After the gloryhole surpriseAfter the gloryhole surpriseNo sex. Transition between Gloryhole surprise and the next year.GuiltAs soon as I got home after the party I stripped my clothes off and noticed I still had some lipstick around the base of my now limp cock. I swore I would never have sex again as I stepped into the shower.But even staying in the shower until the hot water ran out I still felt dirty and ashamed.Everywhere I looked I saw my baby girls. The marks still visible in the doorway where I measured how tall they were getting. Their bedrooms were still set up exactly the way as when they last slept here all those years ago. For the rest of the night and the next morning I just sat there thinking about what kind of monster I was.ChangeSuddenly loud knocking on the front door ended my dreary thoughts. The police were there. Several of them. Quick thoughts of acting like I wasn’t home or running out the back flew through my mind. But bakırköy escort then I noticed standing on the sidewalk were 2 teenage girls. With suitcases.After being informed that the party was raided after my friends and I had left the police discovered that my ex had pimped the girls out for gloryholes. The ex and her now ex cop boyfriend were arrested. Would I please take my girls in.The police and girls looked around and made sure the place was livable and had separate bedrooms for them and myself. Some caseworker and a stack of papers later my babies were with me again.Silence and not being able to look each other in the eyes for a while until Jenny saw that I still had her favorite stuffed a****ls on her bed, and cards for every holiday and birthday on her bed. Every card had been refused delivery and returned to sender. Her mother told them I never bothered and that I had left them. The rest of the beşiktaş escort day the girls opened their letters and cards and we all cried and laughed. And I hated myself for looking at Jenny’s butt and Madi’s lips and thinking how I was so evil. A quick early dinner and talking about everything and it was decided that they needed decent clothes. Their clothes looked like hooker outfits. No way I could allow them to dress like that in my home. For more than 1 reason, mostly because they would hate me forever and I would go to jail.Now if you have never experienced 2 teenage girls clothes shopping at the mall with a $2500 limit when they were used to $25 at the thrift shop I highly recommend earplugs. But somehow we got through it all the shrieks and screams of happiness and me lugging what felt like tons of bags around. At least it was a beautiful late day in May. On the way back to the Hummer we saw beylikdüzü escort a 1963 split window Corvette. Almost exactly like my first car. Before I could stop myself I blurted out “I’m in love!” Instantly feelings of guilt flooded my mind. The girls standing behind luckily could not see the color vanish from my face and instead started giggling and saying guys love the weirdest things.Turning a house back to a home before summerUnfortunately bikinis are something they had purchased. Not G string style but skimpy enough, and for as young as they were, they were stacked. I saw them tanning out back and had to get the pool set up, no way were they going to a public pool looking like that. Giggling, talking in whispers and rubbing tanning oil on themselves while I cleaned the pool and called the fire department to ask if they could fill it. Some of their old friends saw the firetruck and came over to investigate. WOW! Was I turning into some degenerate perv or what? The neighbor girls, 15 – 17 years old, were filling their bikinis out rather well. I had to start talking to 1 of the parents asking for ideas on back yard furniture and grills. Anything to distract me from all of that marvelous young breasts and butts and snatches so close yet so far.



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