Alice LearnsIt was a new school, and I was apprehensive and wondered how different it would be from the city, I mean, it was so odd seeing only corn and soybean fields, alongside pastures filled with cows and horses on the bus ride to school. Unlike the city with buildings and businesses, one after another, streets lined with traffic and people, the school entranceway seemed almost vacant.I got off the bus clutching my papers looking for the administration office. I suppose it was not so different here, students rushing here and there looking at their schedules with classes and room assignments. As I entered the office, I was not alone, the chairs were all occupied with new students who looked as if they were about to be robbed or something, fearful glances at everyone entering, and even more frightened looks at the Principal’s office door. One by one, the students were called into the office, and soon left, some with another student acting as a guide.When my name was called, I stepped into the office. Facing a massive oak desk and the Principal, I stood waiting as he examined my transfer papers. “Well, Frolic, welcome to N***t High School,” he spoke energetically, “This is Alice,” pointing to a rather chubby blonde girl sitting attentively in one of the office chairs. “She has been assigned to assist you in getting acclimated to the school layout, class schedules and locations. Alice is also an excellent student tutor, and can assist you with any issues you may have with your class work. Dismissed girls.” He tossed my papers into the large pile of folders on his desk, pulled another out and buzzed for the next student.”Today is really orientation day, no classes, just to let everyone find their lockers and their rooms. Your locker is right next to mine,” Alice spoke quietly not quite looking at me directly, but rather towards the floor mostly, turning her eyes up occasionally examining me. She led me down the corridors pointing, explaining where each led, and what classes were there. It seemed the school was sectioned, I laughed to myself, much like farmland, and each corridor was a different class or crop.Reaching the lockers, Alice opened her locker quite easily, depositing her books inside, and then turning to me watching. I struggled with the lock and handle, and without saying a word I felt her behind me, her arms around my sides and her rather large breasts pressed against my back as she demonstrated how to open the locker. I felt rather exhilarated feeling her breasts on my back and her hands running down my arms to open the lock. I smiled to her looking over my shoulder. She had bright green eyes wearing little, if any, makeup, but her face was quite attractive. She smiled back, blushed a bit, and stepped back.For the remainder of the day, Alice and I walked the corridors, using my schedule as a guide; we plotted how I would make my way around once school classes started. She and I had several classes together, so at least, I would have someone I knew in them. Alice made no overt movements, but I was very much aware, of her casual brushing against me with her body, her hands sometimes touching my buttocks, or her elbows inadvertently bumping against my breasts. Each time we casually smiled at each other and continued as if accidental contact was completely normal.The afternoon buses arrived, and everyone filed out to their appointed lines. As it happened, Alice and I were both on the same bus and soon discovered that her father’s farm was nearly adjacent to ours. Waving goodbye as I got off the bus, I walked slowly homeward on the dirt road, thinking about everything that had happened that day.We sat together on the morning bus ride to school, talking excitedly about the first day of class, promising to meet up at our lockers between classes. Being the one of the new girls in school seemed to make me the center of attention as I moved from class to class. The boys all stood in groups talking until I came into view. They hushed up and pretty well gave me a going over with their eyes and smiling, probably ravaging me in their minds as I walked past. The girls also checked me out noticing my wardrobe, my shoes, how I walked with my head held high and hips swaying. Some smiled, but it seemed that most had a tinge of jealousy in their eyes and the thought of having to compete with me for the boys.***********So, the first week passed quickly as I became accustomed to the stares and comments and managed to make a few friends. On the Friday afternoon bus, I asked Alice if she would like to come visit me on Saturday to just chill and get to know each other better with time alone for just the two of us. I would have the house to myself; Dad and Steven, my brother, would be working and Ashley, my sister, had already planned to stay overnight with one of her friends, so Alice and I could just relax.Alice had walked thru the woods and fields to my house and arrived a bit disheveled and dusty. She came in and we sat cross-legged on the couch facing each other. I could not help but notice the cockleburs covering her blouse plus her shorts were about two sizes to big and gaped open displaying her white panties as plain as day.”My gosh, that must have been some walk,” I exclaimed and without pausing to think, I leaned and began plucking cockleburs from her blouse. She looked at me with shock but did not move as my hands roved all over her blouse removing the burrs. I finally ran my fingers over her breasts and blouse, making sure all the burrs were gone. She was wearing a paper-thin bra and her nipples jutted out in little points as my hands touched her. “There, much better, you should be more comfortable now,” I commented smiling at her. Her face was slightly flush, unsure exactly of what had just happened to her.”Yes, um….thank you. I had not bakırköy escort expected you to …. well, you know…,” she stammered as a small smile appeared on her face.”Oh, I am sorry. I guess I should have asked before I groped you like that pulling the burrs off,” I smiled wider and continued, “Um, did you like it?” She nodded ‘Yes’ but did not say a word.”No one has really ever touched my breasts before,” she quietly spoke. “Well, except on the bus on time.””On the bus, my god, how did that come about?” I asked inquisitively and waited for her to answer.”It was stupid, I was stupid. I sat behind a bunch of boys who were hooting and howling as all the girls went past them, making nasty remarks and stuff. After I sat, one of the boys got up and stepped up to me, said he wanted to tell me something. He leaned forward to like whisper in my ear, and his hands grabbed by breasts and he felt me up, squeezing them. He then scooted away and told all the guys that they were real and big. I was so embarrassed; I almost could not ride the bus anymore after that.””Dang that is bad. Did you get even with them?” I asked again.”No, I just avoided them from then on, sat in the front of the bus. I’ve never really had a date with a boy cause I’m chubby, so it was just one more thing to make me feel bad about myself,” Alice spoke with a resigned tone to her voice.”Well, I hope my touching them was not like that,” I smiled at her continuing, “and actually, I kinda liked feeling them. They are nice and soft.” I reached out again and gently cupped her breasts in my hands and caressed them lightly watching her closely. “You can touch mine if you like Alice.”Alice looked at me tentatively and slowly reached out her hands and began running her fingers and hands around my chest. “You have very nice breasts Frolic,” she shyly replied as she continued to feel around. I guess she started feeling self-conscious and sat back on the couch.”Are those your Dad’s shorts Alice? They seem a bit big for you,” and again without thinking, I leaned forward, reached my hand up the gaping leg, and put my hand on her crotch, noticing immediately that the panties were very wet. I heard her gasp slightly when my fingers touched her privates.”My, wet are we?” I laughingly commented. “I take it you liked groping my breasts and that my groping you was rather pleasing to you as well.” I felt her body quiver under my hand as I took my finger and traced the outline of her vagina, using my finger to part her slit under the wet spot in the panties. Her breath became heavy and her eyes closed partially as I continued to caress her pussy.”Do you masturbate yourself Alice, like this I mean,” letting my finger push the thin material of her panties inside her labia. “I masturbate constantly,” I said hoping to ease her mind.”I….I do, but….” Alice stammered breathlessly, “but it has never felt as good as it does with you touching me.” I slipped my fingers under the elastic and pulled her panties to the side, and now ran my fingers around her bare pussy slowly. With my other hand, I reached down and pulled my shorts and panties aside, exposing my pussy to her. I watched her eyes open wide and she licked her lips.”Like what you see?” I asked. “Let’s take all our clothes off.” I quickly stripped my clothing and tossed them in a pile at the side of the couch. Alice hesitated, unsure of what to do, so I reached over and began pulling her blouse off over her head, then rubbing on her breasts thru her bra, reached behind her, undid it and pulled it off her as well. I rubbed my breasts against hers, nipple to nipple, and gave her a tiny kiss on the mouth, before reaching down unzipping her shorts and tugging them off.We were now naked, facing each other on the couch, cross-legged. We were both checking each other’s naked bodies out and I started giggling uncontrollably. ************* “I’m gonna eat you up girl,” I said pushing her backwards on the couch, pounced on top of her, rubbing my pussy against hers and started suckling on Alice’s breasts like they were ice cream cones. Licking and lapping, cupping them in my hands, holding them up, licking around the fleshy mounds, giving her little love bites, kissing them as I headed for her nipples. When my mouth got to her nipples, it was as if a tiny cock was in my mouth, her nipples were so hard and stiff. Using my tongue, I traced the areolas brazenly. Her chest was heaving up and down and her breasts rose and fell in time with her breath.”Umm, so nice, Alice your breasts and nipples are delightful,” I whispered softly and began kissing my way down her stomach, inch by inch, moving side to side, back and forth, until her untrimmed pubic hair tickled my chin. Rising up some, looking at her eyes peering down at me, I winked, and proceeded to kiss her pubes until my mouth encountered her vagina almost buried in the hair. I took my hands and parted her legs more and then her labia. My tongue started dancing along her outer labia, licking and leaving a saliva trail around her pussy. My breath must have felt hot on her pussy as I almost saw steam when my tongue parted her inner labia and darted into her pussy.”OMG Frolic” Alice gasped loudly as my tongue entered her. She began wiggling her hips up to push my tongue deeper inside her pussy. I felt her hands running through my hair and caressing my ears. I tongued her from bottom to top and back down again, repeatedly, darting my tongue inside her. My nose somehow felt her clitoris getting stiff and standing out from its fold as I labored at her slit. I felt her hands pull my hair yanking me closer to her pussy, her thick thighs seemed to close around my head, holding me in place. Her hips were rhythmically moving against my face until I suddenly felt her release beşiktaş escort her sweet nectar all over my face. Alice held me tight, and came on my tongue two more times, before her body relaxed releasing me from her clutches.With my face still drenched in her juices, I crawled back up and began kissing her passionately on the lips, letting her taste her own juices. We continued kissing until both our faces were covered in sticky girl cum. I smiled at her, kissing her cheeks and rolled to her side. With us lying beside each other, both smiling and looking at each other, until her breath resumed a normal pace. Alice leaned up on her elbow, reaching out she started caressing my breasts, letting her fingers feel the soft mounds fullness and leaned in and started suckling on my breasts. I could tell she was not experienced as her teeth sc****d along my sensitive nipples. I reached out and held her head, slowly guiding it, controlling her mouth’s position on my breasts whispering quietly that she should go softly; cover her teeth with her lips. She followed the instructions, and I was soon enjoying her mouth and lips on my breasts and felt my pussy start tingling.Knowing that Alice had never gone down on another woman before was a big turn-on for me and, I gently pushed her head down further and further until she was face to face with my pussy. Given I shave my pussy; there were no pubic hairs to disrupt her seeing my vagina. “Use your tongue, lick my pussy Alice.” Alice head nodded and I felt her tongue slide out of her mouth against my outer labia. Wanting to encourage her more, I moaned loudly as soon as I felt her licking the first time, “Yes, more like that.” Alice’s head began bobbing as she licked my pussy, pushing her tongue in and out of me. “Use your mouth, suck my labia into your lips and tongue them, taste them.”I was enjoying the tingle in my crotch as Alice’s mouth and tongue worked on my pussy. Even though inexperienced, most women unfailingly know what pleases another woman, and Alice was showing that she knew the movements to give me the maximum pleasure. I was already so excited at having so much fun with her body; I needed little help before I started cumming all over her mouth and tongue. Alice kept lapping at the juices and my pussy for several minutes, until I pulled her head up and kissed her lips, tasting my own sweetness.”Oh Alice, what a wonderful day this has been. Don’t you agree?” as we lay holding each other closely on the couch.”Yes, I’ve never experienced things like this or even knew how it felt,” Alice admitted to me. “There are many things I’ve never experienced before.””Really, what else is missing in your bag of experiences?” I giggled asking her playfully touching her breasts with my fingers again. “Anything I can do to change that for you?””Ha, no, I cannot imagine how anyone can help me with boys and what to do to make them like me. I’m too chubby and they all want little skinny girls,” she wistfully spoke looking at the ceiling as if dreaming.”What do you mean help you? With your tits, it should be very easy to get a guy to notice you Alice, believe me,” I assured her. “You flash them a few times, and the guys will come running.””Yeah, and then what, I have no idea about what to do to keep their interest. I mean, I have never even seen a penis before, much less know what to do if I see one.” Alice sighed and smiled at me, “Oh well, I guess that is the way it goes.”*****************Looking over at the clock, noticing it was just before noon and I had another of my hair-brained ideas. Picking up the phone, I dialed the office and Dad answered the phone.”Daddy,” I cooed in my sexy sweet ‘Daddy’s Girl’ voice, “Are you coming home for lunch today with everyone gone but you and I?” I laid it on thick, knowing how easy it was to seduce him. “I’d like to play a little game.””A game, whatever do you mean Frolic?” Dad chuckled speaking into the phone. “Your games are usually trouble.” I could tell by the tone of voice it would take 100 horses to stop him from coming home now.”When you come home, there will be a blindfold by the table. I want you to put it on and let me know you are home. OK?” Alice was almost laughing out loud listening to me talking to Dad. As I hung up the phone, Alice had started to put her clothes back on, and I quickly stopped her.”No-no, do not get dressed. We are gonna have more fun than we had this morning, I promise you,” I smiled and caressed her breasts again with my hands and kissed her. “Frolic, really? No one has ever seen me naked, I mean, you have and maybe my mom, but…,” Alice started talking and blushing red again.”He will be blindfolded dear; he won’t see you unless you want him to,” I assured her again. “You just be quiet, OK.”We heard the door open and he stepped in looking around. I poked my head around the wall and he smiled at me and started to walk into the living room, but I put my hand up. He stopped and then resignedly picked up the blindfold and pulled it on. I stepped over to him, checking the blindfold then grabbing his hand, led him into the living room.”Just stand still and we will….err….I will take care of your clothes,” as I motioned for Alice to come next to me. I started unbuttoning his shirt and nodded to Alice to take over for me. Alice slowly unbuttoned the last few buttons and I reached out and pulled his shirt back, trapping his arms in it behind his back.Leaning very close to Alice, I whispered to her, “Stand in front of him and rub your titties against his chest while you reach down and undo his pants. When you see his cock, get on your knees and check it out with your hands. I want you to start kissing it all over, from the tip to his balls, licking him the whole time. He will tell you what to do,” beylikdüzü escort I giggled softly.Alice’s body trembled as she pressed herself against him. Her breasts flattened out on his chest as her hands began working on his pants, fumbling at the zipper, until she managed to open it and push his pants down around his ankles. His cock sprang up resting between her thighs and she felt it rubbing on her wet pussy.”Um, Frolic, your breasts feel so nice today,” he quietly said as his hands stole to them. He kneaded the soft mounds gently and rocked his body to let his cock ride back and forth against her pussy.”Daddy, pretend you have to teach me how to do things, I want you to tell me what to do, OK?” I smiled as I winked at Alice knowing that he would now tell her exactly what he wanted her to do. This would be her first lesson on what to do to please boys, not only the first, but the Best lesson of all. “I like this game,” he said. “Reach down and touch my cock with your fingers. Wrap them around my shaft and hold the tip against your little wet pussy slit to get it all wet like your pussy is already. Guess you been playing with yourself already, you bad girl. Feels like you were really getting ready for me to come home for lunch.””Yes, was waiting ever since we talked on the phone,” I watched breathlessly as Alice did as he said, taking hold of his cock and wiggling it as it parted her labia. Her outer labia lips seemed to enlarge almost like hands and dr4aped around his cock.”Good girl, now kneel down and open your mouth,” his breath was heavy and his hands never stopped squeezing and fondling Alice’s big breasts as she kneeled. “I swear your breasts are getting larger every day Frolic, they feel so full and wonderful to touch.” I smiled and watched his hands go to Alice’s hair as he gently pulled her mouth to the tip of his cock.”Lick it and Kiss it, then open your mouth wide, I’m gonna slide it in your mouth. I want to feel your tongue and the warmth of your mouth.” Her eyes went wide but she did as he said, and began kissing and licking on his cock. “Put your hands on my rump; use your hands to pull me down into your mouth when you want more.” I almost laughed seeing her twisting her head to look at me before her arms stretched out and she put her hands on his ass. Dad didn’t wait for her to pull on him, but instead started rocking, making the tip of his cock disappear just a bit between her lips and back out, no deeper than an inch or so.”Hey,” he screeched and he slapped the side of her face roughly, “Keep those teeth covered with your lips, don’t be scr****g my cock like that with your teeth.” She immediately pulled off, rubbing her face with her hand, before she opened her mouth again and gingerly let the tip of his cock go into her mouth slowly. “Much better,” he said. He began leaning over and his hands started exploring her body, feeling her backbone with his fingertips, tracing them down to her ass crack. He lightly spanked her buttocks.”Umm, your ass is delightful dear,” using his hands he pulled the flesh under his fingers in a mass. Slapping her buttocks again, watching it turn slightly red, and hearing her moan softly as he continued spanking her. “Oh, you like that don’t you. You need to be spanked more often I can tell.” Her head was bobbing up and down and I heard her managed to say ‘Yes spank me’ in a muffled voice. He laughed loudly, and spanked her sharply several more times.Leaning and reaching even further, his fingers found her little brownie and the very wet pussy beneath it. He let his finger dip inside her pussy, poking in and out, and then with it slippery with her juices, he slipped the wet finger in her asshole. A very large and loud groan or moan escaped Alice’s throat as his finger penetrated her ass and she seemed to push her body back onto his finger and moan more and more.”Oh, you like that? Hmm….” He got a puzzled look on his face, “You usually don’t let me mess with your back door. This game must be a special one for you dear, not like you to moan like you want more.” I saw his hand suddenly reach for the blindfold to lift it up and take a look, but I grabbed his hands in mine and kept him from removing it.”Ah Ha!” he exclaimed as he realized there was a pair of hands on his ass, and a pair of hands also preventing him from removing the blindfold. “So, the game is that there are two of you here today, I see now. Well, cannot see, but understand. What a turn-on!” I noted his hips begin the telltale motion of him starting to cum, and watched Alice’s cheeks begin to bulge as his cock pushed further into her throat. She started to gag, but was held tight as Dad grunted and began shooting his cum into her throat, spurt after spurt. He pushed his finger further into her tight little asshole as he rammed his cock down her throat.When he pulled out of Alice’s mouth, his cum was dribbling down her face and on his balls. She had swallowed quite a bit. She was smiling and using her tongue to lick her face and his cock clean of cum. Dad’s cock was still throbbing. I knelt down next to Alice and started caring for his cock as well with my mouth, sucking the last of the remnants of cum from his cock. I felt his hands caressing both of our heads, running his hands through our hair. “Thank you girls that was a most pleasant game. I will be willing to play it anytime you want me to in the future. I do not know your friends name Frolic, but if that was her first time giving a blowjob, she did an Incredible job. The boys will be killing each other to have her give one to them and like the stars in the sky, she has a heavenly body.”I turned to Alice and kissed her, then whispered for her to kiss Dad. She stood up with her cum covered face and kissed Dad on the lips. I know he French kissed her as he always does me after we have a good sex session. I picked up his clothes, put them in his hands and pushed him into the hallway by the front door. “Get you clothes on Dad and get the heck back to the office. I’ll talk to you later on.”Grabbing Alice, we dashed into the bathroom and closed the door, giggling and laughing the whole way.109719



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