Amy was just 20 years old, blonde haired and pretty. She was now living with her childhood sweetheart Steve however things were not going well in the relationship. Amy had got a new job and was becoming more confident, Steve couldn’t hold down a regular job, sex had become boring and routine which left Amy wondering where the relationship was going.

In an attempt to spice things up Amy had set a situation at a party where she and a her best friend Susie would snog and grope each other tits in front of Steve. Amy had hoped that either Steve would get so horny that he would fuck her right there and then or want a threesome, both ideas appealed to Amy. Things though, did not go as planned. Steve got mad calling Amy a “Lesbo Bitch Whore” and instead of a night of passion they had a huge row.

A row that flared up again a couple a days later as the couple drove home. Steve brought the car to a sudden halt flung the door open and screamed at Amy to “Get the fuck of my car you lesbo freak”
“You useless … small dicked .. piece of shit … fuck off ” Amy screamed as she slammed the car door. She couldn’t believe Steve was so uptight and straightlaced.
The car sped off leaving Amy all alone in the dark street

Taking a minute to check where she was Amy decided to walk to her Mum’s house, it was a fairly long walk but it would help her calm down and clear her head there was no way she could go back to their house tonight. Walking down the road Amy was still cursing Steve when she became away of someone following her. Starting to feel a little panicky Amy thought about whether to call her Mum or a taxi reaching into her handbag for her mobile phone Amy was suddenly struck from behind, hard, as she fell forward a van pulled up alongside.

Amy felt groggy and as she tried to get back up a black bag was put over her head and her attacker said in a calm but determined voice “Make a sound and I’ll fucking kill you” Amy was terrified as she was bundled into the back of the van which drove off. Duct tape was used to tie her hands behind her back “We got a fine looking bitch here” her attacker said. Amy started to cry “Shut up bitch” She didn’t know it but there was two other men in the front of the van.

They drove Amy to a deserted warehouse where they knew they wouldn’t be disturbed, Amy struggled as they took her out of the van but a hard punch to the stomach left Amy gasping for breath and she was dragged into the warehouse. The site had been well prepared, plastic sheeting laid down and an old mattress on top.

Amy still had the bag on her head, she could hear some noises and muffled whisperings as the tears ran down her face then without warning the bag was removed and as Amy’s eyes adjusted to the sudden light she saw two men in front of her, muscular, naked except for a Halloween masks and both black, (Amy didn’t know it but they had been in the front of the van)looking around all the men were naked and wearing masks. “We got a ourselves a real nice bitch to play with” a voice behind Amy said.
“Untie her hands and lets get her naked” One of the black men said. Amy couldn’t help but notice he had a huge cock.

Amy felt her hands being pulled up and a cold blade of a knife as the duct tape was cut away. The man with the knife pressed himself behind Amy and she could feel his stiff cock, one hand felt her tits while the other held the knife in front of Amy’s face This man was white.
“Please don’t hurt me ” Amy sobbed
Amy could feel the man’s hot breath on her neck, it stank of cigarettes and whisky as he leered casino oyna “Now honey that depends on you, if do as your told then you won’t get hurt” His hand moved down from Amy’s tits to rub between her legs
Although terrified the combination of the mans fingers rubbing her crotch and looking at two naked black men wanking their large cocks was beginning to have an effect on Amy. Her pussy was getting wet as she watched the men thinking they had all got hard looking at her.

“Okay honey its showtime” the white man sneered, with that he stopped rubbing Amy’s crotch and pulled her top up, Amy obediently lifted her arms as the man pulled the top off her, tugging on the zipper of her short skirt, that soon followed the top onto the floor. Amy was left in her black lacy bra and thong.

The two black men moved forward “A fine piece of white pussy let’s see her ass” Amy was spun round to face the white man who was also wearing a mask and still holding the knife, as a pair of black hands cupped Amy’s large boobs and the other pair tugged down her thong and began to rub her wet pussy. Amy’s bra was unsnapped and the sudden cold air made her nipples hard, as the garment was thrown on the floor. The white man said “Nice tits” and bent forward to suck her nipples making them wet and even harder. The hand between her legs slipped one and then two thick fingers deep into her pussy another hand started to rub her little pink clit which was poking through her sparse blonde pubes.
“This bitch is already wet” laughed the black man as he poked his fingers in and out of Amy’s pussy.

Amy found herself getting quite turned on by all the attention her body was receiving, she didn’t seem to mind the dirty talk either. The black man removed his fingers from her pussy and said “Get on your knees bitch” When Amy didn’t respond a sharp kick to the back of her knee made Amy drop down onto the mattress.

The men moved round and Amy was now face to face with three stiff cocks, all much larger than her boyfriend Steve, the biggest being nearly a foot long. “Well don’t just look at them start sucking …. and no funny business or you’ll get this” The white man held the knife near to Amy’s face and the fear returned

Amy slipped her full ruby red lips over the largest of the black cocks, she could just about get the head in her mouth as she lashed at the purple head with her tongue.”Don’t forget the others” The black man growled as Amy felt her head pulled off the black cock and she turned to suck on the white cock that now pushed against her lips. The second black man had got down behind Amy to finger her pussy again, she could feel his hard prick digging into her back. Amy worked on the white and black cocks in front of her, licking along the shaft before sucking on the head, she believed if she did a good job then the men would leave satisfied and she would be able to go home.

“Lick my balls slut” the white man said. Amy did as she was told licking each ball before sucking it into her warm mouth. The huge black cock was being slapped against the soft skin of her large tits. The white man was rubbing his cock hard when he suddenly groaned grabbed Amy by the hair “Open your fucking mouth slut” before shooting thick ropes of white cum into Amy’s face “Fuck yes….swallow it bitch” he groaned as more cum spewed from his hard cock and into her mouth. Amy was taken by surprise by how much cum there was, it went all over her face and hair, she wasn’t going to swallow but there was so much of it that she couldn’t help it. The black men laughed “Always had slot oyna a hair trigger now let us fuck this white bitch properly”

The black man with the huge cock said to Amy “Get on your hands and knees, I’m going fuck your white pussy so hard you’ll be able to park a train up there” Bent over on the mattress Amy felt the huge black cock rub against her puffy pussy lips before pushing in. “Ohh fuck she’s tight”
The other black man knelt in front of Amy and pushed his dick into her mouth. “Com’on suck my nigger dick bitch”
Even though Amy was wet she was having trouble taking the huge black cock in her pussy, he had only got about six inches of it in, he liked the way her pink labia was stretched around his thick black shaft , he waited, and then pushed in again, only harder. Amy’s screams were muffled by her sucking on the other black cock as another four inches of black cock slid into her, it stretched and filled Amy’s pussy as never before.

The two black men started to build to a rhythm where they both pushed into Amy at the same time. The big black cock pounded into Amy white pussy from behind and in doing so this forced the other black cock deeper into Amy’s mouth. Amy felt she was going to gag as each thrust forced his cock a little bit deeper and before long she was deep throating eight inches of hard black cock, something she had never even tried with her boyfriend.

The huge foot long black cock kept on pounding her pussy from behind, Amy hadn’t felt any thing like it and she could feel an orgasm building when all of a sudden the man bellowed, grabbed Amy’s blonde hair and thrust his hips violently forward pushing the last two inches of his thick cock right up past Amy’s cervix and into her womb, holding it there he shouted “Take my spunk you fucking white bitch” Amy felt the black cock erupt and stream after stream of hot sperm flooded into her womb. Amy’s pussy gripped the black shaft and climaxed hard, causing a wave a pleasure to flood her body as the black cock spurted yet more spunk deep into her womb.

The other black man now groaned and thrust his cock hard down Amy’s throat pumping another load of hot seed straight down Amy’s throat. She had no choice but to swallow it all down into her belly. Amy couldn’t breath and as the black man pulled his cock from Amy’s mouth she gasped for breath while he sprayed the last of his seed on her face “Eat my spunk you white slut”.
The huge black cock pumped into Amy’s pussy a few more times before being pulled out and moving round to her face. Grabbing a handful of Amy’s hair he told her to suck his cock clean. Amy’s pink tongue lapped gently at the softening black shaft.

The white man had got hard again watching this and moved behind Amy, her pussy was gaping wide open with rivers of the black man’s spunk running down her legs. He pushed his hard cock in a couple of times but knowing he wouldn’t be able to get any traction he pulled out and lined up at Amy’s pink asshole. Amy tongue was now working hard to get the huge black cock clean and hard again when she felt the white man press against her asshole.
“Nooo” Amy cried “Hold the bitch still will you” the white man growled. The two black men grabbed Amy so she couldn’t struggle and the fear returned to her.

The white man pushed his cock against the pink hole but it would not yield, so he jabbed his finger into the tight little asshole instead, causing Amy to scream in pain, then as a second finger was forced into her ass Amy went to scream again but one of the black men slapped Amy’s face hard leaving a red canlı casino siteleri handprint on her cheek and shouted “Shut the fuck up bitch” while the white man continued to saw his fingers in and out of Amy’s dry rectum.
Lining up his hard cock again he removed his fingers before thrusting forward, the cock head pushed past the tight ring of muscle “Owee” cried Amy
“Ohh fuck this ass is really tight, bet you’ve never been fucked here before” The white man said. Amy couldn’t reply because of the pain. He thrust with short hard strokes to loosen Amy’s ass up. Once her ass had accepted it was going to get fucked he would really start to pound her. He spat on Amy’s ass giving his cock some more lubrication and all of a sudden his cock started to slide easily in and out of Amy’s virgin butt.

Now he really started to fuck her hard, Amy started to cry again as this was really hurting her, the white man kept on fucking until Amy could feel his rough pubes rubbing against her ass. The black men just laughed and encouraged the white man to fuck her harder. Finally the white man started to slap Amy’s ass, “Fucking slut” “Bitch” “Whore” “Fuck my cock” he shouted between spanking and pounding Amy’s now red ass. Grabbing Amy by the hips he thrust once, more deeply into Amy’s bowels than before and holding still unleashed another torrent of hot cum deep into Amy’s rectum, he pulled roughly out from Amy’s ass making her squeal again.

Amy now felt sore and frightened, the white man walked round to face Amy and rubbed his cock over her mouth and lips. Amy squirmed from the slimy shit covered cock, her ass hurt real bad from the fucking it had just received. The black man with the huge cock grabbed Amy by the throat “Suck his cock clean bitch” he snarled. Amy reluctantly opened her mouth and started to clean the slimy cock, almost retching in the process.
Hoping her ordeal was nearly over Amy lay down on the mattress, the three men started to laugh. “You were one good fuck bitch, now lie on your back we’ve got something for you”

Numbly Amy rolled over and looked up at the three men who were all pointing their limp cocks at her face. Without saying a word three streams of hot piss flew out and poured down on Amy she screamed and turned away but a hard kick to the ribs stopped her from going too far and the yellow piss rained down for what seemed like ages. Amy was lying used and abused on the piss soaked mattress her eyes were stinging from the piss that had gone into her face, her hair was wet and spunk was running from her well used pussy and asshole. In between big sobs Amy pleaded to be let go.

The black man with the huge cock pulled Amy up by the hair and he was rubbing his now stiff cock in his other hand and he quickly squirted another load of spunk over Amy’s nipples and tits. “You loved fucking this black dick didn’t you white whore”

“Pleease” sobbed Amy “Let me go …. I won’t say anything” Still holding her by the hair the black man shouted “Tell me you loved fucking this dick” as he slapped it against her cheek. Amy sobbed some more before saying “Yes I .. I …loved … fucking you big dick”

The men all laughed again, the black man took the knife from the white man “You really want us to let you go?” Amy nodded “You were a good fuck perhaps we could have another party sometime soon?” The black man said. All three men all leered at Amy and started laughing.

Amy cried harder “Pleease ….please let me go” The black man held the knife to Amy’s throat “Look at me bitch” Amy reluctantly looked up at the masked face, he laughed again “No can do bitch” and flicked the knife across Amy’s throat. Amy only just felt the warm blood running down her body before her world went black forever.



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