Hailey clicked play on the video as she felt the dog cum trickle slowly down her inner thigh and watched as the scene revealed itself. The picture showed a wonderful sandy beach with waves just lapping gently at the shoreline and a young woman who was totally naked, with small pert breasts and her hair pulled back in a pony tail jogging towards the camera. “Hi,” she said with a beautifully radiant smile, “My name is Michelle and welcome to Perro Mondo, a place where your deepest dreams and fantasies can come true.” Hailey wasn’t quite sure why Julie had sent her the video as it seemed a relatively normal nudist colony advert but decided to watch it through to the end. “This is Chico,” said the young woman on screen dropping her hand to ruffle the head of a black lab that had appeared at her side. “Here no one judges us and we can do what we wish,” she went on then as Hailey watched she dropped to all fours in the wet sand and with the waves just touching her hands and knees the dog rose up and mounted her.

The camera panned round and zoomed in showing close ups of Michelle’s face as Chisco entered her then cut away to close ups of his large red cock pounding her. The camera returned to her face once again and between pants she gasped out, “Yes here at Perro Mondo anything is possible,” and the last word was drawn out into a moan as the camera quickly shifted to her pussy where Chico had just forced her knot deep inside.

The camera then cut away to show a montage of clips of various women being fucked by different dogs in different places. There was a casual bar where a woman was being fucked by a large German shepherd as other women were sitting around sipping cocktails. Another scene showed a large Doberman mounting a woman who was bent over a sunbed next to an infinity pool as an immaculately dressed waiter moved around in the background ignoring the scene like it was common place. All the time Michelle was giving a voice over each the scenes as she went on, “and you have a choice of bringing your own dog and leaving it here, or availing yourself to one of the resident dogs. We have excellent kennel & veterinary facilities as well as luxury accommodation for our human guests.” The camera panned around showing luxury villas with private pools and then zoomed in on kennels that were so spotless and clean. “Of course, we make sure that when you aren’t around your dog’s every need is catered for.”

The next 60 seconds showed clips of Michelle being fucked by every conceivable size and breed of dog, and where she wasn’t being fucked she was sucking dog cock with cum spurting out of her lips as the dog erupted into her mouth. “If you want to know more, then phone the number on your screen.” said Michelle appearing back on screen, her face flushed from recent sex, “your resident kennel bitch will be happy to answer any questions you have.” Then as the camera pulled away she leant under Chico and started to suck his cock as the sun set casting its golden rays over them both.

“Fucking hell,” said Hailey as the video came to an end and she had no idea why Julie wanted to discuss this amazing place with her but it looked like heaven. She knew she had to get over to Marge’s and see why but before she did, she felt like her body would explode if she didn’t satisfy the raging fire inside herself. Dropping to all fours Hailey pointed her ass at Sam, who was happily dozing in his basket, and patting her cheeks she said, “come on Sam time for round number three.”

Sam looked up as he heard his name and saw that his bitch was presenting, clearly in heat based on the wonderful aroma that assailed his nostrils. He sniffed the air a couple of times and the padded over, his long red cock already emerging from its hairy sheath and starting to drip pre-cum onto the floor. Sniffing at the source of the wonderful aroma and encouraged by the moans he rasped his long rough tongue along Hailey’s pussy lips and across her peeking anal star. Rising up Sam’s now fully engorged red cock started to jab away leaving trails of watery pre-cum across Hailey’s ass causing her to moan more in frustration. “Please fuck me Sammmmm,” moaned Hailey and as she spoke he found bahis firmaları her pussy and slammed home burying his cock deep inside her open and very well lubricated pussy.

Hailey orgasmed at the same moment Sam’s cock slammed home and despite the fact he had already fucked her, felt herself opening even more to accommodate him as he gripped her hips with paws to give himself better leverage. Hailey’s pussy was making a squelchy sloshing sound as Sam’s cock hammered in an out and when he finally drove his knot home Hailey let out a moan of contentment that could have been heard next door. As Sam settled down to pump his bitch full of his seed for the third time that day Hailey reached under and started to rub her clit to increase her pleasure. Lifting her head and opening her eyes as yet another orgasm coursed through her, she found her gaze meet Julie’s who was standing at the open doors with an amused smile on her face.

“Oh fuck,” moaned Hailey trying to move but Sam was having none of it and actually nipped the back of Hailey’s neck to ensure she knew who was the boss.

“Will wait until you have finished,” laughed Julie and moved to the side where she switched on the kettle and started to rattle through the cupboards looking for coffee and a mug. Finding what she wanted, Julie poured the water on the instant granules to make a strong black coffee before turning back and continuing to watch Hailey being pumped full. “So… what did you think of the video?” said Julie as she sipped the coffee observing the scene in front of her with an appraising eye..

It took Hailey a moment to focus on Julie’s words as she enjoyed the fantastic rhythmic pulsing of Sam’s knot lodged deep in her pussy and as she opened her mouth to speak felt Sam start to tug hard before freeing himself with a loud plop and gush of dog cum splattered onto the tiled floor.

“It was … interesting I guess, if it’s real that is.” Hailey said as she slowly recovered her breath still on all fours feeling the cum drip slowly from her very battered pussy.

Julie looked confused for a moment then in a slightly puzzled voice said, “what video did I send you?”

“Some video about a desert island… Perry Mound or something like that,” Hailey said as she went to stand.

Julie’s voice cracked like a whip as she said, “did I say you could stand?”

Without thinking Hailey dropped back to all fours and could feel herself tingle all over as she waited for Julie to speak.

“Clean up that mess…with your tongue.” said Julie as she indicated the large pool of dog cum that sat glistening on the tiled floor.

Bending her head in compliance Hailey licked the cum eagerly wanting to please Julie with her actions. Once the tiles were spotless of any dog cum Hailey looked up to see and empty room and the only indication that she hadn’t dreamt Julie being there was the still hot coffee mug sitting on the side with a large brown envelope leant against it with her name written across it.


Back at the vicarage neither Craig or Marge had noticed that Julie had left as Craig was too busy devouring Marge’s pussy and ensuring he collected every drop of cum and juice. With his head buried between Marge’s thighs he couldn’t see anything but he felt the press of a dog’s nose against the bottoms of his tracksuit and to his shock the dog mounted and started to thrust frantically.

“Fucking hell,” Craig shouted as he lifted his head trying to free himself in panic but the weight of the dog on his back made it difficult to move.

Marge laughed throatily as she lifted her head and could see what was happening, “why don’t you slide your bottoms down to stop frustrating the poor dog,” Marge husked. Craig was in panic as he tried to push himself upright with one hand whilst keeping a firm grasp on his waistband with the other hand to preserve his anal virginity. Standing was made even more difficult as Marge had wrapped her legs round Craig’s head keeping him in position. Craig started to struggle frantically as he could clearly feel the dog humping through the material with his sizeable erection.

His brain was screaming at him to kaçak iddaa free himself from this potentially painful situation yet deep down inside, a tiny part of him wondered what it might feel like, but before he could wrestle with his inner self further Marge released her grip assuming that Craig wasn’t going to play ball and laughed as he stood upright trying to look indignant.

“Tell me you weren’t interested,” said Marge locking eyes with Craig.

“Of course, I wasn’t,” spluttered Craig hoping that his inner thoughts weren’t revealed on his face as he wondered again what it would have felt like before shivering and denying it again.

“Well if you don’t want him in your ass, I certainly do,“ said Marge, her voice heavily laden with lust and as she spoke she lifted her legs further up and started to finger her ass with first one then two fingers, opening herself ready. “Don’t just stand there like a dummy,” laughed Marge, “get some KY, it’s in the drawer.”

Craig was still wary of the two dogs who were circling round sniffing the air and occasionally licking Marge’s heavy breasts. Finding the gel, he passed it to Marge and watched as she removed her fingers from her ass and then smeared a large dollop on them before reinserting them. “Want to get involved?” said Marge, her breath starting to become a little more laboured as she worked a third finger into her ass. Craig shook his head and Marge laughed as she saw the terror on Craig’s face and went on, “not with dogs on you silly, but as a threesome. You can lie on your back to make sure your poor little ass remains safe.”

Realising what her plans were Craig felt his cock twitch into life and pushing his tracksuit bottoms to his ankles while keeping a wary eye on the dogs, laid down on his back gripping his cock firmly by the base. Marge stood and after removing her fingers, satisfied she was ready, straddled Craig’s hips before lowering herself onto Craig’s now upright and very hard cock. Sighing contentedly, she let herself sink down onto his full eight inches savouring how it filled her and wriggling as he bottomed out deep inside her.

Craig could feel Marge’s wet pussy round his cock and although warm and pleasurable it wasn’t anything as tight as his wife’s, but still good. Marge leant forward and rested a large heavy breast with a dark brown nipple on his lips and without being asked Craig started to suckle on her. Her breasts were so soft and full and had Marge not supported them, then Craig was sure he would have suffocated.

“Pull my cheeks apart,” Marge said, “and bite my fucking nipple.”

Craig complied on both counts reaching with his hands to pull the thick globes of flesh apart exposing Marge’s anal star and at the same time bit gently down on the large nipple, eliciting a groan of pure pleasure from Marge. Opening his eyes Craig could see one of the dog’s face over Marge’s shoulder and at the same felt the soft fur of his belly rub against his hands as the dog thrust trying to find entry.

Craig could feel the slimy trail across his fingers as the dog’s cock slid across Marge’s ass and also the drip of fluid onto his own cock that was still buried deep in Marge’s pussy. The moans coming from Marge were both of pleasure and frustration and the dog was becoming agitated as he moved from paw to paw trying to find a hole. Grabbing the hot slimy cock Craig guided the tip to where he felt Marge’s anal star was and released his hold allowing the dog to lunge forward burying himself in Marge’s ass.

Marge lifted her head and screamed like a woman possessed as the dog entered her brutally, so loud was her scream that for a fleeting moment Craig wondered if he should try to tear the dog from her back. He realised that this was not necessary as the mumbles and moans of pure pleasure tumbled from Marge’s mouth as the dog drove deeper.

Craig had never been involved in a threesome before though had often pictured himself and his wife in one but had never had the courage to ask her. Marge’s pussy suddenly felt tighter and he could feel the rubbing of the dog cock against his cock, only separated by a thin membrane of flesh. As the dog’s thrusts became kaçak bahis more vigorous Craig felt his cock gripped like a vice as suddenly Marge’s eyes flew wide open, her mouth formed in a silent scream, as the dog actually managed to force his knot into her ass. Craig was transfixed by the look on Marge’s face as she was transported to another world and to his shock the other dogs appeared and Marge turned and grabbed his hanging cock and started to suck on it.

Like a bizarre sculpture the four were locked together with Marge’s mouth sucking one dog cock while the other was knotted in her ass and at the same time Craig was buried deep in her pussy with his mouth clamped on her nipple. For a brief moment they were all frozen in that position then in a flurry of noise and jerks they all started to cum. Craig felt his cock being milked by the throbbing knot buried in Marge’s ass as the dog filled her full of seed. Craig felt himself spurt deep into Marge as she in turn flooded down onto his cock and balls moaning on the dog cock in her mouth. Her moaning and manipulation caused the dog in her mouth to start spurting and there was so much she removed it and worked it with her hands, laughing with joy as the thick jets splattered on her face.


Later after they had cleaned up Craig jogged slowly back to his house trying to make sense of what he had experienced over the last 24 hours and all he could think about was what would it have been like if it had been his Hailey rather than Marge.

Craig could feel his cock start to tent a little as he walked round the back of his house and peered in through the kitchen window. He could just see Sam’s tail wagging happily from behind the central island in the kitchen and he so wanted to step round and see his Hailey lying there with her knees wide apart being licked by their pet.

Trying to hide his disappointment he saw that Sam was playing with his favourite chew toy and Hailey was sitting in the leather couch with her feet tucked up under herself reading what looked like legal documents.

“Well I never,” said Hailey as she read, “do you know the kennels over in Great Burton?”

Craig felt his heart leap into his mouth as this was the kennels where he has watched the dog sex show and trying to keep his voice steady said, “Oh yes the place where Sam came from,” then to hide the possibly guilty look on his face dropped to his knees and began play fighting with Sam.

“Well you probably don’t know Great Auntie Maude,” Hailey went on, “But it turns out she left me an inheritance in her will, namely the kennels.” Craig was speechless as she went on, “It even comes with accommodation so we can all move in and I can run the business while you carry on as normal.”

Craig was stunned and half him wanted to scream with fear in case his secret came out, the other half wanted somehow for his wife to be on stage like in the show., and trying to buy time spluttered, “What about here?”

“We can rent this place out and if it all works out we can sell it and move permanently,” said Hailey with a huge smile on her face and before Craig could object went on with, “I have already told the girls and they think it’s great so we are all going there after lunch.”


It was two weeks later as they were packing up the last of the house before their move that the door rang. Opening the door Hailey was greeted with a bored looking courier who gave her a letter and got her signature before vanishing back down the path.

“What is it?” said Craig appearing in the hallway as Hailey recognised Julie’s flowing across the front and realising she had no choice but to open it Hailey gulped and inserted a finger into the flap of the envelope. To her relief the only thing inside was a brief note attached to a small wallet type folder and after reading the note, Hailey said, “It’s an all expenses invite to a place called Perro Mondo with a view to agreeing a mutually profitable business venture that will require no capital investment just my time.”

“Your time?” said Craig raising an eyebrow.

“Yes, sorry love,” said Hailey as she flipped open the folder containing the airline ticket, “It’s just for one but will be just a week and you can look after the girls and to be honest I could do with the break.”



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