As soon as I had taken my seat I saw that Colin had aken Danny and Gary over to the other side of the room where it was obvious they were having a heated argument.

“It’s not their fault!” I said to Darren who was sitting next to me and I decided to go over and try to explain things.

“Stay where you are! He’s just jealous, that’s all!” He and another guy called Ken, who was sitting on my other side put their big hands on my shoulders and held me down. Presently Colin and the others returned to their seats.

“Look I’ve just made it very plain to Danny and Gary that this is unacceptable behaviour. This sort of thing gives us a bad reputation. We don’t want to look like the Mariners!”

“I want to apologise, it was really all my fault, I didn’t even try to stop them” I tried to say.

“Would that be because you couldn’t or because you didn’t want to?” asked Brian amid laughter. I was trying frame my reply when Colin changed the subject.

“You all know we’ve got a hard game tomorrow and we’ve got to conserve our energy”

“What Colin means is he wants us all to have a rest while he takes Carl to a private room upstairs and does what he’s been wanting to do to him all evening. Come on Colin don’t try and deny what you said about him a few minutes ago!” Colin went bright red when I looked at him.

“I can assure you it was .. er.. quite complimentary” he said looking me firmly in the eyes and smiling.

“I think he should assume his role as team captain and show us how it’s done. Sorry no offence Carl but you wouldn’t object would you if Colin was to …er… well together with you of course, put on a bit of a demo!” Brian went on amid laughter. “I mean we need to be shown how to do it properly don’t we, then you can tell us if we’re getting right”

“We need to find a new judge for tomorrow night as Suzy’s called in sick.” Colin continued ignoring Brian’s interruption. “It’s a bit of a last minute panic really because the Mariners will be very disappointed if we call it off. Any other ideas before I make mine?”

“Carl!!!” everyone shouted. “The job’s yours!” Colin announced with a suitably formal gesture. Nobody had even asked me if I was coming so I was a bit surprised.

“I’m sorry but I didn’t know anything about this. You see I haven’t made any plans for tomorrow night and…”

“Just as well because you’ll be there at the Purple Garter after the game.”

“What is this judging about then?” I asked in all innocence.

“Er tomorrow night is the last night of the tour and it’s also the last in the season. So after a hard game against them we will be meeting up with the Mariners in this place and it’s likely to be a bit of a wild evening.” I reminded Colin he still hadn’t answered my question. “Well er… this year it’s a case of everyone having to bare up and show their bums and well you’re the best one to judge!”

“Wouldn’t it be more appropriate if he judged cocks!” Barry suggested.

“He’s probably had a fucking good look at yours already Barry so I think that would an unfair advantage” Darren replied. “In fact I bet he sucked you stiff before you stuffed it up his ass!”

“This is getting a bit course lads lets cool it a bit!” said Gary.

“It’s all very well for you, you’ve just fucked him but we’re still craving for it. I don’t care what anyone says I’m gonna fuck him as soon as we’ve finished this meal.” Brian was sitting the other side of Ken but he had reached across behind him and was squeezing my bare arm.

“I suggest we finish our meal then we lay him on a that couch pull his pants down give what he needs” This comment was the more embarrassing as this a guy had said nothing until now. Palomero was of Italian descent and had a reputation for being a Dark Horse so everyone called him Romeo. Also he said it in that sort of way that you knew he meant business.

“Hey Carl! be honest!” interrupted Brian who was sweating partly from heat and excitement. “Do you really like it? I mean what does it feel like getting you ass ploughed by us guys. It must be one hell of a sensation! Do you find it as exciting as we do?”

I was trying to think of what to say but I guess I just went red in the face. Before the meal the talk was mostly joking and suggestive but now no one made any attempt to hide his intentions. I was getting overwhelmed and the remarks were starting to get to me as I got very conscious of my ass hole. Each time a guy talked about fucking me I could feel my anus clasping uncontrollably.

“Isn’t it a bit much for him being a virgin ass until Barry did him a couple of hours ago. I mean we don’t want to hurt him cos his ass is gonna be red hot before half of us have finished shagging him.” Ken my neighbour was trying to be protective.

“It’s also a matter of how much cum he can hold up his bum before he starts overflowing!” Danny remarked.

“Speak for yourself man! He must be half full already!” Brian retorted amid roars of laughter.

“We can’t just fuck him here in front of the bar staff. We’ll have to take him to the toilets or get him in a room güvenilir bahis upstairs” Daren said.

“Don’t worry that bar boy has already said he’d like to fuck him so he’s not going to be embarrassed.

“So long as he understands he’ll have to wear a condom” Colin said “I’m not having Carl rawfucked by any outsiders it’s far too risky”

“What do you say Nigel. You’re the medic!” Nigel was one of the guys staying in the B&B. He was also rather quiet but Colin wanted his advice as a medical student.

“Yea it’s not just his ass hole that may get sore but a lot depends on the position you fuck him in. If he’s on his back with his legs up you’re going to be probing his prostate gland a lot and that can be painful if you get too much of it and is more dangerous. It’s really good of course but you can get too much of a good thing.”

“Sounds like you speak from experience Nigel. Hum! What’s all this? Another quiet guy with a dark side!!” commented Brian.

“That’s enough Brian! we want to hear what Nigel has to say. So what position would you recommend?”

“Well it would be best for him to take you bending down. That way you can get further up his rectum so he can take a long cock really deep.”

With that everyone got up from the table and I walked across the room in the general direction of the couch without making it too obvious.

“Are you ready?” Romeo asked and without waiting for an answer he unbuckled my jeans and pulled them and my pants down in front of everyone. I felt the fresh air on my buttocks and, following Nigel’s advice, bent over the couch. Someone pulled my buttocks apart. I knew there were all looking at my creamy cherry. I loved the feeling of having things done to my bottom by guys preparing to fuck me.

But Romeo was close alongside me and all I could see was the most superb cock you could imagine. This was the most purposeful meat I was just overwhelmed me with his masculinity. Pulling him to me I just took it straight into my mouth as I fondled his strong thighs and balls with my hands. There was so much excitement around us with almost everyone in the nude and rubbing their hot dicks against my bare flesh. Suddenly this monster man began to unload. Poor Romeo couldn’t take any more! He was way over the top and ejaculating frantically filling my mouth with his gorgeous hot spunk! Then as if to regain some semblance of control he called over to Colin.

“Come on Colin you’re team captain, your privilege!! Let’s get on with it!”

There was a communal roar of: “Cor!! go for it Colin!!”

“Just a bit of lube first eh?” Romeo surprised me with a passionate kiss in which he tongued his cum from me to his mouth. The next thing I felt was Romeo licking me and lubing my ass cherry with his slimy cum juice.

Colin was not slow of the mark nor was he in the least embarrassed this time. He was taken up by the excitement and completely nude. I felt really honoured that he was about to do me in front of everyone and his body really was just fabulous! This was the captain the guy with authority, the greatest man in the team; I wanted to surrender my body to him; I wanted him to conquer me; I wanted to experience his powerful personality somewhere deep inside me.

Everything about him looked perfect from his strong muscular chest to his huge shoulders and biceps to his powerful hairy running legs and best of all his supremely powerful looking penis. It wasn’t excessively long or thick, it was just lovely and perfect I desperately wanted to take it in my mouth but Colin had other ideas. He had taken up position behind me with one hand on each of my buttocks ready to drive his beautiful dick straight into my cum-oozing ass-hole. I went crazy; I bent over as much as I could and found myself calling out “Oh Colin I love it!” I felt myself yield as he him came up me with such deliberation. There was no hesitation or apology in the way he went about fucking me. He had got the measure of how far he could get up me and was shafting me really hard. This was indeed the team captain showing how to do it!

Danny and Gary had to hold me as Colin got so vigorous I couldn’t stop myself collapsing all over the place. He was so much stronger than me. My puny little body was being thrown as he pounded me with his huge rigid fuck pole. He kept on for a good five minutes then I heard Danny whisper to him “Give it him man!”. Immediately his cock went into rapid fire like a machine gun. He was spurting spunk into me with terrific force! Did I say there was nothing excessive about his penis? Well that was until he started to deliver! These were the most superbly powerful jets of hot cum spurts I have ever experienced!! Once again he had me shouting “Oh Colin I love it!” and everyone else seemed to join in. I thought I could hear some girls giggling in the background.

Poor Colin was to get teased with these words for years after as guys would imitate my high pitched voice. I had to look round and see his lovely shiny Cum Pump going limp after he withdrew it from my ass. Then I noticed the audience included not only the barmen but two türkçe bahis waitresses who had been sent to clear the dinner table. They had established a ringside view and were now joining the others in encouraging Brian who was already nude as were all the others. And, of course need I say it, Brian needed absolutely no encouragement! He rammed his huge cock up me with such force it almost took my breath away then in a matter of seconds I felt him pulsing his copious sperm deep into my bottom as I bent forward to help him get right up me and fuck me deep into my rectum.

“Four down and seven to go” shouted Gary as Darren came at me with his massive shaft and rammed it straight up my ass hole. I must spent the next half hour? I don’t know how long it was, it seemed like only five minutes! They had decided that the guys who were with us in the B&B could wait until we got back. I was beyond understanding any of this at the time as I received one hulking player after another up my ass and felt them shoot their lovely precious juices up my bum. I loved every squirt of team semen that I took that evening.

The barmen didn’t fuck me because, as Barry told me afterwards, they had the two girls lined up for later.

They had all had washed themselves afterwards at Nigel’s insistence and we were all dressed and finishing a final round of drinks and almost ready to leave when the bar tender said there was someone outside asking for us. Colin went out and returned a couple of minutes later with a huge guy with a crew cut in a leather jacket.

“Hey Gus what are you up to man! Come to spy on us you bastard?! Don’t worry your lot don’t stand an earthly chance tomorrow!! You’re gonna get wiped out!!” Gary boasted. Colin brought him a pint and it was obvious that our departure was going to be delayed for some time.

“Hey what’s this! What have we got here!!??” said Gus who couldn’t but help notice my presence as someone deeply different from the rest. “What’s you name then handsome?! Your not one of the staff are you?”

“I’m Carl” I said “I just came along with them this evening”.

“I see how very interesting!” Gus remarked looking me up and down.

“No it’s just that he’s in a B&B with some of us” Colin explained.

“Yea! Yea! right, I bet he is!! Wait a minute though he looks as if he got a bit of a damp batch on the seat of his jeans.”

I knew I couldn’t keep it all in and had hoped it would not show.

“Now I wonder what on earth could have happened here!” he said as he suddenly pushed his hand down the back of my jeans and felt my slit.

I found myself flat on the floor in seconds, luckily I hadn’t hurt myself. I think it was a sprung dance floor. Then I felt his strong hands grab my jeans. There was a tearing sound as he ripped them off me and tore my pants apart. It all happened so quickly. I saw his stiff dick ready to ram me and I knew I couldn’t stop him stuffing it up me.

But this audience wasn’t going to allow the push over he had with Nicky on the pitch! Nigel, the medic, had stripped off in a flash and I just caught a glimpse of his huge cock as he came down on top of Gus who was on top of me. I was lying face down on this floor and my whole body was sliding around as Gus started trying to pump my ass. Nigel was a big guy and his extra weight was squeezing me flat!

“Get off me you fucking jerk! what the fuck are you playing at?!” Gus shouted as Nigel seemed to have lost control on top of the pile of bodies. Barry described later how Nigel used his huge cock to lube Gus’s ass slit, squirting it like an oil can. You could see his cock spurting loads of thick cum fluid deep into his crack and there were great blobs of sticky semen oozing from his hairy slit.

I was very uncomfortable under this rugby scrum. I felt Gus starting to jack but for a guy like him his ejaculations seemed feeble. The reason was simple; Frank, another of the guys who was with us in the B&B had his cock buried in Gus’s ass but he was the wrong way round with his head to our feet. I looked round as Gus had stopped shafting me. His face was screwed up but his anger seemed to have given way to some sort of ecstasy as whatever Frank was up to, he seemed to have seized the initiative. There was no doubt about it, Frank had him pinned down and Gus was getting it up his bum.

It had worked like a dream; quick thinking is always required of rugby players. Nigel had lubed his crack with copious quantities of spunk. (His cock was far too big to get up a tight ass like Gus’s) Then under his guidance Frank had driven his very long slim fuck pole in at an angle which took control of Gus’s gland and squeezed his semen tubes so much he could hardly ejaculate. Then he’d fucked him silly.

The scrum broke up suddenly as Gus released himself amid wild cheers and mocking laughter from all of our team.

“Fucked today, fucked tomorrow!!” Colin taunted him.

“You wait till we are even on the pitch mate! I promise you, you lot are going to be slaughtered!!”

Gus was waving his finger but I was feeling very randy even though I did not then know exactly güvenilir bahis siteleri what had happened but I had got one hell of a stiff cock. and I was past caring about anything. Gus was still nude but back at the bar and I just went for his ass! I knew I had the advantage of surprise but he quickly realised my intentions. I couldn’t get my stiffy into his crack before he swung round and tried to hit me but I ducked.

I think this was the moment I really became part of the team! Gary and Danny were quick to realise what I wanted. They both grabbed Gus in an arm lock on either side. I tried to pull force Gus’s cheeks apart with my hands but he was pinching them together and his powerful butt muscles were too strong for me. But the sight of his deep slit all sticky with fresh semen clinging to his hairs was making my cock rage like hell. Then Danny once again said those words `Go for it man!’

It was easy to slip my stiffy in between into his slimy slit. The more he flexed his big buttocks against me the more exciting it was. He was squeezing my raging cock and I knew I could not hold out for long so I made a great lurch forward into him and felt his anus yield to my hood. It was way over the top for what I could stand. I went right out of control into the biggest orgasm of my life. My heart was pounding as if it was going to jump out! Gus was clasping his anus around my hood and his buttocks were squeezing my shaft. The release was terrific and massive!!! I just stuffed him with everything I had got amid huge cheers from everyone.

Even Gus could not be angry with me afterwards in fact he congratulated me for being the first guy to penetrate his defences even if I had not done it single handed.

I asked for my jeans and pants back as Colin was ready to leave. One of the girls who had witnessed the whole event held them up but only to demonstrate the fact that they were quite un-wearable. Gus had ripped them apart and they were covered in cum. Gary brought my sweater over and I managed to put it on so it just covered my bum and genitals. I felt very exposed and as I walked I could feel myself all sticky between my thighs and without any pants on I knew anyone could get at me with the greatest of ease!.

“Here Carl you’d better sit in my lap, we don’t want to make a mess on the upholstery do we?” Gary said as I got into the bus. I sat down on him as instructed and felt his cock penetrate my bottom. “It will do instead of an anal plug. No doubt Barry and the others will ensure you are adequately plugged for the rest of the night. We don’t want a mess on the sheets do we!”

“You’ll do nothing of the sort; you’ll get a bloody good night’s sleep before the game tomorrow and that’s an order!” said Colin.

But his words were lost on Gary as the bus had just gone over a bump in the road which was enough to start him jacking off up my ass again.

They were all assembled in what was originally my room in the B&B. Of the other seven players Barry had fucked me before we left for the hotel and Nigel and Frank had shot their loads up Gus so that left four of them still patiently waiting to fuck me.

Barry had recounted his observations of what happened when Nigel and Frank set about seeing to Gus and this made us all feel hellishly horny.

I lay on my bed still with my sweater on but I had allowed it to ride up so my bum was well exposed. The other guys were Ken, Nick, Roger and Roy. I had seen them naked in the hotel but presented with such a huge forest of cocks I had not appreciated them personally. It’s not that they were particularly special although they were all big powerful guys. The thing is every guy’s cock, his balls, his bum and every other part of his body is something very personal to him. The first thing they did after stripping off was to take a shower to freshen up and I was having a great time licking their rigid cocks as crowded round me.

It was much more intimate and nice as a small group to sit admire each others bodies and talk about sexy things. They couldn’t stop admiring the way I had fucked Gus.

“Well Nigel I don’t think there’s much wrong with Carl’s prostate despite the banging he’s had”

“I’m not finished yet” said Roy, “and if you don’t mind I’m going to help myself while you guys are trying to pluck up courage.”

“There’s nothing wrong with our courage! We were giving Carl a rest and I suggest you ask him nicely before you go bursting into his bum.” said Barry. “And another thing, that headboard makes a hell of a racket against the wall once you start banging him so I suggest we put his mattress on the floor.”

I watched their beautiful bodies as they lifted the mattress and all my bedclothes. Barry briefly felt my bum slit and said. “You’d better get a big towel and put it under him to protect the sheets”.

The four of them did me on my back and I had so many dry orgasms I lost count. I did not know it was possible after what I had done to Gus but each time one them probed my gland they just propelled me into an uncontrollable orgasm. That period on my back in bed left me completely tired out. Nigel made sure they weren’t too rough with me and kept a very close eye on each of them as they fucked me before he, Frank and Barry gave it me one last time before they all went off to bed to get their beauty sleep as Colin had ordered!



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