure there is no misunderstanding and I want to make sure we won’t have to have this conversation again. So repeat after me I will work at your bookstore for the next month.”

“I’ll I’ll work here.” I managed to stammer.

“Not good enough. You need to say it in full.”

“I’ll work at your bookstore for the next month”

“That’s better but say it louder so I can hear you properly.”

“I’ll work at your bookstore for the next month.”

“Now I am your boss so treat me with the respect I deserve. You will call me Sir at all times. So repeat after me. I will work in your book store for the next month, Sir”

During this whole time I kept my eyes on the floor. But I could feel my cock beginning to swell. Why was I getting a hard on? You the readers know why, but I had no knowledge of that little blue pill. But there was no denying it my cock was getting hard during the most humiliating moment of my life.

“I will work at your book store for the next month, Sir” I repeated.

“This time look me in the eye as you say it and then you can start work.”

I looked up “I will work in your store for the next month, Sir. ” He was looking down at me with a smirk on his face. He had the complacent look of someone who had known all along he was going to get what he wanted.

He looked down and then he broke into a big smile. “It looks like you are going to enjoy working here after all. Is that an erection I see? Look at that, the new boy is getting turned on knowing he is going to work in a gay book store.”

I could not have been more embarrassed or more confused. I knew I had a hard on but for the life of I could not understand why.

He stepped towards me and reached down and grabbed my cock. “Yes that’s definitely a hard on. A bit on the small size but that’s a really hard, hard on. Well life can be full of surprises, the ‘straight’ English boy is a pooftah after all.”

“No no I’m not gay it’s a mistake.”

“Well boy in my experience mouths lie but a cock always speaks the truth and your little cock is telling me it’s gay and it wants to play. But it’s going to have to wait, you’ve got work to do. But if you’re still hard at the end of your shift I’m sure we’ll find a little time for some gay play.”

As he spoke, I could feel myself blushing and I was overcome with confusion. I had never had gay thoughts, When I masturbated it was thinking about women. They were always a bit older and they were always showing me what to do or teaching me how to be a good lover. But here I was talking to a gay man, an ugly one at that and I was erect. My mind was all over the place and my thoughts were racing around my head.



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