Author Notes: This is a continuation of my own Birthday Delight Chapter One. No plagiarism is intended. Both characters are of legal age.


Chapter Two

Diane turned over on all fours on the couch giving me a view of her gorgeous backside.

“Ready?” She asked as she wiggled her butt at me.

“Ready.” I replied as I took my position behind her. I gripped my member, rubbed it against her wet love lips before penetrating her slowly. Diane moaned as I slowly filled her mature experienced love cave repeatedly. With each repeated thrust, Diane let me knew how much pleasure I was giving her. I decided to be a little daring and gave her big butt a playful swat. Diane moaned loudly from the swat. “Do it again.” I obliged her request by swatting her other butt cheek getting another moan from her.

With a good grip on her hips, I continued to thrust in the mature sexy store manager/owner. Diane let her pleasure known as the sound of skin slapping on skin echoed again throughout the room.

Minutes into it, Diane had other ideas. “Stop a minute Aaron.” I stopped mid thrust with me halfway in her. “Something wrong, Mrs. Diane?”

“No sweetie. As good as that felt, I want to try another position.” She told me as she wiggled her butt. I pulled out before I admired her naked sexy frame again. Diane turned over on her back with her legs spread open, ready to receive me again. “Okay sweetie. Let’s continue. When you get close, don’t pull out.”

I nodded before positioning myself between the busty blonde’s legs, aligned the tip of my member to her entrance and slowly pushed into her love cave. Halfway in, Diane wrapped her legs around my waist making me go deeper inside her. When I was fully deep inside Diane, she reached up and pulled me down for a lust filled kiss.

During the kiss, my hips started moving penetrating the busty blonde woman beneath me. As our tongue danced around from the kiss, Diane reached down and pinched me to make me push harder into her. I obliged her unspoken request as I began to penetrate her deeper with my speed increasing with each thrust.

Pretty soon, I was working with a rapid rhythm as Diane wrapped her long toned legs around my waist. Moaning with each thrust, Diane told me how good it was and telling to keep going. Five minutes later, the pressure built up and I couldn’t hold back any longer.

On the verge of cumming herself, Diane knew I was going to cum and immediately wrapped her legs around my waist. “Do it Aaron. Cum inside me. Ooh… Let’s cum together, baby!!” Those were the trigger words. Spurt after spurt rushed out and instantly flooded Diane’s insides as she had her own orgasm.

After the orgasms subsided, Diane brought me down for a gentle kiss on the lips. “That was wonderful Aaron. You’ve made me a very happy woman.”

“Happy to have obliged, Mrs. Diane.” I told her. I tried to get my body weight off the busty store blonde but she still had me in a waist lock with her long toned legs. I looked at her and she had another seductive smirk on her face. “Mrs. Diane?”

“Not just yet, Aaron. Let’s stay like this, just for a little while longer.” She told me before she brought me down for another kiss. After breaking the kiss, she resumed. “Besides, you feel so good inside me, lover boy.”

I must admit.. it does feel good.. no… it feels great. Her warm velvety love cave feels like pure Heaven as I felt it squeezing my love stick repeatedly. Never losing my hardened state, I gave a few deep thrust getting a moan for my efforts.

“Mmm… that feels so good Aaron.” Diane moaned out. “Keep going baby.. please keep going.” Her words of encouragement made me continue the slow deep pace. I had stopped and pulled out making her unwrap her legs from around my waist. The busty former porn star, bahis firmaları now store manager gave me a quizzical look. I smiled at the look and got in a sitting position. “I would like for you to ride me Mrs. Diane.” I told her.

With a smile on her face, Diane sat up. “Sure Aaron. It’s about time for this girl to have a nice, long, slow ride.” Diane swung her long leg across and straddled me as my hands went instantly to her waist. With a smirk on her face, she began to grind on my lap as she gave a soft moan.

My hands made their way from the mature blonde’s hips to her big mature butt as I gave it a big squeeze getting another moan from Diane. After a few more seconds, Diane reached back while rising up a few inches, positioned the tip of my member at her entrance of her love cave, and slowly sat down as my love stick penetrated her. Like I did, she started slowly and picked up speed, moaning with each bounce.

Wanting to be a little daring, I gave Diane’s butt a playful smack getting a surprised yelp from her. I smiled as Diane gave me a seductive smirk as she continued to ride at a moderate pace. “Do it again Aaron.” She moaned out. I quickly obliged her request as my hand made contact with her butt again. “Ooohhhh… just like that baby.”

Diane quickened her pace making the pressure build more and more. It became to be too much as I alerted the sexy mature lady on my lap.

“Mrs.Diane I going too..” I couldn’t get final word out as two things happened. She came as she shuddered and I erupted deep in her mature womanhood for the second time that night.

With her head on my shoulder, we remained motionless. I took those few minutes to observe the equally exhausted former porn star as I watched her sides expand and collapse in rhythm while she rested. Then it hit me. I had to ask. “Mrs. Diane, are you on any form of birth control?”

This question resulted in a giggle from her. “Aww… how sweet. All I’m saying is maybe, Aaron.” She looked at me as she smiled. “But I bet you would like to have me carrying your child, wouldn’t you?”

I was at a lost for words. I mean would she want me to knock her up? My mouth was agape as the mature blonde gazed at me and smiled. “Don’t worry Aaron, I wouldn’t mind if you did. Wouldn’t be the first time.”

“Wouldn’t be the first time?” I repeated/asked. “You mean this happened more than once?” I immediately slapped my hand over my mouth as I remembered that she said that she was a former porn star. Diane saw my reaction and giggled. “It’s okay. I’m sure you didn’t mean to ask that but it’s fine.”

I let my mind wander while the mature blonde rested on my lap. My thoughts drifted between what just happened to seeing Diane pregnant with my child, that’s if she’s not on birth control. In a way I wish she wasn’t. I smiled as I continued to visualize this sexy lady knocked up until her voice broke my thoughts.

“Penny for your thoughts?”

“Oh, it’s nothing, Mrs. Diane. Just thinking on a dream that I wish could happen.” I told her honestly.

She smiled at me. “Who knows Aaron. Dreams could come true.” She got off my lap. “Come on, we got to get cleaned up and head home.”

She stood in front of me with her hand out to help me up. I took her hand and stood up slowly. I thanked her for the help and she smiled. For that instance, she had this angelic glow like something magical has happened. “So very beautiful.” I whispered and I wasn’t lying. She smiled and thanked me for the compliment.

We both reached for our discarded clothing and began dressing. There was a brief moment of silence as we dressed and stole a couple of glances at the busty beauty next to me. Now fully dressed we took a couple of minutes to straighten up the office before we exited. Now with the lights out to the office and kaçak iddaa the restaurant, we made our way to our own vehicles.

Just as I about to enter my vehicle, Diane came rushing up to me. “Aaron, good thing I caught you before you got in. If it wouldn’t be any trouble but can you give me a lift? My tire is flat and I don’t have a spare in the car.”

I nodded without a second thought. I couldn’t leave her stranded like this after all she’s done for me so far. Diane went over to the passenger side door as I unlocked my door. I pressed the unlock switch unlocking the passenger door and Diane quickly got in. “Thanks for the ride Aaron.”

“It’s no problem, Mrs. Diane. Happy to help out.” I told her as I started my car.

After giving it a few minutes to warm up, I backed out of the parking lot and made my way to Diane’s place. While driving, Diane told me where she lived and before I knew I told her that I lived in an apartment complex about a few blocks from her. She smiled from what I told her. “That’s really good to know. Maybe you can come visit me sometime.”

I nodded while replying “That’d be great, Mrs. Diane.”

Diane rubbed my leg making my sleeping member wake up. “Call me Diane, sweetie. No need to be formal since we’ve gotten to know each other a little better.” I nodded while keeping my eyes on the road. As I drove, Diane gave me directions to her place as she continued to rub my leg. The more she rubbed, the more I began to wake up.

A moan escaped my lips before I realized it. Looking over at the mature blonde, she had that smirk of hers on her face as she continued to rub my leg. She inched closer with each rub to my crotch until she made contact with my now fully awakened member.

“So I was wondering Aaron..” Diane began. “Would you mind spending the night with me? I think that it’s a little late for you to be heading home.”

With her gentle caresses, I couldn’t help but to agree so I nodded. The mature blonde smiled as she kept her hand on my clothed member.

“Thanks. I promise to make sure that you’d enjoy your stay.” Diane told me as she unzipped my fly. She reached in and fished out my hard member.

“Look like someone’s ready to play again.” Diane spoke as she started to slowly jerk me off. I wanted to stop her while I was driving but her soft hand felt really good. Up and down, up and down went Diane’s hand until I stopped her.

“Can we wait until we’re in your driveway? I don’t want to get into an accident.”

With a cute smile, she stopped but kept her hand wrapped around it. She gave more directions until we pulled into a cul de sac with a lot beautiful homes. I looked over at Diane and asked “Which one?”

She pointed at a white house with the black sports car in the driveway. I looked over at Diane with a questioning look. She smiled before saying “Part of the divorce along with a few other things. Like I said earlier, he was an idiot but a wealthy idiot, like a multi billionaire idiot.”

“He was an idiot for divorcing you because of your past.” I said. “If I was your husband, I wouldn’t have done something so idiotic. You probably have reasons to do what you did, Diane. And besides, what’s in the past is in the past.” I smiled at the beautiful blonde next to me. “And I meant every word of it.”

Diane reached for my face and drew me in for a kiss. “Be careful Aaron, you may get what you wish for. Now come on, let’s head inside. Both of us need a little rest from doing that “inventory” .”

As she exited my car, I quickly tuck my hardened member back in my pants and followed suit making sure to lock up behind me. Couple of seconds later, I made it to Diane’s front door just as she opened it. “One more thing Aaron. I have just one rule here..” she started to take off her shirt in front me. “Clothes kaçak bahis are optional, underwear is optional. If you want to be naked, feel free.” She finished with a smile.

She tossed her shirt at me as she headed inside. I stood a little dumbfounded as her shirt was draped across my face. As I removed her shirt from my face and entered her home, I saw her pants were on the floor along with her bra and thong.

I closed and locked the door before picking up her pants and undergarments. Carrying her clothes I blindly made my way through her home. Not knowing where she was I called out “Diane?” No answer but I heard a giggle. Oh I see. “Marco…” I called out again.


Her voice echoed throughout the hallway as I blindly followed it. I called out again. “Marco.” I listened carefully for her voice as I continued through the hall.


That sounded next to me. I looked left and saw the busty naked blonde standing in the doorway. Diane reached out and grabbed me by my shirt. “Come here.” She said with a voice filled with lust as she pulled me into the room.

She planted a deep kiss on me before I had time to react. Our tongues danced around as the mature blonde wrapped her arms around me. She broke the kiss before speaking. “So what do you think of my home?” I looked around for a brief second to take in the surroundings. Everything was in either red or white.

From the red curtains and carpet to the white satin sheets on her king sized bed. “This must be your bedroom.” Diane nodded with a smile. I followed up. “It’s very pretty.”

Diane continued to smile but it soon went away. “Aren’t you going to join me?” A pout developed across her features. A confused look came across my face. She tugged gently on my shirt.

“You’re still dressed.” She said. Realization set in but then I noticed I was still carrying her clothes. “What to do with your clothes?” I asked her. “Just put them over there.” She pointed to her closet.

After letting me go, I went over to her closet where a hamper was sitting. I dropped her clothes in it and made my way back to Diane who was now laying on the best with her legs open.

“Come on Aaron. Come join me.” She told me with a smile on her face. Not needed to be told twice, I quickly undressed and got in bed next to the mature blonde.

After settling in, Diane slid closer to me, kissed me on the cheek before she mounted me. “One last ride baby.” The mature blonde said as she reached down and adjusted the tip of my hardening member to the entrance of her velvety, warm love cave.

I instinctively reached for her wide hips as she began to rock back and forth. The more she rocked, the deeper I went. Her rocking turned into grinding as I felt the tip of my love stick rubbing against the entrance if her womb.

As she started to speed up, the pressure in my loins built up until I warned her. “Diane… I can’t hold it anymore!” She was battling her urges as started to ride me.

With one hard down motion, she shuddered and came hard. Her love juices was enough to set me off as I filled her womb for possibly the third time that night. Diane laid on top of me with a smile in her face. I draped my arm across her glistening form as she peppered my face with her kisses. I smiled after she stopped and laid her head on my shoulder.

“That was wonderful, Aaron.” Diane said as she closed her eyes. I smiled as Diane snuggled up to me more. As she slid off me, my now softened member came out of her. Diane kept her leg draped across me as sleep started to claim her.

“Good night Aaron. See you in the morning.” I gave her a gentle kiss on her forehead before saying “Pleasant dreams Diane.”

As the mature blonde slept peacefully, my mind wonder on a few things. Is she really on the pill? If not, did I get her pregnant? Will things at work be the same? I sighed as I felt myself slip into slumber.

But I do know this, today was a great day, but… who knows what tomorrow will bring.



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