AbductedSeptember 30, 2019 – Daddy Jake invited me to his place for dinner. His wife was out of town and he wanted to have a romantic date at his place.Daddy Jake: “Baby, I want you to come over. She is gone for 2 weeks and I just want to treat you like a princess”Lola: “Oh, daddy. But all I am is a whore.”Daddy Jake: “I know baby, and I love it. You are my whore princess”Lola: “I love daddy’s cock INside me”Daddy Jake: “Good. You will get it baby. I just want a romantic dinner first, before I take you to bed.”Lola: “Yes, my daddy”Daddy Jake sent an Uber to pick me up from a street corner. I had been at another daddy’s home earlier that day. After that daddy finished using me, I walked to the street corner to wait for the Uber.I thought I would end up fucking the Uber driver, since they always do, but this time it didn’t happen. He wasn’t into girls like me, but he was very nice.He dropped me off in front of daddy Jake’s home.It’s around 9PM. Its very dimly lit. Daddy Jake’s home is pretty big. I walk up and before I could ring the bell daddy opens the door.Daddy Jake: “Fuck, you look so delicious.”I was wearing a very tight, micro mini dress, my thigh highs that say SLUT all over. 6” stiletto heels, white panty, white garter belt, lots of makeup, hot red lips, hot red nails and my pendik escort ankle bracelets that say “WHORE” and “FUCK ME”.Daddy Jake let me inside and grabbed my ass, as he walked me to his dinning room.The dinning room table had candles all around. Soft music playing in the background and there was a bottle of champagne.As I sat done, daddy open the champagne and started to pour some into my glass.Lola: “Thank you, daddy”Daddy Jake: “Anytime baby. I want you to feel like a princess because you are so much better than my wife.”Lola: “Oh, daddy.”I drank the champagne. It was delicious.Daddy Jake: “I will be right back, baby. Let me get dinner.”As I waited, my phone rang, it was another daddy who wanted to FUCK me that night. I didn’t pick up, because I was with daddy Jake.Daddy Jake came back with a delicious roasted chicken, a bowl of rice and some potato salad. Everything look soooo good. I was also hungry, since all I have had since 10 that morning was cock and cum.Daddy Jake: “Oh, and here is a special drink for you baby. I call it, The Lola”Lola: “awwww ty, daddy. What’s in it?”Daddy Jake: “Drink it baby. You will like it.”Lola: “Yes, daddy.”I drank it like the good little whore I am.Daddy Jake: “Good girl. Now before we eat, let me give çekmeköy escort you a little house tour.”Lola: “umm, ok daddy.”Daddy Jake walked me around his big home. Showing me the entertainment room, his office, etc.We went upstairs and he shows me each room. He even shows me the bathrooms, which I found weird, but its daddy Jake. I do what daddy Jake wants.Finally, he shows me the Master Bedroom.Daddy Jake: “That’s where I fuck my wife.”Lola: “Is that where you going to fuck me, daddy?”Daddy Jake: “Soon baby.”As we start to walk downstairs, I started to feel a little weird. It was getting hard to walk straight. Daddy Jake grabs me, so I wouldn’t fall down.Daddy Jake: “Good girl. Fall asleep now, your daddy has plans for you.”Lola: “What, dadd..”I passed out.I don’t know what happened between when I passed and when I woke. All I know is I woke up in a basement. I assume my daddy’s basement. I was tied, gagged and blindfolded. Really loud erotic music was playing and I could hear multiple voices. I also felt… a hard cock INside me.Unknown Daddy #1: “Yes, fuck that whore.”Unknown Daddy #2: “Her pussy is soo good.”Daddy INside me: “Yeah, it’s so tight. The tightest pussy I have ever had.”All I could to I moan and moan. My screams where maltepe escort muffled by the gag they had placed on my mouth. I couldn’t see anyone. All I know it was multiple daddies taking turns FUCKing me. Using me. Breeding me.I don’t know how long they had been INside me, or how many. All I knew is that I was being used like a piece of fuck meat. I loved it.After the last daddy came INside me, a daddy leaned over. It was daddy Jake and he whispered in my ear:Daddy Jake: “Good whore. My wife would never allow this to happen to her. So I had to use you instead. You are a great whore. I will cum and fuck tomorrow.”I heard daddy get up and they all left, leaving me full of their hot semen, with the loud erotic music playing and I was tied, gaged and blindfolded, not being able to get myself free.I felt so used.I felt so degraded.I felt like a cheap piece of fuck me.I loved it.Daddy kept me like this for the next 5 days, temporarily letting me free to freshen up, but he kept me on a cock and CUM diet.Finally, on Friday night, yesterday (10/4), daddy took me my used body upstairs. He put me on the bed where he fucks his wife and he FUCKED me. He penetrated me. He INseminated me.After he came, he called an Uber and walked me downstairs, where he opened the door and push me outside.Daddy Jake: “Fucking whore. You’re so hot.”He closed the door.I was outside. In the middle of the night. I was full of semen with rope marks on my wrists and ankles. I was soo used. I was soo wet.I walked to the street corner. Shaking from the sex I was forced to have. The Uber came. He picked me up… He fucked me.



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