His online profile ticked all the right boxes: witty, slightly sarcastic, employed, looking for nothing more than a casual encounter, liking all the right favorite foods, music, books and podcasts, all topped off by a pair of gorgeous eyes and no gym selfies or ‘bro’ pics.

Our first meeting was a two-hour exchange of heated glances over the rims of our respective whisky and soda glasses, our eyes saying everything our words couldn’t in a crowded bar. I deliberately chose a low-cut top with a string tie that teased the top of my cleavage, and saw his gaze linger there every time I leaned forward to laugh at something he said. I made sure he got a good look at my backside in my tight jeans by excusing myself to the ladies’ room a couple of times, letting my fingers trail up his arm and flit across his shoulder as I passed by. His arms were as solid as they looked in his tight black t-shirt, but I felt him shiver slightly under my touch.

I had made plans to meet up with friends that night just in case things didn’t go well, but he had to get home – a promise to his other partner – and I had to respect that. I was already wet and enjoying the friction of my tight jeans as he walked me to my car to say goodnight. I flashed him a beguiling grin, and we moved closer to embrace.

But instead of a traditional kiss, he took me completely by surprise when one hand around my waist pulled me close and one hand went partly around my neck, tilting my head ever so slightly. His lips hovered just above my skin at the base of my neck, and as my breath quickened he nipped at that curve with his teeth. I barely had time to gasp before his tongue flicked over the spot, replacing the sting with a warm rush, and then his lips were working their way up my neck and across my jaw. When they found their way to mine, again he just let them hover there, nothing but breath between us. Once more, a sharp nip of his teeth drew a gasp from me as he pulled my lower lip into his mouth and sucked it gently. And then he was gone with a simple “Goodnight.”

I hadn’t planned to go home between our date and meeting my friends, but that unexpected kiss on top of two hours of flirting had me so turned on that I felt like I needed the sweet release that only my favorite bakırköy escort toy could provide. But I looked at the time and realized I was already going to be a little late for meeting my friends. So I sat in my car in the bar parking lot, unzipped my jeans and slipped my hands into my panties and made myself cum twice – and they were the two most intense, lengthy, wet and loud orgasms I can remember ever giving myself with just my hands.

Between our respective work and life schedules, it was an agonizingly long two weeks before we could schedule another date – one that would allow us to explore everything we texted about in the meantime. We tantalized each other with sexy pics, and shared fantasies, working each other up so much that even our subconscious took up where our daydreams left off.

Daniel: I had a dream about you last night…

Calli: Do tell!

Daniel: At work, I went out to my truck on my lunch break. You were standing there, in a short dress and jean jacket, leaning against the driver side door. I started to reach around you to open the door and let you in, but you hooked one leg around my waist and pulled me hard against you. We kissed like crazy while you got my pants down around my knees. And then because it was a dream you were suddenly sitting on the edge of the truck seat completely naked, and I was pounding into you, sucking on your fabulous tits.

Calli: They are fabulous, aren’t they!

Daniel: LOL – that’s your takeaway from all that?

Calli: I mean, just look at them!

The pic I sent him at that point got us off on another track entirely.

Two days before our scheduled date, and a few days after he told me about that dream, I texted him to let him know that I’d had a client cancel on me and I’d be available if he wanted to grab lunch.

So when he came out to his truck, as I had instructed him to do, there I was in my rose pink summer sundress, strappy heels, and jean jacket leaning against the driver side door. He stopped about ten feet away and just shook his head and laughed, then approached me slowly with a knowing grin on his face.

He stood inches away and we locked eyes, smiling, neither of us saying başakşehir escort anything. I had forgotten how he was just the right height so that my head only had to tip up with a slight curve of my neck for my lips to meet his, but in my heels all I had to do was lean forward to kiss him. So I leaned forward and nipped at his lower lip, then pulled it between my lips with a gentle suck before leaning back against the door. He still hadn’t moved to open it, though.

“Where would you like to eat?” I ventured.

“Get in. We’ll drive down the road a bit and decide. We’ve got options,” he instructed.

I slowly pressed my body against his as I moved forward, nudging him out of the way playfully so I could walk around to the passenger side. He turned to follow me, still not reaching to touch me, though. Like a gentleman, he opened the door for me and stood there resting one hand on the doorframe while I settled on the edge of the seat.

When my eyes met his, I saw they had turned a darker bluish gray with desire. Even though they didn’t stray from my gaze, it felt as if his eyes were consuming my whole body – or maybe they were just remembering everything they had drunk in on our short trip from one side of the truck to the other. I parted my legs slightly and gave him an encouraging smile, but he just shook his head and started to close the door. As I swung my legs into the cab he said, “You’re certainly hungry.”

“Ravenous,” I responded.

He climbed into the driver’s seat and turned over the engine, a cool blast of air coming from the vents raising goosebumps as it moved across my skin slightly dampened with sweat from the late spring sun. Without a word he reached over and pulled me into a firm embrace and kissed me fully on the mouth, lips and teeth and tongue playing and exploring, setting my body on fire.

I shrugged out of the jean jacket and leaned into kissing him as best as I could, eagerly returning every flick and nip of his tongue and teeth with my own.

One of his hands found its way to my thigh, and began a journey across my smooth skin that made me tremble. He groaned with delight as his fingers discovered that I had chosen not to wear panties, and beşiktaş escort I groaned in return as his fingers flitted over my clit before exploring further into my wet depths.

His kisses made a heated trail down my neck to my breasts, where he bit repeatedly at my nipples through the fabric of my dress, raising them to even higher and harder peaks. I rocked my hips against his hand and arched my back to press my chest harder against his mouth. His fingers expertly stroked that sweet, sweet spot inside me and it only took a few moments before I gasped and felt myself grow wetter as the first waves of an orgasm overtook me.

His satisfied laugh vibrated against my nipple as I clutched the back of his head, and something in me snapped. I couldn’t let him think he’d taken control of this situation, that he was going to decide how this fantasy went. So I grabbed his wrist, pulling his fingers out of me and pushed him back, away from me and into his side of the seat.

Before he could protest or ask any questions, I shut him up with feverish kisses while my other hand rubbed his rock hard and hot cock through his jeans.

Even though I wanted to take the time to see if his cock was as delicious in person as it had looked in his sexy pics, I needed him inside me while I was still dripping wet. I had his pants unzipped and had straddled his lap before he knew what was happening. As I sank him deep inside me, I grabbed the fingers that had been inside me and began sucking and licking them while I looked him directly in the eyes.

Then, I started riding him, his rigid cock thrusting so easily into my slick pussy that I could only fuck him harder and faster. We were both so frenzied with lust that it only took a couple of minutes to come to a sweaty, sticky conclusion. I had to pry my nails out of his shoulder as we moaned and panted together, coming down off our climax.

I kissed him quickly, and before he could protest, I climbed off his lap and gathered my jacket then slipped out the door.

“See ya Friday,” I said, and I blew him another kiss. I didn’t look back as I walked to my car. But I texted him later.

Calli: How was lunch?

Daniel: Had a really nice appetizer.

Calli: Hope you saved room for the main course on Friday.

Daniel: And dessert? 😉

Calli: That’s my speciality.

So our official second date was a banquet of discovery and delights that we were able to indulge in at a more leisurely pace, without the frenzy of lust to distract us from concocting a truly masterful feast of sexual pleasures.



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