Adventurous OutingKimmy and I have been together for a few years now. When we met she was sexually inexperienced, having not been any men before me. But after a couple years of having a steady boyfriend, she was finding her adventurous side. It started out just trying different positions in the bedroom, but then it extended to discrete touching in movie theaters and restaurants, and then blowjobs in the car on the drive home. I always tried to encourage these steps forward, hinting at fantasies of making a sex tape, or having sex in public places.Kimmy is a 27 year old asian woman with a petite, athletic build. She has smooth golden-brown skin and long black hair and a tight ass that looks great in a pair of short-shorts. Her tits are a C-cup, which look even bigger on her small frame. She’s never had a problem with attracting male attention. Myself included.One night, Kimmy and I were walking home from dinner downtown. She was dressed in a short, flowing skirt and a loose, silk blouse that clung to her skin when the wind was blowing in the right direction. We were already being a bit playful when we spotted the adult bookstore across the street. One of those places with the large signs, neon lights outlining the lettering. I felt her squeeze my arm a little tighter and I looked over to see that sultry face she gives me when she is getting turned on: her lips parted, looking up at me. “Do you want to go in there?,” I ask.”Sure. Do you think you can handle it?”I laugh. “I think I can manage if you can.”We walk towards the store, both waiting for the other to back out, but neither of us do. Inside there are rows of shelves with porn videos and magazines of every kind of genre or fetish. Along the walls are massive dildos and vibrators with names like “The Cannon.” She laughs and holds a giant dildo for me to see. “Oh my god, can you imagine if I tried to use that?””I will certainly try to imagine it.”This gets me her second sultry look where she bites her lower lip and smiles at me. She reaches over and gently brushes the front of my jeans, which are getting tighter by the minute.”I much rather use your cock on me.”She then notices the dark hallway towards the back of the store with the sign “Booths.” “What are those for?,” she asks. I told you, she is a bit inexperienced.”Those are porn booths,” I say, “so people can watch porn and jack off.”Sultry look number 3: mouth wide open, tongue slightly out, eyes narrowed in suspicion. “You’re k**ding!””No I am not.””You want to try them out?,” she asks. We frequently challenge each other to little dares throughout the day. She knows I won’t back down from a challenge.”Sure, let me just get some tokens from the clerk.” After I buy about $10 in tokens we head into the hallway, feeling giddy the whole way. The doors and walls are black and go floor to ceiling. They have handles that ready “vacant” or “occupied” like you would find in public bathrooms. We enter a vacant booth and latch the door behind us. The small booth inside is also painted black all over and is dimly lit. There is only one chair so Kimmy sits on my lap with us both facing the screen on the far wall. She drops in a couple of tokens and the screen comes alive with a scene of a blonde girl getting fucked like an a****l. The sound is loud with screams and moans and skin slapping. Kimmy is taken by surprise and desperately searches for the volume control. After turning it down a bit, she looked back at me with sultry look #2. I am running my hands up and down her bare thighs, pulling her skirt up a little at a time. I can feel her gently gyrating her hips, rubbing my cock through my jeans with her tight ass. One of my hands reaches up and undoes a button on her blouse so I can reach in and rub her tits. A soft moan escapes her lips and her head tilts back to rest on my shoulder. I can see she is watching the video intently as the blonde is bent over, taking a cock doggy-style (Kimmy’s favorite position).”I feel so dirty,” she whispers, her hand moving to my thigh.”Why? because I’m going to finger-fuck you in this bookstore booth while you watch porn?” This gets a reaction out of her. She always likes it when I talk dirty to her, even if it isn’t that dirty by most standards. By now her skirt is high enough that her little, lacy panties are exposed. She reaches back and lifts her hips so she can undo my zipper. I don’t know at this point how far she is planning on taking it. She undoes my belt and starts rubbing my cock through my boxers with her hand. “Take it out,” she whispers. I don’t argue. I pull my pants down to my knees my hard cock stands to attention. She sits down on my lap, with her back to me and starts rubbing my cock with her panty-covered pussy. I can already feel how damp she is. She is breathing hard, occasionally letting out a little moan that I can just hear above the video. I can’t take it anymore; I hook her panties with my thumbs and push them down to her ankles. This is accompanied with a gasp from her as she realizes she is about to get fucked in an adult bookstore. She hovers above me and reaches down between her legs to grab my cock. She rubs the head of my cock in little circles around her tight pussy, teasing me, getting me wet in her juices. After what feels like an eternity, she begins to lower herself down on me. I can feel her tight pussy squeezing every inch of me as I slowly push into her. She is so warm and wet and tight, I am afraid I’m going to cum right then and there. As she eases the last couple of inches into her, she throws her head back and lets out an extended moan: “Ohhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuccckkkk meeeee…” she says, “You feel incredible inside of me!” I grab her around the hips and guide her as she slowly begins to bounce up and down on my cock. I can see her tight, asian ass bouncing in front of me in what is one of my favorite views. She is moaning with her mouth wide and eyes narrowed when suddenly they snap wide open. “What the fuck!” she exclaims.There in front of us, about halfway between the screen and the chair along the right wall is a fully erect cock protruding from the wall. We hadn’t even noticed the hole before since the walls were painted black and the rooms are pretty dark. This is a gloryhole!I have no idea how she is going to react. I half expect her to feel terrified, throw on all her clothes, and escape out of there as fast as possible. But she doesn’t. She doesn’t even stop fucking me! She is slowly gyrating on me while staring at the cock coming from the wall. I try to look at her face and see she is still very turned on.”Do you want to touch it?” I ask. Her head snaps around to look at me incredulously. We have never done anything with other partners, nor have we even discussed the possibility. Certainly we have not discussed what would happen in the event that we found ourselves in a gloryhole together. But I can tell she is thinking over her answer very carefully.”Wouldn’t you be mad?””No,” I say. She takes another pause to consider what to say next.”Do you want me to?” Sultry look number 3.”Only if you want to.” Classic couples speak.She turns back towards the cock, then looks back at me with a naughty smile on her face. Then she turns back to the cock. She leans forward, still keeping me inside of her pussy. She reaches out slowly, almost as if she was afraid of scaring the cock off. Slowly her hand closed around this mystery cock. Her touch is electric, causing the cock to jump a little. The guy on the other side is clearly excited about getting some gloryhole action. Seeing her handling another man’s cock causes a faint bit of jealousy in me, but also for some reason gets me really turned on. Something about watching this pristine girl who had barely even seen a cock before meeting me giving pleasure to two men at the same time is intoxicating. I think how dirty she is compared to of what I thought she was capable. She slowly starts moving her hand back and forth, gently jacking off this mystery man. I start pushing my hips into her, desperate for some release in light of this incredibly sexy development. Kimmy is also getting into it, bouncing faster on my cock while jacking off the other guy. She turns to me again, “Can I suck on it?” she asks in a breathy voice. I nearly cum right then, but I manage to hold it in while I nod yes. She smiles and leans forward a little more. She is now nearly bent in half at the waist, ass bouncing up and down on my cock while her face comes close to the cock in the wall. At first she gently licks the tip. She rubs the tip of the cock around her lips and on her cheek. As she pulls away I see a small strand of precum connecting her face to this strange cock. She then leans forward a bit more and the cock enters her tight little mouth. I know that guy is in heaven, because I’ve felt her hot, velvety mouth on me and nothing feels better. I can see this stranger’s cock pushing up against the inside of her cheek as she takes him deeper into her mouth and I feel this surge of ecstasy in me. I begin pounding her tight pussy harder, lifting my hips as I pull her down onto me. She begins moaning, but it is muffled by the cock in her mouth. It is one of the hottest sounds I have ever heard. Kimmy begins pumping the stranger’s cock with her hand as she continues to suck on the head. I can hear the occasional popping sound as the cock escapes her mouth from her furious pumping. Suddenly, without warning, the cock in the wall starts spraying cum. The first spurt hits Kimmy in the chin and hangs off her face in a thick, white tendril. Kimmy realizes what is happening and shoves the cock in her mouth. I can hear her moaning as her mouth fills with cum. After a few more pumps of her hand, the now spent cock slips from her lips along with no small amount of cum. She is clearly struggling with the big load and only manages to swallow some of it, the rest is hanging from her chin and dripping on the floor. The soften cock disappears from the wall. While I am still fucking her pussy, she turns to look at me, disheveled, mouth agape, and her chin covered in another man’s semen. It’s too much for me. I can feel my orgasm desperately building and I continue fucking her furiously. “Am I a dirty girl?” she asks, each word punctuated with a thrust of my cock. In response I let loose an enormous orgasm and cum deep inside her. She feels my cock spasming inside her pussy and she lets out a loud moan. “Yes! Yes, baby! Fill me with your cum, baby! I can’t get enough!” I keep filling her with my load, unable to hold back the incredible feeling I get from hearing her beg for cum, and seeing her completely debased in this seedy porn booth. Eventually we both sink into the chair, gasping for breath, smelling of sweat, sex, and cum. I never thought it would go this far. I never dreamed I would see my pure Kimmy sucking another man’s cock as I fucked her. I wonder what else she might be willing to do…Kimmy is glistening with sweat, sitting in my lap with my cock still buried inside of her. She turns and kisses me on the neck.”That was so wild,” she says. She stands up slowly, my softening cock slides out of her. Her skirt is hiked up above her waist and her panties are still down around her ankles. My cum starts dripping out of her pussy and down the inside of her leg.”Did you think this was going to happen when we came into this sex store?” she asks.”Not in my wildest dreams,” I reply, feeling like I’ve melted into the chair. We hear movement in the neighboring booth again. Kimmy stares at the hole in the wall, but it is too dark inside the other booth to see anything. She looks back at me and whispers, “Do you think they know we’re in here?””Babe, I’ll bet there is a line out the door after what you did for the last guy.”She smiles at the thought of her sexual exploits just moments ago. Her hands start to wander up her body and u*********sly start rubbing her nipples through her thin blouse.”Do you think they are looking at me right now?” she asks, sounding more hopeful than alarmed. “I don’t doubt it for a second,” I say.Kimmy looks back at the hole, likely imagining the possibility of a stranger staring at her naked pussy from the dark booth next to us. She steps completely out of her panties and starts to unbutton her blouse, never taking her eyes off of the hole in the wall. I always knew she had fantasies about possibly getting caught having sex, but her immediate decision to strip in front of a stranger comes as a shock. Her blouse falls to the floor and she is immediately unclasping her bra. As the bra falls from her chest, her perky tits are exposed, showing her hard, dark nipples that betray her arousal. She turns her back to the gloryhole and looks over her shoulder. She slowly bends over and slides her skirt down her toned, tanned legs. Whoever is on the other side of the wall is getting an amazing view of her dripping wet pussy and tight, little asshole. She tosses her skirt to the side into the pile of clothes that she was wearing just a minute before. Now she stands up slowly in this dark gloryhole booth with nothing more than a pair of shoes. Despite my recent orgasm, I can feel myself starting to get hard again. Kimmy turns back towards the hole as her hands are exploring her own body, squeezing her tits, pinching her nipples, and caressing her stomach and chest. One hand sinks to her clit and begins rubbing in slow, gentle circles. My cum acts as the perfect lubricant for her masturbation. I can hear her breathing become labored as she begins to rub herself faster. It is at this moment that a new cock emerges from the wall. This one is much longer and thicker than the last. Kimmy lets out a high moan, whether from her masturbating or from the sight of the new, enormous cock, I don’t know. She turns to me, looking for tacit approval for what she wants to do. Not wanting to deprive her of her fun, I nod yes. She immediately drops to her knees in front of the cock and reaches up and grabs it.”Oh my god, this is enormous,” she says. “I need two hands for it!” She wraps both of her hands around the cock, stacked one on top of the other to illustrate her point. Her body is writhing, visibly excited by this new development. She moves her head to the side of the cock and sticks her tongue out. She licks the entire length of the stranger’s cock, staring at me the entire time with her beautiful, dark, unblinking, almond eyes. Her tongue flicks in and out, tickling the underside of the head. The cock jolts, nearly out of her hands, undoubtably overstimulated by her mouth. She giggles, taking pleasure in the power she wields.I begin to stroke myself, getting turned on by my innocent girlfriend servicing random men with what seems like a practiced confidence. My eyes roam over Kimmy’s body, drinking in the curve of her hips while she kneels down on the sticky floor; her firm tits bouncing as she works her way up and down the length of the cock; and the curve of her tight, athletic ass resting on her heels. She sees me jacking off to her and gives me a naughty look. “You like watching me lick cock?” She runs her tongue down the considerable length of the cock while staring at me. “I don’t think this will even fit in my mouth, it is so big.” She opens wide and tries to envelop this mystery cock with her soft red lips. She manages to get the head in, but little else. Her tongue swirls around the tip. She sucks and slurps, adding to my arousal, as she continues to pump the cock with her hands. Finally, the cock comes free of her mouth with a wet pop and a gasp of air from Kimmy. A string of spit dangles from the tip. Kimmy grabs the spit with her hand and uses it to lubricate the cock as she continues to jack off this strange man. She looks at me with a devilish smile and says, almost reluctantly, “Do you think this cock would fit in my little pussy?”I’m not particularly large and I think Kimmy is the tightest I have ever had. I have a hard time imagining her fucking this monster. So why try to imagine? “I don’t know. Do you want to try?”Kimmy bites her lower lip and looks back at the cock protruding from the wall. She then looks back at me and nods. She gets to her feet and turns her back to the wall. She bends over and braces herself against the far wall with her hands as she tentatively scoots back towards the gloryhole. The cock slides between her legs, rubbing the outside of her pussy and clit, reaching up to her belly-button as Kimmy gets closer to the hole. She reaches down and pumps the cock between her legs, using it to rub her clit. She manages to say between heated gasps, “I can’t believe I’m doing this.”I am sitting in the chair, watching my sweet Kimmy about to get fucked by a monster cock. I would not have guessed it before, but the sight is getting me so turned on. I am completely hard again, completely unable to look away from this scene unfolding. Finally Kimmy leans forward far enough so the tip of the cock is pressed against her pussy lips. She leans back, just a centimeter at a time, as the cock begins to disappear inside her. Her eyes shut and her mouth opens in a silent scream as the thick cock begins to penetrate her tight, asian pussy. “Oh my god, it is fucking huge!,” she screams. Her legs begin to shake, but she keeps pushing back. The man on the other side is pressing against the wall, desperate to be inside her tight hole. A long drawn out moan escapes Kimmy’s mouth. Finally, her smooth ass is pressed flush against the wall, obscuring the hole. She is breathing so heavily to deal with sensation of being completely filled with cock. “I cannot believe that whole thing is inside of me.”She begins to draw away from the hole, only to push back to meet the stranger’s thrust. It starts slowly at first, letting Kimmy get used to the girth and length, but quickly speeds up as she becomes desperate to be fucked. Her eyes roll back in her head and she moans louder and louder. She lets one hand drop from the far wall and reaches between her legs to start rubbing her clit. She is nearly screaming now:”Oh my god! OH MY GOD! I’M GOING TO CUM!” Her body is shaking as she is being violated by the massive cock. I can see her whole body tense, her heels lifting off the floor as she is struck with an earth-shattering orgasm. “FUCK, I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING!”I am beyond turned on at this point. I watch her come down from her orgasm, but still she does not pull away from the hole. I stand up and walk in front of her. She opens her eyes and sees me approaching, my cock hanging just in front of her face. She smiles at me and licks her lips and then takes me in her mouth. She is madly sucking my cock, licking, and slobbering, crazed at being used in a seedy little porn booth. The cock in the wall continues to fuck her, jolting her forward, deeper onto my cock. She takes me so deep that a few times she gags, but she is ravenous for more. Kimmy is moaning with every thrust, making her blowjob feel that much more amazing for me. I am taking in every detail: her mouth stretched around my cock, her eyes closed from the exertion, and her tight ass bouncing off of the wall as she impales herself on a thick, anonymous pole. We then hear the man in the other booth begin moaning. Kimmy fucks even harder, desperate to get all the cum she can out of this guy. She then stiffens as the guy cums deep inside of her. Kimmy lets out a long, wavering moan, but it is muffled by my cock in her mouth. The stranger then pulls his cock from her and Kimmy collapses to her knees in front of me. She takes a moment to catch her breath, holding my cock in her hand, resting it against her cheek. She then looks up at me with those beautiful brown eyes and says, “Baby, I want you to cum all over my face. I want to feel that hot cum all over me.” This is one of the dirtiest things she has ever said to me, my legs nearly buckle right then and there. Without taking her eyes off of mine, she takes my cock into her mouth, pumping her head back and forth, trying to suck the cum out of me. I can see between her bare legs a puddle of cum forming under her as gravity pulls the other man’s semen from her used pussy. She is blowing me voraciously and I am so turned on, I can feel my balls tingling before too long. “Oh Kimmy, I’m going to cum, baby,” I tell her.She pulls my cock from her mouth and begins to pump furiously with her hands.”Yes, baby, give me that cum. I want it so bad. I want you to cum all over my pretty little face! Use me, baby, I want to be your little slut!” This is enough to push me over the edge. The first spurt explodes onto her forehead and hair, the second on her lips and cheek. She keeps pumping and points my cock at her chest so I coat her tits in my cum. Eventually my orgasm subsides and I am left looking at my innocent Kimmy, kneeling on the ground, completely naked, covered with the cum of multiple men, cleaning the tip of my cock with her tongue. She smiles at me and giggles.”What?” I ask.”How many tokens do you have left?”Kimmy is at the sink washing dishes. She is home in her row house apartment after a long day of work, tackling a little bit of the mess in her kitchen. The apartment is quiet, back from the street and cars outside. Alone in her apartment, Kimmy feels comfortable in just a button down shirt and cotton panties. Her golden-brown legs are smooth and bare, they disappear under the tails of the striped shirt. The top two buttons are undone, hinting at her soft cleavage, framed by her long, black hair. Over the sink is a dark window, looking over the backyard, but in the night it is just a black pane of glass, reflecting back Kimmy’s image. She always wonders if people can see in when she can’t see out. Is someone looking at her? Is someone staring at her from the dark? She leans forward and squints through the glass, but sees nothing. Did she hear something moving out there? Probably just a cat.Finally she finishes the last dish and puts it in they drying rack. She dries her hands and goes to take the kitchen trash out. She unbolts the back door that leads to the back deck. As soon as the click from the bolt sounds, the door bursts open! Kimmy leaps back as a man lunges through the door. He is dressed head to toe in black including a black ski mask obscuring all but his eyes. Kimmy turns to run, but his hands are already on her. He wraps a strong arm around her waist and a hand over her mouth. She tries to scream and pull away, but her voice is muffled and the intruder lifts her off her feet as if she weighs nothing. Her legs are flailing and she pulls at the hand clasped over her mouth, but is unable to remove it.The man in the ski mask carries her bodily across the kitchen and into the living room, never loosening his grip. He pushes her face down on the cushioned ottoman pinning her down with his body. Her arms are held down at her sides and she feels terribly exposed in her panties and shirt. She can feel his breath through the mask as he speaks in her ear, “Do not scream. Do exactly as I say and you will not get hurt. Do you understand?” Kimmy freezes and falls quiet. This man is completely in control and she is at his mercy. The intruder begins to whisper in her ear: “I’ve seen you. I’ve been watching you through the window, teasing me with your tight body. You wanted this. You wanted me to come in here for you.”Kimmy doesn’t respond. She is perfectly still beneath this man, feeling completely vulnerable. The man’s hand lifts off of her mouth, but she does not scream. He told her not to scream and she has to comply. His hand drifts down her neck and güvenilir bahis touches her chest. The man reaches into her shirt and grabs her bare breast.”No bra? You really are a naughty girl, aren’t you,” He whispers.Kimmy is motionless, completely submitting to this man’s will. Despite the v******e and aggression, she can feel her nipples getting hard from his touch. She is breathing hard from the adrenaline. He begins squeezing her tits, pinching her nipples. “Please don’t hurt me,” Kimmy finally manages to say.”That depends on how cooperative you are willing to be,” the man responds. “You may even enjoy this.”He then roughly turns Kimmy over on her back and pins her arms down by the elbows. She is lying on the ottoman with her legs hanging off the edge. The man positions himself between her thighs to keep them spread and reaches for her shirt. In one quick motion he rips her shirt open, causing buttons to fly off in all directions. Kimmy’s bare chest is revealed and she instinctually tries to cover herself with her arms. “No, please don’t!” she yells, but he grabs her arms and pins them above her head with one hand. His other hand explores her body, touching her breasts, stomach, hips and legs. He runs his hands up her inner thighs. Kimmy tries to close her legs, but the man is still kneeling between them. His hand finally reaches her pussy, just a thin layer of cotton covering her. “Oooo, already soaking those panties, huh? Does the little tease like this?”Kimmy can feel her pussy getting wet. She can’t help but feel turned on by being so exposed. She is surprised how thrilling it is to be completely controlled by this intruder. Her body is betraying her to this stranger. He begins rubbing her pussy through the panties while keeping her arms pinned with his other hand. Kimmy starts moving her hips in time with his hand, feeling more and more turned on. She has stopped struggling to get free. Now all she can think of is getting off. She bites her lip to keep from moaning out loud.”That’s it,” the man says, “there is the little slut I knew you are.”The man releases her arms and pulls her off the ottoman onto her knees. He stands up and begins to undo his belt. Kimmy tries to get up, but he pushes her back down and grabs her hair and pulls her head back, causing her to look up at him. “We are not done yet, little tease.” He undoes his pants and drops them to his ankles. His hard cock springs free and stands straight in Kimmy’s face. “I think you know what I want from you,” he says.Kimmy is again powerless to resist this man. She looks up at the masked face and slowly opens her mouth. The man, still holding her hair, pushes her head forward, penetrating her mouth with his hard cock. Kimmy struggles to accept his cock in her mouth, her lips are stretched around his thick shaft. Her head bobs back and forth, taking this stranger’s cock deeper and deeper with each thrust. Her hands are pressed against his thighs, trying to maintain enough separation from his cock to keep from gagging as he fucks her face. Kimmy begins to feel her pussy getting wetter as she is forced to give this man a blowjob. One of her hands reached down her panties and starts rubbing her clit. Her head continues to bob back and forth on his thick cock, but more of her own volition than him forcing her. Eventually his hand lets go of her hair, and she continues to suck his dick. She uses her free hand to jack him off while she begins to lick his balls. She looks up at the masked man and makes eye contact as she sucks one of his balls into her mouth. After several minutes of this spectacular blowjob, the man picks Kimmy up off of the ground. “Get naked, you little slut,” he commands her. Kimmy is all too eager to comply as she removes her shirt and drops her panties, which are by now soaked with her juices. The man picks her up and carries her into the bedroom. He tosses her face first onto the bed and climbs on top of her. Kimmy puts up a token struggle trying to crawl away, but mostly because she knows she should, not because she actually wants to stop what is about to happen. The man pulls her back towards him and spreads her legs with his knees. “You’re going to like this, you little tease. I have been dreaming about fucking that tight, asian pussy ever since I first watched you through that window.”He lifts her hips just enough to line up his cock with her tight, little hole. She can feel the head of his cock push against her swollen pussy lips. As he leans forward, penetrating her, she lets out a scream. Her pussy is dripping wet, he is able to slide right into her with little resistance. Kimmy is overwhelmed, in complete ecstasy at being used by this intruder. She begins to push back in rhythm with his thrusts to take him deeper. She thinks about how this man watched her in her apartment, how he likely saw her walk naked from the shower to her bedroom, how he probably saw her touching herself on the living room couch as she masturbated to thoughts of being used by a man (or maybe a couple of men). The relentless fucking, the complete loss of control, and the thought of being watched pushes her over the edge. She cums hard, letting out a long, drawn out moan. Her eyes roll back as she is hit with wave after wave of her orgasm. The man continues to pound her from behind, causing her to collapse onto the mattress. Her orgasm has made her so sensitive, the continued fucking is becoming more than she can take.”Popsicle!” she yells.Danny immediately stops fucking her.”Are you alright, baby?” he asks. After hearing the safe word, he is worried he might have taken this too far.”Yes, I feel amazing. I just need a break for a minute,” Kimmy responds. She rolls over and pulls the ski mask off of her boyfriend and leans forward to give him a kiss. Danny moves off of her, heaving from the effort of the night, trying to catch his breath. Kimmy rolls onto his chest and wraps her arm around him.”You were amazing!” says Kimmy. They lie still together for a few minutes as Kimmy remembers the events of their little role-play. Eventually she regains herself and sits up to straddle Danny. “You know,” she says as she slowly guides Danny’s cock into her pussy, “I was so turned on when you burst in and took control of me.” She begins to slowly ride Danny’s cock, her hands stabilizing herself against his chest. “You were just so forceful and strong, I knew I had to do whatever you wanted.” Her hips are rocking back and forth, taking him deeper inside of her. “And when you called me a little slut, I felt so dirty. I wanted you to cum all over me right there and then.” Danny is so turned on watching his girlfriend relive their game. He has to admit, he really liked feeling so dominant with her. But now he was REALLY enjoying her taking the lead, riding his cock, massaging him with her pussy. He starts to feel his orgasm building up. “I’m going to cum, baby.”Kimmy starts rocking back and forth faster, willing Danny to cum inside of her. She can feel the waves of pleasure as his cock reaches deep inside of her. She begins to moan and scream his name. Then she hears Danny let out a moan and feels the deep warmth of his cum inside of her. She doesn’t stop, she wants every drop of his semen. Eventually Kimmy rolls off of him and lies next to Danny. She can feel his cum slowly seeping out of her swollen pussy. Both of them are exhausted. As she begins to fall asleep she wonders about their next game. This will be a hard one to top.”Oh god, that feels good,” Kimmy whispers.We are in my apartment on my bed. Kimmy is lying on her side with me lying behind her. My arm is d****d over her waist and my hand is buried in her soft, cotton panties. I am rubbing slow circles around her clit, occasionally sinking a finger inside of her dripping wet pussy. In front of her is my laptop streaming a video of a woman riding one guy’s cock while sucking on another’s. Kimmy is gently moaning, “Yes, yes I am so close to cumming!” I love watching porn with her. She never used to watch, but I was able to convince her one day to try while I finger her. She gets incredibly wet and even initiates it sometimes. Sometimes I try to fuck her in the same way the girls in the videos we watch are being fucked to really turn her on. I can sense her orgasm coming. She takes deep breaths and her body begins to tense up. She lets out a loud moan and her thighs clamp down on my hand. I keep rubbing her clit to draw out the feeling for her. After a moment she comes down from her orgasm and turns around to kiss me. I know my turn is coming up and am already rock hard. She slowly reaches down into my boxers and gently caresses my dick. She gently strokes the underside and reaches deep down to rub my balls. I let out a sigh of relief. Watching her cum is the surest way to turn me on. “I really liked that video,” she whispers in my ear. She knows how much I love to hear her talk while she jerks me off. “It was so hot watching that girl get fucked. I don’t know what it is, but something about watching other people fuck gets me so wet.” She takes a firm grasp of my shaft and gently pumps it. “I love watching those cocks disappear into her. I wonder if that is what I look like when you fuck me?” Kimmy begins to pump my cock faster. I am desperate for relief from being hard for what feels like ages. “And watching her take two cocks? That really turned me on. I bet you liked that, didn’t you? You liked watching her getting fucked by two men.”I nod my head in assent. Kimmy is looking at my face, reveling in my obvious enjoyment. Her leg is resting on my thigh, I can feel her wet panties where she is straddling my leg. Her lips are gently parted and she licks the top one. I am not going to last long. She speeds up jerking my cock and keeps talking in my ear. “I love watching other people fuck. I feel so dirty. You know how much I like to feel dirty. Maybe we should make a porn so people could watch us? I bet you would like that. You would like the idea of someone seeing me get fucked, wouldn’t you?”I am getting very close to cumming. Her words are making each stroke of her hand feel that much more amazing to me. After being together for years, she knows exactly what gets me off. She knows I am close and starts jerking me voraciously. “Yes, baby. You like that? You like it when I’m being a bad girl? Cum for me and show me how much you like it.”Cum shoots out of me, running up her arm, landing on hers and my stomach. She keeps jerking me off until she knows I am done. We lie back in bed and catch our breath. Eventually she reaches over the side and picks up a t-shirt from the ground and uses it to wipe my cum off of her. She hands it to me so I can wipe off as well. We stay in bed, lying together, cuddling and eventually we fall asleep.****The next day Kimmy and I are watching TV on the couch together. I’ve had a thought on my mind ever since the night before, but have been a little nervous to bring it up to her. Finally I decide to broach the subject: “Ummm, Kimmy, do you remember when we were fooling around last night?”She looks up at me and smiles. Her leg rubs against mine slowly, “Yes, I seem to remember something about that.””Well, I was thinking about what you said and was wondering how serious were you?”Kimmy gives it a few seconds of thought. “What thing did I say in particular?”I am pretty nervous, but decide to continue on. “That thing about…maybe…making a porn together?”She is visibly surprised by this. I don’t expect this conversation to go much further. Finally she responds, “I didn’t really mean it at the time. It was more just dirty talk… Is that something you would want to do?”Somewhat emboldened by not getting completely dismissed out of hand, I decide to try a little of convincing. I begin to rub the inside of her thigh gently as I talk: “Well the idea did get me pretty hot last night. I would certainly love to see you on camera. You always look so sexy when you are riding me.” By now I can sense she is getting turned on. Her legs are parting, inviting me to run my hands farther up her thigh. Her finger is tracing small circles on my chest. “Okay,” she says.”Okay?” I respond, completely incredulous, but extremely excited.”But let’s start slow, okay? Just a few pictures to start.”Completely sold on this little compromise, I lean forward and kiss her deeply. She kisses me back, slipping her tongue into my mouth. After a few minutes of making out, Kimmy leads me into the bedroom and closes the door behind us. She drops to her knees and starts undoing my belt and pants. “Don’t you want your camera for this?” she teases. I’ve been completely focused on her, but remember our plan. My digital camera is on the dresser, and I reach over to grab it and turn it on. Kimmy now has my cock out and is gently kissing the tip. I point the camera down at her and press the shutter. A loud click punctuates the moment that I have captured of Kimmy kissing my dick. The display screen freezes the image for 2 seconds and I feel a shudder of pleasure pass through me as I see Kimmy’s first dirty picture. It is so clear and crisp, and Kimmy looks so sexy and naughty, clearly enjoying herself. “How does it look?” she asks.I recall the photo and turn the camera around so she can see. “You look amazing,” I say.She giggles and gives my cock a long lick. “Then don’t stop now.”I turn the camera back around and continue taking photos. She, getting more turned on by our little game, starts sucking me more passionately, taking me deep into her mouth, sticking her tongue far out to lick the length of my shaft. She starts taking her clothes off so now the photos capture her tight, golden body as well as her giving me an incredible blowjob. I get a few close-ups of her lips wrapped tightly around my cock and of her licking my balls while jerking me with her hand.Eventually Kimmy gets up and lies on the bed. She is completely naked now and gets up on her elbows and knees with her ass facing my direction. I have a great view of her tight ass and juicy pussy. I snap a few photos and she rolls over on her back, striking a pose with one hand between her legs and her other playfully covering up her nipples. I continue taking photos.”This is a two person game last I checked,” she says. I hand her the camera and climb on the bed between her legs. I immediately start licking her pussy which is already wet and slick. I can hear the camera shutter as Kimmy takes photos of me eating her out. Her legs are wrapped around my shoulders, pulling me deeper into her. After several minutes, I finally stand up and pull her to the edge of the bed. She hands me the camera, giggling, having fun with the experience. I take a few photos of her lying in front of me, completely naked with her legs held wide open. I line up my cock at her engorged slit and continue snapping pictures as I slowly enter her, the head of my cock disappearing into her parting pussy lips. I smile and continue taking photos as I fuck her. I then turn her over so I can fuck her doggystyle. The camera keeps snapping, freezing moments of when my dick disappears between her ass cheeks. This is making me so hot. “Oh baby, I bet that looks so good from there,” Kimmy says. I hand her the camera so she can see what I see when I fuck her from behind. She flips through the photos, moaning loudly as she gets turned on while I continue to fuck her. She reaches one hand between her legs to rub her aching clit. With the other hand she holds the camera out in front of her and flips the screen so she can take selfies. I can see on the small screen the image of her face, moaning in ecstasy, her lips in a perfect ‘O’, and her eyes closing with each thrust. In the background, I can see her lithe body arched up and me ramming her from behind. The shutter snaps several times capturing this amazing scene. Kimmy begins screaming and I know she is cumming with me inside of her. She collapses on the bed and turns over. I walk over towards the head of the bed and approach her face with my hard cock. While giggling, she takes a few photos of my hard cock standing straight at attention. She hands the camera back to me and opens her mouth wide, ready for me. I lean forward and feel her amazing mouth envelope me. I take several photos of her tacitly accepting my penis into her mouth while getting her perky tits and dripping wet pussy in the frame. The whole experience has me so amped up, it is only a couple of minutes before I cum in her mouth. Kimmy opens her mouth wide to show the load she has just taken, and I take a picture of her with a mouthful of my semen clearly visible. I collapse on the bed next to her, completely spent.Kimmy is all smiles and says, “Let’s see what we got.” I hand her the camera and she switches it to viewing mode. Over the course of this little episode, we’ve managed to take 126 photos! She begins flipping through them slowly, enjoying each sexy scene. I can tell viewing these are getting her hot again, so I gently begin rubbing her pussy. She smiles and keeps looking at the camera, even as her breathing begins to get deeper. She has flipped through the blowjob photos and the ones of me eating her out. She is looking extensively at the ones where I was fucking her as my hand begins to rub her harder and faster. Her hips are starting to rock back and forth as she passes the photos of her getting fucked from behind. Finally when we get the photos of me cumming in her mouth, she lets out a long moan and has another amazing orgasm.We lie in bed together, recovering from our amazing afternoon in. Kimmy laughs to herself and says, “That was an amazing idea. I’m glad I thought of it.””YOU thought of it?? You said it was just dirty talk; I’m the one who suggested it!”She laughs again, “If I’m not going to get credit for my ideas, perhaps I’ll just keep them to myself.””Well then let’s not forget your other idea of having people watch us fuck, or was that not serious?” I said this mostly as a joke, to point out the flaw in her logic, but Kimmy did not immediately respond.”Are you saying you wouldn’t be willing?” she said. I can’t tell if she is joking, just trying to get me to back down first. It is a frequent game we play which has led us into some interesting experiences previously.”I can handle it if you can,” I say.She turns to look at my face to see if I’m serious. Then she says, “Okay then, lets do it.” She turns about around and neither of us say anything else, drifting off into a post-sex nap.***I don’t think Kimmy was 100% serious when she said what she said. Rather, I don’t think she thought I was completely serious. I figure I can go ahead and do a little research into sharing a sexual experience with other people. There must be lots of websites and forums and groups for swingers, but I don’t think we are quite ready for that. We just want to get our toes wet with a new experience. My first thought is to check out craigslist: I know they have personal ads and figure some must be for couples. I browse to our local craigslist and, low and behold, there are the personals with a “Casual Encounters” section. Not only that, but one can search based on the kind of encounter one wants: m4w, w4m, wm4wm. Bingo. That is what we want; another couple we can watch and who will watch us. Beats getting some third wheel to make things more awkward than it needs to be. I click on mw4mw and a gallery of titles and pictures fill my screen. Some of the ads are heavy with acronyms and abbreviations. I need to keep searching terms to figure out what half of them are looking for. “Dom/F and sub/m co-Ed.” I can guess the dom and sub part and I think that might be a little beyond our experience levels. “young couple looking for fun.” Vague, but getting closer. I see one with some photos included: “Couple looking for ongoing fwb couple.” I decide to click on it. The photos are very X rated and I can feel myself getting hard. They show close-ups of a man penetrating a woman; of the woman below the neck lying face down on the couch in just a g-string; and of an erect cock taking up the whole screen. The text reads, “Clean and sane couple looking for another like minded couple. We love full swap and watching each other fuck others. She is bi and we can host if needed. Hiv- ddfree no bbws and under 35 please.” I figure out they are looking for “friends with benefits” (fwb), “d**g and disease free” (ddfree), and “no big beautiful women” (bbw). I also find out that full swap means having full intercourse with each other’s partners. I don’t think Kimmy would be open to a full swap and she is definitely not bi. I am fairly certain she has never even considered fooling around with another woman, much less actually done it. I back out and keep looking. After a few more reads and a good amount of looking up definitions, I feel like I’ve got a handle on the landscape. It is time to include Kimmy.***The next day Kimmy and I are finishing dinner at my apartment. I’ve been going over in my head how to pitch the idea to her. She has had a couple glasses of wine, which is probably going to help my cause a little bit. I decide the direct approach is my best shot.”Hey sweetie, I started looking into finding another couple to watch us have sex, like you said.”She raises her eyebrows. “Like I said?? I don’t recall saying that.””Well you didn’t say that specifically, but you said you were interested in having people watch us.”She is obviously surprised by my interpretation of events. “I didn’t think you were being serious! What sort of ‘looking into’ have you been doing??””I was just looking around online and found some personal ads on craigslist for couples looking for couples. I thought that might be something of interest for us.”After crossing the initial hurdle of finding out the seriousness of my intentions, Kimmy is starting to seem more curious than shocked. “And…?” she says.”And I thought maybe you would want to have a look for yourself. See if anything piques your interest.” I’m trying my best to appear completely calm, but inside I am ramped up, hoping this isn’t digging me into a hole with her. But she agrees to take a look! I’m hoping once she starts to see photos of people offering themselves up, her sexual curiosity will get the better of her. After cleaning up dinner, we go into the living room and get on my laptop. I show her the craigslist mw4mw ads and we scroll through. Kimmy directs me to click on interesting ads and asks questions periodically. “What is ‘PNP’?” “That is ‘party and play’. It typically means d**g use and sex.” She gives me a suspicious glance. “What?” I say. “I looked it up on urban dictionary.” Kimmy directs me to click on one with a picture of a dark skinned girl with her lips around a man’s cock. The title is “shy couple looking for fun.” But the couple are in their 50’s and Kimmy says to go back. The next one we find says “My girl is wanting to take turns with your girl to experience two hard cocks focused on filling them. My slut wants to be treated like our personal fuck doll. Really wants to be DP among other things that only can be done with mwmw II am definitely down to DP a wanting slut.” This one is a little aggressive for Kimmy, especially when I explain to her that DP mean “double penetration”.Finally we click on one with a picture of a large-chested woman holding a man’s cock. Neither of their faces are visible. It reads, “Looking for a couple that wants to do same room same bed to watch each other! maybe some soft swapping if everyone is feeling it. Im 35, she’s 30. We host for right couple. Vibe must türkçe bahis be right. No flakes or fakes.” The additional pictures shows a curvaceous woman with curly, auburn hair in lacy, black lingerie posing for the camera, and a relatively fit guy taking a shirtless selfie in the mirror. Their location says they are just a couple of neighborhoods away from us. Kimmy looks at me and smiles.”Yeah? Are you interested?” I ask.”Well, I think it is worth looking into it a bit. But I’m not promising anything.”I am psyched that this is happening! I press the reply button and fashion a short message:”Hi! My gf and I think you two are hot and want to meet up. We are both late 20s, asian, hwp, and new to meeting with another couple. Hoping to take it slow. PS Not fake or flakes. Danny and Kimmy.” (hwp is ‘height weight proportional”. Just a little lingo I picked up while searching). We decide we need to send a picture to prove we are legit. We search through my laptop and find one from when we were at the beach last year. Kimmy is wearing a white bikini and I am wearing some board shorts. The glare from he sun makes our faces difficult to see, but you get the idea of our bodies. We decide it is best to maintain a little anonymity while emailing photos to strangers. My cursor hovers over the send button and I look at Kimmy one last time. She looks up at me, smiles, and clicks the send button.It is done. We sit there, staring at the screen, hoping a response comes back instantaneously. Eventually we see how silly this is and decide to watch some TV, but the laptop remains open on the table in front of us. After about half an hour, a email notification pops up on the screen. It is from the craigslist address with the impossibly long string of numbers following it. The subject is “Hi Danny and Kimmy ;)”.The email reads “Hi Danny and Kimmy! You guys sound perfect and you look amazing! Perhaps we can get a closer look? Maybe something like this? Viv and Mark” Attached are 3 photos: One is of a large cock hovering over a pair of wide open legs meeting in a smoothly shaved pussy; the second is an attractive woman with curly, auburn hair and green eyes blowing a fit, sandy-haired guy in the mirror. The last one is of the woman bent over the back of a couch while the guy fucks her from behind. Her face is in complete ecstasy, she has very full, red lips in a satisfied smile on her face. I don’t know who is more excited, Kimmy or me. I hear her let out a soft moan when I open the photo files. Her hand moves to rub my crotch over my jeans. “It would be rude not to reply,” she says. I hand her the laptop and let her take control. She presses reply and starts writing immediately: “Hi Viv and Mark! You guys are soooo sexy. We would love to meet you in person. Hopefully these will convince you? Kimmy and Danny.She goes into my photo files and finds the upload from the other day. Sifting through the 100+ images, she periodically drags and drops a few into the email. One of her blowing me on her knees, another with me eating her out, another when I was fucking her doggystyle, and finally the one with cum in her mouth. I can feel her nervously shuddering next to me as she prepares to press the send button. After a moment’s hesitation, she does. We are both really turned on by now. We would probably rush into the bedroom for a quick fuck if there wasn’t the chance that we would be going somewhere else tonight. After about 10 minutes, we receive another reply. “Amazing photos, you two 😉 We definitely want to meet you tonight. Let’s meet at a bar and if things feel right, we can go back to our place to get better acquainted.” They included the name of a bar nearby and a time an hour away. Kimmy is positively giddy with excitement and I am pretty overwhelmed as well. We go back to the bedroom to change for our “double date” as we came to refer to it. Kimmy changes into a lacy, blue thong and matching bra. Over top she puts on a grey dress that ends a few inches above her knees. I am barely able to keep my hands off her while she is undressed. I change into some nice jeans and a button down shirt (I don’t think guys are as expected to dress for the occasion). We get in the car and drive towards the bar. We are both a bit fidgety and nervous. “I can’t believe we are doing this!” Kimmy says.I have to admit, things are moving faster than I would have guessed. “You know, if you ever feel uncomfortable we can always stop and just go home.””I don’t want to stop. Do you want to stop?” she says.”Nope. I was just checking with you, my dear.” Parked in front of the bar, we head in, looking all around for the couple from the sexy photos. Eventually Kimmy spots them at a table in the back. We take a deep breath and walk over. Halfway across the bar, Viv spots us and nudges Mark. They both smile. That seems like a good sign. They get up as we approach.We don’t know how we are supposed to act, but Viv takes control. She greets us warmly and hugs us. “Oh my god, we are so glad you guys came. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve been stood up before,” Viv says.We settle in and get drinks. Viv is dressed in a tight silver dress that hugs her curves in all the right ways and ends just halfway down her thick thighs. Mark is more casual with straight-legged jeans, a t-shirt, and a backwards hat. They are an attractive couple. Kimmy and I are the shorter couple, I’m not sure if I’m supposed to feel competitive or not. But after a bit of conversation we start to feel calmer. We learn that Viv and Mark have done this before, but only once all the way. They say people tend to back out or a couple of times they didn’t click with the couple when they met. After a round of drinks, everyone is definitely feeling looser. Mark is no longer subtle when he stares at Kimmy’s body. He probably isn’t used to a woman with such a petite frame. Viv is talkative and bubbly. Her dress has ridden up a little, flashing glances of her panties when her legs move apart. She is a little flirty towards me, but seems especially taken with Kimmy. After about 40 minutes Viv looks to Mark and they exchange subtle nods. “Well if you guys are done with your drinks, perhaps it is time to go back to our place?”I look to Kimmy and get the necessary subtle nod from her. “Yeah,” she says,”that sound great!” We pay our bills and get up to leave. I can’t help but notice how Viv’s ass swings as she walks. I am looking forward to seeing her out of that dress.We follow them in our car to their house. They live in a nice two bedroom row house. Inside is nicely decorated and cozy. I don’t know if I was expecting a BDSM dungeon and sex swings, but Viv and Mark seem pretty normal considering the circumstances in which we met. Mark asks us if we would like another drink and pours all four of us glasses of wine. Viv offers to give us the tour and we follow her around the house, trying to contain our nervousness. I grab Kimmy’s hand and give it a reassuring squeeze. She looks up at me and smiles so I know she is still alright with this. Eventually the tour takes us to the master bedroom. Against the wall is a king sized bed with a cozy, white duvet on top. Against the opposite wall is a dresser with a large mirror above it. To the side is a small loveseat near the window. I sit in the loveseat and Kimmy comes to sit in my lap. Viv smiles to see us so nervous. “It’s okay. You guys don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. As hosts it only seems fair for us to get started. You two can do whatever you feel like doing.” With that she guides Mark to the foot of the bed. She undoes his belt and pulls his jeans down. Viv then kneels down, causing her dress to be pulled taut over her round ass. She grabs the visible budge in Mark’s boxers and nuzzles it with her face. She pulls his boxers down and Mark’s hard cock lands on her cheek. Viv opens her mouth and slowly takes the substantial length in her mouth. Mark leans back to sit on the bed. As Viv begins to take Mark in and out of her mouth, she reaches back and unzips her dress. She slides the shoulder straps down her arms and reveals her large tits as the dress peels off of her. Viv begins pinching her pink, erect nipples and moans as she continues to swallow Mark’s cock. I am mesmerized watching this attractive couple having oral sex right in front of me. I wake up to the fact that we came to be more than just spectators. I reach down and run my hands up Kimmy’s inner thigh. This wakes her up to the same conclusion and she opens her legs, revealing the blue panties underneath her dress. I gently stoke her pussy through the panties, feeling her get progressively wetter, just like when we watch porn together. I hike up her skirt so I can plunge my hand in her panties and insert a finger into her. Her head tilts back in pleasure, but she keeps her eyes on Viv and Mark. Viv has now stripped her dress completely off and she sits back on her heels in just a black g-string while rhythmically sucking Mark off. She turns to look at us and smiles when she sees me fingering Kimmy. Viv releases Mark’s cock just long enough to say with a smile, “There is plenty of room on this bed for all of us.” She immediately reinserts Mark’s rock hard dick into her mouth and continues her sensual blowjob. Kimmy and I get the hint. Kimmy stands up and slowly walk over the edge of the bed. I unzip the back of Kimmy’s dress and it falls to the floor. She turns and pulls my shirt off over my head (I don’t think she wanted to be the only one undressed). I guide her backwards toward the bed and she lies back. She is lying parallel to Mark who is just two feet away on the same bed. I raise Kimmy’s legs and kneel down between them. I start kissing Kimmy’s warm mound, smelling her scent. I keep peaking out of the corner of my eye at Viv, still luxuriously sucking Mark with her full lips wrapped softly around his shaft. Kimmy is also watching them, but her hips are moving towards my mouth. I hook the sides of her panties and pull them down her legs. Kimmy gasps at being so exposed to strangers. Aside from our previous outing to the adult bookstore, she hasn’t been naked in front of other people. And that was a very anonymous experience, this time it somehow feels more personal and intimate, being so close and open. But when I sink my tongue into her dripping pussy, she forgets all about her nerves and lets out a long moan. Viv giggles at the sound. “Wow, Danny, it sounds like you really know how to eat a girl out.”Kimmy responds, “And you really know how to suck a cock, Viv.” I am surprised to hear Kimmy opening up with the sexy banter, but I’m a fan. I begin sucking on her clit, licking her in slow circles. Her moaning becomes more intense. Viv takes Mark’s cock out of her mouth with a loud slurp and stands up. She slides off her g-string to reveal the smooth pussy from their photos. She pushes Mark back on the bed and straddles him. “You want this, babe?” he says. “You want this big cock inside of you?” “Oh yes, baby. Fuck me with you monster dick!” Viv demands. Viv crouches over Mark and slowly impales herself on his cock. As she slowly takes him all the way in, she lets out a loud, wavering scream. Kimmy is turned to watch this happen and pulls my head in tighter to get my tongue deeper. I stand up and climb on to bed beside her. She turns to face the other couple and lifts her leg so I can lie behind her and slip my cock inside her swollen pussy as we watch Viv and Mark fuck like a****ls. Viv is bouncing on Mark wildly causing the bed to shake, seemingly inching Kimmy and me closer to them with each bounce. I lift Kimmy’s thigh and immediately plunge my cock into her. She is so wet from my saliva and her juices, I can push in to the hilt with almost no resistance. She lets out a loud moan as I sink deep into her. Viv sees us and slows her bouncing. She says to Mark without taking her eyes off of us, “I want to watch these two fuck!” She climbs off of Mark and lies down, making the mirror image of our position. Mark immediately moves her around so he can get his dick back inside of her. I can see Viv two feet away from us on the same bed, pinching her nipples as Mark’s cock disappears between her legs. Kimmy is more turned on than I’ve ever seen her. She is desperately pushing to take me deeper while watching Viv and Mark. Viv is clearly thriving on the attention, and I’m pretty sure Mark is having as much fun as I am watching another women getting fucked just feet away. Kimmy leans forward to improve the angle between us so we are basically fucking doggy style while lying on our sides. But the movement closes the distance between her and Viv so Kimmy’s head is just a few inches from Viv’s waist. Viv smiles at me and says, “Hey Danny, do you think Kimmy is hungry for some cock?” I am avidly pumping Kimmy from behind, and it takes me a second to understand Viv’s question. But I finally understand and give a quiet nod. Viv lifts herself off of Mark’s cock and it flops out of her used pussy and lands next to Kimmy’s head. Kimmy looks up and sees herself face to face with Mark’s big cock. She looks back at me for approval. I answer her by fucking her harder. Her mouth opens to let out little screams with each thrust. Viv reaches down to guide Mark’s cock into Kimmy’s open mouth. Kimmy immediately latches on, closing her lips around the pink head of Mark’s cock, still wet from being inside of Viv.”Oh yeah, baby. I love the feel of that Asian mouth,” Mark yells. Viv is laughing, touching herself while watching Kimmy take two cocks at once. One hand moves to Kimmy’s body and starts rubbing her perky, exposed tits. Kimmy gets a little stiff, unused to having a woman touch her. But she quickly succumbs to what is happening: three people are servicing her at once, she is overwhelmed with all the pleasure. Viv’s hands continue to explore Kimmy’s body, rubbing her tits and stomach while Kimmy continues to suck and slurp Mark’s cock while also taking a pounding from me. Viv inches along the bed, lying inversely along Kimmy’s body. She lifts Kimmy’s thigh, opening her pussy up to watch my cock disappear inside of her. Viv squeezes Kimmy’s ass (a favorite sensation of Kimmy’s) with one hand and starts rubbing her clit with the other. Kimmy is now receiving the pleasure of her life: getting fucked while a woman massages her clit while sucking another guy’s dick. She explodes with an orgasm, screaming louder than I have ever heard her scream. I am on the verge of cumming. Viv is sprawled out on the bed in front of me, with a round ass up in the air and her juicy lips inches away from Kimmy’s pussy. I am watching my girlfriend suck another guy while I fuck her. Her orgasm tightens around me and pushes me over the edge. I let out a yell and cum for what feels like minutes on end. Eventually I stop thrusting and slip my cock out of Kimmy. A small strand of cum stretches between the head of my cock and Kimmy’s slit.”Oh, well that shouldn’t go to waste,” says Viv, and she leans forward and takes my softening cock in her mouth. I nearly collapse from the sudden jolt of feeling her soft mouth engulf me. I haven’t felt another woman’s mouth since Kimmy and I started dating. She swirls her tongue around the head of my cock and releases me with a loud slurp. A rivulet of cum is dripping out of Kimmy’s wet pussy and Viv dives in, her long tongue running laps up and down the length of Kimmy’s slit. Kimmy lets out a long moan and begins jerking Mark’s dick next to her face. Mark, likely responding to his girlfriend eating another man’s cum out of a woman’s pussy starts tensing up. He lets out a loud yell and starts cumming in long spurts all over Kimmy’s chest, stomach, and neck. She is covered in long streaks of semen from her hips to her chin. Viv looks back at Mark’s yell and sees Kimmy’s state.”Uh oh, here comes the cumslut,” says Mark.Viv responds, “You know it baby. I can’t get enough of that cum.” She beings crawling up Kimmy’s body, licking the long lines of cum off of her torso. Viv’s tongue flicker ups Kimmy’s chest and swirls around her perky, dark nipples. Kimmy is sensitive after her orgasm and shivers with each touch. I am lying on the edge of the bed, feeling myself getting hard from watching this amazing scene. Eventually Viv finishes and sits back at the head of the bed.She puts on a mock frown and crosses her arms. “Everyone else got to cum but me,” she said in a dramatically petulant voice. “What I could really use right now is a woman’s touch.” She sends a devilish smile Kimmy’s way as she leans back against the headboard and spreads her legs open. Kimmy, half exhausted from her experience, doesn’t hesitate to crawl up the bed towards Viv’s open thighs. Her head sinks down between Viv’s legs and buries herself into her pussy. Viv reaches down to run her fingers through Kimmy’s dark hair, breathing hard and moaning as Kimmy’s tongue gets to work. “Oh yes, baby. Yes! You have done this before! You feel so amazing!”By now I am completely hard again. I’m staring at Kimmy’s naked body, her ass held up in the air, diving deep into Viv’s sex. Mark catches my eye and nods toward Viv. He moves up to head of the bed and kneels in front of Viv’s face. I follow suit on the other side. Viv, between panting gasps, sees us and reaches up to grab us with each hand. She starts pumping both cocks simultaneously and alternates taking each one of us in her mouth, when she isn’t gasping for air. Viv’s body is writing in pleasure. I can see Kimmy’s nose resting on Viv’s pubic area as the lower half of her face is engulfed in her pussy. After just a couple of minutes of this incredible scene, I start to cum for the second time. Viv doesn’t waver from sucking ever drop of my cum down her throat. Mark is soon to follow. As he is just about finished cumming in her mouth, Viv lets out an incredible scream. Her whole body shakes and her hips lift off of the bed. Kimmy holds onto her thighs and keeps sucking her clit. Finally the orgasm subsides. Kimmy collapses to the side of the bed. Viv is heaving for breath at the head of the bed, a line of cum dripping down her cheek. Mark and I lie beside our respective partners and everyone takes a moment to absorb the events of the night.Eventually we get up and get our clothes back on. We’re now totally comfortable with each other and even exchange compliments on our different sexual prowesses. Before Kimmy and I leave, Viv gives us her cell phone number, and tells us to call them again soon; perhaps a full swap is on the table? Looks like Kimmy and I found some fwb.”What would you think about going to SexFest on Saturday?” Kimmy and I are at home together when she asks me this. She is wearing a pair of my boxers and a t-shirt. I walk over to her and grab her from behind, working my hands into the baggy clothes to touch her all over.”I don’t know what that is, but it sounds promising,” I reply.She laughs and gives me a knowing look and a gentle push with her hips. “I thought you might like that. It’s actually a film festival. Someone at work told me about it. It’s for amateur porn and they show it in the movie theater downtown.”Sounds interesting. I tell her I’m in and she goes online to get tickets.Kimmy and I have been together for several years. She started out so reserved when it came to all things sexual, but now she loves sex. We fuck regularly at home, in the car, outside when circumstances permit. Recently, we’ve really enjoyed watching porn together, checking out adult books stores, and even looking online for potential soft swap opportunities. So the idea of going to a porn film festival is not such a stretch for us.Saturday night comes and we walk over to the theater and find there is a line down the sidewalk leading to the entrance. The show has an artistic, sex-positive slant so people aren’t skulking or ashamed like you would find at a regular porn theater. There are couples and groups of friends ranging in age from mid-20’s to some who look to be in their 60’s and 70’s. Eventually the doors open and we file into the theater. Kimmy and I take our seats in the left-hand section.The show is introduced by a host talking about the ideology of the festival and a run down on some of the films. They are all short films, none more than 10 minutes long. He warns that while some are pretty standard fare others will make some people cringe. I can tell Kimmy is eager for the show to get started.The first film is pretty straight forward: A young couple hike up a mountain together and fuck at the top. Obviously there are more stylistic choices being made, but that is the gist of it. I’m not complaining, the couple is very hot. It ended with the guy pulling out in time to cum on the girl’s stomach with a panoramic mountain view in the background. People clap at the end of the film; it’s that sort of festival.The next film is about an older woman talking about her polyamorous relationships. The film alternates between her talking about being into sex in a time when you were not supposed to be into sex and scenes of her fucking and sucking multiple men at the same time. The men range in age from 25 to 70 from the looks of it. “She looks really good for her age,” Kimmy whispers to me. I have to admit she is right. Despite being mid-50’s, the woman is still in good shape. Aside from a few wrinkles on her body, she still looks good with one guy eating her out while she sucks another’s cock. I am definitely turned on by the film. The festival continues. Some of the films are funny, like a guy having work-themed phone sex with his wife while he is at the office. Several with painted latex or other bondage. One of a woman masturbating with a dildo I thought was very hot. A couple of orgy films, too. One with cutting and blood, but I’m not into it and turn away for the bloodier parts.Eventually the show ends and people file out of the theater, talking about which films they liked the most. Kimmy and I start walking home, a bit handsy after watching so much porn.”Maybe we should submit a film for next year,” Kimmy says.”Oh yeah? You wouldn’t be nervous doing that?” “Sure, I would be nervous, but that’s part of the fun. All those people watching us have sex and clapping afterward.” Kimmy laughs.”So you think we would warrant applause then?””Well that depends on how well we make our video.”1 year laterKimmy and I are back in line outside the theater. For as giddy as we were last year, this year we are infinitely more so. She has the biggest smile on her face, trying not to show how nervous she feels. I admit, I am also really nervous. Again we file into the theater when the doors open and take our seats. The host gives his intro speech and the film festival starts. The first few films fly by. I’m looking around to see how people are reacting. Kimmy is holding my hand tightly in her lap. And then it starts.The film Kimmy and I submitted.*****It starts with us outside next to a rock wall. Kimmy is dressed in tiny athletic shorts and a spaghetti strap top. Her long, black hair is back in a single, thick braid. I am next to her in a light tank top and gym shorts. It is a sunny day out and no one else is around. There are crash pads on the ground and it looks like a typical bouldering scene. There is a music track playing rhythmically over the film.Kimmy begins to climb and I am behind her, spotting. As she climbs, the camera focuses in on her toned and tanned legs and arms. She lithely climbs up the wall causing her body to bend gracefully. The shot shows me right below her now. It cuts to my view, up close to her round ass güvenilir bahis siteleri in those thin athletic shorts. She reaches wide with her leg for a foothold and a gap between her leg and shorts opens up, making her little pink pussy visible from below. She isn’t wearing any underwear. The camera focuses on this reveal, trying to get the best view of her slit as I would be from below. Kimmy leans forward, causing her tight ass to strain the fabric of the shorts. She continues climbing up the overhang, now hanging upside down. The camera can now look straight down her top where her breasts make two perfect, little mounds. As she struggles with the climb, the small cotton top shifts causing brief glimpses of her dark nipples, tantalizing the camera. Eventually she falls and I catch her, both of us laughing.Now it’s my turn to climb. I return to the wall and Kimmy prepares to spot me. I start to climb and the shot focuses on my arms and shoulders. It looks back at Kimmy and she is biting her lip while staring at me. My back and arms are flexing with the exertion. As I climb above her, she looks up at me. The camera cuts to her view, where now she can see up my shorts to my semi-hard cock. The camera turns to her where she is getting visibly turned on. Eventually I drop from the wall and turn to her. She is smiling at me and then reaches up to kiss me. She steps back and pulls her top off, revealing her perky tits. She pulls off my tank top and then drops to her knees. With one quick jerk, she pulls my shorts down, allowing my cock to spring up. She begins caressing it in her hands and looks up at me. While still looking up at my face, she guides my hard cock into her mouth. The camera focuses in on her face as her head moves back and forth on my cock. Her tongue is swirling around the head of my cock, occasionally breaking free of the seal of her lips. The shot changes to a wider view of Kimmy on her knees wearing just those tight shorts and climbing shoes while I am pretty much naked in front of her, guiding her head back and forth along my shaft. Eventually I pull Kimmy to her feet and yank her shorts down. I wrap my arms just under her ass and lift her clear off of the ground. I carry her over to the wall where there is a small ledge about four feet off the ground. I sit her naked body on the ledge and spread her legs wide. She d****s her legs over my shoulders and I lift her up, she reaches up to stabilize herself against the overhang above. The camera zooms in on me starting to eat her pussy which is resting just inches from my face. My tongue is reaching deep inside of her and the moisture from her pussy is reflecting the sunlight. I am licking and sucking her clit voraciously. The shot focuses on Kimmy’s face; her eyes are closed and her mouth is open, breathing heavily. The scene widens and I am standing naked in an open area with Kimmy naked and mounted on my shoulders, holding on to the overhang, moaning and gyrating. My hands are holding her up while squeezing her ass and pulling her pussy closer in to my face. The scene carries on until Kimmy’s body starts heaving and finally she shudders in a long, powerful orgasm. I lower her down and drop her on the crash pad. She is on her stomach, still breathing deeply as I kneel down in front of her. She sees my cock and opens her mouth to accept me. I move forward and she begins sucking my cock again. The scene widens to see Kimmy’s beautiful body spread out on the pad. She is glistening with sweat and her skin looks golden in the sunlight. The camera slowly moves up her thighs, to her perfectly round butt, up her flawless back, to the braid hanging down her shoulder, and her lips locked around my cock. Kimmy then gets up and pushes me down on my back onto the pad. She spits on my cock and jerks it a few times before straddling me. She slowly lowers her body, guiding the head of my penis towards her pussy. Slowly, my cock spreads her pussy lips apart as she impales herself on me. The camera is focused so closely on me penetrating her. Finally she has taken my whole length inside of her and begins gyrating her hips. We then see a wide shot of us fucking on the crash pads. The camera pans around, highlighting how we are all alone, but out in the open. Kimmy begins riding me faster and faster, seemingly to the beat of the music, her hands braced against my chest. Suddenly she climbs off of me and leans down to take my cock in her mouth while jerking me vigorously. The camera focuses on her face as spurts of cum shoot out of me, covering her face, lips, nose, and even her dark braid. She is smiling as my orgasm subsides and she is left with my cock in her hands and strings of cum hanging from her face. She licks her lips, catching some cum in her mouth and the scene fades.*****People begin clapping. I like to think more than for many other videos, but perhaps not. I realize I have been riveted to the film on the giant screen and turn to Kimmy sitting next to me for the first time in several minutes. She is visibly turned on. Her mouth is open and she is breathing deeply. My hand in her lap can feel heat radiating through the crotch of her jeans. I, myself, am rock hard after experiencing an auditorium of people watching me and Kimmy fuck on screen. I barely register the other films that follow. I’m thinking about whether people nearby realize that was us on screen or if people will recognize us when the house lights come back on and we begin to leave the theater. Eventually my adrenaline subsides and I enjoy a video of three couples playing some kind of party sex game involving cards and swapping partners. I am so desperate to get home and fuck Kimmy senseless when we relive our thrilling night together. The final film ends and the lights come on. Kimmy nearly jumps out of her seat, dragging me behind her, trying to reach the exit before the crowd gets too big to move. We leave the theater and begin the walk home at a brisk pace. We’ve made it maybe three blocks when Kimmy stops and pulls me into a dark doorway.”Fuck this, I can’t wait any longer,” she says. She pulls my face to hers and sticks her tongue in my mouth. At the same time, she is frantically undoing my belt and jeans. This is very brazen as we are on a public city street, just a step or two off of the sidewalk. Luckily, it is late and the streetlights are not too bright in this neighborhood. Besides, I’m incredibly turned on and not about to say no to a blowjob. Kimmy pulls down the zipper of my jeans and drops down as she pulls my pants and underwear to my knees. She immediately inhales my cock and starts sucking like she is starving for my cum. I brace myself against the doorway, trying to keep from coming immediately as Kimmy blows me right out in public. Suddenly we hear footsteps on the pavement and quickly try to retreat deeper into the doorway, but in our haste, we didn’t pick a very secluded spot. A young couple approaches and sees us as we try to get ourselves together.”Whoa, didn’t mean to interrupt,” says the guy. “I’m not looking to cock-block, dude.”The woman, who is a very pretty blonde, about 30 years old looks closely at us. “Hey, didn’t we just see your film at SexFest?”I couldn’t tell if we should be more or less embarrassed by the fact that this couple caught us fooling around after watching our porn. Kimmy and I were both nervously laughing while trying to think of the proper response.”Don’t worry, you guys. We know exactly how you feel. We can hardly wait to get home either.”That’s when I realize that I recognize the couple. They were in the film with the three couples and sex card game. I particularly remember watching the blonde sucking her partner’s cock while another guy fucked her from behind. This does nothing to diminish my erection.After I get my belt buckled and Kimmy wipes the saliva from her chin, they introduce themselves as Will and Janet and we introduce ourselves. They tell us they really enjoyed our film and are glad they have a chance to meet us. They say they lived just around the corner and invite us up for drinks.”We’re hosting a bit of an after party with our fellow…cast members,” Janet says while trying to suppress a giggle. Kimmy and I are both intrigued and excited and heartily agree to join them. On the walk over they tell us this was the third time they’ve submitted a film to SexFest, second time it was accepted and featured. “We make maybe a dozen movies a year,” says Will. “Not always with other people. Sometimes with just Janet playing with herself. Those are my favorite to shoot.” They seem so comfortable talking about their sex lives with complete strangers, though I guess we sort of opened the door with our sidewalk shenanigans. Will stops at a row house and unlocks the door. There is already another couple inside drinking wine and laughing. Will and Janet introduce us to Kevin and Anna. It doesn’t take long for Anna to say, “Wait, are you the rock climbing couple?” Apparently they were also at the film festival. Kimmy and I are blushing quite a bit, but acknowledge it was us. I recognize Kevin and Anna from the same movie as Will and Janet. Anna had a particularly memorable scene where she was getting fucked in the ass by another man who ended up cumming on her back. As we stayed a while and had a few drinks, Kimmy and I began to feel more comfortable. I am feeling pretty excited being in a room with so many people I had seen naked and had seen me naked. Kimmy is even more of an exhibitionist than me, so I can only imagine she is even more turned on. We sneak glances at each other and are able to read each other’s arousal. “Who is up for some party games?!” announces Janet. A general cheer arises from the group. Kimmy and I sit at a table while Will brings out some cards and dice. Janet runs down the rules:”Standard strip poker, 5 card stud. Aces are wild. The loser each round has to remove an article of clothing. Once you are all out of clothing, role these dice and do whatever it says to the winner. If you don’t feel comfortable doing something with someone of the same sex, you can get your partner to do it or take it for you. Sound good?” The dice she indicates are two 6-sided dice. One has verbs like ‘suck’, ‘lick’, ‘rub’, ‘kiss’, ‘touch’, and ‘blow’. The other die has body parts like ‘lips’, ‘chest’, ‘legs’, ‘back’, ‘butt’, and ‘genitals’. Kimmy and I have a silent consultation and both agree. Janet refers to this as a “starter game” for those of us less familiar. Without further ado, Will deals out 5 cards to each person and Kimmy and I take a deep breath. My hand is so-so. I had a pair of 5’s to start. I asked for three new cards and pull an ace. I felt this was good enough not to lose; I don’t really want to go first. Hands are shown: Kimmy had two kings and is spared from losing as well. Will wins with a full house and Janet loses with a jack high. She gives a fake pout, but then immediately takes off her shirt showing her large tits held in place with a lacy, blue bra. Several rounds pass. I lost my shirt, undershirt, and socks. Kimmy has lost her socks and pants. Will is doing well with only his shirt gone. Janet is in her bra and panties. Kevin is in the most dire straits with just his boxers left and Anna is in the same boat as Janet. I take stock of who we were playing with: Janet is a full figured, blonde woman. Her lace underwear is really showing her curves well and she frequently leans forward, holding her cards close, causing her cleavage to plunge to wonderful depths. Will is tall and lean with sandy blonde hair. He was sitting next to Kimmy and I saw her steal glances at his body from time to time. Kevin is black haired and bigger, maybe a weight lifter. He has a little extra weight, but I wouldn’t say he is fat. Anna is petite, like Kimmy. She has short cropped brown hair and often sits with her legs curled in the chair under her. All in all, a very attractive group. The next hand Anna loses. Time for our first taste of real nudity. The group hoots and howls as she undoes her bra and lets it slide off her shoulders. She has small, perky tits with small, erect, pink nipples. She isn’t the least bit self conscious and I can see why. I have to try to not allow my staring turn into leering. The next hand, Kevin loses. The girls start cat-calling as Kevin stands up and pushes his chair back. “Let me have the honors,” Janet says. She slowly pulls down Kevin’s boxers, releasing his erect cock. He is very large and completely clean shaven. Janet gives his cock and quick squeeze and laughs uproariously. A few more rounds pass. Kevin, me, Anna, and Janet are all naked. Kimmy still has her panties on and Will is down to his boxers. They are getting pretty competitive about who would be the last one clothed. Unfortunately for them, the rivalry is put on hold when Anna loses to Janet. “Time for the dice!” calls Kevin. Anna picks up the dice and gives them a role: Lick – legs. “I’m going to pass this off to my partner,” declared Anna. Kevin isn’t arguing. Giggling, Janet pushes her chair back from the table and Kevin sinks down to the floor between her legs. He starts running his tongue up the insides of her thighs. Janet jumps a little when she feels tickled, but manages to stay put. Kevin is moving higher and higher, approaching Janet’s bare pussy (and it is completely bare). After a minute of this, Kevin resumes his seat and everyone gives a round of applause.Kimmy finally loses a hand. I feet a thrill realizing she will be completely naked in front of this whole room of people. Somehow it felt even more exciting than when I had to get naked. Kimmy lifts her hips off the chair and pulls her panties down. She then lifts her legs in the air to pull them all the way off. This gives the table a very clear view of her small pussy and ass. She isn’t shaved and has a small tuft of black hair above her pussy. The next hand I win and Janet loses. She rolls the dice: Kiss-genitals. NICE! Everyone gives a cheer, happy to see the game reaching the next level. Janet stands up and walks over to my chair. Her full hips are swinging back and forth as she slowly walks over. She comes over to my right side and bends over at the hip. She takes my cock in her hand and slowly leans over and plants a wet kiss on the tip of the head of my cock. She leans in further to kiss down my shaft and onto my balls. I looked over at Kimmy. She is watching intently and her hand has sunk down between her legs. She doesn’t see me looking at her because her eyes are riveted to Janet kissing my cock. A few times I think Janet moved into the “lick” realm, but I’m not complaining. Eventually she stops and everyone gives a few catcalls. Will is eventually declothed and we have some instances of ‘blow-back’ and ‘rub-lips’. Eventually Kimmy loses a hand to Janet and has to roll the dice. She rolls rub-genitals. Janet thinks about it for a moment and even walks over to Kimmy. At the last moment, she says she is going to pass it off to her partner. Kimmy seems excited by that development and moves her chair closer to Will’s. She reaches over and wraps her hand around Will’s cock. She starts jerking it up and down slowly. Janet, who is standing next to me leans into my ear and says, “Do you like watching your girlfriend rubbing my boyfriend’s cock?” I nod, and I do. Kimmy leans over and spits on Will’s cock to add lubrication. She starts speeding up and reaches over with her other hand to rub his balls. Eventually Will calls a stop, saying he doesn’t want to cum so early in the game. The next hand Anna loses to Kimmy and rolls lick-genitals. I laugh and rub my hands together in anticipation. “What?” says Kimmy, “Do you think I’m passing on that?” I am a little surprised since Kimmy doesn’t have a lot of experience with other women. Everyone looks at Anna, especially Kevin, but she says, “I’m game if you are.” “Well if this is happening, then at least don’t hide it under the table,” says Kevin. Kimmy stands up and sits on the edge of the table and Anna sits down between her legs. Anna pushes Kimmy’s legs up and starts gently licking her wet pussy. Kimmy lies back on the table and starts quietly moaning. Anna’s gentle technique begins getting more aggressive. She licks up and down the full length of Kimmy’s slit, lingering on her clit before moving back down. Her tongue pushes deep into Kimmy’s pussy and swirls around. We can hear the wetness of it. Kimmy is moaning loudly now, almost screaming. Anna is using her hands to spread Kimmy’s pussy lips so she can lick deeper. Even though I don’t get a chance to have Anna lick my cock, watching her go down on my girlfriend is a solid consolation. Anna starts focusing on Kimmy’s clit while inserting a finger, causing Kimmy to scream and shake in a massive orgasm. After catching her breath, Kimmy and Anna go back to their seats. Anna’s chin is glistening with Kimmy’s cum. She leans over to give Kevin a deep kiss as she passes his chair. Kimmy seems to be in a daze as she comes down from her orgasm. “Time to up the ante, I think,” says Will. “As much as I like a good touch, I think we should change it to ‘fuck’. And for ‘back’, let’s change that to ‘add second place person’. What do you guys think?” I turn to Kimmy to make sure she is okay with the rule change. She is still glowing from her orgasm from Anna and seems hungry for more. “I could certainly do with some dick,” says Janet. We all agree to the rules and deal a new hand. Kevin beat Will and rolled ‘fuck-chest’. “As much fun as that sounds, I’m hoping Janet will step in for Will?” Kevin suggests. Janet is certainly the most qualified for the job. She gets out of her seat and kneels down in front of Kevin. She leans forward enveloping Kevin’s cock in between her large tits and slowly starts bouncing up and down, causing Kevin’s cock to disappear and reappear just under her chin. A few times she would stick out her tongue to give his head a quick lick. Kevin is breathing deeply, gripping the sides of his chair tightly. “Oh god, don’t stop!” he yells. Streams of cum shoot out of his cock at high speeds, hitting Janet under her chin and falling back on her ample tits. She is initially taken by surprised, but recovers quickly and keeps tit-fucking Kevin, using his sperm as lubricant. After a minute, her tits are completely smeared with Kevin’s cum. While Kevin recovers, we deal another hand. People are barely playing anymore; losing seems as good a prospect as winning at this point. Kimmy ends up losing to Will. She rolls the dice: fuck-add another. Will looks victorious, and truth be told, Kimmy doesn’t look too disappointed either. Kevin is second place, but isn’t hard enough to cash in just yet. Kimmy leans over to me. “Are you okay with this?” she asks. “Don’t worry,” says Anna, “we’ll be sure to keep him company,” as she looks over at Janet.”I’ll manage,” I say and gave her a reassuring kiss.Kimmy climbs up on the table and lies back like she did for Anna. Will stands up and positions himself between her legs. He reaches down and inserts a finger in her pussy. She is so wet, it slides right in. “Oh my god, this is such a tight pussy,” Will says. He inserts a second finger and slowly fingers Kimmy in front of all of us. Eventually he withdraws his fingers and lines up his cock. He pushes forward, burying himself in Kimmy until their hips are touching. Kimmy lets out a long moan and reaches up to rub her erect nipples. Will starts rhythmically fucking Kimmy, slow and long strokes. Janet comes over to stand behind me and whisper in my ear: “You are so lucky to have her. Look how sexy she looks while she is being fucked. Do you like watching her fuck another man?” She begins to kiss and lick my neck. I can feel her huge tits pressed against my back as she continues to whisper to me. Kevin has recovered some of his erection and walks around the table to where Kimmy’s head is resting. He grabs one of Kimmy’s hands and guides it to his cock. Kimmy, moaning from the fucking she is getting from Will, realizes what is happening and pulls Kevin’s penis into her mouth. She is now taking two cocks at once!Anna meanwhile has dropped down to my right and starts licking my cock. Janet decides to join her and sinks down to the floor on my left and starts licking from the other side. They take turns sucking the head of my cock or licking the shaft; sometimes their tongues meet with my cock in between in an extremely erotic kiss. “I want to watch what is happening on the table,” says Anna. She stands up and turns her back to me. She slowly lowers herself down while Janet guides my cock towards Anna’s. I am surprised when I feel the tight pucker of Anna’s ass, and even more surprised when Anna continues to lower herself onto me. She takes a moment to get used to me in her ass; it’s the tightest feeling I’ve ever had around my cock. She starts riding my cock, creating a slapping sound every time she takes me all the way inside of her. Janet sits back in a chair to watch this orgy take place. Her heels are pulled up to the chair seat and she starts fingering herself with one hand and rubbing her ample tit with the other. It doesn’t take long for Janet to start screaming with a wild, self-induced orgasm. Will is fucking Kimmy hard now and it is clear he is on the edge of cumming. A few more thrusts and he yells “Oh God, I’m going to cum inside of you!” Kimmy’s mouth is full with Kevin’s cock and responds in a muffled moan. He Will stays buried deep inside of Kimmy while unloading. Finally he withdraws his cock and a small amount of cum falls out of Kimmy’s pussy onto the table. “Mmmmm, I want to taste her on you,” says Janet, as she moves from the chair to take Will’s cock in her mouth. She licks up and down the length, trying to get ever bit of cum that is left. Kevin sees an opening and moves to fuck Kimmy next. He is bigger than Will or me and as he shoves his cock into Kimmy, she lets out a scream. “OH MY GOD, YES! GIVE ME THAT BIG FUCKING COCK!” She is having no trouble taking his big cock, hitting her deeper than ever before. That does it for me. I start cumming inside of Anna. She doesn’t slow down as I shoot streams of cum deep inside of her ass. Kimmy is writhing on the table as Kevin fucks her deeper and harder. We are all watching: Janet is massaging Will’s softening cock with her mouth and Anna and I are slumped back in the chair while my cum slowly drips from between her ass cheeks. Suddenly Kevin pulls out and begins stroking his cock vigorously. Streams of cum shoot across Kimmy’s body, creating white streaks on the tan skin of her stomach and chest. I am mesmerized having witnessed Kimmy take two men inside of her, watching her breathing deeply, spread open on her back on the table. We recollect ourselves, gathering our clothes and sneaking playful touches and kisses. Kimmy walks over to me and kisses me deeply on the lips, still smiling from our wild evening. We are all ready to conclude the night. Will and Janet don’t bother to put on their clothes and collapse on the couch together, gently stroking each other’s body.”Maybe we should collaborate on a film submission for next year,” says Janet with a giggle. “I’m certainly down for rehearsals sometime soon,” I reply. Kimmy and I walk the rest of the way home with my arm around her waist, barely believing what just happened. We walk to her apartment and once we’re inside she starts taking off her clothes and says she needs to take a shower. “I need to wash all the cum off of me,” she says with a wink. “Are you going to join me?” I can feel my cock starting to get hard again and I follow her into the bathroom. We fuck liked crazy in the shower as if it had been ages since we last had sex. I am the third guy inside of her tonight. We dry off and collapse into bed together and immediately fall asleep.



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