My wife and I have such a great sex life. Its pretty open and gets adventurous at times. We’ve had meet-ups with couples and I’ve shared her with a few men, and we love every minute of it. But one of my fantasies is to take her to a local adult store, all dolled up in slutty and cock-teasing attire, and enter a viewing room with glory holes. I really like to watch her play and play with cock(s). Something about it is primal and I can’t help but find her so fucking sexy with a cock in any of her holes, displaying a scene of enjoyment while a new piece of man-meat gets her gushing. This is just one way I fantasize about how it could go down…


Today, I couldn’t keep these dirty images out of my head. Images of my sexy wife taking strange cock in a variety of settings. Bent over, blind folded, a new cock pummelling her hungry pussy as she moans with pleasure. On her knees, taking a huge cock in her mouth, choking on it while she fondles his balls waiting to be rewarded with his huge load. Riding a thick cock that is stretching her beautiful pussy wide while another cock disappears down her eager throat, taking moments to look directly at me, showing me how much of cock hungry, porn star wife I have and love.

So it comes as no surprise that today, I worked up a plan to have some fun. My wife was hard at work so I put my plans in motion starting with a text: “Hey Beaufitul. Tonight… you, me, no kids, and I have a night planned for us both.”

“Ok… sounds like fun. What are we doing?” was her response.

“You’ll enjoy it, trust me,” I punctuated with the devil face emoji.

Now, my wife isn’t much for surprises and begged and pleaded to know what we were doing, but all I would tell her was she was going to get some cock tonight.

While I patiently waited for her to get home from work the images filled my head. Her bent over, pants around her ankles, guiding a strange cock from the next stall over into her dripping pussy as I’m standing there, hard as a rock, cock in hand as she’s about to bury some stranger’s prick inside her. I began slowly stroking to the thought, but just to tease myself for what would happen later on.

As time came closer to her arrival, I put an end to my torture and got an outfit out for her to wear for the night. A pair of her skin-tight stretchy pants that really accentuates her curves and a low-cut blouse to go with her sexy black lace bra. She’ll definitely turn some heads wearing this simple, but alluring outfit.

She came home with questions of course, but I just told her that I had clothes out for her and that she should get cleaned up and ready to go shortly. It didn’t take much time at all for her to get a shower and dolled up in what I had laid out for her, then we were out the door.

I had her worked up with the thought of her getting some cock, but little did she know where that cock would come from tonight. While on the drive to the nearest adult store, she was fonlding my cock through my jeans, getting it nice and hard. She unzipped my pants, pulled out my stiff rod and slowly and teasingly lapped her tongue all over it from the tip of my head down to the base of my shaft. It was quite the challenge to not cum all over her face with her giving me such a vicious tongue lashing. I felt myself getting close and pulled her off saying “no, not yet, love”. She pouted and I told her to play with herself so I could watch. Without argument, she rubbed her pussy through her sexy leggings and groped her breasts through her shirt and bra. To tease me more, she then slid her hand down into her pants and proceeded to play with her pussy in a hidden, but teasing manner. It was quite the sexy show watching her writhe and moan hearing how sloppy her pussy was getting.

She continued to tease herself to my delight as we pulled into town and managed our way to the adult store. Pulling in the lot, she stopped and had a quizical look on her face as to why were here, but in a good way.

“Tonight, I want us to experience our first glory-hole. I want to watch you suck, fuck, and stroke strangers and see where the night goes.”

“If that’s what you want, dear,” She replied sheepishly.

“Oh. I do. I’m eager to watch my little porn-star in action,” I said with a wide grin followed by one of her own.

She straightened herself out after her little teasing show in the car and we headed inside together. There were a few people in the store, two couples, a few gentlemen, and what appeared to be a single gal. I told my wife we should take a look around before heading to the viewing rooms, trying to obtain some possible interest from those in the store. She mastered the art of seduction, bending over to look at items, showing that perfect ass in her stretchy pants, even exposing a little camel-toe to the onlookers. Anyone from the front got a clear view of her hanging tits in the low-cut shirt and erotik film izle bra. Hell, I was throbbing from it and had I not had this plan, I would have pulled those pants down and fucked the hell out of her waiting pussy right then and there! Other guys were taking notice of course and I even caught one of the married men trying to take subtle looks.

I couldn’t take it anymore and took her to the front counter so we could get some tokens for the viewing rooms. We bought several and made our way into the hallway with the rooms where we found an empty stall and closed the door behind us. It wasn’t long and we heard other footsteps down the way, hoping her seduction had worked and hooked us some takers.

We started the screen up with a token which quickly displayed a scene of a busty gal getting railed from behind by an eager, well endowed stud. My wife turned to face me, got on her knees and quickly took my pants down. Swiftly and eagerly, she took the whole length of my cock in her mouth.

“Mmm i’ve been waiting for this! Is this what you want, dear? A hard cock in my mouth?” She teasingly asked me in between strokes of her mouth.

“Yes,” I sighed with my member buried down her throat.

Her mouth felt so good wrapped around my cock as her tongue danced around the underside of my shaft and her hands cupped and gently squeezed my swollen balls. My wife knows how to suck a cock and spares no expense at her own pleasure in doing it. I could tell she was definitely hungry for some hard cock because it felt she was desperately trying to suck the cum out of my soul.

We heard the door to the stall beside us close and my wife stopped and turned her head towards the direction of the noise. In a brief moment a thick semi-hard cock appeared in the hole in our stall. She stared at it for several seconds, looking like she didn’t know what to do. I took her hand and wrapped it around the shaft and watched her slowly stroke this new cock while her other hand was still holding my swollen member. The gentleman was receptive, moaning as he felt her slowly pump his shaft and he grew larger. He was a cut, solid 7″ and had a decent girth to him. She turned her sole attention to him and before long he was seeping some pre-cum and my wife slowly and tantalizingly licked it off the tip of his bulbous head. This made his cock twitch with pleasure which made my wife grin.

She lashed his shaft with her tongue, slowly and teasingly, sliding up and down his length and tickling his swollen head all over. She gave it a little kiss then slowly took him in her mouth as deep as she could go, gagging once he bottomed out in her throat. All of this was such a sight to see I couldn’t help but start stroking my own cock, watching my sexy wife gobble up some stranger’s prick. She was getting more into it, more hungry, gaining a swifter pace of bobbing her head back and forth along his stiff member, giving it a stroke here and there with her hand.

I told her to spread her legs and play with her pussy and she slid her hand down into her pants and vigorously rubbed her hidden lips. She began moaning on his cock and I could tell he was getting close by the more frequent grunts and moans he let out on the other side of that wall. My wife must’ve felt him getting stiffer by the moment and showed a desperate need for his cum by getting deeper and more sensual in her strokes. The gent next door knocked on the wall and his cock began to pulsate in my wife’s mouth. She slowly backed off his cock as he spurt shot after shot of his load in her mouth, pulling off his cock completely as a few other shots spurted on her lips while the rest of his huge load dribbled down her chin.

My god, what a sight! She looked so fucking sexy with all that cum on her lips and dripping down her chin. The cock in the hole disappeared with a thanks and my wife looked up at me with her face all a mess and mouthed “I need more” in hungry look. With the gentleman’s cum still inside her mouth, she made my stiff cock disappear down her throat, swallowing his seed along with my stiff rod. All I could think was “wow, I’m one lucky son of a bitch!”

That’s when another cock made its way through the same hole as the last. This one, longer, not as thick, but stiff like a statue. Without missing a beat, my wife took it in her hand and began stroking it while choking on my own cock. She wrapped her other hand on my cock, then went over to suck on the new visitor. She couldn’t get his 8″ completely down her throat but she desperately tried. She went back and forth, utilizing her amazing tongue on both of us, licking our lengths and tickling that spot just under the head, driving us both crazy.

She pulled away from me and gave the cock in the glory-hole her complete attention. She spat on it, stroked it slowly, sometimes with both hands. She’d take it in her mouth and fuck it with her lips slowly, moving her tongue along the under-side of his shaft while it was still burried in her mouth. The man on the other film izle side was definitely enjoying it as his moans were much louder than the first. “You’re a good cock-sucker baby” he said through the wall.

“Thank you hon,” my wife replied once she pulled off his cock. She then got up and pulled her shirt off and undid her bra and began slapping his dick on her tits and rubbing it along her erect nipples getting them wet with her own saliva.

“Mmm, that feels great! Can I see you?” he responded.

“Mmhmm” my wife said as his dick slid back through the hole and an eye peered through the opening. My wife pushed her tits together for him and his hand came through to feel and rub them. She let out little sighs as he pinched her nipples and groped her breasts. “Bring your dick back here, I need it in my mouth,” she eventually pouted. His hand retreated and his stiff cock reappeared. Once again, she had it disappearing in her mouth and got sloppy with it, spitting on it, making it a dripping mess of spit.

“Do you want to fuck me?” she asked through the wall. I was in shock. I wasn’t expecting her being so bold, but my cock twitched at the suggestion.

“I’d love to,” he said as my wife got up, pulled her sexy stretchy pants down to her ankles, revealing her sticky and very wet pussy. She looked at me with her sexy eyes and whispered in my ear, “I’m going to let him fuck me. He’s going to fill your wife’s cunt up with his cock, and you’re going to watch me cum on it.”

With that she bent over, grabbed his stiff cock and impaled herself on it with ease. Her eyes got huge the further she pushed into him and she let out an exasperated moan followed by “Oh fuck yes! I needed this.” She set the rythm, going slow, feeling every inch of his long cock bury itself into her pussy again and again. She’d look me in the eye with pure pleasure plastered all over her face. She was clearly enjoying this guy’s cock being inside her. She began to fuck him faster and faster and getting louder with each thrust of her hips against the wall. I was doing everything in my power from cumming at the view of my wife losing herself to her cock-lust.

“Uhhh, I’m going to cum!” she finally said as she shuddered on his cock for what must’ve been a minute or more. Recovering, she pulled off of him and got on her knees and said with an winded voice, “Ok, its your turn hon.” She vigorously pumped and sucked on his cock while he moaned and groaned and it wasn’t long before he was knocking. She pulled away to stroke his thick load onto herself. Several shots found her face wile the rest plastered her chest and dripped on down her stomach. “Mmm, I love being covered in all this hot cum!” she exclaimed. The cock left the hole and was replaced by an eye.

“You look sexy as hell!” he said. “I hope to see you again!”

“I had fun! You have a wonderful cock,” my wife gushed.

“Thank you both. Have a good night,” he replied as it disappeared. We heard the door open and the stall empty and my wife looked up at me, a total mess but a beautiful one.

“Do you like what you see my love?” she asked me.

“Absolutely! You look so sexy with all that cum on you!” I answered.

“Good! I think I’ll leave it on for now.” Excellent, was all I could think.

I was about to pull her ass over to me so I could empty my swollen balls, but that’s when on the other side we heard a click as the door next to us shut, then another. My wife looked to both holes with an eager look on her face and was rewarded shortly after. A thick, semi-hard black cock entered the hole on the left, while a throbbing average white cock entered from the right hole.

Here’s my wife, already covered in cum from two cocks, with my cock pulsating from all this visual stimulation, and now a new monstrous black cock in one hole and another new white cock in another. “Hmmm, I can’t let these cocks go to waste dear,” she purred.

She positioned herself between both so she could get one hand on each. Squatting on her haunches, she spread her legs giving me a great view of her sloppy pussy while she hungrily groped both cocks. She began stroking both of them, staring at me while teasing my cock with little licks here and there in the process. I didn’t know how much more I can take at this point!

That’s when she decided to take the black cock in her mouth and stroke it with massages from her tongue. Then she’d go over to the white cock and lick it from head to shaft and back again. Going back and forth between the two cocks in the walls, I could see her pussy drooling on the floor from all this attention. The black cock stiffened to a solid 9″ with a crazy girth. I don’t think she’s had anything of that sort before, but fuck did I want to see her try. She stopped the oral teasing and just kept stroking them looking at me. “What should I do now, husband?” she asked.

“Your pussy looks awefully hungry,” I said as I pointed to the pool of grool on the ground underneith of her.

“Oops! I guess you’re right. seks filmi izle Which one goes first?” she asked with a grin.

“You better start easy. I don’t know if your pussy can take that monster over there,” as I pointed over to the black cock throbbing in her hand.

“I’m up for the challenge,” she replied in a devilish tone.

She got up and positioned her ass to the white cock and guided him in to her waiting lips. They slowly parted as his head penetrated her hole and she slid back onto him. Another groan left her mouth as yet another new cock fed her pussy. She gripped the black cock as she backed up on the white one and bounced herself back and forth on it. She started stroking the thick black member, spitting on it from time to time while giving the other gentleman a nice ride in her sloppy cunt.

Pounding the prick in her magical pussy, she noticed the black cock was leaking pre-cum and she took a finger to lap it up and put it to her mouth. With an “Mmmm” sound from tasting his pre-cum, my wife lfited her leg up so I could see her cunt swallowing the white cock. My eyes went from her stroking a monstrous black cock, to her tits bouncing and swaying with each impailment, to the sexy view of a stranger’s cock disappearing in my wife’s sloppy pussy.

All I could think was, how did I get this lucky! She’s perfect! My own little porn-star! I love how she enjoys taking and pleasing cock! My hand found my cock again as I gingerly stroked it to this amazing view of my wife getting filled up with cock while another eagerly waits its turn. My stunned thoughts were interrupted with the sound of loud moaning from the other stall as the gent within began knocking. My wife pulled off his cock and let him shoot his cum all over her ass. He spurt shot after shot in what seemed like endless massive ropes across her cheeks that dribbled down her crack. He painted her good and she’d looked so sexy with his cum all over her backside!

My wife got up and kissed the tip of his cock as thanks and it receded into the darkness like the rest with an audible “thank you!”

“One more left,” she giggled as she turned her ass to his giant cock. “Do you think it’ll fit?” she asked.

“I hope so. I want to see you get stretched out,” I said as I heard a deep chuckle from the other side.

“Only one way to find out!” the deep voice next door replied.

“I couldn’t agree more,” she said as she took his stiff cock and lined it up with her wet pussy. His head touched her lips and she let out a soft sigh, teasing herself it, rubbing it along her punished lips. With a calm eagerness, she very slowly pushed herself into his giant head, struggling to impale herself on it until finally, it happened.

“Oh my god! Its so thick!” my wife said as she struggled to fit him in. He aided by pushing as far as he could with the wall and my wife responded by bucking her hips on his thick shaft. A quarter of the way inside her and she was already stretched from wall to wall.

“God, he’s huge” she moaned as more and more of his cock got swallowed up. She eased up and started stroking half of his cock with her pussy and she must’ve been enjoying it because her cream was all over his black prick. She began lightly shaking and breathing deeply. “Oh god, he feels so good!”

She began picking up speed and with each thrust of her hips back onto his thickness she’d get him deeper in until most of his giant prick was burried in my wife’s pussy. “Fuck! I can feel him bottoming out in me! It feels like he’s hitting my stomach!”

That’s when primal lust took over and she fucked the soul out of his cock, making it disappear completely over and over again. I got on the ground and had to watch as his black cock stretched her pussy unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. She had his shaft all creamy with her juices and I reached up to play with her clit to add to her enjoyment. This sent her over the edge as she began screaming “Fuck! I’m gonna cum!” and she shuddered again, cumming all over this stranger’s thick rod.

She slowed down but he wasn’t finished with her. He began to pump himself as best as he could and my wife reciprocated by shoving her ass all the way to the wall so he could have his way with her. It was so hot watching her completely giving in to him and letting him use her pussy for his own pleasure. I was thoroughly turned on. I truly love this woman! There’s no one like her!

His thrusts were making my wife whimper and her eyes rolled back and closed. “Fuck I love his cock! I think he’s going to make me cum again!” she screamed out. The man in the other stall started slamming his cock against the wall harder, making the stalls shake. Each vicious pounding sent my wife deeper and deeper into ecstacy until finally, my wife shuddered again on his cock, screaming “Fuck! Fuck fuck FUCK!” while i heard him grunt and groan and suddenly come to a halt. “Ooooh” she said with exhaustion, “He’s filled my pussy full.”

A minute passed and my wife finally un-impaled herself from his monstrous member. Cum poured out of her well used cunt and she spread her lips for me to see. I opened her up and saw she was indeed pumped full of his load, but what a hot and sexy sight that was!



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