Chapter 01: Arrival

As I pulled onto the gravel driveway, I remembered arriving here nearly 8 years ago with Mark. It was even more secluded, just one or two houses along the shoreline. Only a few more houses had been built over the years but most of them were far away, except for one that was built about 20 yards from mine. Our place was Mark’s idea for a getaway from the chaos of New York City. It took a few years for the place to be what we exactly wanted, and his salary as a physician was obviously helpful.

I put the car in park and walked up to the front door. I touched the smooth wood of the door and inserted the key into the door. As I walked into the opening, the memories of all the times that the two of us had in this place, especially all the places where we had embraced in passionate heat. I walked across the living room to our bedroom door, but I was unsure of how long I would be able to use the word, “our”. I sat down on the cream-colored comforter and laid back. I could smell his scent, an odor the both pleased and disgusted me. I laid there for a few moments and walked back outside to get the rest of my things. On my last trip I heard a conversation and looked over the house near mine. There were two men, probably in their mid-twenties and holding each other’s’ güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri hands. One was probably about 5’8 with dark blonde hair and a nice tan. The other was close to 6’0, with short brown hair. They were an attractive couple, it reminded me of Mark and I, but I didn’t want to think of the bitterness of our situation. They noticed that I was watching them and all I could muster was an awkward wave. They both smiled, the one with brown hair laughed a bit and they both walked inside.

I tried to laugh off the extreme awkwardness of the situation, but I was still incredibly embarrassed. I put away my belongings and made dinner. As I sat down, I noticed a photo album on top of the refrigerator and looked through the pictures as I ate. As I scrolled through the pages I realized that this was one that contained several erotic photos, including Mark’s cock in my mouth, and my ass. I missed the sweet pre-cum that oozed out of him. But I also remembered one bad habit Mark had, his tendency to put his dick in any man’s hole that he wanted. Rage started to fill inside me and I threw the album against the wall.

It was a Thursday when I found out about Mark’s little transgressions. I went home around noon that day because I had felt disgusting the entire morning and threw up güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri several times. It was probably food poisoning from the dinner we had a few nights before. I walked into our apartment to see his keys on the kitchen counter and heard noises coming from the hallway. I walked quietly only to find Mark with another man. He looked familiar, one of the young residents at the hospital. He was riding Mark’s 8 inch cock almost as good as I. I couldn’t move all I could do was watch. The resident kept riding Mark, moaning with ecstasy as each thrust slammed into his pink hole. The resident’s ass slightly red from all the grabbing and smacking, something that I knew Mark loved to do to me. They quickly changed to a missionary position with Mark’s cock slamming in and out of the resident’s tight hole. They were sweaty, and their hair was becoming soaked. Mark quickly took out his condom-less cock and started jerking it until he let out a cry of ecstasy and came all over the man’s face. The resident quickly wiped any come that wasn’t in his mouth and swallowed it all.

Mark quietly uttered, “I think I’m in love with you”. They kissed and rest became a blur.

The painful memory brought tears streaming down my face. I cleaned up my mess and put my dishes away. I went güvenilir bahis şirketleri to the bedroom to check my phone and noticed several voicemails from Mark. I almost dialed his number, wanting to apologize for my outburst and to want to try to work things out. But I realized the pain from the man that I loved for more than 10 years was much stronger than the desire to call. I opened the back of my phone and took out the battery and quietly placed it in my dresser. I fell back on the bed and shed a few more tears before I drifted asleep, and escaped all the problems that life had dealt me.

I awoke around noon the next day in a groggy haze. I went back into the bathroom to piss and take a shower. The hot water relaxed the tightness that had developed overnight and cleared up the mental fog I was in. I walked out of the bathroom when I was done, without my towel. I looked outside with a bit of astonishment to see my neighbors fucking in what was considered they’re backyard. The shorter was riding his man with intense passion. I felt my cock get hard and I decided to jerk off in plain view. I imagined his sweet lips around my cock, working his tongue around the tip. Then I’d start fucking his sweet ass, slow at first and getting faster with each passionate thrust. I’d cum in his hole and then he’d turn me around and start pounding me from behind, pleading him to ravage my hole. As soon as came all over the window, I looked out and noticed that he was looking at me. He kept getting fucked but stared at me and smiled with his devious grin. I licked the cum off the window, hoping he’d see what I wanted from him.



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