Amy woke up in a daze. Sleepiness clung to her and she struggled to open her eyes. What had happened to her last night? She vaguely recalled a party, some drinks and a cavalcade of laughing faces and perhaps board games? Maybe not board games by the end – she somewhat remembered playing some obscure variant of Liar’s Dice in which the players could take a shot or take off a piece of clothing whenever they lost a round. She groggily looked down at her body, and based on her state of undress and the torpor she was experiencing, she had likely lost many rounds.

After blinking her tired eyes a few times, Amy saw she was in the well-lit guest bedroom of her friend’s house. She was partially wrapped in a cocoon of sheets and blankets; one of her legs was bare and exposed to the frigid air of the morning. Yawning widely, she stretched luxuriously, brushing her outstretched fingertips against the oaken frame of the bed. The smooth texture of the wood awakened her senses more fully and brought the world into greater focus. There was a faint noise in the distance that sounded vaguely like a woman humming.

The smell of brewing coffee wafted into the room and created a compulsion in her to partake in delicious warm beverages on this cold morning. Amy would’ve preferred to roll into a tighter ball and enjoy contrast of warm bedding on her naked flesh but insistence of the coffee aroma commanded her to search for it.

Attempting to roll out of bed proved to be a mistake. The process of unravelling the woollen blanket and stepping out of bed was too complicated a manoeuvre to pull off in her soporific state and Amy only managed to entangle herself further, landed on the floor with a meaty thump. She lay there for a moment, face pressed against the hardwood floor and contemplated staying here for a little while longer. The cool of the floor felt so refreshing against her flushed face, though she noticed after a few moments that it was completely quiet now except for the sound of her breathing.

“You alright back there?” a female voice called from another room.

Amy strained her face against the floor.

“Mmyeahmmokay,” she managed.

The voice in the distance responded with a slight tone of relief.

“No worries! When you’re ready, come on out and I’ve got breakfast for you.”

The fogginess hadn’t lifted from Amy’s mind but she was quite certain that she had no idea whose voice that was. It had been a rowdy house party last night but she couldn’t remember who she’d talked to. Still, there was a delightful aroma of coffee in their air and she was being offered it. Amy braced herself against the floor and pushed herself up. The motion took some effort as the bedsheet was tucked around her shoulders and arms; her palms kept sliding across the smooth floor.

Eventually she managed to sufficiently disentangle herself to get to her feet and noticed the extent of her undress. Apart from the blanket that she now pulled around her body more tightly to ward off the chill of the air, she wore only a loose fitting sky-blue tank top and a pair of white socks. She would wonder about the whereabouts of her other clothes – but only after breakfast.

Amy padded out of the bedroom in search of sustenance. The humming illegal bahis had resumed and she honed in on the sound – which as she traversed the corridor was coming from the kitchen. Reaching the threshold of the kitchen, she peered shyly around the doorframe.

Inside was a well apportioned kitchen with black marble countertops and high-set windows. A sizzling sound caught Amy’s attention and she leaned further and saw a woman standing in from of a stovetop. The woman had fair skin and shoulder length chestnut hair that was a little too short for the tight ponytail it was tied into. She was tall and almost Amazonian in figure; even viewed from behind she was clearly buxom. She appeared to be dressed but after squinting for a moment Amy saw that she wore nothing but a linen apron and a pair of yellow and green striped panties. They looked suspiciously like…

“Hey!” shouted Amy. The woman turned her head towards the source of the shout and looked at her.

“Good morning Ms. Amy!” she smiled. “I’ve made a pot of espresso and I hope you like your eggs scrambled.”

Amy was incredulous. “You thieving bitch! Why are you wearing my panties?!”

The woman looked down at her body and grinned cheekily.

“You mean these?” she asked, lifting up the front of her apron and exposing her underwear.

“Well I couldn’t find mine after last night and I did win them fair and square from you.”

Amy blinked several times while shaking her head. “I don’t…what are you…who…?”

“And after all the fun we had last night you don’t remember me,” the woman said. She pointed to herself with the spatula in her hand.

“Quinn.” She swivelled back towards the stove and Amy saw her turn the burners off with an audible click.

This was getting increasingly frustrating. Amy had only been up for a few minutes but here was a strange woman wearing stolen underwear and making her coffee. “Who are you?”

Quinn turned back towards her and reached to the nape of her neck. Her nimble fingers deftly began to untie the string of the apron.

“We met at the party last night, remember? I’m Jake’s old friend? We played that game and we ran out of vodka?” Quinn said.

Amy shook her head. “Last night is still a blur. I still don’t remember.”

The top strings fell lose over Quinn’s shoulders and she reached behind her back to the apron’s remaining ties. Amy watched as the movement caused Quinn’s breasts to strain against the coarse fabric. It must have gotten chillier in the kitchen; Amy felt goosebumps rise on the back of her neck.

“You were down to your last piece of clothes and you lost. I thought I was going to just get you naked but then you wanted to double down,” Quinn continued.

“Double down? How do you double down on clothes?”

Quinn fumbled with the straps, jiggling as she attempted to undo a well tied knot. For a moment Amy thought she saw a nipple poke into view but she may have just imagined it.

“That’s what I asked. You offered to let me keep them if I won.”

Quinn managed to reach for the end she was looking for and started to tug at it. “It was kind of hot, actually,” she said, winking suggestively.

The straps unravelled themselves and hung loosely illegal bahis siteleri from the sides of the apron. She began to lift the garment over her head but stopped. Amy flushed, turning a deep shade of red.

“Is it hot in here?” she asked cheekily.

“Clearly it must be the case if you feel the need to take off what appears to be one of your only two pieces of clothing,” Amy stammered.

The words came out in a long stream – it felt so unnatural to say but this tall woman was flustering her. Quinn strode over to her and pulled the apron off – Amy only saw a brief flash of the taller woman’s breasts before they stood toe to toe.

“Hi,” Quinn said. “How’s the head.”

Swimming now, Amy thought.

“Uh, yeah, fine I guess,” Amy managed. She was at least a head shorter and was desperately trying to look anywhere but straight ahead at Quinn’s chest.

“It’s okay – you can look at them. I’ve been checking out your cute little ass since you walked in here.”

Amy cautiously looked right in front of her at Quinn’s breasts. My god, they’re melons! They must have been at least a DD, or possibly an E cup. They looked soft and hung just a little bit down, the tell-tale sign of a girl who had developed beyond the firmness of adolescence to the suppleness of a mature woman in her sexual prime. Dark red areolas stared her in the face. They weren’t perfectly symmetrical, pointing slightly off in different directions, but definitely ripe and tender.

“Still hungry for breakfast?” Quinn joked. “Or perhaps you’d like something off the menu?”

Amy was still mesmerized by tried to shake it off.

“Coffee – I was after coffee,” she began.

“Although it might be a good idea to put the apron back on if you’re going to make hot …”

Quinn yawned and stretched her arms upward. The movement gently pulled her breasts upwards, and then bounced gracefully back down at the end of the arc.

“…body. I mean liquids!” Amy struggled to get out. She blushed even harder.

Quinn was grinning from ear to ear now. “You’re absolutely adorable in that shade of red! Even your ears are pink!”

Amy clamped her hands over ears and squeezed her eyes shut. This girl was determined to make her die of embarrassment and she’d only been awake for five minutes. She felt Quinn slide by her side and then behind her. A warm body pressed up against her and she could feel the tall woman’s physique.

Lithe fingers reached against her right ear, pulling Amy’s hands away from her face. Lips traced softly across her ear, causing a shiver to run up her spine.

“How about we see if something else satisfies your appetite first?” Quinn whispered into her ear. Amy shuddered as the words ran through her brain.

“But I…uh…” Amy attempted.

Quinn’s breath tickled her ear and made it difficult to concentrate.

“Shhhhh…” the voice behind her murmured.

Amy felt hands running against the contours of her body. One hand traced a path down the left side of her chest and across her hip, while the other cupped her right breast. Amy instinctively hunched but Quinn continued to whisper calming words.

“Just relax…you’re going to enjoy this,” she said, brushing her lips canlı bahis siteleri against Amy’s earlobe. The head behind Amy tilted and planted soft kisses on her ear, then her neck, and against the top of her collarbone. The left hand had reached her bare bottom and was drawing small circles against the tight skin.

“…but…I’ve never…we’re both…woah!”

The hand behind her brushed between her cheeks and had grazed against her labia. For a few moments Amy had forgotten that she hadn’t been wearing panties and now this was granting Quinn easy access to her most private of areas.

The voice whispered again.

“Don’t worry…I won’t tell if you don’t.”

The nimble fingers stroked her from underneath, sending electricity shooting throughout her body. The other hand had slowly swept down the front of her body, following the smooth curves of her stomach until it arrived at the downy hair below. Amy could hear a short giggle from behind and felt her ears go redder.

“This area here seems very well manicured,”

Quinn commented, running a finger up and down the strip of hair. “I would’ve taken you for an ‘au naturelle’ type of girl.”

“I…I…like everything…to be neat and tidy,” Amy managed. The fingers below on her outer lips were moving agonizingly slowly and the fingers above were getting closer and closer to her…

Amy suddenly convulsed and took a sharp breath as the fingers on her mons brushed against her clitoris. She’d never been touched like this – she hadn’t even touched herself before. Her shoulders shuddered involuntarily each time Quinn ran her fingertips across the tip of her clit.

“Do you like that?” she breathed into Amy’s ear. “How about this?”

Her right fingertips played tenderly across the top of her clitoris, sending waves of pleasure through Amy’s body. She was maddeningly talented – each time she caressed the nub, she swirled her fingers around and traced a path down, around and back up to the centre where it was most sensitive.

The fingers below had moved beyond simply stroking her lips and now were gently parting them, with each stroke going a little bit deeper. It hurt a little bit to separate, but the many fingers were replaced by a single one pushing and skimming. She could feel it from the inside – Quinn wasn’t simply pushing. Each movement was a caress, a come-hither gesture that drew her closer and made her heart race.

The fingers on her clitoris were also replaced by a single fingertip, rubbing faster and faster. Amy breathed harder and shallower, on the verge of hyperventilation. The feeling was overloading – she had to start holding her breath as the sensations took over. Orgasm wracked her body and she cried out in pleasure. Spots danced across her eyes and suddenly her legs gave out from under her.

Quinn held her in place with a strong, toned arm while her other hand continued to caress her from the inside. As her orgasm subsided, Amy fell back into the warm embrace of the taller woman.

They sank to the floor and Amy luxuriated in the post-orgasmic feeling; she felt so…contented.

A hand grasped Amy’s chin and turned her to meet Quinn’s grinning face.

“How did you like that?” Quinn asked.

“Well…um…it was pretty…”

The taller woman interrupted her by planting a soft kiss on her lips. She felt so warm and welcoming.

“I think you’re ready for something else.”

Amy’s eyes widened.

“Coffee!” Quinn exclaimed.



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