(Here we all are for the third installment of John and Sharon’s sexual depravities. As you may or may not know, they have fucked like animals, and opened up to each other. Lets find out what’s been happening in there little world.)

It’s been 4 months since I first met Sharon at the sea terminal that morning, and the last 4 months have been the best of my life!! Sharon has opened my eyes to so many things, and she has taught me to be the person I really am. To drop the act for other people, to throw my mask away so to speak. She has introduced me to things I never thought possible, things that I thought would have turned me off, but said things have turned me on even more. Sharon to me is like viagra to an impotent man, I see her and I feel my heart swell with love and affection, and at the same time I feel my cock fill with blood. I’ve never felt this way about a woman before, and Sharon feels the same. I believe her. Don’t get me wrong, what we have is more than sexual, we have a bond between us, I’m not sure what it is or even how it came to be. There is defiantly something about us though that makes people turn and mutter good things. Everyone I know seems to be green with envy, at how close we are after such a short amount of time.

We have done a lot since meeting, holiday’s together, (ha, we caught our boat this time) Sharon moved in with me last month, so we have been christening every room in the house. We have only been separated at work, everywhere else we are together, we have our friends round for dinner and parties. Our lives have changed ten fold, and it is of the best kind of change. Love shines from us like a radiant glare of light, lust permeates the air where ever we go. We are like charged atoms just waiting for a detonator of some kind to cause us to react. That detonator might be anything, if I touch Sharon in a certain place her juices gush from her pussy to soak her crotch. I touch her as much as possible, ha.

Shortly after our first bout of love making, which lasted all day and most of that night, we started experimenting with each others bodies. Seeking out each others soft spots, and erogenous zones. We had so much fun, especially when we found out that we are both heavily into the fetish scene. I say heavily but what I mean is, we have both dabbled in fetishism over the years, and enjoy it immensely. Now though, we have each other to enjoy it with, and that has made it all the more better and satisfying.

I’d like to tell you about our first night out together, it was the weekend after we met and we decided to go out on the piss. Drink loads, have a dance and a great time, go home and screw like animals, Ha! That was the plan anyway, but plans have a tendency to go horribly wrong.

“You look fantastic!” I tell her. Sharon is stood in front of me in a close fitting red dress, straps on her shoulders that barely do the job of holding her gorgeous tits inside the garment. The dress is short and sexy, when she bends over I can see the tops of her hold ups, and my cock reacts accordingly to this sight. We fuck before we leave, Sharon doesn’t bother to clean her pussy of my warm cum, she prefers to feel it drip out of her and into the gusset of her red velvet thong!

As for me, well. I’m dressed in my black trouser and shirt, and I throw on my duster coat for better effect. I have to admit Sharon is right when she tells me I look “well fuckable”.

We grab a taxi and head off to the local night spot, we get in and it’s heaving. Bodies mash against each other, hands grope blindly. It kind of pisses me off that every man in the club seems to be touching my girlfriend up, but she’s having fun, so I let it go. We drink and dance, drink some more, and dance till I feel like my legs are made of lead. We meet some of our friends in the club, and while Sharon is dancing with one of her friends I’m at the bar getting more drinks. Threes a crush at the bar and I find myself trapped between the bar and a woman of about 30 years of age.

“Bloody busy in here to night my love” She shouts in my ear. Shouting is the only way to be heard with the music being so loud.

I look down at her and shout back, “to fucking busy for my liking” She smiles and winks at me, I have to laugh, although I haven’t got a clue casino şirketleri what I’m laughing at. What surprises me more is the fact that she is laughing as well.

“I’m Joyce, but my friends call me Joy” She offers me her hand, and I shake it. “Hiya Joy, I’m John, but my friends call me John” I wink at her and she smiles at me.

“Is that your girlfriend you came in with?”

“Sure is Joy, my pride and joy, Joy” I laugh at my pun, and she looks at me and shakes her head, smiling.

“She is one beautiful woman, you make a great looking couple. I bet she fucks like a nymph” Her eyes stay steady on mine as she says this, I just laugh.

“Believe me, Joy, she does. Very passionate woman is my Shaz, just what I like” I give her a wink, and a smile. She says goodbye and off she goes back to her group of friends. I manage to work my way to our table and had the drinks out, then I sit next to Sharon and I tell her all about Joy.

“Maybe she’s bi and fancies a three some with us” Sharon says this with a very wide grin on her face. “What do you think baby, should we proposition her, I’d love to lick a woman’s pussy, and have you fucking her mouth at the same time, mmmm, I can feel my pussy getting very wet just thinking about it” She grabs my hand and pulls it up her skirt, she pulls her thong aside and my middle finger slides instantly into her well greased honey pot. She moans into my neck as she nibbles the flesh, and I hear her gasp as I add another finger. “I’m going to cum John, don’t stop” I don’t stop, instead I rub her clit fast and I bring her off, she bites into my neck to stop herself from screaming out, and I grit my teeth against the pain. I can feel her juices pulsing out of her pussy and running down my hand. When her orgasm subsides she takes my hand and sucks all my fingers clean, then she rubs my hard cock through my trousers, and kisses me, her tongue pushing deep into my mouth. I can taste her pussy on her lips, and it is divine, like a taste of heaven on her perfect mouth.

“I’m going to see if she fancies coming home with us, you don’t mind do you baby”? Sharon asks, as she straightens her dress and stands up to go.

“Not at all love, as long as you don’t mind my cock being inside another woman’s cunt”

“Oh John, I can’t wait to see it” She kisses me hard, and ten she walks over to Joy at her table.

I don’t know even to this day what Sharon said to Joy, but whatever it was worked, because they both came walking back to me and Sharon told me we were leaving. So I rang a cab and we waited five minutes for it to show up, in the mean time the three of us were chatting and laughing. The cab arrives and we all jump in the back together, I’m wedged in the middle of these two beautiful ladies. Must be my lucky night I think to myself. I can feel there hands on me, teasing my nipples and rubbing my cock through my trouser. I’m in paradise as I feel two mouths go to work on my sensitive neck, there tongues licking and sucking gently. teeth nipping and then kissing the pain away, I turn my head and my lips meet Sharon’s, she opens her mouth and I push my tongue in, running the tip over her teeth, breathing her hot breath. I can still taste her pussy on her lips from earlier.

The cab drops us of at the bottom of my road, and we three walk the rest of the way. Sharon dodges into a back lane gasping that she is bursting for a piss. I smile as I follow her, I watch as she pulls her thong aside and stands with her back against the wall. I stand beside her, and I run my fingers over her smooth wet pussy lips, she shivers as I rub her hard little clit. “Oh god John, your gonna make me cum if you carry on like that” she pants.

“I know I am, but I want you to piss on my hand as you cum” I smile and kiss her.

She looks at me and smiles, then I push a finger into her hot wet hole, and she moans. It doesn’t take long to bring her off, and as she cums moaning and wailing, she lets her piss flow. It shoots from her pussy and covers my hand, I moan as I feel the wet warmth dripping from the heel of my hand. Joy is standing in front of us, she has her hand down her trousers and is playing with her pussy, bringing herself off watching us. Sharon’s flow subsides, and I pull my fingers from casino firmalari her cunt, I hold my dripping hand up to her mouth and without hesitation she sucks and licks her pussy juices and piss from it. My cock is straining in my trousers now, and I’m keeping one eye on Joy, as she gets closer to her orgasm. Her hand is working away furiously inside her trousers, and she is moaning and gasping, I smile and walk over to her. I undo the buttons on her blouse and spread it open, I start kissing her tits through her bra, feeling her hard nipples on my lips even though the material. I bite down on Joy’s left nipple, as Sharon bites on her right nipple. Joy gasps, the sensations in her tits giving her untold pleasures. I suddenly stop and tell them that we’d best be getting to the house before we end up fucking right there in the lane. The ladies giggle and walk ahead of me, and I’m treated to the sight of two perfect asses wiggling in front of me.

We reach the front door, and Sharon and Joy are tonguing each others mouths. They are definitely enjoying themselves, I think, as I was joy squeeze my girlfriends pert little ass. I open the door and usher them in, checking the road to see if anyone might have seen us, I can’t have my neighbors getting the wrong idea about me, Ha!!

We’re barely in the front door before Sharon and Joy are wrestling each others clothes off, Joy has gotten Sharon’s dress pulled up over her head, and Sharon is stood in front of us in just her thong. Joy grins to herself and lowers her mouth to Sharon’s pert tits, sucking and licking her sensitive nipples. Her hands traveling down Sharon’s back until they reach her ass, Joy cups Sharon’s ass in her hands and squeezes roughly, making Sharon gasp with pleasure.

I undress behind Joy, and Sharon is looking at me, staring and nodding, letting me know it’s ok to do anything I want. I smile and finish undressing until I am stood behind Joy totally naked. I walk up behind her and cup her very firm ass in my hand as I slowly stroke my stiff member, I run my hand between her legs and cup her pussy. She feels very hot and very wet. I stand up and reach around her to undo the buttons on her blouse, I spread it open and pull it off her shoulders, I then unhook her bra and throw that on the floor with the rest of our clothes. Joy moans as I slide my hands up her smooth skin until I am cupping her breasts in each hand. Gently teasing her already hard nipples, and pushing my hard cock in between her legs. Joy kicks her shoes of and undoes the button on her trousers, I slide the zip down and I drop to my knees behind her, wanting her ass in my face as it is slowly uncovered. I pull her trousers down and off, her perfect ass staring me in the face, covered in only a very flimsy G-string. I smile to myself and spread her ass cheeks, I then run my wet tongue all the way down her ass crack until I can taste the tangy juices leaking from her cunt. She’s wet, and is in desperate need of an orgasm, I literally rip the thin strip of material of her, hearing it tear she gasps and moans, I then bury my face in her ass, my tongue seeking her pussy and slipping in easily.

Sharon mean while is sucking and squeezing Joys tits, pinching her nipples, and licking every inch of flesh she can. Licking all the way down to Joys wet pussy, where she uses her fingers to spread Joys hairless lips, and exposes her swollen clit. Sharon doesn’t waste any time, her tongue is straight out of her mouth and all over Joy’s little clit. Joy almost cums on the spot from having two expert tongues working on her pussy and ass hole at the same time. I can feel her juices running quite freely from her wet gash, all over my mouth and chin. I push my thumb into her slick ass, and two of my fingers into her slicker pussy, Joy’s howls of ecstasy tell me to carry on, so I fuck both her holes with my fingers as Sharon sucks and nibbles Joy’s clit.

“Holy fuck, I’m going to cum…..Jesus don’t stop” Joy almost screams as her first orgasm rips through her with no remorse. Her knees almost buckle under the force of her orgasm, and I rest my shoulder under her ass so she can lean on me. Her screams and howls are louder than even Sharon’s, and Sharon is still eating joy’s cunt. Joy finally pushes Sharon away saying “I need güvenilir casino to eat your pussy while his big cock fucks my cunt”. Sharon smiles and lays down on her back, as joy gets down on all fours. Joy wastes no time and buries her face in Sharon’s dripping pussy straight away. I look down at Joy’s upturned ass, and I feel my cock twitch in my hand, I kneel behind her and bury my face in her ass once again. My tongue sliding easily into Joy’s asshole which I stretched with my fingers not long before. She moans and groans as my tongue goes to work, I slide a finger into her well greased pussy and bring her to the brink of orgasm then stop, I position myself behind her, and I run the bulbous head of my cock along her wet slit. She lets out a long guttural moan as she feels my cock, the she almost screams as in one swift stroke, I have buried my thick cock into her dripping pussy. I pull al the way and then slam back in.

“Oh yes John, fuck my cunt hard and fast, treat me like a slut, fuck me like an animal!!!” Joy moans as I slowly build up a fast pace.

I look over Joy’s head and into Sharon’s eyes, she is squirming about on Joy’s face as Joy’s mouth brings her closer to orgasm. “Joy, stop. I want to lick you pussy while my mans cock fucks you” Sharon gasps, short of breath. Sharon moves under Joy so that her pussy is directly under Joy’s mouth. I feel Sharon’s tongue on my shaft as I slide in and out of Joy. Joy mean while has gone back to work on Sharon’s sopping pussy, her fingers working deep into her slick hole as her tongue flicks her clit. Suddenly I can feel Sharon’s hands on my ass, rubbing and squeezing, until she spreads my cheeks and I can feel her slick fingers rubbing my asshole. I love it, and my moans encourage her on, She slowly but forcibly pushes her finger into my ass and I am in heaven.

Joy’s breathing is getting heavier, and her moans louder, I can feel her cunt muscles griping my cock as her orgasm stats to build. Sharon too is close coming to her orgasm, and I just know that I want to shoot my pearly cum all over there faces and watch them lick it off each other. Joy is screaming for me to fuck her harder, and I do, I grab her waist with one hand and slam my cock in and out of her cunt. My balls slapping against her ass and Sharon’s face, Sharon’s finger still fucking my ass, and Sharon her self screaming with a mouth full of joys juicy pussy. I look down at joys ass and spit on my thumb, then I push it deep into her tightest hole. Joy screams into Sharon’s pussy and cums, both her holes tightening around my fat cock, her ass slamming back to meet me on every thrust. Sharon lets out a shriek as well as her orgasm rips through her body and she thrusts her pussy up into joys mouth. I grin and warn them both that I’m going to cum any time.

“quick pull out, I want you to cum on our faces.” Moans Joy

I pull my cock out of Joys cunt and Sharon grabs it, pulls my foreskin right back and takes my entire cock into her mouth, gagging herself in the process. Joy turns round and straddles Sharon, and she pulls my cock from Sharon’s mouth and greedily gobbles it into her own.

“Oh Jesus, I’m gonna cum” I warn them, and I pull my cock from Joy’s mouth and wank it till I feel my seed rushing up my shaft. I let out a roar as the first shot hit’s joy square on the chin, and I watch as the rest of my creamy cum shoots out onto her face only to dribble off and into Sharon’s eager mouth. Joy pushes my cock back into Sharon’s mouth so she can clean all the mess off it.

I finally sit back on my hunches and watch as Joy and Sharon lick my cum from each others face, they kiss deeply and Sharon passes my cum into joys mouth, joy then dribbles it from her lips into Sharon’s open mouth. They continue to do this until they have swallowed it all.

Needless to say our first threesome was a complete success, and we found out a couple of new fetishes we liked into the bargain. Joy spent the weekend with us, and we spent the entire time naked, I don’t think my cock went soft once, not with two beautiful sex crazed women on the loose anyway. I was actually kind of glad to get back to work the following Monday for some R&R, Ha!

I’ll let you know soon what happened the following week, it was awesome, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading all about it. John.

(Well, that’s part three over with people. If you enjoyed it let me know please, same goes for if you hated it I suppose. Please don’t forget to vote, and John and Sharon will be back shortly with more adventures.)



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