Female Ejaculation

A tease for my slave………..I have been thinking about putting a llittle story on here for a while now, so here is a short story………..I would walk up to you my little slave and tell you calmly what I am about to do to you. Tie your hands behind your back and let you watch me as I reach down and slap your little joke of a dick for already being hard before the game even begins! Slap it again and tell you what a pathetic fucking piece of shit you are. You’re not really even worthy of licking my pussy, much less fucking your Mistress. I have to leave and find my own big cock men, because you only have a tiny nub of skin. Even hard, it looks like a shriveled old man’s pecker….WTF am I supposed to do with that goddamn thing? Turn your fucking stupid ass around and stand bahis siteleri there with your legs together, head bowed. I lubed my huge cock for your little manpussy, wouldn’t want to tear that tiny shit hole up in one fucking…need it to last for a few more fuckings at least, damn titty baby!I come up behind you, reach around and rub your nipples…mmmmm feels good, yes slave? I slide my huge cock through your legs under your tiny precious baby nutsack and thrust back and forth sliding in and out between your bitch legs. This is how I fuck my pussy girl! Do you like it bitch? MMMmmmm I do, I like it a fucking lot whore! I have both arms around you and am fucking your balls from behind. I reach up and pinch and twist your nipple and reach down and caress your baby dick…….Yessssss canlı bahis slave, feel me fucking your cum filled balls? You like that, I can hear you moaning.I fuck you faster like this and stroke and jack that little nub you call dick, I keep jacking you and stop twisting your nipple and reach up and touch your throat softly, moving up to your face…I turn your face to me and kiss you long and deep as I stroke your dick and slide my cock in and out fucking your balls…….Damn slave, you could almost be a man! So soft and sensual! But, I NEED to fuck you and I am ready! Are you ready my whore? Want my cock now my bitch! Want your Mistress to slide her cock deep into your tight asshole and fuck you like you deserve to be fucked? Like a fucking goddamn trashwhore! güvenilir bahis Want it bitch? Need it bitch You want that cock whore? Want it shoved up your ass so fucking hard and deep you think I am going to tear your asshole apart? Want me to assfuck you soooooo damn deep your dick throbs with the fucking need to explode? Want this cock bitch? Take it!! Take my fucking cock and slamfuck me now slave! I wanna see your goddamn balls fucking flopping all over! Ride me Whore! Ride it like a fucking horse ….Fuck it, Take it , Use it bitch…..Take the whole motherfucker and shove it so far up your ass you can’t sit for a goddamn week!!! FUCK ME FUCK ME SLAVE, TAKE ME DEEP IN YOUR ASS!!!!!AND DO NOT CUM……but I want you to think of me deep in your ass and deep in your mind all day tomorrow slave….touch yourself, rub yourself, but do not cum til you come see me!!!!!I want to fuck my little bitch so fucking bad!!!! Come here my little cunt! Love you always slave……..love your MistressM



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