***Nick’s Point of View***

Since Valentine’s Day falls on a Wednesday and tends to be hectic at restaurants, we decided to stay in for the evening. When I got home, I found Alex had made us dinner. We sat and ate, it was delicious, of course, and had a relaxing dinner. We talked about our days at work a little and laughed at random things in our conversation.

“You never fail to make me laugh, Nick. I don’t get how you do it.” He said to me smiling.

“It takes years of practice and refinement…” I smirked.

“Oh yeah, I’m sure it does.” He replied sarcastically. We got up and cleared the table and put the few dishes in the dishwasher. “Don’t go in the bedroom yet. Wait for me.” He said. I waited for him to finish cleaning the counter. “How about we take a bath?”

“That sounds great.” He moved up towards me, going from behind. He kissed the back of my neck and wrapped his hands over my eyes.

“No peeking in the bedroom though. I’ll guide you to the bathroom.” He ordered.

“Yes, boss.” I teased.

“Trust me, I don’t think your boss has the same plans for you as I do tonight.” He said into my ear as he led me through the hallway and rooms. I swear this boy has the power to control me, and right now, I do not mind.

Once he shut the door he let me open my eyes. The whole room was cleaner than I’d ever seen it, and I love to clean. There were dozens of candles surrounding the tub, it was beautiful. “Why don’t you undress while I set up?”

I slowly took off my clothes as I watched him swiftly light the candles. The water was filling the tub, nice and hot. When he finished setting up he turned back to me and began pulling his shirt over his head. While he looks great in clothes, especially a suit, the sight of his abs and chest can not be beaten. I had to sit down in order to give my undivided attention to his stripping. I say down on the couch, silently thanking Taylor for pushing me to get it for this bathroom. Then he walked over to me, his muscles moving so beautifully as he did.

“Aren’t you gonna join me in the tub?” He asked, his deep voice penetrating my focus.

“Ahh, oh, yeah, just needed to sit down and enjoy the show.”

“What am I, a piece of meat to you?” He said in a jokingly disappointed voice.

“Yes. But one that I love a lot.” I wrapped my arms around his waist and pulled him closer. The slight hair on his abs were so damn sexy. And don’t even get me started on that happy trail. I kissed his hard stomach and then turned my face so it was pressed against his skin. “Yup, definitely love you.”

He bent down and held my head sturdy with his hands, aiming me upwards so he could kiss me. His lips broke from mine. “Shut up and get in the tub” he said, letting out a little laugh.

“Fine. Fine. No more lovingness. You’re now just my meat of a boy toy.” I said, stepping into the tub and turning off the water. He turned on the jets and dropped his pants. “Ah, apparently a boy toy who loves to forget underwear.” He stepped into the tub behind me and sat down.

He pulled me closer so my back was against his chest. “Yes, its so I can get my cock in you much faster.” He whispered in my ear as his cock twitched against my lower back. I let out a little gasp, damn he’s got me good.

The combination of the hot water and his arms wrapped around me made me fell so warm and comfortable. He kissed my shoulder twice, then he began kissing my neck. I rolled my head backwards and squeezed my eyes shut as he continued to kiss me, meanwhile his hands ran up and down the front of my body.

“You are so hot, baby.” He said. “Honestly, sometimes it feels like a dream. One person shouldn’t be allowed to be so perfect on the inside and out.” He kissed my neck again.

“Seems like this boy toy is growing feelings…” I gasped sarcastically.

“They always told me how terrible you were, but I just couldn’t stop myself.” He smirked.

“I love you.” I said, turning my head to face him.

“I love you, too.” I reached up to kiss him. His soft lips brushed against mine. While the kiss was gentle, it was far from boring.

I turned my body so my chest was against his. His arms ran down my sides as mine gripped his hair. I ran my fingers through his now damp hair as our lips and tongues embraced.

“I could stay in here forever, but id much prefer we take this into the bedroom..” I said.

“You just want to see what’s in there!”

“You’re not wrong.” I laughed.

We dried off and he made me close my eyes again as he led me into the bedroom. He positioned me where he wanted and left me standing there for a minute. I heard him walking around.

Then he came back and kissed me on the lips. “You can open your eyes now.”

I opened my eyes to see the room lit with candles and fresh sheets on the bed. Rose petals were scattered all over the floor and bed. It might be cliche, but damn he did a great job. “It’s beautiful, thanks baby.” I kissed him.

“Why don’t you lay on the bed and let me take care of you, baby?” His accent illegal bahis thickening as he said that last word.

“I have something else in mind… it’s time for your present.”

His eyes it up and his sexy grin grew. He raised an eyebrow questioningly.

“Why don’t you put on a pair of sexy black underwear and sit on the bed for me.”

“Yes, sir.” He said, walking over to his underwear drawer.

I ran to the kitchen and grabbed a chair. Before turning into the master I told him to close his eyes. Then I brought it in and set it down a few feet away from the foot of the bed. “Im going to lead you somewhere and i’ll tell you when to sit.”

“Okay.” He smiled. I grabbed his hands and led him to the chair, helping him sit down in it.

“Don’t open your eyes until I tell you.” I began to walk away but he pulled me back and kissed my hand.

“As you wish.” He sexily breathed.

He let me go and I walked over to my underwear drawer. I reached in the back and found a pair I recently bought. They were black briefs with a little mesh on each side along my thighs. I pulled them up and adjusted to make sure I looked good.

I walked over to Alex, his back to me. I bent down and lightly nibbled on his ear. “Are you ready to open your eyes?”

“I think so…” he said. I walked out of the room and out of the doorway so he couldn’t see me.

“You’ve been working so hard lately, you deserve a special treat. Open your eyes and enjoy the show.”

He opened his eyes and I stepped into the doorway, my arm against the frame, so he could see me.

“Holy fuck.” His eyes clung to my new underwear, or what’s underneath (hehe), as I moved around him. He rubbed his jaw as his mouth opened to say something but he couldn’t get the words out.

“It was between these and a pair of big boxers… I think I made the wrong choice.” I teased.

“Well, then thank God you did baby.” He said, his accent thicker than ever.

I walked over to him and placed my hands on his shoulders. “I accept more than just ones.” I winked at him.

“Let’s see what you can do and how much you deserve…” He squeezed my butt.

“Honey, you couldn’t afford what I’m about to do for you.” He laughed.

I turned around so my butt was at his face level. I slowly bent down and popped my ass out for him to admire. He whistled. I couldn’t help but laugh at his reaction.

I stood back up and turned around. I placed one hand on his shoulder and began to grind my body against his lap. My bulge rubbed against him over and over. He ran his hands over my chest and down my stomach. I took his hand and led it under the waistband of my underwear, letting his fingers run through my pubes but not touching my cock.

“How am I doing so far?”

“I… I don’t know… good… very good…” His eyes were stuck on me.

I got off his lap and turned back around. This time I shook my ass a little for him. I gripped the band in the back of my underwear with both hands and quickly flashed him a peek. Then I slowly lowered them half way down my ass before bringing them all the way back up. After that little tease, I laid down on the carpet and pushed my ass up in the air, then back down, then up again.

I turned back towards him and crawled the few feet to him. I kissed his bulge before climbing on his lap. My feet were firmly planted on each side of him on the chair as I leaned backwards, using his legs to keep myself from falling. I bent far enough back to allow my bulge to get close to his face. He wrapped one hand around my back and the ran the other over my stomach. He planted kiss after kiss along where the cloth met my skin.

“You’re so fuckin’ hot, Nick.” That only made me want to go harder.

I leaned forward and climbed off. “Stand up and take off your underwear.” I ordered.

He did as I said. A combination of interest and desire filled his eyes. His cock was semi-hard, ready to be properly used.

“What now, boss?”

I couldn’t help but laugh a little at that. “Sit back down on the chair. But face the other way this time.” Once again he followed my directions. Since the chair had a partially open back on the bottom, his dick and balls hung nicely through the chair.

The blue velvet cloth beautifully framed his lower abs and groin regions. “In a minute I want you to push as far forward against the chair as you can, but don’t hurt yourself and don’t break it. You’ll know when to do it.” I said.

Curiosity across his face, he doesn’t seem to know what I have in store. I walked around the chair and softly kissed his lips before getting on my knees in front of him. I took hold of his cock and lightly tugged on it s few times.

Then I ducked down a little and began to kiss his abs and his pubes. Eventually I kissed around the base of his cock and took his balls in my mouth. I played with his sac as I continued to stoke him softly.

Finally, I wrapped my lips around his head and slid all the way down. He obviously figured out it was the time to push forward illegal bahis siteleri because I felt him thrust forward as much as he could.

“Fuuuck.” He moaned. “I don’t think I’ve ever hated and loved a chair so much at the same time!” He must really be enjoying the contrast of the pressure the chair is having on his upper body with the openness and freedom of the lower half.

He gripped the chair as he continued to thrust back and forth into my mouth. His moans are so hot they’re making me rock hard. I had to take my underwear off just to not hurt myself.

I let my tongue run along the tight skin of his shaft. Gliding my mouth back and forth on his throbbing member took in the hot scent of his body.

“I need to get off this chair, I can’t take it anymore baby.” He grunted. “I need you.”

He pulled back and I loved up with him. Love and desire filled his eyes. “That was amazing. God, you’re so fucking perfect.” With that he sped around the chair and grabbed a hold of me, picking me up ever so slightly to throw me down on the bed. “You’re mind now.” He kissed my lips.

“Good.” I said. “Because you’re mine forever.”

He smiled before diving into my neck, kissing and lightly biting me passionately. His hands ran along my sides, eventually finding a home holding onto my ass.

My legs took their place, wrapping around his lower back. His cock slid between my cheeks, sliding back and forth as he began teasing me. After what felt like forever, he kissed my lips and prepped himself to enter me.

“I got you.” He kissed my cheek before pushing himself all the way inside me.

He paced himself, slowly gliding in and out of me. His eyes never lost contact with mine. Then he found the right spot and my body filled with pleasure. My eyes shut and my lips leg out a moan as he hit the spot again.

“Don’t stop. Fuck, you feel so good.” I breathed. He increased his speed, sliding in and out of me smoothly. My hands gripped his back when he picked up his speed again. My fingers scratched down his damp back as his cock filled me. He kissed my neck again, burning his face into my shoulder and the pillows as he continued to grind in and out.

“I’m gonna cum!” I moaned. My hands reached his glistening ass and pulled him closer to me, forcing him all the way into me as I began to cum. Moans left my mouth as I reached my climax.

“Fuuuck!” He moaned, filling me with his cum. He pulled out of me and fell onto the bed next to me. His arm draped over my body, pulling me closer to him. He laid his head on my shoulder and kissed my chest.

“I love you.” I said, taking his right hand in my left.

“I love you, too.” He said.


A few weeks later we went out to dinner with Taylor and Ben. We are having a good time and then Ryan came in. He was walking by our table when he saw us and stopped to say hi. Taylor and Ben just kept quiet, knowing who he was right away.

“Hey Nick. It’s good to see you.” He said. He turned to look at Taylor and Ben. “And you guys as well! How’s it going?”

I don’t know what went into me but I reached a peace I didn’t have before. I realized how much happier I am now. “I’m good. This is my boyfriend, Alex.” They shook hands “Alex, this is Ryan, we used to date.” Alex tensed up immediately realizing who Ryan was.

“I’ve been meaning to reach out to you. I… I just wanted to say sorry for what happened. I know it was a few years ago but I can’t imagine what I put you through. If it makes any difference, I’ve changed and I’m a better person now.”

“Thank you for that. I’m glad to hear you’re better. I hope you’re happy.”

“Thank you, I am. Same to you.” He smiled at the table. “Well, it was nice to see you, I’ll let you enjoy our meal” He gave me a hug and sat at a table with who I assume was his boyfriend.

“How are you doing?” Taylor asked.

“I’m fine. Seriously, I’m better than fine. I have reached peace with it. I’m so happy with my life right now and my future.” Alex places his hand in mine on the table.

“So that’s Ryan… I’m happy for you.”

It was silent on the drive home. A little awkward compared to our normal silence.

“I think there’s always been a part of me that hasn’t allowed myself to trust you completely.” I said.

“What do you mean?” He said, his voice sounding angry. “Why can’t you see I’m not like Ryan, or who he was when he was with you?”

“I know that. I, I don’t know why. But seeing him today just showed me what I already knew, that I’m over him. And that I need to trust again. And I do, I trust you.”

“Trust isn’t something that you just do, it’s something we need to earn from each other. I thought we were at that point.” His anger was clear. “I thought you were able to trust me but now I don’t know what to think. It’s like you didn’t know about us until you saw him. Like I’m just the second choice.”

That hurt. “You are not my second choice. You may have come into my life after him, but that does not mean you are second.”

“Well then canlı bahis siteleri why couldn’t you fully trust me before today?”

“I do! I don’t know, it sounds wrong when I say it but…” my voice lingered, unable to complete my sentence.

“Is that why you don’t even tell me about what you do with your real estate? I’m completely open with you about my finances and I don’t know what to think about you not being willing to show me all of yours. What are you hiding? I want there to be an “us” in the future, that requires complete transparency! You don’t think I don’t realize you’re not always fully open with me?”

“I’m sorry. You’re right, I need to be more open with you about the real estate stuff and I need to stop rebuilding my walls. And I want there to be an “us” forever, I really do.”

“All I ask is that you show me everything. I want to see everything. I want to love every bit of you that I can!”

“Ok. You’re right.”

When we got home I sat him down in my home office. I pulled out the files on all my real wastage holdings and all of my taxes.

“I have never showed this to anyone. Not Ryan. Not Taylor. Not even my parents know the full extent.”

He looked through all of the papers. What was inside revealed the dozens of real estate holdings I currently own as well as the ones I’ve recently sold. He already knew my rough salary as an attorney but he got to see what I earn through the holdings. He saw the accounts for family members. He saw the accounts for any future children and retirement. He saw the account I have for Taylor that she doesn’t know about. I forgot that in one of the files was my current will. Before I realized he had it, he was reading it.

It basically said that besides all the accounts set aside for my family and Taylor, everything I have is to be left to Alex in the event that I die.

His face was serious but his eyes were happy. “Why am I the one listed here?” He asked.

“I told you, I want… I truly believe we are forever and that means sharing everything. I get that now.”

“Why did you put me if you don’t trust me?”

“I do trust you! I love you so much and I do trust you. Even if I didn’t let myself fully trust you, that doesn’t mean I never did. I want you to know I’m all yours. You and me run the same course. I trust you. You are kind and caring. You’re so thoughtful and funny. You are always there for me, no matter what. I know that. I really do. I do trust you, Alex.” I said, breathing heavily afterwords. “I’m sorry I ever-” He stood up and pulled me into his embrace, pressing his lips against mine.

“It’s okay, I know you trust me. I just hated the part of you not feeling safe in a relationship with me.” He breathed, his face close to mine.

“I really like the way you shut me up. Please do it more often.” He laughed. “But seriously, I do feel safe with you. You are my home and my family and I can’t imagine living without you.”

I kissed him. My body was overcome with emotions as we embraced. Nothing felt better than this moment right now.

***Alex’s Point of View***

Our 1 year anniversary finally came. The year flew by, but I have been waiting all week for this day.

We both had to work, so I sent a dozen roses to his office so they’d be there when he got in.

That night we went out to a very nice French restaurant to celebrate. I got home before him so I hopped in the shower right away. When I finished showering, I went to grab my towel to dry off, but it wasn’t there. I thought it was strange since I am certain I put one out in the rack. Then I heard someone walking in the bedroom. I opened the door to see Nick laying on the bed holding my towel.

“Looking for this?” He asked, a grin growing on his face.

“How did I not notice you take that?”

“I have my ways…” he teased. “Besides, the view I now get is well worth the effort…” He was admiring my body.

“Oh, really? You like what you see?” I asked, running my hand through my hair. His stare intensified. I gave him a dirty grin. He asked for it, I’ll tease him real well.

“You’re dripping wet, why don’t you let me towel you off.”

I walked over to him and let him wrap the towel around me as I bent down to kiss him. Then I took grip of the towel and covered myself. “Not so fast, mister. We don’t want to be late for our date.”

“But who needs food anyways?!” He groaned, almost childish.

“I promise after dinner I’ll take another shower for you and let you admire me then. All night long, if you want.”

“Fine.” He said, getting up and heading to go shower. “But you better make it worth the wait.”

After dressing, I went and sat in the living room as he finished showering and getting dressed. Ten minutes later, he walked out of the bedroom. “Damn, baby. You look so hot.”

“You look quite well yourself.” He said. We shared a long kiss.

Dinner was incredible and we spent most of the time laughing, it was amazing.

“How about we get into pajamas and snuggle up on the couch?” He asked as we entered the apartment.

“I think that sounds perfect, baby.”

“Maybe you could whisper in my ear. I bet you can make anything sound sexy with that voice of yours” I kissed his neck from behind as we walked to the bedroom to change.



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