A very nice trip of commission in train 2 :-P very good this video very thanks for who to has uploaded this video, i see this video here above always very glad and, after have putting it at full screen, i masturbing myself and i come always nice hot also because it’s the same visual that i also have had the lucky of to have in a nice situation like in this video in a trip of commission with my sister. It was the second time that i and my sister did a trip of commission, and also this time in train like the first time recounted in a my previous story :-P, and my sister was with an anorak and down it with a skirt of the lenght more or less like the end of the coat of the woman in this video here above namely a bit more above her knees :-P, and also my sister like the woman in this video here above was with a nice pantyhose of flesh-color 😛 and, usually for she when she puts the skirt and the pantyhose 😛 😛 :-P, a nice lows shoes, and therefore i, inside of me :-P, i was very glad 😛 when, at the departure of the day of this commission, i have saw her beautiful clothes :-P, and then obviously also my cock started at lengthen and harden and get wet for well at the visual of that beautifuls clothes of my sister, also because it was already from a bit of time, as i recounted in the my previously stories :-P, that my sister maked istanbul escort me very excited :-P, when we sat in the train, one facing at the other :-P, because i, naturally, i did it on purpose, having the occasion for to sit front of her :-P, i, taking advantage of the moments that she not sees me, i have the look fixed there in middle at her legs for any, little or medium :-P, opening of her legs :-P, and then also when she had the legs normal because anyway i was the same glad :-P, and then, sometimes, she put the legs also crossed 😛 (thing that instead was lacked, strangely :-P, in the prevoius trip of commission or maybe i don’t remember well because i was too concentrated at see there in middle at the legs 😛 because also in that previous trip of commission in train she had a gorgeous skirt of jeans and gorgeous pantyhose black-transparents .-P and always lows shoes 😛 😛 as i recounted in a my previously story :-P), anyway in the moments when she had the legs extended or bended with the soles on ground i taked advantage of it 😛 for every her small or medium 😛 opening, and so i succeed at see her nice panties, beige-brown clear, and ahead the panties the thing round-oval of the pantyhose of color grey 😛 that maked at me very excited, over that at the pantyhose flesh-color and the panties, and so, since avcılar escort i was really very excited :-P, having the sunglasses even though the weather was not sunny because we were in the cold season (also in the previous train’s journey trip 😛 that we were at end summer the day was cloudy 😛 but i putted the same the sunglasses :-P), i put one hand in the pocket of my pants :-P, because as i said before my cock was already from the beginning of the day very elongated 😛 and very hardened and well wet :-P, for to rub it 😛 and it wetted well and a lot wetted and in the way really very satisfactory 😛 because then, before the end of this trip of the going i succeed of to have a good small cumshot and nice hot. at the return i was more calm, and satiated :-P, and always having my cock nice rocky :-P, and always sat front her 😛 because the occasion offered it at me :-P, and very glad for my very nice sister that gived at me this very good moments :-P, it did not matter if then during the commission and at the trip of return i had my intimate part a bit :-P, we say a bit :-P, wet, and i don’t know if also a bit smelly :-P, and that she, maybe i do not know, she had noticed my smalls movements in those very good moments during the trip of the going :-P. anyway it was really nice masturbating right front her :-P, making also pretend of to sleep a bit şirinevler escort under the sunglasses 😛 while she was busy to read or with the cellular :-P, i remember this nice episode always with great pleasure, also because often i masturbe myself thinking to this very nice episode with my sister :-P.



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