The world was a haze of smells and blurred images for Alene as she woke up. She rubbed her eyes, the world came into focus. The heavy smell of cum was clearly present in the room, It was all coming back to her. Last night was amazing, Nadia must have made her cum a dozen times. She remembered every monstrous blast of cum she shot at Nadia. She looked to her left and saw her, Nadia, utterly covered in cum, Alene’s cum, there was so much, it looked like gallons. She must have exhausted Nadia. Looking at all the cum she was amazed she wasn’t exhausted herself.

Slowly but surely the morning worked its wonders on Alene as it did on any mortal man, Alene started getting morning wood. Her shaft rose to half its size and just as that happened Nadia opened her eyes to the sight of Alene inflating cock.

“No, no way,” said Nadia in a sleepy voice, “how can this be?”

“What? I don’t get your astonishment.” Alene answered gullibly.

“Why the fuck are you getting hard?”

“It’s called morning wood silly, you’ve been with boys before, right?”

“You moron, I know what a morning wood is. I just can’t understand how you can get one after everything that happened last night.”

“I think you’re a bit overreacting Nadia.”

“Overreacting? Well how should I react to a cock that kept me awake till 6:30, that Came more than 30 times, each shot bigger than the last and now wants more?” Nadia said cupping some cum from her body and throwing illegal bahis it at a shocked Alene.

“Thirty times?”

“Fuck yea, where you think all this cum came from?”

Alene looked back at her life, just a week ago she was willing to kill herself for what she did to Nadia, and now the sexy vixen is in her bed, they both love each other.

“I want to fuck you,” Alene said, “I want to shoot this load in your pussy.”

Nadia didn’t answer, she just got on top of Alene and started guiding the 9-inch beast to her lower lips.

“You shouldn’t be much of a challenge, I took 11 inches you know. Let’s see if you have any more surprises for me.” Nadia teased and started taking the cock. It was thick and hard as it fought its way in, inch by inch. Both Alene and Nadia moaning with pleasure form the amazing feeling. Finally, after some time Nadia took the last inch.

“Nadia, your pussy is amazing, it’s like your milking my cock.”

“Good, now it’s my turn to have some fun,” Nadia whispered and started Coming hard, squeezing Alene’s cock.

“Nadia stop please, you’re making me cum, ohh god!” Alene cried in pleasure.

Nadia was in heaven as Alene spoke, she could hear her but just didn’t care, “please cum, I need more!” she whimpered from the haze of her orgasm.

Alene felt it, first in her balls, it was monstrous, the biggest one so far, a monster cum shot. “I’m coming, oh god in coming,” she yelled as the shot traveled illegal bahis siteleri up her shaft, but something was wrong…

Nadia opened her eyes wide and awoke from her orgasmic haze in shock, “what the fuck is going on?” this time it was Alene’s turn to not hear.

“Fuck girl, I can’t believe it, are you fucking growing inside me?” Nadia shot at a dazed Alene, “Alene! Alene! Stop please! You’re getting bigger and it hurts.”

Tears were running down Nadia’s chicks as Alene grow more and more. She was definitely Nadia’s biggest and she kept growing, now past her cervix. Nadia panicked and in an act of desperation slapped Alene hard on the cheek, bringing her back to reality.

“Ouch, what the hell was that for?” Alene asked angrily. Nadia didn’t answer, she just wiped the tears from her eyes and pointed silently at her pussy.

The sight was a shock for Alene. she was massive, filling every inch Nadia’s pussy had to give and more, she must have been 8 inches around.

“I’m so sorry Nadia.” Alene murmured in disbelief.

“It’s ok, I like them big, it just happened suddenly and I panicked. I need to get you out of my pussy.”

Alene nodded in agreement, “Wonder how big it got.”

“We’ll find out soon,” answered Nadia, “Feels to me like 15 inches long, it sure is the biggest I ever took.”

Nadia tried to get up but there was a problem, she couldn’t. “Shit! This is new.” She said.

“What is?” inquired Alene.

“You’re canlı bahis siteleri too big, I can’t get you out of me, we’re stock.”

As the harsh reality set on Nadia she started riding Alene’s cock hard. “Stop,” Alene demanded, “You want to make me even bigger?”

“No,” Nadia panted hard, “I want you to cum. If you go soft I’ll mange to take you out of my pussy.”

Alene got the idea and helped Nadia, shortly afterward she came. First Nadia orgasmed, then the pulses of her orgasm started Alene’s.

It started as always in her balls, Alene felt them swell from the massive load she was going to shot. They touched the inside of her thighs as they grew to the size of melons. Cum started traveling up the shaft, making it grow bigger and making its outline clearly visible on Nadia’s belly.

Nadia screamed in shock and ecstasy as the first shot fired and filled any space left in her over stretched womb with hot cum, Alene was just getting started. The next shot was her biggest yet, clearly visible on Nadia’s belly, making it bulge slightly as cum couldn’t get out, “Oh god! Your Cumming too much,” Nadia cried but all the girls could do was wait for Alene’s orgasm to end.

The third shot made the bulge bigger and Nadia placed her hands on it, feeling at least a gallon of cum sloshing around in there. “Please finish quickly.” She begged Alene, but the dickgirl had no control over her monster…

As the twenties shot fired inside Nadia, she looked 9 months pregnant from all the gallons of cum Alene deposited into her, she was crying in shock.

Alene hugged her hard and whispered in her ear, “I love you.” Both the girls fell asleep from exhaustion.



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