A trip to the beach…3So…we were “rained out of fishing on the surf…” But with a hottie like Jade in our midsts,I dont think Marsh or Matt or I really cared.It seemed to be an unspoken consent that fishing was not as important to us with the things that were going on,although our original intent was to fish.Good thing Jad went along.Jade was getting one of her fantaises fullfilled,to be the center of sexual attention to a small group of men, and we were all the better off for it.Jade suggested we “hang out with her” today,going to the gift shops and just touring around the beach town.We all headed out to play tourist,and Jade was barely covered in another one of her dresses that all but defied the laws of decency.Youve seen this type of woman,youve all lusted after her,and Jade is one of them.She’s got “it.” If you were to see us out that morning,in the restaurant,you would be hard pressed to know who Jade was “with.” She was affectionate with all of us.And we would squeeze her ass,or sneak a feel or two here and there,,I would reach under the breakfast table to feel her pussy,but have to wait for Marsh to move his hand.Matt was flirting with the waitress,and we were like “Go! Matt!!!” Again,its amazing that most people go on so oblivious as to whats going on around them,we left the restaurant with almost none to the wiser,but I think the waitress knew what was going on.She was one of those waitress,young and canlı bahis pretty,and left you with the question,”why are you doing this???” But,oh well…We drove around the town,looking at all the sights,and the rain was relenetless,only stopping to a slow for brief periods of time,we passed the miniature golf and other tourist attractions,and killed time before the shops opened.The rain stopped for a little while,and we got out at one of the shops.Marsh lit a cigarette,beofre he wnet in and we were waiting a few seconds for Jade,who was primping her hair and makeup,as we got out of the car,and of course,Jade,being the consumate exhibitionist,made sure that even getting out of the car was hot,she spread her legs and allowed an already short dress to ride up and give us a nice shot of her sweet pussy.We browsed a few more shops and went into some fishing stores that morning,and lunch rolled around,so we went to eat at another restaurant.This time more people were in there eating than wouldve been at breakfast.There was another group of guys who were checking Jade out,and got real curious about her “arrangement” with us.They watched and made comments about her and us,obviously,but we acted as if we didnt care,and then we told Jade to tease these poor bastards senseless.Jade was sitting in the booth beside me and Marsh and Matt were on the other side.The booth was rather roomy,as far as these things go,and it was perfect bahis siteleri for her to show off.So,she began to draw a leg up and it would be obvious to anyone peeking under the table form their angle that she was showing off her pussy.She began to casual open and close her legs as she ate,sometimes being more and more blatant about it.As we finished our lunch,Jade moved to the edge of the booth,and she swung one leg out,and got out of the booth,giving that group of guys the best shot of pussy she could.They all gasped and laughed and made clear theyr approval.As we were paying the bill,Matt reached up and squeezed her ass,and gave them another “shot,” and looked at the guys as if to say.”Fuck you,boys…” and we left…The rain continued and we were bored,opting to just go back to the room,the rain was puring so hard,that when we got back to the room,Jades hair was soaked,and this would not do.She took her damp little dress off,and we shook the wtarer of our clothes and flipped on the TV.Jade fumbled through her bags to get her bathing supplies,and then asked Matt if he “remembered the ‘date” about taking a bath,” with her,to which he smiled and saud “Uh-huh?” Jade said “Well,it just so happens that I;d like to take a long hot bath and I need somenone to uh….scrub my back!” Matt and Jade dissappeared into the bathroom,for an afternoon bath.Marsh and I talked about work and what we could do tonight,see güvenilir bahis of we could have a party,get some more girls in here,because Jade is bisexual,and loves to lick pussy as much as we do,she would put on a helluva show,to which Marsh agreed there would be no doubt.We could hear Jade and Matt in the bathtub,laughing and moaning pleasure,over the next half hour.Jade later told me,that he washed her back and she washed his,stroked his cock for a while,,and he loved soaping up her body and running his hands over her,as she sat facing him on his lap.She bent over the edge of the tub and he fucked he doggy style,but,both of them were just playing around,and Matt didnt even come,just goofing around and enjyoinh a bath,Jade said he loved having his body soaped and massaged as well….When they got out,Matt walked into the room,and Marsh and I both remarked as to how “relaxed” he looked and that this trip has “done him some good!” Of course,Jade ,never bothers to get dressed,took her time with her makeup,her hair,,and took foever to decide what to ware,so she wore NOTHING and made us an early supper with just an apron on.It was then we started talking about really getting a party going here tonight,see what we could round up at the clubs,see if we could get a woman or two to come back wuth us,to which Jade was all ears and said she would “LOVE to top this weekend off with some pussy,too!”So we thought we’d hit the clubs,as evening came,the clouds parted from the west,and the skies began to clear.Jade went and stood on the balcony in just a shortie robe,hanging open,not giving a damn who saw her.This evening would be wild as hell,indeed.



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