New Routine

I went up to my bedroom and got ready for bed. Removed my makeup, brushed my teeth, went to the bathroom, etc. I pulled out a pair of my white cotton panties, put on a pad, buttoned my pajama top and stared at myself in the mirror, more out of habit than there was anything I wanted to check out. I walked down the hall to Daddy’s room and climbed into bed with him. He put his arm on my waist and kissed my forehead.

“Goodnight sweetie. I love you.”

“Goodnight Daddy, I love you too.”

That became our nightly routine. Nothing sexual, simply two people who loved each other, adapting to the loss of someone they both loved dearly.

The Awakening

It had been 3 months since the accident and things were slowly getting back to normal. Everything, except the guilt I felt. That, and the fact that my once jovial father had been reduced to “the walking dead.” We talked about everyday things, but his bubbly personality, the one my Mother told me she fell in love with, was gone.

It was now in the middle of the summer and Megan and I were determined to out do each other when it came to getting a nice tan. Our house was the perfect place because of the swimming pool and privacy we enjoyed.

It was a Friday afternoon and I was alone. Megan wouldn’t be home from college until this evening and Dad always worked until 6. I decided to cheat and get a jump on my tanning. I put on my red thong bikini. That’s when I noticed it was time to do a little more trimming to my pussy. Little blonde hairs were peaking out the sides. Geeze, it sure seems to grow back fast. I only wish the hair on my head grew as quickly, I laughed to myself. I took my thong off and got into the shower. The shaving gel sent chills up my spine as I applied it to my mound and surrounding area. I started rubbing it in and, as you know all too well, started getting horny. It seemed like I was always horny those days, but especially when I was fertile like I was today. NO! I couldn’t start that. Masturbation for me always lasted hours and I would never be satisfied cumming only once. A dozen times with little cat naps in-between was just about right. I brought myself back to the task at hand, and with a few quick strokes, a warm damp wash cloth to clean up the leftover gel and little tiny hairs, the job was done. I put my thong back on. Looking in the mirror jokingly I thought, “God girl, you are one HOT babe.” Hey, if no one else in my life would say it to me, I had to say it to myself, right?

I pulled the chaise lounge from the shade, covered it with my towel and laid down. My headphones supplied the necessary music as I drift off into fantasyland. As always, when I was horny my mind brought images of Megan. She was not only the perfect friend, but she was my sexual fantasy. Not that she had any clue. I would never jeopardize our friendship with such an admission. Megan left no question in anyone’s mind that she was hetero. She talked about guys cocks and how good it tasted when she swallowed their cum. Of course, I knew nothing of these worldly passions. I was as much a virgin as any girl could be. Not that guys didn’t hit on me, they did. Megan said guys would die for the chance to “do me.” My breasts are average. About the size of a naval orange, but Megan said because I am only 5′ tall and weigh only 95 pounds, they look much larger. Yup, mix that with my blonde hair, blue eyes and I’ve had plenty of crude remarks tossed my way. Maybe that’s my aversion to guys. Anyway, regardless of whether she knows it or not, I only lust for Megan.

All of these thoughts got me horny. Hell, everything these days gets me horny. Oh well, I was alone and not going anywhere for a while. I started rubbing my pussy. First with my fingers outside my thong. Just long enough to get me warmed up. Good and wet. It didn’t take long for me to cum. A few little circle around my aroused clit and off I went. casino siteleri Body shaking and moaning just loud enough to let Megan know I appreciated her nice sweet tongue on my pussy. I drifted off to sleep.

I was awakened by drops of rain on my stomach. Instinctively I used my right hand to wipe off the drops. It wasn’t rain, it was something sticky. I slowly opened my eyes as I tried to adjust to the bright summer sunlight. Standing above me was my father. His cock was in his hand and he was shooting cum on my tanned stomach. I laid there paralyzed by what I was experiencing. Trying to make sense of it all. Meanwhile, stream after of Daddy’s cum landed on me. My hand trying to clean it up almost as fast as it fell. When my senses returned to me I was horrified. I looked down at my legs and realized my thong had been untied. My pussy was completely bare to my Daddy’s gaze. I sat up and got my balance. My back to Daddy I ran towards the house. I left my thong bikini laying beside the chaise lounge.

As I opened the sliding glass door and entered the family room I stopped and looked back. Maybe I was expecting Daddy to follow me into the house trying to explain. Maybe I was looking back to make sure this wasn’t just another bad dream. I went into the center of the room to make sure Daddy couldn’t see that I was looking at him. He picked up my thong bikini and put it to his nose. Then he used it to wipe the remaining cum from his cock. He started using it to masturbate again. I was in shock. Total disbelief. I started up the stairs and began examining the sticky white cum that was all over my stomach and hand. Since I wasn’t really into guys, I thought this may be my only chance to see what fuss Megan was always making about the stuff. I raised my hand to my nose and sniffed. Didn’t really have a smell. Not like my pussy did. Then, with trepidation I stuck out my tongue a bit and licked the palm of my hand. It was kind of salty, but not really bad tasting. By now I was in my room. I laid on my bed and using my fingers I wiped all of the cum Daddy deposited on my belly. With my wet fingers I finished wiping the cum which had dried.

I stared at my bare pussy. All clean shaven and smooth. It looked innocent, which it really was, but also very erotic. My Daddy had actually been staring at it also. Did he untie me? I wondered. Did I accidentally come untied while playing with my pussy? When I was dreaming of Megan’s breath on my mound, was that actually Daddy sniffing me, as he had sniffed my thong bikini? Did Daddy want to have sex with me? Would he have raped me? NO! That wasn’t even a rational thought. Maybe he came home early to find me lying on the chaise with my thong undone. It has been 3 months since Mom died. Maybe he was just overcome with horniness. If I hadn’t killed Mom, most likely none of this would have happened. Daddy just was missing having a pussy to fuck. Was he thinking he could use mine? One thing was clear. Daddy wanted me to see him; otherwise, why would he have allowed his cum to land on me. Maybe if my thong was undone he thought it was an invitation to him. Cumming on my stomach being somewhat of a mating dance to see how I would react and whether I was willing to go further. What should I do next? Should I let Daddy use my pussy to satisfy his manly urges? I know it would be wrong. Even illegal, but on a scale of 1 – 10, how wrong would it be to let Daddy climb on top of my body and use it until he was satisfied. It’s not like we were cheating on anyone. What harm could it cause? One thing was clear in my mind though, and no offense to other writers on Literotica, but there was no way I would ever make the first move, and if he did fuck me, I sure wouldn’t be encouraging the act by screaming for him to “Fuck my pussy and make me cum.” No, this had to be something HE was going to do. I would only allow myself to be available for that purpose. Besides, wasn’t slot oyna I gay? Then why was it so exciting to seeing Daddy’s cock and licking off his cum? Only because it was different and so wrong it was exciting, I convinced myself.

While all these thoughts were going through my mind I was playing with my pussy. A jolt went through my body. The realization that I had just used my sperm soaked fingers inside my fertile pussy. What if I got pregnant without even being fucked. And by my own Daddy! The thought pushed me over the top and I had the most explosive orgasm as I pushed my fingers as deep as they would go into my sopping pussy.


Megan called and asked if I was ready to go out that night. There was a new club in town that she hadn’t visited since she attended college out of town.

“I’m not really in the mood” I told her. “I have a lot on my mind.”

“Then, do you mind if I come over? I’ll buy the pizza.”

“Sure I said. As long as it doesn’t have sausage.” I replied

“Oh, you don’t like sausage only because you’ve never had any” Megan laughed.

Megan had the uncanny ability to turn any statement into a sexual innuendo. “Maybe it’s because the right sausage has never been presented to me,” I retorted, not to be outdone.

“Oooooo, is Kat thinking about doing the dirty deed?”

“Well, let’s just say I’ve only recently been presented with an interesting proposition.” I teased. Megan always had the ability to get me to say things which were totally private. Like when I video taped myself using the vibrator and popping my cherry. She claims she didn’t watch it because, “that’s just gross.” I know she did though. When it came to sex, Megan could seldom resist.

“Great, you can tell me all about him when I get there.”

There was no way I’d ever tell her the proposition was from my own father. She’d have me locked up for sure. Anyway, she’d never understand the guilt I felt about taking my Mom always from my Dad. She always told me it wasn’t my fault, but I knew better. What better way to be forgiven than to try to fill part of the gap I caused. I heard a car so got up and looked out my bedroom window. Dad was driving away. He normally would tell me he was leaving and when he’d be back, but I guess he thinks I’m mad at him. Shocked would be a better description. I went over to my dresser and pulled out my vibrator. With Megan visiting she’d make sure I got horny enough, so I might as well get rid of some of that energy before she gets here.

I removed my bikini top and looked down at them. I wondered if Daddy had ever seen my boobs. They weren’t huge, but they were firm and the pink nipples were virgin, having never been sucked by another human being. I laid on my bed and began to wonder about Daddy and his cock. It wasn’t as large as the vibrator, so if he decided he needed my pussy, it wouldn’t be painful. I wondered what it would feel like. Because my cherry was gone would he not know I was a virgin? Would he ask me if I was? I closed my eyes and tried to imagine what Daddy experienced prior to jerking off on me. I pictured him coming out in the yard to tell me he was home. He saw my naked pussy and got an erection. I’m sorry, but I just can’t imagine Daddy untying my thong to expose my pussy. He’s my Dad and I trust him completely. When he saw my pussy, maybe my fingers were touching it which could have turned him on more. I can imagine Daddy thinking I wanted him to see me. After all, I was outside in the open. He pulled his pants down and started stroking his cock and it got harder than it had ever been. I placed the vibrator on slow against my clit as I continued to remember those day’s events. After seeing me, Dad probably wondered what it would be like to have his cock in my mouth and pussy and how tight I would be. Once he started cumming he knew it was too late to stop. One way or another, he had been caught once canlı casino siteleri that first stream of cum landed on my belly and I touched it with my hand. When I looked up and it took me a few seconds to react because I had been asleep, he probably took that as my acceptance and finished cumming. That was the final thought which made me cum. I imagined my Dad and I cumming together. Gosh, he must have been scared shitless when I jumped up and ran into the house.

“Ok, who is this guy who propositioned you?” Asked Megan without even saying hello.

“Naw, I was just teasing you,” I lied.

“That’s bull and you and I both know it. Spill it girl or suffer the consequences.”

I knew what the consequences were. Being tickled by Megan until I either gave in, or wet my panties. Needless to say, that was hardly a punishment. Megan on top of me, her hands roaming places that caused me to lubricate unending. “I guess I’ll have to suffer the consequences.”

“Yea, yea, yea…. Not until we’ve eaten our pizza, sans the sausage.”

“So, what’s the big city college girl been up to lately?” I asked with my mouth full of hot steamy pizza.

“Not much, just the usual partying and getting laid as much as my sore little pussy can stand.”

“Oh? You’ve limited your sex to your pussy?” I said sticking my tongue out at her.

“Yuck, gross. At least swallow your chewed up food before you stick your tongue out.”

“Do YOU always swallow before sticking out your tongue?”

“OMG Kathy, you are a horny little bitch with a dirty mind. I love it!”

We both laughed. Eating the next few minutes in silence.

“So what’s up Kat. You aren’t feeling well? Megan broke the silence.

“I just have a lot on my mind lately. It’s been 3 months since the accident and my Dad doesn’t seem to be bouncing back very well. I guess it’s still too soon, but I wish I could get him to smile at me once in a while. When he is so quiet I can’t help but worry that he blames me. Even though he has said over and over that he doesn’t. I mean what else could he say?”

“Look Kat. Your Dad loves you and I know he doesn’t blame you. Some people just take longer to get back to normal than others. I don’t want to scare you, but some people never get back to their old selves.”

“Well, it’s just that Mom and Dad had a lot of fun together, you know?” I must have been blushing.

“You mean SEX?” Megan said in an almost unbelievable tone.

“Why do you act so surprised? It’s not like they are senior citizens or anything. Dad is only 41.” I replied in a very defensive tone.

“I’m only surprised you are talking about your parents’ sex life,” she laughed.

“Oh,” I replied calming down a bit.

Trying to sound as sensitive as possible, and keeping in mind that this was Megan, “What you are trying to say is that you think your Dad is missing having a sex life?”

“Yea. It has been 3 months. Haven’t you always said guys need a lot of sex to stay happy?”

“Sure, normally. I don’t know about situations such as your Dad and losing your Mom. Maybe that overrides the part of the brain that always thinks of sex.”

“Yea,” was all I could think of to say.

“You want me to try and fix him up? He’s a great guy. Good looking, sweet and sensitive. Any woman would love to have him.”

“NO! I think he can do well on his own.” I said emphatically so as to leave no doubt in her mind that she was to BUTT OUT!

“What about me?” she winked. I wasn’t sure if she was serious or teasing.

“YOU?! I don’t think so cupcake.”

“Well, I don’t know. He is a cute guy and then I’d be your mommy.” She laughed.

I got up and started cleaning up. I didn’t like where this conversation was headed. Regardless of whether she was teasing or not.

“Ok, be that way!” Megan yelled in a mock huff. “I’ll put start setting up the movie.”

“Alright. I’m going to get comfortable if you don’t mind. I’m in a lazy mood.”

“You’re in a mood alright. I’m just not sure what kind.”

“What did you say Megan?” I asked. Yes, I had heard her, I was just daring her to repeat it.



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