I was a virgin throughout high school, mostly due to my insecurity. I was decently tall, but very thin and I didn’t think I was attractive. I also felt insecure about my size down below. I grew a bit more attractive as high school progressed, but the insecurity was always there.

It was in my last year of high school. I was sitting in my science class when the teacher announced that she was giving out a group assignment, and we’d be split up into teams of 4. My group consisted of me and 3 girls. They were all girls who’d never give me the time of day otherwise.

The first girl, Emily, was a Caucasian blonde with very nice curves. She was about 5’9″, and developed. Her tight, hip hugging jeans would often cling to her long legs and display a nice, round ass. She wasn’t fat by any means, but she was a bit thicker than the other two. This only made her more appealing to look at, since it also gave her a soft, plush rack that any guy would be lucky to bury his face in. Her revealing tops often displayed a generous amount of cleavage, her luscious boobs jiggling perfectly whenever she walked, her hips swaying back and forth, as if daring guys to approach. She had a bit of a bitchy streak, and would sometimes make fun of me for whatever reason to my face. In my eyes, though, that only made her sexier. She knew she was hot, and she reveled in it.

The second girl, Gina, was a 5’10” brunette, and she was arguably the bitchiest and most popular of them all. Along with having beautiful blue eyes, she also was stacked just as well as Emily. Her ass was even better than Emily’s, and her pale white tits were just as plump and perky. A frequent weightlifter (gym thot), her body was toned and simultaneously curvy. Her Instagram was filled with videos of her wearing yoga pants and a tight sports bra, squatting her delicious booty up and down. She happened to be a rather rich girl, which combined with her looks, made her pretty stuck up and a huge cunt. She would talk down to any guy or girl she deemed below her, having done it to me several times, and she thought she was the center of the world.

The last girl, Emma, was a little less curvy (still nothing to scoff at) than the others, but she had a very athletic, tan body. She had several piercings on her body, including her ears, septum, navel and tongue. She was of average height and had black hair she usually wore straight down. She was the least bitchy out of the others, and she was usually pretty nice to me. She often wore shorts or yoga pants, and her tops were frequently too small, pushing her perky tits together and regularly lifting up to show her belly button piercing.

All three of the girls were somewhat promiscuous, compared to average girls. Gina, the popular, rich slut slept around at parties when she was drunk or even just random guys off Tinder. Emily was often dating a guy at any given time, but she never failed to point out which guys made her panties flood, and flirted with many guys openly, even me a couple times. Emma was the nicest in personality, but possibly the sluttiest. She never really dated anyone, she just went to parties or out with guy friends, and she usually fucked them. I heard many, many guys talk openly about how they spent last weekend fingering her loose, hungry cunt and then burying themselves balls deep inside her. It turned me on to think about how many cocks that slut had taken.

We broke off into our groups to discuss how we were gonna tackle the project. We discussed meeting after school, tuzla escort but Emma had tennis and the other two were cheerleaders. We decided that we’d all go over to Gina’s house on the weekend, since she was sort of a midpoint between all of our houses, and there wouldn’t be anyone to disturb us since her parents would be out of town, doing rich people things.

“You better be able to pull your own weight, Leo! Otherwise I’ll get mad.”

Emily smirked an evil smirk at me. I think she knew how bad I wanted her, and how glad I was to have her in my group. She playfully gave me a light slap on the cheek, smirked again, and walked off, leaving me staring at her full ass with a raging hard on in my pants.

Little did I know what I was in for…

I arrived around midday on Saturday, secretly excited to spend time with those three teenage beauties. Gina lived in an impressive upper middle class house. Her front and backyards were huge, and the house itself seemed to tower above every other one in it’s vicinity.

Must contribute to why she’s such a snobby cunt, I thought.

I rang the doorbell, and waited. When the door opened, I was left with my mouth agape. Gina was standing there in one of the sluttiest outfits I’d ever seen. She was wearing a thin, sky blue bra held together by a loose string, and it was borderline see through with her nipples poking through. She was wearing black short shorts, though it was more accurate to call it a thong at this point, the way it seemed to taper down into her crotch. To top it all off, she also had pink fishnet stockings on, fully giving her the appearance of a whore.

“Oh hey, dork. Don’t mind the outfit, I’m going to a concert later in the evening. Or is this the first time you’ve seen a girl like this, and you can’t take your eyes off someone out of your league?” She snickered at my face, no doubt looking dopey and stupid.

“Well, at any rate, the other two are inside and they’ve already started working. You better hurry inside, or we’ll make you do all the work.”

I followed her swaying ass into her room, noting the way her shorts seemed to dig into her ass crack, and how half her ass was visible in those undersized shorts. Every time she turned, I caught a glimpse of sideboob shaking from the motion. By the time we reached her room, my cock was struggling to stay within my clothes, and my head was clouded from all the lust.

We stepped inside, and Emma was sitting at a desk, reading info off a computer while Emily was on Gina’s bed, working on our assignment and writing down whatever Emma was saying to her. Though not dressed as outlandishly as Gina, they were both dressed to kill. Emma was wearing loose fitting, grey sweatpants and a red, strapless top that showed her tan, toned midsection, her navel piercing shining lightly. Emily had a fairly tight, black tanktop, exposing plenty of cleavage from the top and sides. She was wearing light blue jeans that were barely able to contain her thick thighs and juicy ass.

Emily beckoned me to join her, and I set down my supplies by the bed and climbed on next to her. Sunlight was flowing into through the window and seemed to cast a shine on her white, milky tits. I had to be careful sitting down since my cock was straining against my clothes.

We worked on our assignment for an hour or so, by which point we were pretty far ahead and decided to take a break.

The girls sort of grouped together and started talking, leaving me alone. They were tuzla escort bayan talking about typical girly things like their clothes and such, while I played on my phone. Eventually, the conversation shifted to boys and relationships.

“Hey Leo, you’re a virgin, right?” Emily asked me this with an insidious grin, and I felt my face reddening as the girls all looked my way.

“No way, he’s probably found at least one girl desperate enough to let him inside,” said Gina, adding fuel to the flames.

Emma, who was usually pretty cool with me, chimed in with,”Maybe, but he’s such a dork. His face is sort of cute, but I honestly don’t feel much when I look at him.”

The girls were all digging into me with their comments. My face was flushed red with embarrassment.

Emma got up and sat right next to me.

“So tell me honestly, have you really never been with a girl?” She seemed gentle and sincere.

I nodded my head in affirmation.

Suddenly, she placed her hand on my lap, and I gasped as I realised where she was bringing it. Her hand inched its way up my lap, and I felt her warm fingers closing in on my cock…

“Oh!” She giggled and pulled her hand away. “I think I know why you’re a virgin, now.” She winked at me.

“All girls have standards,” she said. “And you definitely fall short of most of them.” She giggled furiously at that last remark.

Gina and Emily caught on, and they both were stifling their laughter. I was blushing quite a bit at this point, but my cock was still straining against my pants.

“So, are you actually in our grade, or are you just a 13 year old who’s tall and sort of smart? Cause this thing feels like it hasn’t hit puberty yet!” Emma was clutching her sides and laughing at me. I was being completely emasculated by these girls.

“You know, we should make sure it’s as small as you say it is first hand. Come on, take it out,” said Emily.

“Yeah,” Gina pitched in,” It’s best we look at it to make sure there’s nothing wrong with it.”

The girls were clamoring for me to undress and I protested, but there were 3 of them and 1 of me. Emily and Gina grabbed my arms and held me down, and in one swift movement, Emma pulled my pants off.

“Holy shit, it really is small!”

The girls were all laughing to the point of tears. Emily held up her pinky and wiggled it at me. Gina closed her index finger and thumb within an inch of each other and laughed at me. Emma started putting random objects like lipstick and her phone next to my cock to see what was bigger.

Despite the humiliation, I was being turned on even more by the girls, and my cock throbbed angrily when Emma’s hand brushed against it.

“Ooh, are you getting turned on? Is this getting you off, little boy?” Emily had a voice full of derision.

“Maybe if we give him a show, he’ll get a little bigger,” Emma suggested.

“I doubt his itty bitty thing will grow much, but why not,” remarked Gina.

As if she’d practiced for years (and I was willing to bet that slut had), Gina pulled her bra off over her head in an instant. Her exposed breasts hung heavily on her chest. The nipples were small and the perfect shade of pink. She then proceeded to pull her shorts aside and give me a straight look at her shaved, pink pussy. Emily followed it up by getting up in my face and shaking her tits right in front of me. She pulled her top down and let her boobs out in the open. The dark top contrasted sharply with her pale gazongas. escort tuzla She pulled her jeans off, leaving her wearing only a scarlet set of panties. She turned around and slapped her ass in front of my face, the sound echoing as she repeatedly spanked her juicy white ass, jiggling wildly from the contact.

Emma stepped in front since it was her turn now. She pulled her top clean off, and I was left breathless since I got two surprises at once. The first was that she wasn’t wearing a bra at all. The second was that her perky boobs were pierced.

She sat straight down in my lap and pushed my head into her tanned chest. I licked and kissed her nipples wildly, my mind thoroughly clouded with lust. She pulled her sweatpants off, leaving me admiring her tight, smooth legs while I ravished her tits. I was groping her as much as I could, and even started to buck my hips a little, feeling my undersized member rubbing against her firm ass. The girls, for their part, were all laughing and enjoying themselves, if only at my expense. They were clearly somewhat aroused, albeit mostly from dominating a man and less at my actual sex appeal.

I was feeling myself close in on my climax, and I suppose the Emma caught on since I was thrusting wildly.

“Oh my god, you’re such a little pervert. Are you guys getting this?” Her voice was full of barely contained laughter and derision.

Emily, clearly getting off on my pathetic attempt at hotdogging Emma’s ass, decided to join in. She put her fat, white girl ass against my dick on the other side, and started twerking up and down. I could feel my cock getting crushed between the beautiful bottoms of these beautiful girls.

Gina giggled violently. It was safe to say that my cock was concealed very well by the fat slabs of booty wrapped around it.

My orgasm grew closer and my thrusting became frantic.

“Ooh, that’s it little boy, let your little load out all over our asses,” said Emma.

That final quip did me in, and I spurted out the biggest load of my life. It felt like my cock was a tube of toothpaste and the girls asses were squeezing out every last drop they could. I blew several thick, sticky, hot and heavy ropes out and could feel the space my cock was wedged in get very warm and very gooey.

“Eww, you’re such a little pervert,” said Emily. “I can’t believe such a little cock could blow such a massive load!”

Emily was making degrading remarks alongside Emma, but they both seemed pleased. Suddenly they both looked at me expectantly.

“Well, we can’t let you off the hook for free. After all, you just covered our asses in your perverted seed. It’s only fair you take responsibility and clean us off,” said Emma.

I tried to stand up to get tissues, but they kept me pinned down. I was confused.

“No, we can’t get up because we’ll drip cum everywhere. Do it with your tongue.”

I started to protest, but they threatened to expose my little cock to the world, and that bitch Gina secretly took photos while I was too horny to notice.

Emma shifted up slightly, and I moved my head underneath both of their asses. They made me lick and swallow every salty, sticky drop of jizz I shot onto them. Despite what was happening, I was still turned on at the way they were treating me. I ran my tongue all over their plump, round asses that were way out of my league. While I was at it, they told me to eat them out as well, since it wasn’t fair that only I get to cum. I obeyed, and jammed my tongue up against their slutty, depraved cunts, licking like my life depended on it. By the time I was done, they’d both came.

The girls told me I was free to go at that point, but we certainly weren’t done…



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