This was what happened, as much as I remember.

It was evening in Las Vegas. The city of sin. Kaylie and I had finalized our wedding less than an hour ago. We were presided over by a solid Elvis Priestley look-alike along the Strip. Kaylie’s lover, our designated Black Master, called Tibbs was there with us; he’d acted as my best man. He looked splendid in his tux suit while I stood facing Kaylie, smiling while we said our vows to each other. I felt a persisting itch inside my pants. My CB 2000 chastity lock was in place and crushing my nuts; Kaylie had possession of the key and wore it around her neck as a necklace.

A limo that I’d hired for the night idled outside waiting for us. We left the church after we’d finished and drove to a nearby restaurant to grab something to eat. There were plenty of people inside when we strolled in and they clapped and congratulated I and Kaylie. Tibbs took care of our order. He had my wallet with him and he paid for everything with my credit card.

Normally Kaylie would seat beside him, but for the sake of us finally tying the knot, she remained by my side and I fed her from my meal. She’s a beautiful blonde angel in her mid-twenties. Full set of lips just like her tits, great pair of hips and a hungry pussy meant solely for fucking. I’m a middle-aged, pathetic 4-inched cuck boi with nothing to offer except a home and a six-figure paying job. Master Tibbs took care of us, or rather, we both looked up to him for guidance and submission.

We finished our meal then we trooped out of the place, amidst more cheers and handclaps from the customers around. Tibbs got into the limo first and I helped Kaylie with gathering her wedding dress as she canlı bahis şirketleri slid inside and then I came in and shut the door. I instructed the driver to take us back to the hotel. I pressed a button for the backseat divider to rise, cutting us from the driver.

The city slid languidly past our window. Tibbs popped a bottle of champagne and filled our glasses. He and Kaylie shared a kiss after sipping their drink. Tibbs pushed up her dress to reveal her silk stockings and garter belt and naked pussy. She was all chuckles as he wet his finger with his drink and slipped it inside her cunt. He looked at me and smiled.

“You see how wet your bitch is, white boi?” he finger-fucked her while he spoke to me. “You see how wet her pussy’s getting?”

I nodded my head. I was mesmerized by what I was seeing him do to my bride. Tibbs always knew how to take charge whenever he wanted; it was so easy for him. I never complained what he wanted of me, and neither has Kaylie. Seeing the way she lounged back and breathed through her lips, I knew she was loving it.

Tibbs removed his finger and gave it to her to lick it clean.

“You love the way your pussy tastes, babe?” he asked her.

“Ohh yes, Master,” she moaned.

Tibbs sat back and unzipped his fly. Kaylie bowed her head on his crotch and swallowed his cock. My lips quivered with want. I, too, wanted so much to taste Master Tibbs’s cock. He saw the jealous look in my eyes and motioned me to come and share. I came on my knees before him, unmindful of the car’s movement, and Kaylie held Tibbs’s cock closer to my face. I inhaled his masculine smell. Kaylie allowed me few licks before pressing my head down to swallow canlı kaçak iddaa his balls.

We arrived at the hotel. The limo drew to a stop and we got out and went inside and met more fanfare of people cheering us on. We got into the lift and it deposited us on our floor and then we went in the direction toward our suite. Tibbs had his arm around Kaylie while I unlocked the door for them to enter.

Tibbs got out of his jacket and let it drop to the floor and pulled his feet out of his shoes; I, too, got busy getting out of my tux. Kaylie threw her flower bouquet at me then gathered up her wedding dress and huddled off toward the bedroom. Master Tibbs stood naked like a black buffalo in front of me. His cock pulsed erect. I cowered before him with my chastity lock gleaming.

“Pick my clothes up, white boi,” Tibbs said before walking away toward the bedroom. “And don’t forget to fold them away.”

I did as told and folded Master Tibbs’s clothes neatly and kept them along with his shoes on the couch. I left mine lying carelessly on the floor and went toward the bedroom. Tibbs was already kissing Kaylie. They knelt facing each other on the bed. Her dress was open and he was busy caressing her tits while she in return stroked his cock. I came behind my wife and unzipped her dress down her backside and then stood back and watched.

Kaylie lowered her head and sucked Tibbs’s cock. He fell backward on the bed and caressed her hair while simultaneously thrusting his meat further into her mouth. I stood beside the bed and listened to the sound of her choking and slurping on his prick. I couldn’t feel any sensation down on my prick, but God knows, I’d have loved to beat my penis.

Tibbs canlı kaçak bahis helped Kaylie out of her dress. She wore nothing except her thigh stockings. She assumed the perfect poise on her arms and knees and she was moaning seconds later when Tibbs inserted his prick inside her behind. He held by her waist and yanked her head back with a fistful of her hair while fucking her hard and fast. I listened to the sound of his cock pounding Kaylie, my beautiful bride, like she was nothing but a dirty whore to him. And yes, she is a fucking whore. Kaylie has always being such from the moment I assisted Master Tibbs with seducing her toward loving his black cock. Prior to our marriage, we had been dating for over five months. Tibbs had really tightened our bond in ways I can never fully repay him. Watching him fuck my bride now was so breath-taking.

“Come over here, boi!” Tibbs barked at me.

I came and knelt beside him and waited for him to pull out of my wife. Tibbs thrust his cock down my throat and I cleaned off Kaylie’s cum juice from his shaft. He pushed me away when I was done and returned to pounding my bride. Kaylie moaned and whimpered in frantic ecstasy. Tibbs afterwards turned her to lie on her back and came on top of her. I held Kaylie’s legs and listened to her holler from Tibbs’s rapid pounding. Kaylie reached for my cock and tugged at my balls. I felt like cumming even though I could do nothing about it.

I was in purgatory; I needed release. I couldn’t wait for Master Tibbs to cum inside my bride.

Tibbs poured his load inside Kaylie’s cunt and he rolled aside and I ate out her pussy. Kaylie knew what I wanted then and she took out my chastity key from around her neck and unlocked me. They watched me jerk myself toward climax. I groaned as I poured my seed down my feet. I scooped up my cum and licked off every drop.

It tasted good.

But not as good as Tibbs’s cum tasted.



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