Adventures of a Indian Wife 3Narendra sat sated and contented on a sofa eyeing his dear, beautiful mother, who had now d****d herself in a dark blue sari. She appeared so splendid, so beautiful as she lay on the grand double bed – relaxed and looking at her son with half-shut eyes.”Mother you’ re wonderful,” Narendra said.Her mother smiled. “It was a great experience,” sunita told her son. “Soon we will be flying back. And you will learn more – a lot more about life.””No mother will do what you have done for me,” Narendra said. “Don’t even mention. Thank your father who arranged all this,” sunita said.”You mean the money.”sunita looked at her naïve son, but did not reply. They both were engrossed in their thoughts. Narendra thinking that how an impossible thing became possible – so easily? And sunita thinking how matters will shape up for the family back home with her husband Zareef and daughter-in-law Kulsoom around. Several minutes passed in silence. Then there was a tap on the door.”It must be Lisa – she promised to come in the afternoon,” Narendra said going toward the door. Yes it was Lisa. But she was not alone. A tall, broad and a very dark Negro was with her.”Meet abdul Kassem ,” Lisa said introducing the mother and the son to her companion.”Hello,” said Narendra. He shook hands with his guest, but looked at him suspiciously. He felt the strong, powerful grip of abdul Kassem ‘s hand crushing his palm. “Hello Mister,” abdul Kassem said smiling broadly. “Lisa had been telling me all about your training sessions and adventures. You were her good pupil,” he said in a typical American accent.”abdul Kassem is my colleague. He knows everything,” Lisa said as she saw a cloud on Narendra’s face. “And this is sunita – a lovely woman and a caring mother.” “How do you do abdul Kassem ,” sunita said giving the black man her small white hand, which was accepted gently.”I must say I have been knocked out by your smile,” abdul Kassem said bending forward and stealing a quick kiss on one of sunita’s cheek. She was not prepared for that and was shocked.Narendra was taken aback by abdul Kassem ‘s boldness. But little did he know what else was in store for him. Lisa took Narendra’s hand and led him to the sofa and sat besides him. “You have taken a lot of pussies during the last few days and I believe today it included your mama’s as well,” she said in a business-like fashion. Narendra shook his head uneasily as he saw abdul Kassem looking at him closely.”Today your mama will have some fun in front of your eyes and you will just watch without saying, doing a thing,” she said in a stern manner. “abdul Kassem is the best man for any woman. I can guarantee that.””No way,” Narendra said standing up.”Sit down,” Lisa pulled him back grabbing his belt.”This is the most important lesson as part of your psychological training. And how can you be so selfish to deny a good cock to your mother, who has done so much for you. It is better than yours – and you know that. You have to learn canlı bahis patience, shun the stupid emotions of jealousy and possessiveness and get used to of enjoying sex for the sake of sex alone.”sunita was flabbergasted and confused. “Stop joking,” that’s all she could say. But abdul Kassem was quick to clutch and encircle her narrow waist in his strong arms. “No need to act as a virtuous, good mama ma’am,” he said. “Show me the devil inside you,” he said giving a broad lick on one of her cheeks and covering it with spit.Narendra was confused too. He did not know what to say and do. His mother was in the arms of a black stranger in front of his eyes. It was a strange sight. Had it happened a few weeks ago – he would have killed that man. But now there was only confusion.Lisa held him firmly on the sofa and whispered in his ear – “You just watch – you will love it. Just watch your mother under a stranger. It is a unique experience.”Meanwhile, sunita was waging a losing battle in trying to get herself free from abdul Kassem ‘s arms. “Narendra I don’t want this. Lisa I don’t want this. Stop this now. abdul Kassem , please leave me alone!”But Narendra sat silent. Lisa only smiled. And abdul Kassem held her more firmly.”Hey sexy bitch – stop making this fuss,” abdul Kassem said madly licking and biting her neck without sunita’s consent. “Mother, give your son a good sex show. Show him what does a good fuck mean for a woman,” he said and spitted straight at her face. “I promise, you will LOVE it.”sunita felt helpless, humiliated and over-powered. No doubt she loved sex. But she was not prepared for this. She never thought in her whole life that one day she would land in the arms of a mighty black man and that too in front of her son.She could sense the writing on the wall. In this sex capital of the world –- Bangkok – she appeared to had run out of options. but only one.She looked at abdul Kassem full in his eyes. abdul Kassem realized the sexy-looking woman had become still and no longer trying to free herself. He relaxed his grip. “Change of mind,” he said.He spitted again on sunita’s face and then licked the saliva splaterred over her face. She stood silent just staring at him.”I have had all types of cunts – from Anglo Saxon to filipino, Arab, Chinese … Today for the first time ever I am getting a Indian one,” abdul Kassem said and spitted again on her face and then licked it.There was a pause as they both looked at each other. Then sunita slowly raised her face, gathering a good load of her own slavia in her mouth and shot it out with full force on abdul Kassem ‘s lips and nose.A little surprised by the intensity and quantity of sunita’s mouth juices, it was now abdul Kassem ‘s turn to stand motionless. sunita darted out her tongue and rolled it over abdul Kassem ‘s lips, nose and cheeks. “Hurrah! The Indian lady is willing and ready,” abdul Kassem said.”Yes,” sunita said in a vice shaking with desire. “Take me. Fuck me. Fuck me as no one fucked me before.”Narendra’s bahis siteleri dick was hard under his pants. Lisa was watching the developments with a smug smile on her face.By now abdul Kassem had removed sunita’s sari. She was standing in front of him in her blouse and long petticoat.”You remove your shirt now,” sunita asked abdul Kassem who did it in a jiffy revealing his muscular pumped up body.”My God, You are a black Hercules,” that’s all sunita could say. “Now you reveal your jugs my Indian goddess” abdul Kassem demanded.sunita obliged, unhooking her blouse and brazier as quickly as possible and throwing them on the floor. Her firm, white milky breasts and erect brown nipples exposed themselves in all their glory. “Ah what a divine sight,” abdul Kassem gasped and swooped on them clutching one with his hand and sticking the other in his mouth. He sucked one hard as a thirsty man drinking from the pond of life. He crushed and massaged the other with full might. sunita was groaning with pleasure. They both had fallen on the bed where only a few hours earlier sunita made love to her son.Now her son watched mama wriggling with pleasure under a black man. Narendra was breathing heavily. He wanted to throw away abdul Kassem , crush his skull and get between the legs of his mother. He wanted abdul Kassem to fuck his mother right in front of him. He was watching all this with mixed emotions and an erect cock.Minutes passed. abdul Kassem was still sucking her breasts’ as there was no abdul Kassem orrow. He had removed sunita’s petticoat and stuck his two fingers deep inside her cunt.Her moans were even louder now. sunita’s breasts, neck and arms were covered with love bites – so deep and dark, as she had never had before. Her fingers were dug deep on abdul Kassem ‘s back. “Fuck me PLEASE fuck me now,” she said panting hard. “Oh yes baby I’ll tear your lovely cunt now. I’ll fill it with my meat,” abdul Kassem said as he removed his pants and underwear. Both mother and son were shocked to see the size of abdul Kassem ‘s tool. It was at least 12 inch long and the fattest cock sunita had seen or imagined in life. It was steel hard and stood tall and proud.”Magnificent,” sunita said stroking it gently. “I can’t take it inside me. It is so big. I love to take it inside me,” she said giving the one-eyed monster a small kiss on the tip.”Listen babe, I have been paid to shoot my load on you or inside you only one time. Make the best use of it, but I promise you will not be disappointed,” abdul Kassem said.sunita opened her legs as wide as possible as abdul Kassem started pushing his dick inside her. Her cunt muscles had never been stretched that much. She felt it was the first time a dick was de-flowering her cunt. “Oh my. It is so big. It is so huge. It is hurting me. Ahhh,” she said grinding her teeth. With one mighty blow abdul Kassem had pushed his dick fully inside her. sunita was shaking amid low moans, while abdul Kassem lay still with his organ fully güvenilir bahis buried inside the love-hole. Then he started to move – pulling and pushing his organ slowly. Waves of pleasure engulfed sunita’s body. Her cunt was dripping.The movement got pace. sunita was matching every blow with the equally powerful push of her hips. abdul Kassem was enjoying the vigor of this Indian woman. Her cunt was tight, skin was smooth and she knew how to please a man. The fact that her own son was watching sexual depravity and lust of his mother – heightened his pleasure. abdul Kassem moved his dick in and out with a more brute force – like an iron piston. sunita was shrieking now. He was driving her mad. Her organism was building. “Ah my God yes, yes” that all she could say as she hit the climax. The black dick went on and on. sunita peaked again and then again. They both were covered in sweat. She had no realization for how long she got screwed. Her legs were aching. Her cunt was swollen. She knew she can’t take it any longer. “Stop it please now stop it,” she begged.”But I am not yet over darling.””Oh fuck my breasts now. I will suck you dry. But take this monster out,” she cried shedding tears of pain and pleasure. abdul Kassem knew he had won again. He pulled his cock out of the well-used cunt and thirst his organ into the mouth of the tired, exhausted woman.”Now suck. Show me your talents,” he said.sunita gathered her energies and took the giant cock, which was coated with her juices, inside the mouth. With the corner of her eyes, she saw her son watching them as he was in a trance.She loved the sight. It injected a new wave of lust and energy in her. She started sucking, licking the cock and the two giant black balls with a renewed passion and without any inhibition.abdul Kassem loved the every moment of it. sunita was amazing. He let lose his guards and allowed his climax to peak as he rubbed her breasts. He wanted to cum – cum with full might on the face and in the mouth of the black-eyed woman. Yes he was about to ejaculate. “AHHH … ahh,” he screamed.His dick shot one wave of sperm after another — some going straight inside sunita’s hungry mouth, the others landing on her face, hair and on the milky breasts. It was his longest organism.A worn-out and exhausted sunita fell on the bed. It was the fuck of her life. She smeared the strong smelly sperm on her face and breasts. She knew it was the first and the last time she had that kind of a fuck. She lay on the bed dazed with her eyes shut. abdul Kassem spitted on sunita’s lovely pussy – the last time and licked it. sunita lay still. In moments abdul Kassem and Lisa were out of the room without uttering a single word either to the mother or the son. Their job was done. Narendra carefully locked the door and freed his hard cock from the pants and stood beside the bed. sunita opened her eyes and smiled at her son. “You must be tired mum,” Narendra said in an affectionate manner gently stroking her hair and watching the dried cum-smeared face and breasts of her mother. “Yes dear – but I think your mother can still take care of your hard-on,” she said pulling him on the bed. They both were locked in a passionate kiss.TO BE CONTINUED…



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