Rusty looked down and watched his dick sliding in and out of Coop’s tight hole. He loved the sight of his dick as it plunged deep into the man. Coop’s dark, black hairs around his hole were gently stroking Rusty’s hard cock. Coop was on his knees, holding himself up with one hand while the other was hooked onto Rusty’s butt. He pulled Rusty deep inside him as they fucked on Cooper’s large bed. With one hand under Coop, Rusty stroked Coop’s hard cock as he fucked him.

Soon, Coop began to moan. His cock was rock hard in Rusty’s hand. Suddenly, Coop grunted and filled Rusty’s hand with his creamy cum. Coop’s asshole gripped Rusty even tighter as the muscle spasms brought Rusty to an extreme climax. Rusty pumped his load into his lover and then they fell together, breathing hard and fast. Rusty brought his cum covered hand to their mouths and they feasted on Cooper’s juice. Then they laid together, silently, for several minutes.

Then Cooper said, “You know, Rusty, when we get to my folks. We’ll have to sleep in separate bedrooms. I know its crazy, but that’s how they are. I still think we should get a hotel room and…..”

Rusty rolled out of Coop’s bed and looked sadly at his naked lover.

“Is something wrong? Cooper asked.

Rusty sighed. “Coop, I can’t come with you this weekend,” Rusty said.

Cooper rolled over and grasped Rusty’s shoulders. “What do you mean?”

“My boss scheduled a meeting. I tried to get out of it, but….”

“Rusty, you have to! My folks want to meet you!”

“I know, man. I’m sorry, truly, I am, but fuck, I can’t go with you this weekend. I’m real sorry. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner but I couldn’t think of a way to tell you.”

“Rusty!” Cooper said then he sighed, “Fuck!” Seconds ticked by. “Rusty, please?”

“Coop, man, I want to go. I truly do.” He put a hand on Coop’s naked chest and nervously toyed with the small patch of black hair between his pecs. “But I HAVE to be at this meeting. Hell, its MY project. I can’t help it if my boss is an asshole.”

“Can’t you do a conference call or something?”

Rusty shook his head. “I suggested that. ‘No’ was the answer.”

“Fuck!” Cooper exclaimed. He got out of bed and went into his bathroom.

Rusty heard the shower start. He sat on the bed and held his head in his hands. “Fuck,” he whispered. He looked up at the picture sitting on the nightstand. Rusty had a copy of the picture on his own nightstand. The picture was of him and Coop taken at Rusty’s birthday party. He and Coop had their arms around each other, both smiling broadly at Scott who had taken the picture. It made Rusty smile, a little.

He got up and went into the foggy bathroom. He pulled back the shower curtain and got in behind Coop who was soaping his broad, muscled back. Rusty felt an erection returning. He gently grabbed the bar of soap from Cooper and rubbed it over Coop’s back and then, his nice round ass. Coop leaned into the water spray and washed the soap from his shoulders. Rusty kissed Coop there. Then he kissed up to Coop’s neck. “I’m sorry,” he whispered into Cooper’s ear. Rusty felt Coop relax against him as Rusty lightly chewed on Coop’s neck and shoulder. Coop turned his head to Rusty and kissed him on the lips. “I’m sorry I got mad, Rusty.”

Rusty ran his hands around Coop’s muscled torso and felt his chest. Coop’s nipples became hard at his touch. “I love you, Coop.” Rusty said as he cleaned the soap from his back and butt.

“I love you, too, Rusty,” Cooper said. Coop leaned his body against the shower wall. He could feel Rusty’s erection against his butt.

Rusty held onto Coop’s body as he pushed himself into Coop. He fucked Cooper against the shower wall as the warm water rushed over their bodies.


Two hours later, at Rusty’s house, Coop said his good-bye’s to Scott and Mary. Rusty walked Coop to his car. They kissed. “I’ll see you on Monday,” Rusty said. “And, again, I’m REAL sorry I cant be with you this weekend.”

“I know Rusty. This thing at work is important for you. We can visit my folks in a couple of weeks. I’ll square it with them.”

“Good. Tell them I’m very sorry and that I’m anxious to meet them, and I truly am. I’m gonna miss you, Coop.”

“I’m gonna miss you, too.” Cooper kissed Rusty again and then he got into his car and started the engine. Then, Coop lowered his window, “I love you, Rusty.”

Rusty leaned into the car and kissed Cooper again. “I’m going to think of you every night when I go to bed.”

“If you do, you’ll never get any sleep,” Cooper said and smiled.

Grinning, Rusty stood up as Cooper backed his car out of the driveway. He waved to him and watched as Cooper’s Mustang drove down the street and turned out of sight. He turned to see Scott standing behind Mary with his arms around her. Rusty walked to them and then, into the house.


It was 2:37 the next morning when the phone rang. Rusty let it ring twice before he sat up to answer it. Then the phone was silent. Assuming Scott had answered it, he rolled over and went back to sleep.

Three minutes later, canlı bahis Scott opened Rusty’s bedroom door and quietly walked to the bed. He turned on the small light on Rusty’s nightstand. He glanced at the picture of Rusty and Coop there. He wanted to cry. However, he softly shook Rusty.

“Rusty, wake up.” Scott said.

“HUh? What?”

Scott sat on the bed. “Rusty.”

“What?” Rusty sat up and saw Scott sitting on his bed, wearing only his boxer shorts. Mary stood just inside the room, clasping a robe around herself.

“Rusty,” Scott began, “I just got a call from the police.”


“There’s been an accident.”

Rusty looked at Scott, not quite sure what Scott meant but his heart froze.

Scott sighed. “I don’t know how to say this so I’m just going to say it.” Scott looked to Mary and then back to Rusty. He tried to gauge how Rusty would react. Finally, he said, “Coop is dead.”


“He’s dead, Rusty.”

Terror ran through Rusty. “What did you say?”

“There was an accident. And….Coop is dead.”

“No! This is a joke, right?” Rusty looked at Mary for confirmation. She shook her head slowly and wiped her eyes with a tissue.

“Its not a joke, Rusty. I wouldn’t joke about this,” Scott said placing a hand on Rusty’s shoulder.

Rusty sat up then. “No fucking way! He can NOT be dead! He’s supposed to come back on Monday! He fucking promised!”

Scott took Rusty in his arms. “I’m soooo sorry, Bro.”

“Oh GOD NO!” Rusty began to cry. Mary came to them and grabbed the brothers in her arms. “OH GOD NO!” Rusty cried out again. Scott and Mary held him as Rusty cried uncontrollably. “NO! GOD PLEASE! NO! OH FUCK, NO! NO! NO! NO!”

Mary and Scott held Rusty as he cried. After several minutes, Scott said, “The police want someone to come and…..ummmmmm……identify the body.”

“What do you mean?” Rusty asked with tears streaming down his face.

“They said he had no identification on him, so someone has to go and identify him.” Scott intentionally left out the part where the officer on the phone described the body as “fatally burned”.

“OH FUCK NO!” Rusty yelled. “That doesn’t make any sense.

“I know, Rusty. But do you want to come with me?”


“I’m going to do it. Mary will stay here with you.” Scott nodded at Mary who sat on the bed with tears in her eyes, too.

“OH MARY!” Rusty grabbed Mary and she held him.

“I’m here, Rusty,” Mary said. “I’ll stay with you.”

“Tell me this is not happening, Mary!” Rusty pleaded with her.

“I wish I could, Rusty. I wish I could.” Mary held Rusty as he sobbed.

“I’m going to get dressed.” Scott said to her. I have to meet the police at the hospital in Jennings.

“Wait Scott,” Mary said.

It was then Scott realized Rusty was in bed and had a blanket around his body yet he was naked. Scott went to Rusty’s closet and grabbed a pair of pants.

Mary pulled away from Rusty and Scott sat down on the bed to hold him. “I’ll wait outside,” she told Scott who nodded.

Mary closed the door and Scott helped Rusty into his pants, holding him close while Rusty sobbed. They went out of the bedroom and Scott handed Rusty to Mary who took him into the living room. She turned on some lights and held Rusty as he sat on the sofa until Scott came into the room, dressed. She got up and met Scott at the door.

“Stay with him, Mary.” Scott said to her and kissed her on the forehead. He pulled on his thick, heavy coat because it was very cold outside and snow was expected.

“I will,” she replied then and whispered in his ear, “Be careful, Scott. He couldn’t handle losing you, too. That goes for me, also.” She kissed him. “I love you, Scott.” She walked with him as he opened the door to the house. He took her into his arms.

“I should have told you this before tonight,” Scott whispered to her. “I love you, Mary.” He hugged her.

“I love you, too, Scott.”

“Rusty….” Scott began. Rusty looked up at him with tears flowing down his face. “I’m so sorry,” Scott said. Now Scott had tears in his eyes. He kissed Mary again and left.

When Mary turned around, Rusty was gone. She went to his bedroom and found Rusty sitting on the bed. He had the picture of him and Cooper in his hands. He was staring at it, crying. “I’ll sit with you,” Mary said and held Rusty as he continued to cry.


Almost five hours later, Mary was sitting next to Rusty on the sofa. He had stopped crying yet sat in shock next to her. Together, they held pieces of tissue they had used to wipe the tears from their eyes. It was then Mary saw headlights blaze across the windows. She left Rusty sitting on the sofa and looked out of the front windows. “Scott is back,” she said. Rusty began to cry again. Mary heard Scott’s truck door closing and went to the front door of the house. She opened it and looked out to see Scott coming to the house. Then she returned to Rusty.

They watched Scott walk into the house. He was smiling. “It wasn’t him. It wasn’t Coop in the car.” bahis siteleri Scott announced.

“WHAT?!” Rusty exclaimed.

Scott walked to them and grabbed Rusty and Mary. “It wasn’t Cooper. It wasn’t him. He’s not dead!”

“WHAT?” Rusty asked again, unbelieving his ears.

Scott hugged Rusty. “It wasn’t Cooper in the car. It was some other guy. Coop’s alive, I guess. The police are trying to contact his folks. It was Cooper’s car, but he wasn’t in the car.”

With relief, Rusty began to cry harder. “PLEASE SAY YOU’RE NOT FUCKING WITH ME!”

“I’m not fucking with you, Rusty. Coop was not in the car!”


“Scott, are you sure?” Mary asked.

Scoot grinned at her and then at Rusty. “I’m fucking sure! It was not Cooper!”

“OH THANK GOD! OH FUCKING THANK GOD!” Rusty yelled. “THANK YOU GOD, THANK YOU GOD, OH FUCKING THANK YOU GOD!” He looked at Scott’s broad smile. “ITS NOT HIM?” Rusty asked, again.

Scott grabbed Rusty and held him face to face. “IT….WAS….NOT…COOPER.”

Rusty’s face dissolved into a grin of complete exhilaration.

“IT WAS NOT HIM.” Scott said one last time and Rusty grabbed Scott and hugged him so tight Scott thought Rusty would break a couple of his ribs.

“So, who was it, then?” Mary asked.

“Yeah, what the fuck happened?” Rusty asked, wiping the tears from his face.

Scott, with his arms around Rusty and Mary, walked into the living room and plopped himself on the sofa. Rusty and Mary sat with him with his arms still around both of them. He looked at Rusty. “They took me to the hospital morgue in Jennings. I never want to go to that place again. Its sooo creepy. There were three DB’s on tables. DB’s, that’s what they call dead bodies. Anyway, they take me to one table and pull back the sheet. I did not want to look but then I did. The dead guy’s face was all crinkly and fried and oh, FUCK, it was gross! I wanted to puke, I swear. But then, fuck me naked, I was like, I don’t think that is Coop.’ So, I looked again real good and said ‘That’s not Cooper’. They asked me, ‘Are you sure?’ And I noticed something on this guy’s shoulder, like a tattoo or something so I said, ‘What’s that?’ And they said its a tattoo. So they pulled the sheet down and I could see the poor bastard on the table had a playboy bunny tattooed on his shoulder.”

“Cooper doesn’t have any tattoos,” Rusty said, excitedly.

“I didn’t think so. I would have noticed before. Anyway, I said, ‘I don’t remember Coop having a tattoo’ and the guy didn’t really look like Coop. I mean he sorta did but it was hard to tell. Rusty, I didn’t tell you before, but they said the guy was badly burned and it was hard to tell, except for the tattoo. So I told them, this ain’t Cooper. ‘This isn’t Mark Dewayne Cooper?’ they asked again and I said ‘No. Its not him.’ I tell ya, I damn near started to laugh, but instead I started…you know…crying and told them again, this is NOT Coop! I don’t know who this guy is, but it ain’t Coop! Then they asked me where Coop’s folks live, what their names are and I didn’t have a clue. You see, the police found our number with your name on it, Rusty, in the Coop’s car. That’s why they called here.”

“Oh, I was wondering about that,” Rusty said, Then, “Coop’s folks live in Derry but I don’t know their names. I was supposed to go with Coop and meet them, but I have to work. Well, *had* to. They can fucking fire me but I’m not going anywhere until I hear from him.”

“Try his cell phone.” Scott suggested.

“I have, like a hundred times. The call won’t go through.” Then Rusty asked anxiously, “Where the FUCK IS HE?” It was then the phone rang. “Oh FUCK!” Rusty jumped up and ran to the phone. He read the call ID. “Its from a hospital?” Rusty said, confused. He hit the “talk” button. “Hello?” he said.


Rusty excitedly looked at Scott and Mary, “ITS HIM! ITS COOP!”

“THANK GOD!” Mary exclaimed and grabbed Scott’s arm.

“I’m not dead.” Cooper said over the phone.

“Oh Coop! Oh my god!”

“I feel fine. I feel happy. Think I’ll go for a walk now.” Coop continued, reciting from the Monty Python movie.

Rusty began to cry as he listened to Coop on the phone. After a few minutes, Rusty began to talk softly into the phone.

“Scott,” Mary began, “let’s go in the bedroom. We should give Rusty some privacy.”

“No, I want to hear this.” Scott said.

“Scott, you come with me!” Mary said. She took Scott’s hand in hers and led him to his bedroom.

“Are we going to knock off a piece while we’re in there?” he asked her, grinning like a school boy.

“Scott James Barber!” Mary chided him. “You better be nice or you’re not going to get ANY for a week!”

“Yeah, right, like you can go a whole week without your Teddy Bear’s big dick!” he said. Scott got slapped on the arm for that comment but ignored it and wrapped his strong arms around her as Mary led them to his bedroom.

Rusty talked to Cooper for a several minutes and then set the phone down on the table. He went to Scott’s room and knocked on the open door. Scott and bahis şirketleri Mary were kissing.

“You guys have to take me to him! Now! You have to take me to him, please?”

“Get dressed, Mary,” Scott said to her, “We have to take Rusty to his man.”

“Yes, of course we should,” Mary said.

Twenty minutes later, the three of them were in Scott’s truck heading for Coop’s parent’s house.

“My boss is going to be pissed because I’ll miss the meeting,” Rusty said. “Fuck him,” Rusty added. “He can fucking fire me and I don’t give a shit right now.”

“Rusty,” Scott began, “who was the guy driving Coop’s car?”

Rusty said, “Coop told me his name is Dave something, I didn’t get the last name. Coop went to high school with him. Coop met with him last night while at his folks. They went out to a bar and Dave hooked up with this chick. Afterward, Dave drove Coop home and borrowed Coop’s car to take the woman home. Around 2am, Dave was on his way back to Coop’s and ran head-on into a 18 wheeler.”

Scott nodded. “That’s what the cops told me. They said the 18 wheeler went out of control and smashed into Coop’s ‘stang. The guy never had a chance.”

“How horrible,” Mary said. Then she continued, “Why didn’t this Dave guy have identification on him? Surely he had a wallet or something?” Mary asked.

“I don’t know,” Rusty said, shrugging his shoulders. “I’m sorry he’s dead but I’m not sorry it wasn’t Coop. They traced Coop by the license plates on his car. When there was no answer at his apartment, the police called our number they found in the car. After Scott told them it wasn’t Cooper in the morgue, they started hunting for Coop’s folks. Coop’s dad woke him up and told them the police were at the door. First, they made sure he was the Mark Cooper they were looking for and then took him to the hospital in Jennings, same as you, Scott. Then they had Coop identify this guy Dave’s body. Then they told Coop you had been there, Scott. That’s when Coop called me. He knew if you where there, you had to have talked to me and also, he knew I would be freaking out. And I was, wasn’t I?”

“Yeah, you were!” Scott said.

“Understandably so,” Mary said. She grabbed Rusty’s hand in her right and Scott’s hand in her left, as she was between them in the truck while Scott drove.

“Rusty, man, I didn’t know what to say to you,” Scott said. “How do you tell someone that someone they love is dead?”

“Geez, Scott, at first, I thought you were just fucking with me. I could not comprehend what you were saying. Its just….I don’t know…it was so surreal.”

They were quiet for a few minutes. Then Mary asked Scott, “Did you mean what you said to me?” Rusty looked at Scott, wondering what she meant.

“When I said I love you?” Scott asked her.

“Yes,” she replied.

“Yes, Mary. I love you.” He looked at her and then back to the road.

Mary looked at Rusty and asked, “Did you hear that?” Rusty nodded to Mary.

“I told you, he did.” Rusty said.

“What? You and him talked about this?” Scott asked. Mary nodded, looking at Scott.

“Yes, she did, Teddy Bear.” Rusty said, teasing Scott then he chuckled.

“Fuck you, Rusty.”

“Fuck you, Scott.”

“Boys!” Mary shouted. Then they all laughed.


Two hours later, Scott’s truck pulled into Cooper’s parent’s driveway. He hit the horn button on his steering wheel a couple of times. Coop appeared in the doorway of the house and Rusty began to cry.

“Oh fuck!” Rusty said and opened his door before the truck came to a halt. He jumped out and ran to Cooper. They hugged tightly and Rusty kissed him. Cooper kissed him back.

Sitting in the truck, Mary’s eye teared and she hugged Scott arm. “This is so sweet!” she said to him. Scott stopped the truck and helped Mary. She ran to Cooper and Rusty, wrapping her arms around them. She was smiling with tears of joy when Scott joined them. Cooper’s parents watched from the open door of their house with their arms around each other. Mr. Cooper held the door while Mrs. Cooper invited Rusty, Scott and Mary into their home, out of the chilling cold. Snow began to fall a few minutes later.


Monday morning, Scott and Mary left Derry for home. They went to Mary’s apartment and spent the day in bed. They made love two times.

Then, they watched television as Mary prepared thier afternoon meal. After they ate, Mary was sitting on the sofa. Scott came to her. He kneeled down on one knee, produced a ring and proposed marriage. With tears in her eyes, Mary said yes, without having to think about it.

They made love again.

About the time Scott was proposing to Mary, Rusty and Coop arrived at Rusty’s house in a rented Mustang. Without a word of discussion about it, they quickly went to Rusty’s bedroom and stripped each other naked. With three days of pent up lust fueling his desire, Rusty nailed Cooper into the bed.

Afterwards, Rusty lay in Cooper’s arms and cried, reliving the thought of losing him forever. Cooper reassured Rusty, over and over, that he would be with him forever while stroking his hair and caressing his body. Rusty took Cooper’s thick, uncut cock into his mouth and sucked him for an hour before coaxing a huge load from Coop’s nuts directly down his throat. Coop fell asleep, soon after.



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