Alone at the parking lotI was home alone on those days; my husband was flying away on business.On Friday I went to the local mall for some late shopping after leaving my office. When I finished my purchase, the sun was setting down and the parking lot was almost completely empty.I walked to my car when I heard a strange sound and turned my head back.A short walk from where I was standing was a concrete loading dock for the shops. I listened in silence and then I heard the noise again but this time I could identify it as a human grunt. I decided I should investigate; there could be someone hurt.As I turned down the loading dock I noticed a man sitting in the corner. He wore a dirty shirt and ripped and stained jeans. His skin looked as though he had never bathed and as I approached I found a terrible strong smell.I stopped suddenly, when I noticed he had his hand wrapped around his fully exposed nine inches dick. “I’m so sorry…” I barely muttered and turned to leave. I was ashamed of having catching that homeless man jerking off; but at same time, my mind paused for a second on his cock. It was dirty and gross but a part of me wondered how it would feel to have him deep inside of me. I shuttered at the kars escort thought but I could feel my panties getting damp.Before I had walked a few steps away, I felt hands on my hips. As I went to turn around I was flung back deeper into the loading dock. I fell on my side and saw the man approaching. I dug in my purse for my phone but he caught my hand and snatched it away from me…“Take whatever you want, but please, don’t hurt me” I begged him.“I intend to take whatever I want, bitch… I don’t need your permission…”The man said in a raspy voice. It was then that I noticed his large cock was still protruding from his jeans and was pulsing with hardness. I began to sob as he pushed me onto my back taking hold of my arms with one of his hands. His knee was pressed into my stomach.With his free hand he pushed up my skirt and began rubbing my pussy through my thong. “You liked what you saw, bitch…”I shook my head telling no. “Don’t lie. I can feel how wet you are. You must be a real slut.”“I’m not a slut” I protested but he took his hand away from my pussy and slapped my face very hard, convincing me to stay quiet.“You said I could take what I want and just don’t hurt you…” He kastamonu escort whispered.His hand returned to under my skirt. He ripped off my tiny thong and tossed it aside. Then, unceremoniously, he shoved two fingers into my wet pussy. I yelped but quieted down when he looked at me. “You’ve got a little tight cunt for a whore” He said, shoving his fingers even deeper. I could feel my pussy dripping with excitement as he pumped me…Suddenly he changed his position and his cock was right in front of my face. He was holding my arms down on either side of my body. “Open your slutty mouth, bitch…” He ordered me, as he tried to bury his dick between my red lips.Then I felt him thrusting hard into my throat, his balls hitting my nose. His cock tasted terrible, as he fucked my throat like he would fuck a pussy. As some minutes passed by I hoped this would be all he wanted and would soon leave me alone; but I was wrong.He suddenly withdrew his cock and flipped me over so my face was pressed against the cold concrete. I hated myself for having my pussy so wet but I was a little excited with the rude treat of that dirty homeless man. He pulled apart my ass cheeks and spit on my escort bayan asshole. Before I could react, I felt him trying to shove his hard and big cock head into my ass. I started to scream in pain, because I felt he was so huge. But he pushed my head hard against the ground, scratching my cheek skin.Then he kept pushing and as soon as he had his cock all the way in, he began thrusting. I could feel my ass being ripped open.He pounded my ass hard and I had to admit I liked it. It hurt but was also bringing me pleasure. I was enjoying it moaning very quietly.After a long while of him fucking my ass he pulled out quickly and then I felt he shoved his filthy hard cock into my pussy.“Your slutty cunt is almost as nice as your ass.” He whispered in my ear, as he abused my wet tight pussy over and over, pumping me real hard. I felt my pussy was dripping, a sloppy mess running down my thighs. “Now, bitch, I’m going to make you my cum dumpster” The man said as he picked up speed as he buried his dick deeper. Soon I could feel his hot semen filling my cunt. He pumped a few more times and then he withdrew from my abused vagina. Then he left.I lay there alone on the ground for a few minutes, feeling the homeless man’s cum leaking from my pussy lips. My asshole was very sore.I moved up and walked a few yards to my car. Then I sat down there and my hand reached down, rubbing my clit until I came screaming like a bitch. Yeah… that homeless man was right: I really was a dirty slut.



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