All Grown Up #2 – New Week, New GamesAll Grown Up #2New Week, New GamesDan married Jenny, and they got a deal on her parents’ house. The house came with a history, including a secret passage, and Jenny’s younger sister, Kelly. When Jenny travelled cross-country on business, Kelly confided in Dan, telling him all about the secret cameras she had hidden in their bedroom, but her jealousy had turned to desire, and then to Dan’s seduction. Kelly wants to continue to “borrow” her sister’s husband, and it’s been over a week since Jenny left…Dan woke up in Kelly’s bed, a full-sized mattress, although it didn’t feel full size compared to the four-poster king in his room, his and Jenny’s. It was Sunday, and as promised, Kelly had pulled him into her bed, not his, last night. They had spent the whole night barely sleeping. His sister-in-law, just three weeks away from leaving for college, lay next to him, smiling dreamily, half-awake. They were both naked, and instead of sprawling on the bed, they were snuggled in close.He wondered what the hell he’d gotten into, besides Kelly’s hot young twat. She had come on to him, come on strong, and he felt ashamed he’d given in so easily. Looking down at her, a younger version of his wife who was out of town for over a week now, guilt was overwhelmed by desire, and his morning semi started hardening again, eager to plunge inside Kelly again.She stretched sinuously, reminding him of a jungle cat, and seemingly aware of his lust for her slender, muscular body, deeply tanned save for her breasts and newly shaved pussy, which virtually glowed in the early morning light. Kelly lazily trailed her fingers down his chest, tickling him a little bit when she went over his stomach, and down to the hardening flesh below. She smiled again. “Danny, hard already? I’m so glad I didn’t wear you out.”Dan rolled onto his back, and Kelly, juices already flowing, straddled him, guiding his hard-on into her. As she slid down his shaft, engulfing first his swollen purple head, then the rest down to his groin, she sighed, a contented and accustomed sound, since Dan’s cock had already made its home there as of Friday night, and repeatedly since then through last night.The door to her room was open, and no-one else was home, just them. Kelly loved the delicious wickedness of not only fucking her brother-in-law, not just feeling him enter her and cum inside her soft, trim belly, but also knowing their passionate moans drifted throughout the empty house. If possible, it made her hornier, pretending the whole place was theirs and theirs alone.Dan felt her rock her hips, slowly at first, but more quickly soon after. He had cum four times last night, an impossible number he and Jenny had only achieved once before. The brunette beauty, so like his own Jenny, mesmerized him with her breasts, her hips, her lips, and most of all her eyes. As she picked up speed, Kelly’s sighs built up to moans. “Oh, Danny! Fuck me again, baby!”He really couldn’t help fucking her in that position, and he didn’t resist one bit. Jenny never called him Danny, and usually didn’t even say his name when they fucked. Hearing his name as a diminutive from Kelly was wonderful in a way he couldn’t explain. He planted his hands on her creamy hips, and started thrusting in time to her hips. “Oh, fuck, baby, you feel so good on my cock…” And she did, and he pushed all thoughts of Jenny away. He could feel guilty later, once they finished making love.She laughed. “Not baby. Kelly…” She squeezed her pussy lips and walls around the plunging dick, and looked down at him. “Call me Kelly when you cum, Danny. It makes me cum so hard when I hear you call my name, especially when you fill me with your …cum….” Her voice caught, and started to rise in pitch, and Dan knew she was close to another orgasm.The fact he could get hard again, let alone fuck for a fifth time in less than a day, surprised Dan, and he found himself caught up in the moment, willing himself not to shoot his load just yet. She wanted to be Kelly, not confused with her sister, and he understood and admired it, even as he felt pressure building inside both of them. There was a certain power in the two of them saying their names as they made love, and he privately admitted it was no longer just raw a****l fucking. When she said Danny, it was like a little prayer of thanks for his attentions.Hold on for just a few minutes, he told himself, two minutes more, or one… He started panting with the onset of his orgasm, and gritted his teeth against the inevitable flood. “Ah, fuck… Kelly, I’m coming.”Kelly moaned in ecstasy. “Yes, my name, baby, my Danny. Don’t stop, fill my pussy. Fill my pussy, cum inside me…” She leaned back, still retaining some control, and looked down to see his cock moving in and out of her. “Danny, cum, baby. Cum for me…”With one last thrust, Dan threw his head backwards into the pillow, pushing his hips up and going even deeper into her, raising her up off the tiny bed, just before he felt the steady pulsing of his cock inside her, releasing what little cum he had remaining into her. “Kelly, oh, baby, I’m cumming!” She came at the same moment, a cry of pure joy escaping her mouth at the feel of his spasming dick inside her.She continued to rock her hips, slowing the tempo as she felt Dan’s dick relax and start to shrink inside her. An incredible sensation made her shudder when he pulled out slowly, stretching out the final moment of their latest session. “Ah, fuck, Danny. Fuck! You are so good, Danny!” She leaned, almost flopping, forward onto his chest, and they both felt his cum oozing out of her pussy all over their groins.She kissed him, a little chastely at first, before kissing him full on, her tongue and his dancing in each other’s mouths. Her nipples were still erect, and she rubbed them against his chest hair, moaning at the sensation. “We needed that, Danny.”Dan couldn’t disagree at all. He hadn’t felt this much passion and sheer horniness since he first bedded her older sister Jenny. He started kissing her forehead, and cheeks, and lips slowly, and when she sat up, started tonguing her delicate pick nipples, which stiffened appreciably when he began sucking them. “Fuck, Danny! You’re as horny as I am!” She cradled his face as he continued to kiss and nibble at her tits, and her chest heaved with desire. “That feels so good, my Danny. I need a rest, and you could probably use some ‘down’ time so you can be ‘up’ again later!” She snickered at her own wit, and hugged him tight.Letting go after a moment, she clambered off him onto the rug beside the bed. “Let’s shower, Danny. I want to get clean before we get all dirty and sweaty again later…” Dan opened his mouth to speak, but she was having none of it. “You were going to say we can’t do this again, right baby?“We still have nearly a week before Jenny’s back in your bed. Although, I suppose it’s *our* bed now, too…. I’ve been in love with you for over a year, and I’m not ready to stop borrowing you when she isn’t here to use you herself. Just think how long you’ll be able to last when you fuck her next!”Despite himself, Dan laughed at the thought. How many men could inspire that much joy and love in two women, let alone sisters, he thought. Climbing out of bed himself, he swept her up in a long embrace, and she melted into his arms, kissing and holding him. Then, he hoisted her up naked into his arms, and walked toward the door.“What the hell, Danny?” Her surprise dissolved into a bubbly laugh, pure joy.He cradled her in his arms as he crossed the threshold of her room and into the hall, and started towards the master bed and bath. “I like doing this, Kelly, carrying you to our room, our shower, and washing your back.”Her eyes grew shiny with tears, and she blinked them back. “Fuck, Danny, I love you. And I think you love me just a little bit.”A thought snuck across Dan’s mind, just barely visible in the shadows, and gone in an instant, but he was aware of it nonetheless. Cautiously, he started to speak. “Kelly… Those videos you have of me and Jenny… Are you recording us? While we…”“While we fuck ourselves silly? No! Watching you do it with Jenny is nowhere near as sexy as actually doing it with you. Besides, can you imagine the shitstorm if she ever saw videos of us fucking?” Kelly got a pensive, playful look in her eyes. “Although… You know, it would be kind of cool to watch that in my dorm room, all alone. Playing with myself while watching you taking advantage of me…”She saw his decidedly non-sexy reaction, and was quick to reassure him. “No, Danny, I’m not recording a thing. And no cameras in my room. Wouldn’t that just suck for her to see that!”“For all three of us, Kelly.”“Fuck, Danny, yeah! She might like watching, though, like I do. Maybe I can show them to her sometime, get her to loosen up. And you still haven’t eaten my pussy. I bet she’d watch that!”“Such a bad idea, Kelly.” He shook his head ruefully, understanding her sense of humor, but a little worried about what would happen if his gorgeous wife caught him with Kelly in bed, or the pool, or the backseat of his car, or anywhere else. She smiled to soothe his concerns and remind him she was only joking.They showered and changed, and went downstairs for some breakfast. He made them eggs and toast, and pulled a fresh carton of orange juice out of the fridge. Afterwards, Dan checked his e-mail, although it was still the weekend, and wasn’t disappointed when he saw nothing he needed to deal with from work. In his personal e-mail, Jenny had sent a couple of attachments. He decrypted and opened them, and saw two naked selfies, one full frontal, and one of her crotch, still shaved bare, with her lips spread and two fingers inside. Smiling, he closed and saved them.About an hour later, his cell rang, the reggae beat he used to identify Jenny. Scooping his phone up from the desk, he thumbed it on and brought it to his ear. “Baby?”He was rewarded with a husky moan. “Not too early for you, Dan?”“No…”“Where are you right now?” He heard her inhale, the breath hissing through her teeth.“Study.”“Close the door, baby.”Dan got up and shut the door, locking it, and for good measure drew the curtains. “All closed up, babe.”She moaned quietly, more of an ecstatic groan. “Good. I’m naked in bed, all alone here, thinking of you. My pussy is so wet, baby. I wish I were there, slipping your cock inside of me and fucking you all morning.”Before he answered, he heard a noise at the door, then a soft knock. “Danny?”Aw, fuck, he thought. “Kelly, I’m on the phone with your sister. I’ll be out in a few.” Then into the phone, “That was Kelly.”“Ah. Do you know what I’m doing now, baby?”“Tell me.” Dan’s heart started to speed up, pounding in his chest, and he felt his dick stiffening, even after five orgasms with Kelly the night before. “Tell me all about it, Jenny.”“My middle finger is in my snatch, up to the second joint, and I’m slowly pulling it in and out.” She hissed again. “It feels so good… I wish it were your cock, driving all the way inside me, fucking me, making me cum.” The last word was a drawn-out moan, sensuous and sexy. Dan pictured his wife holding the phone up to her ear while fingering her wet pussy, then saw something out of the corner of his eye.A filmy blouse floated down from the upstairs room, the one with the fireman’s pole, drifting down to the corner of the room. It was followed by a bra that fell more quickly, softly flopping when it hit the floor by the blouse. “Um, huh?”Jenny moaned again, a deep hum that gave way to a sigh. kocaeli escort “Is there something more important going on there? I really want to have your full attention, honey, or I can hang up and come all by myself.”“You have my full attention.” But it was a lie, as he watched Kelly, wearing only her shorts, slide down the pole to the floor. She gave him a wicked, sultry grin, and started to saunter over. Dan marveled again at her lean, trim body, and how much she looked like Jenny had six years ago when they first met, and Jenny herself was eighteen. Her bare breasts, highlighted by the pale skin where she usually wore a bikini top, jiggled firmly with each step. Kelly’s shorts were very, very minimal, and he suspected she wore nothing underneath them.Jenny gave a lustful little whimper, then cooed, “Take off your pants. I want to imagine you naked in your chair, or on the floor. Touch your cock while you talk to me, baby.” He imagined her bare pussy, Jenny’s fingers playing around the lips and inside her. Kelly walked with a sinuous, erotic grace, and stood beside his chair, bare breasts right at eye-level. She gazed at his crotch, and mouthed quietly, “Cover the phone.”“Hold on a second, babe.” Then, louder, as if to the door, “Yes?”She leaned over, incidentally brushing one of her tits against the back of his hand. Into his ear, she breathed a few soft words. “Take off your pants, Danny. Have phone sex with Jenny, and I’ll get you off for real. She never has to know…” Kelly stood up and moved between his knees, petting and stroking his crotch.“Okay,” he called again. “Babe, Kelly’s going out to swim and lay out.”“Mmmm, good. We’ll have some privacy, then. Get those pants off.”“Just a second.” He set down the phone and undid his belt and button fly, then watched as Kelly slid the pants down to his ankles. He was steel hard now, and his breath quivered in his throat as he sat back down, eyes locked with Kelly, who squatted on her heels, legs spread as she fondled her breasts. “I’m back, babe.”“Are you hard?”“Very…hard. I wish you were sucking it.” He said this as much to Jenny as to Kelly, who grinned and ran her tongue from the bottom of his shaft all the way to the tip of his head, before swirling her tongue around it, then gently licking the hole at the very end. Dan gasped in anticipation of Kelly’s coming blowjob.“God, you sound so horny…” Jenny’s words gave a joyously indecent little curl at the end. “Tell me what you’re doing to yourself, how you’re getting off. I’m so fucking wet, baby. I want to cum with you, cum while you tell me what you’re doing…”“I am horny, very horny.” He saw Kelly close her eyes and slip the very tip of his cock into her mouth, pausing a moment before leaning gingerly forward, letting his raging erection slide over her tongue. “Oh, fuck, baby. I’m imagining you sucking my cock…” Kelly opened her eyes, cocked an eyebrow playfully at him, and he felt his cock graze the back of her throat before she started moving back.“Yes, good, I want your cock in my mouth. Fuck my mouth, baby. Pump my mouth full of your cum!” He thought he heard Jenny’s bed creak in rhythm to her fingers thrusting inside her sopping wet, dripping cunt.Kelly looked up, and whispered, “Describe what I’m doing to you.” She started sucking his cock again.“Oh, fuck, baby. My cock is in your mouth, and you’re slowly sucking me off. You’re looking into my eyes, going so slowly it’s driving me crazy. Ah! I feel the back of your throat, and your lips around my rock hard shaft, sucking on me.”“Fuck my mouth, baby! I want to feel your hard, sexy cock go all the way in.” Jenny was almost screaming as she imagined giving the blowjob Dan was actually getting.“How many fingers are inside you?“Just one… Now two… It feels so fucking good, baby!” Her moans were even louder, and he pictured her again, naked on the hotel bed, phone cradled by her ear, two fingers sliding in and out of her. He was close to cumming, and told her so. Told them both so.“Tell me how I’m sucking your cock. Cum in my mouth, fill me up, baby!”“You’re sucking faster and faster. Nnnh! Now you’re running your tongue and lips over just the head. Feels so fucking good! You’re cradling my balls in your hand, and…ah! Licking them, sucking them into your mouth. God damn, you’re good, baby.”“Keep telling me what’s happening!”Kelly winked, and whispered, “Call her name when you cum, Danny. Say Jenny while you cum in my mouth. Do it in me. Do it for her…”“Fuck, Jenny! Oh, I’m so fucking close! I feel it coming out, my jizz, ready to shoot out into your mouth, on your tongue… Oh, fuck, baby!”Jenny moaned again, and the sound of her bed was more distinct. Dan realized she must be jamming her fingers as deep as they could go, fingering her pussy swift and hard. “Cum for me, baby. Fill my mouth!”Kelly started bobbing her head, rapidly exciting the length of his cock, fucking his cock with her lips and tongue. She cut off a moan rising in her throat, and looked up at him, her eyes saying she was ready for his load.“Oh, God, baby! I’m cumming, baby, I’m cumming. Shoot your load down into my tummy, I want to taste that yummy cum.” Even over the phone, she sounded like she was in the room, urgently wanting him in her mouth.“Oh, yes, baby…Jenny! I’m fucking your mouth Jenny, I’m about to cum all over your mouth and face and tits and… Oh, fuck!” Driven nearly mad by Kelly’s loving fellatio, and her eyes locked onto his while she took him into her mouth, it was impossible to last any longer. “Ah, Jenny, I’m cumming, Jenny, I’m cumming!” His cock trembled once, and he looked at Kelly’s tits; her nipples were stiff with desire, and it drove him over the edge.“Oh, Jenny!” His shout rang in the room , semen gushing, pouring out into Kelly’s mouth with each pulse of his quivering member, not as much as the first time she had sucked him off, just days earlier, but still plenty. Kelly leaned back, disengaging from his throbbing pole, and jacked him so that a couple of spurts hit her tits. Kelly rubbed the heady white fluid all over her chest, taking Dan’s still pulsing cock into her mouth for the last bits of cum.“Did you cum, baby?” Jenny’s voice was soft, sultry, and he could almost imagine her mouth filled with his cum, instead of her sister’s.“I did, Jenny. Fuck, you’re good,” he sighed over the phone, but holding Kelly’s lustful, loving gaze with his own. Kelly grinned at him, her lips glazed with white, and she made a show of using her finger to get whatever was on her face into her mouth before swallowing it. She slipped quickly out of her shorts and stood naked before him, massaging some of what had hit her breasts into her pussy, sticking one finger with a gob of cum inside her, and rubbing it all over her clit and slit.Jenny gave him a husky moan. “Fuck, so did I! God, my pussy is so wet. Thank God for housekeeping, I’ll have clean sheets for tonight.” Her breathing slowed and subsided. “It smells like we’ve been fucking all night, Dan. I’m going to have to give you that blowjob for real when I get home. You’re cum tastes so good, even when I’m not there…” Kelly kissed him silently on his cheek, and stood, gathering all of her clothes, and slipped out of the study into the living room, smoothly closing the door, but not before pinching her nipple, and miming a soft “ooh” of pleasure.Dan and Jenny chatted for a little while longer about less consequential things than phone sex, and definitely not the actual sex Dan was having with Kelly, of course. Jenny said she was going shopping today, her first afternoon off since her arrival in Portland. She needed the downtime. It was only seven, an hour after sunrise her time, and she planned to take a long bath to relax and clean herself up after their earlier smutty chat.“And I’m probably going to buy a homecoming gift. Slutty lingerie, probably crotchless, pink and soft. You can fuck me while I wear it, and then help me get it off so I don’t get cum on it…”“It sounds wonderful, Jenny.” The cum on his now flaccid shaft had cooled to a sticky clear mass on his crotch. “Baby, I should really clean up. Cum is dripping onto my chair.”Jenny giggled. “The leather one? You better clean up, then. I love you, babe.”“I love you too, Jenny.” They rang off. Dan stood, then pulled his pants the rest of the way off, and used his underpants to clean the sticky mess off himself, and one or two drops that had slid down to the rich brown leather. Bundling them with his pants, he realized he would have to just get new pants and boxers on, since there was cum on both now.When he stepped outside the study, Kelly was there, beaming, wearing only her shorts. “You were so good in there! She had no idea your fantasy was really happening.”“Were you listening to our conversation after?”“No, Danny. That would be impolite!” She simpered for a moment, pretending to be hurt by the accusation, then giggled. “You were so wicked in there! Pretending to have phone sex while you came in my mouth, and on my tits.” She leered at his naked bottom half. “You’re still wicked, Danny, walking around with your dick out. A girl might think you wanted to keep fucking her…”Danny shook his head. “Kelly, I have to get some rest. We barely slept last night, and I have work tomorrow, if I can get out of bed at all.”“So, you liked the blowjob…”“No k**ding, Kelly.”“So did I. Loved hearing you call her name while thinking of me, and I know you were! I love sucking your cock and letting you cum inside me. I wonder if Jenny likes the taste as much as I do?” Kelly moved forward into his arms. “By the way, sweetie, I closed the blinds. Don’t want any of our nosy neighbors watching me stroll around topless around my brother-in-law. They might get ideas!”They went upstairs, Dan checking before each window to make sure no-one was there to see them creep up to the master bathroom, and into their second shower of the day. Kelly tried to get him up again, but his body was singularly resistant, and his cock only twitched lazily when she soaped it up and stroked him under the hot spray. They toweled off, and Kelly held him tight for a moment. “Danny, I really do love you.”“I love you too, Kelly. A lot.”Back in the bedroom, he pulled on clean boxers, and collapsed on the bed. Kelly crept in beside him, still naked and smelling of a flowery body wash, and snuggled in. They were both snoring within moments.Late afternoon sun sprawled across the bed through the dark wooden blinds. When one shaft of light made its lazy way across his eyelids, Dan woke with a start, and checked his clock. It was four-thirty, and they had slept the day away. Kelly was on her tummy, snoring softly, a contented smile on her lips, and no tension evident anywhere in her body.Dan got out of bed and crept into the bathroom and shaved, which he’d forgotten to do all weekend, thanks to his sister-in-law’s insatiable hunger. She had shaved her pussy again last night before leading him to her bed. He came out and walked over to her side of the bed, where she was still face down, and a roguish smile spread over his face.He put his left hand between her thighs, and slowly moved them apart, just enough room for his hand to reach her soft, warm pussy. Dan started stroking the smooth, velvety skin at her crotch, outside her pussy, and stroked her lips before letting his middle finger rest at the top of her pussy, where he started to rub her clitoris in a languid oval. His finger moved under the clitoral hood, and around to its base, and he rubbed her there for a couple of minutes, until she sighed kocaeli escort bayan in pleasure, still not yet awake.He retreated from her clit, sliding his middle and index fingers down through the growing wetness, spreading her lips and tracing around the beautiful entryway there. Kelly moaned now, still sleeping, but leaving her dreams soon. Dan slipped both fingers gently inside, just a little bit, and began to work them back and forth, in and out of the warm slickness in her hole. “Oh, Danny,” she breathed in her sleep, and he felt her legs spread further apart.Now he penetrated her all the way, putting both fingers almost up to his palm, and pulled them almost all the way out. Still moving slowly, he started to fuck her with his fingers, pushing them all the way in, then drawing them almost all the way out. “Fuck me Danny,” she sighed, her eyes still closed, but her hand clenched a fistful of pillow, tightly.Picking up speed, Dan pistoned his fingers in and out of her tender young twat, and heard her breathing pick up speed and depth. Her eyes flickered open, and, still half-asleep, she mumbled, “Danny? Oh, that feels wonderful…” Her juices were dripping on the sheets, starting to soak them, and Dan felt his fingers sloshing in the thick, warm fluid. “Ah, fuck baby… Make me cum, Danny. Make me cum…”Dan felt the walls of her pussy contract around his fingers, once, then again, and then in a regular rhythm as her orgasm began. He grabbed her petite ass with his right hand, palming her buttocks, then squeezing them in time to her pussy walls. “Oh, fuck! Danny! Fuck me baby!” She lifted her face off the pillow, and her eyes closed again, screwed shut, and her mouth opened in a low, rapidly rising moan. Her whole body shook with the orgasm, and then the next, and the next. Her juices came in waves, drenching his fingers and his hand all the way to his wrist, and still more kept coming, before the vaginal tidal wave began to subside.Kelly lay quivering on the bed, gasping for air, then turned over and seized Dan, clutching him tight to her. “Oh, fuck, Danny! That was so wonderful how you woke me up. Even your fingers fuck so good.” She exhaled shakily. “I’ve never cum so hard before, and so long. I’ve never seen you do that with Jenny… I wasn’t prepared for it.” The words tumbled out of her, almost as quickly as the flood of pussy juices moments ago. “Did you ever do that with her? Wake her that way?”“No, just you, Kelly.”“Thank you, Danny. I love you.” She had stopped quivering, mostly, and put her head against his chest, relaxing into him, holding on quietly and firmly. Then, “The sheets are so wet, baby. Just soaked. We should change them before we go back to bed.”He smiled. “There’s always our other bed, in your room.”“Our other bed. I like that. No, we need this all cleaned up so we have options.” She let go of him and started to get off the bed. “God, Danny, I’m still so wet, like a bathtub down there.” Wonder in her voice, she asked, “Did that really come from me?”“You squirted baby, probably for the first time.”Looking seriously at him for a moment, she repeated, “Squirted. I’ve read about that, but I really didn’t think it was real.” She put her hand in the pool of her juices, and sniffed it on her fingers before tasting it with the tip of her tongue. “You need to make me do that again, Danny. Did you ever make Jenny squirt?”“A couple of times. Very hot when she does it. And when you do it, Kelly.”She slid her feet off the mattress to the floor, still holding his hand. “Danny, we’re going to need another shower, or at least a good handwashing for you!” She led him to the bathroom, turned on the shower, stripped him and washed his hands before moving on to other parts.They enjoyed some dinner while the sheets were drying, and chatted about very little while they watched a movie neither one remembered the next morning. In the master bedroom, they made love just once, slowly and gently, before falling asleep for the night.The next day, Dan worked downstairs, and Kelly split her time between the pool, sunbathing, and reading. They kept to themselves while the sun was out, perhaps worried someone, some neighbor, might see them rutting like a****ls, even though they took care to be fully clothed outside the master bedroom. There was no repeat of the blowjob in his study, or anything else, and Kelly didn’t slide down the pole again that he saw.Up through Wednesday night, they slept in Dan and Jenny’s bed, making love at the beginning of their sleep, and entwined in each other’s arms through the night. Jenny herself called each night, too exhausted to do more than explain how awful her day was, and how eager she was to sleep in her own bed, sex or not. She and Dan talked for about ten minutes each time and told each other how much they loved each other at the end of each call.Jenny also called Kelly every other night or so, maybe feeling guilty about abandoning her sister at the house so close to her first semester at college. They actually talked longer than Jenny did with Dan, which he was fine with.Thursday was different.Kelly was by the pool again, this time naked in the noontime sun, hoping for one last wonderful night with her Danny before returning him reluctantly to her sister. He did, after all, belong to Jenny, but she still felt some proprietary interest in him. He had been wonderful to her the past two-and-a-half weeks, not, she smiled to herself, that she’d given him much chance to ignore her.“Aw, fuck!” Dan’s voice wasn’t so much a bellow as a shout, angry and hurt. Kelly pulled her sundress on, and stepped into the kitchen, shutting the door behind her. She heard Danny talking crossly, but didn’t hear any details, just his voice with an uncharacteristic undercurrent of fury. Tiptoeing up to the door of his study, she still couldn’t catch any words.“Not happy, baby.” A pause. “I know it’s not your fault, sweetie, you’re just really good at your job. Not fair for them to…” Another pause, and she heard a distinctly feminine, very familiar voice on the other end. “No, I suppose not. Fuck. I’ll change the reservations. Yeah, I was going to surprise you with a getaway next week. Uh-huh. Bed and breakfast near Charlotte, a few days together… Uh-huh. I know, baby, I know.“No, she’s fine. Look, I’ll tell her. She’ll be disappointed but… Okay, will do. Sorry, baby. I know this isn’t your fault, it’s just frustrating. Okay. I love you, Jenny. ‘Bye.” He looked over to see Kelly standing mutely, almost timidly at the doorway. She just looked at him, and didn’t speak.“Kelly, Jenny’s going to be in Portland another week, maybe two.”“I leave for school on the first! That is so not fair!” She resisted the urge to stamp one foot, but felt a little let down, even betrayed by Jenny not being there.Dan looked back. “They promoted her. Assistant VP of Operations. Joe is especially happy with her work in Portland. It’s a good thing, she’ll get a bump in pay, but they need her out there a while longer than we expected, any of us.”Kelly stepped into the room, and put her arms around Dan. “I’m so sorry, Danny. I mean, happy for Jennifer’s promotion, of course,” she added rapidly, giving him an extra tight squeeze. “It must suck to have her so far away for so long. I’ll keep taking care of you until she gets back, though.” He expected her to give him her usual lustful grin, but she just held him, the side of her face buried in his chest. He returned the embrace, and they stood there for a while, just holding each other.Kelly eventually broke the silence. “Hey, Danny, no-one can see into the backyard, right?”“No, solid wall, lots of trees, but you know that.”“Let’s lie out for a while. Naked. It would be so relaxing, and sunlight on my skin makes me so horny when I’m naked.”“Kelly, don’t most things make you horny?”She gave him a swat on his chest. “No! I mean, only a few things. You naked, us naked, us naked and showering, the thought of your cock inside me, feeling you cum in my mouth, your hands all over me, waking up next to you…” She laughed. “See, you’re the only thing here that gets me horny.”She slipped her sundress off, and dropped it to the floor. “Well, I’m going to be sunning myself all over while you work. Don’t wait too long, Danny.” She stroked the side of his face. “If you’re too long, I may just pretend you’re in me, and get myself off without you. Of course, that will probably get me even hornier.”Turning towards the kitchen door, she beamed at him, inviting and knowingly. “Come out soon, Danny.” She swept out of the kitchen and sunk down out of his view.He stepped out about three hours later, wearing swim trunks as a precaution. Kelly lay back on the lounger, still naked and gleaming with suntan oil. Her phone was to her ear, while she chatted away with whoever it was. She glanced over at Dan, and mouthed the word “off”, nodding to his shorts, and lay back again.Dan saw nobody around, no eyes peering impossibly through the solid brick barrier surrounding the pool, and slid the trunks off, placing them nearby just in case. “Yes, Jenny, he’s right here. No, he’s been in his office all day. Reading and sunning myself. No, nice weather. Yes! I’m being very careful not to get burned.“Yeah, he told me. Great news on the promotion, Jen! Yeah, that does suck. He misses you a lot. So do I. Yup. Okay, here he is.” Kelly’s eyes had a mischievous twinkle in them. “Dan, Jenny wants you!” She settled her eyes on his cock, and smiled with pure lust. “Yeah, on my phone.”Dan felt his face redden, embarrassment and desire warring for control. He took the phone from Kelly, and frowned at her. She stuck her tongue out, then leaned over and quickly licked the end of his dick before he could stop her.“Jenny. Yes. I’m kind of over it, and it is a great opportunity. Yes, I miss you a lot, just like Kelly told you. If nothing else, you should take a couple of vacation days to come home. Baby, Kelly’s right here… I want to do that too, Jenny. Okay, bye.” He hung up, and turned to Kelly. “Talk about wicked!”Unrepentant, Kelly folded her arms over her chest, careful to keep her breasts in full view. “You so deserved that, Danny! I bet she said she wanted you in bed.”“More or less, yes.”She smiled, her suspicions confirmed. “Let’s just relax for a while. You’re done for the day, aren’t you?”“With work, yes.”Kelly favored him with an lascivious smirk. “Later, my love.”The sun crept below the trees, and they started getting a little chilly in the shadows. He grabbed his trunks and put them on, feeling a little odd since there was no-one else to see him but Kelly, but not taking any more chances. She followed him, naked, and went to the sundress still pooled on the floor. Pulling it over her head, she savored the feel of the fabric sliding past her erect nipples and down her back and ass. Closing the door, she reveled in the feeling of freedom and lust coursing through her.“So, Kelly. Are you horny, or extra horny?”“Regular horny. I behaved myself outside. My fingers only smell like suntan oil. You can check if you like, just to keep me honest.”Dan waved his hands in mock surrender. “No, Kelly, I believe you.”“Good, because I think you do well enough with regular horny. I’m going to shower and get this stuff off me. I’ll be back down, Danny.”“Wear something nice, Kelly. I feel like going out to dinner.”“Like a date? You’ve already had me a few times, so don’t feel like you have to impress me with anything but your cock and tongue and very kissable lips…”“Not a date, not so anyone else can tell. You’re still izmit escort my sister-in-law, and I don’t want any tongues wagging when they see us out.”“Yours is the only tongue I want wagging…”She came down about thirty minutes later, in a nice blouse and slacks, no jewelry, and very little makeup. “Not a date, right?”He had changed in the master bedroom while listening to her shower, and wore a polo shirt and a pair of khakis. “Not a date, but you look nice, Kelly.”“So do you Danny. I’ll behave myself, don’t worry. No blowjobs under the table, or caressing your dick while we drive. I’m the perfect, demure sister-in-law, a lady all the way.” She stepped close in to him, and pressed her breasts against his shirt, while she looked into his eyes. “Once we’re home, I’ll be your perfect little fuckbunny, but no-one outside will ever suspect…”“Do you mean…fuck buddy, Kelly?”“No, I’m your horny little rabbit, raring to go. Besides, we’re not buddies, we’re lovers, and I’m kinda family, right?” She kissed him quickly on the lips, and headed towards the door to the garage before he could answer.Dinner was at a small family diner in town, and he ordered sliders, which they split, and two green salads. One of Kelly’s friends saw them and dropped by the table. Charlotte was a vivacious, outgoing blonde whose tight, fuzzy yellow sweater and tighter jeans practically screamed her availability to select males in the diner.Charlotte sat without being invited, joining them for coffee and conversation after their meal. Kelly seemed to be comfortable, and they all chatted for an hour or so, before Kelly made their excuses. They paid and left.In the car, Kelly turned to Dan as they pulled out of the lot. “So, what did you think of her? Of Charlotte?”Carefully neutral, he replied. “She seemed nice enough.” Her name had reminded him he needed to change the B&B reservations in her namesake town.She snorted. “Nice. Her nickname is Charlotte the Harlot, like that old Iron Maiden song you like. If I hadn’t been there, she would have offered you a nice lapdance, and probably sucked you off on the way home.” Then she laughed. “She has no idea we’re lovers. Inviting her home with us would have shocked her, a nice threesome, me and my brother-in-law and her.”Dan laughed too. “I doubt she could keep up with you, my little fuckbunny. Also, I think I’m partial to shaved pussy. She didn’t look like a shaver.”Kelly’s laugh dissolved into an infectious giggle. “In the showers, she was so proud of her body and her golden yellow bush, not brown or black like the other blondes’. No way she’d shave it, but she might braid it!” She started laughing so hard she couldn’t speak most of the way home.Kelly’s laughter had subsided to a couple of snickers by the time they pulled into the garage five minutes later and went inside. Dan closed the garage and went in after her, closing and locking the door. He turned, and Kelly was standing, clad only in her panties and socks. She stepped close in and opened her mouth for a kiss, her velvety tongue sliding into his mouth, and they stood there kissing for several minutes before she pulled back.Only a couple of lights were on downstairs, and the one light over the kitchen stove. The sun had just set on the way back, and ruddy light came through the windows over the kitchen table. She took his hand and led him over to the mahogany dining table. Backing up to its middle, she hopped up and set her bottom on it, before lifting her hips and whipping the panties off, depositing them on the table next to her. She lay back on the table, her knees up and spread, her heels at the edge of the table. “Come to me Danny. Leave your clothes on and come to me.”Dan walked over, moving one of the chairs over between her legs. “Dessert now, Kelly?,” he teased her.“Yes Danny. I want you to eat my pussy. You didn’t do it Saturday night, and I’ve sucked your cock plenty of times. I deserve your tongue on me.” She sighed with desire. “And in me, my Danny. Make love to me with your tongue.”Sitting near the edge of the table, he leaned into her crotch, fragrant with her scent mingled with the soap from her third shower, as well as a faint hint of the tanning oil from earlier. He kissed her on the pussy lips first, then trailed the tip of his tongue up and down the lips on either side of her slit. Kelly moaned audibly. “Fuck, Danny, you’re teasing me…”After a few minutes, he parted her lips with his thumbs, licking her slit now, running his tongue up to the base of her clit, and down to the bottom of her pussy, first with the top, then the bottom of his tongue tip. Jenny called it his paintbrush technique, and it always excited her. Kelly was just like her in that way, and Dan felt her juices starting to flow in earnest.Slick, sweet fluid dripped out of her pussy, onto the dark wood of the table. Kelly moaned again, this time louder and longer. “Danny, keep doing that. It’s wonderful…” Still clothed, he put his arms underneath her legs, settling his hands on either side of her pussy, spreading her hips, and started to lick slower and deeper while still avoiding her clit for a little longer.He put his tongue into her pussy, keeping it out and stiff, moving his head in a steady rocking motion, fucking her with his tongue. Kelly’s hips started to move in time to his thrusts, and she moaned again through closed lips, breathing only through her nose, her chest heaving with each inhalation for several minutes, before whispering, “Oh, Danny, I love you. Don’t stop, baby, don’t stop!” Her trim belly started to shake, and she grabbed the sides of his face with both hands.The orgasm tore through her, and her juices flowed out in waves, driven by the spasms at the core of her body, gushing into Dan’s face and mouth, and spattering on his shirt and cheeks. He kept licking, and moved finally up to her clit, which had swollen in desire as soon as he started. She bit back a scream as he licked around her clit, slowly, agonizingly pushing her further along, another orgasm building inside her even as the first one ebbed.“Ah, fuck, baby. Keep going, keep going, keep going.” She encouraged him, and stroked his hair as he licked her towards the next climax. He stopped licking for a moment, and sucked on the little nub of flesh, taking it into his mouth and out again several times. He felt her belly tense, and another storm of hot juices washed out of her, drenching his face and shirt anew.Dan took one of his arms from around her hips, and inserted one of his fingers into her soaked cunt. He moved it in and out of her in time to the dutiful ministrations of his tongue, her throaty moans urging him on. “Baby, oh God, baby…. Oh, fuck, Danny… Don’t stop, my wonderful man. Don’t you dare stop!”Her third orgasm was accompanied by a soft shriek, bitten back before it shook the windows, and more hot juices flooded out of her. After her fourth orgasm, she begged him to stop, and after the fifth, she was done, spent, barely able to get off the table and into his lap. She held him hard, as much from the lightheadedness after what she’d just experienced as from the fact she didn’t trust her legs to hold her up, let alone give her the strength to walk. “Danny, I need some water. God, my pussy and tummy are cramping.”He stood up, letting her straddle the chair with her legs on either side of its back. He brought back a sports drink for her. “Packed with electrolytes. It’ll help with the cramping.” She drank it down in two gulps, and put her forehead on the chair’s back.“So that’s what that feels like. No wonder Jenny likes it so much.” She looked up at him and grinned with weary happiness. “Fuck, Danny, your shirt is soaked.”“That’s all you, Kelly. So is my face and tongue.” He pulled the shirt off, and dropped the sodden fabric on the floor, where it landed with a wet sound.“Baby, when I came… I love sucking your cock, Danny, love the taste of your cum. I love to swallow it, but a lot of girls talk about spitting it out, or just jacking a guy off on her tits, or in her hands. But I love swallowing cum. Does that make me some sort of pervert?”He stroked the side of her face with one damp hand. “No, not at all, Kelly. Some women like it, some don’t. Have you ever…”She shook her head emphatically. “I told you no, you’re the first cock I sucked. I think I love it because I know Jenny loves it, loves the taste and sharing it.” She went quiet for a moment, then, with paradoxically shyness. “Danny?”“Yes?”“When I squirted in your mouth…did you swallow any of it.”He smiled and dropped to his haunches, looking straight into her eyes. “Yes. What else would I do with it? And I like how you taste, too.”Kelly grabbed him by at the back of his neck and pulled his mouth to hers. She opened her mouth and he reciprocated, their tongues meeting and entwining as she tasted her juices in his mouth. They kissed for a long time.When she came up for air, she gave him a loving look. “I taste pretty good, don’t I, Danny?” He nodded in assent, and she chuckled. “I prefer your cum to mine, though.” She started kissing him again, slow and sensuous over the back of the chair, then standing up and pulling him against the full length of her body. She felt the puddle of pussy juices soaking through her socks as she stood holding Dan, and didn’t care.“I think we need a mop, Kelly.” She nodded in assent, and pulled the sponge mop out of the closet. Dan sponged off the table and the chair, then used some furniture polish.“Danny, do you think anyone’s had sex on that table before?”He paused mid-wipe, before saying simply, “Yes.”“Please tell me it was you and Jenny!” He didn’t say anything for a moment, just smiled. “Oh, fuck, not Mom and Dad? That’s…ew! If you ever want to turn me off, just mention my parents on the… Ew, no!”Chuckling, he finally answered. “Jenny and me. We fucked on top of the table last year. Twice. Didn’t eat her out, though, so that’s new. Don’t know about your parents, but it is fairly sturdy…”Kelly threw his soaked shirt, catching him square in the chest with a splat. “Not funny, Danny!” She tried to be pissed, but she couldn’t hold it for long, and burst into a laughing fit. “I may never eat eggs again!” She rushed into his arms and held onto him while she calmed down.“I think it’s all cleaned up, Kelly.”“True, but we’re not done for the evening. It’s barely nine. You head up first, Danny. I’ll follow in a few minutes, after I put everything away.”True to her word, it was only a little while before she stepped out of the hallway and into the master naked, carrying her clothes under one arm. She winked at Dan, and went down the hall to drop her clothes on the floor of her room. Returning, she slid into bed next to him, running her fingers down his side to reassure herself he was naked, which she confirmed with a happy little noise.Hugging him tight, arm flung across his chest, she said, “Danny, I have three more things to tell you. One, I love you very, very much.” She kissed him on the cheek, before kissing him down his neck and onto his chest.“Two, I know this can’t go on after Jenny gets home. It wouldn’t be fair to her, and after all I said I was only borrowing you, not stealing you for myself.” She continued to kiss lower on his body, and felt his burgeoning erection between her breasts, growing towards her neck and mouth. Dan’s breathing picked up, his desire, his need for his sister-in-law’s hot, sexy body echoing in the room.“Third, we have a whole ‘nother week to get this out of our systems, and I’m starting you off with a strict regimen of blowjobs, pussy eating, and loud, happy fucking.” Kelly, her face now down below his waist, licked his hard-on from his balls to just south of his head. Just before she popped it into her mouth, she said, “Starting now, my Danny.”



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