A Teacher,s Black magicI was always a introvert. A shy student. So, that autum I knew my schedule was difficult. I had heard terrorizing stories of this teacher. As I finished the first week, I thought . ‘ not so bad’ .until I heard ‘’ Come see me after school. ‘ a knot in my stomach rose. As I came into her office. My shiners overcame as she closed and locked the door drawing the blinds. We sat on the coach, sipping tea. ‘ let’s talk of the assignment. ‘ she said. ‘ ok.’I relaxed. ‘ plans after grad?” She asked. I did but stayed silent. ‘ stay’ she said. As the night came. Feeling her glares. I felt,suddenly, a hand softly stroke my vagina . And find it,s way in my blouse. ‘ so shy’ she whispered.stroking my vagina softly. My breasts, I felt being squeezed. And pinched. A warm caress fell to my nipple as I was rubbed and pinched. “ close’ . She said.’ Lesson’ she said. As she squeezed and stroked my breast. Caressing me slowly.glaring at me.’ So shy, innocent she said’ “.’ private lesson today’.watching between my legs, stroking me softly and rubbing my vagina. Her hand slid to my nipple slowly squeezing caressing in darkness. ‘ beauty ‘ she whispered. As she began kissing my nipple. giresun escort And breast. Gently suckling my nipple sliding back and forth, stroking me softly on my nipple. Blowing me softly on my breast. Caress becoming deep dark. As fire like kisses came to my breast as I was caressed and rubbed in darkness.’ Yes’ she moaned.suckling my nipple softly.and rubbing me tightly.giving me warm moist kisses on my breast caress my nipple tugging softly and stroking me slowly..squeezing and circling me in warm kisses and licks.’ So shy’ she moaned. Rubbing her nose against me as I felt her finger caress my breasts, pinch my nipple.’ Lessons ‘ she whispered.as she rubbed my vagina. Hard. Suckling my nipple in her warmth.massaging my vagina softly.feeling her explore up my blouse. Caressing and squeezing,pinching.me.tight. Rubbing hard against me. Kissing my breast and nipple. In circles.‘ you will remember this.” She whispered.rubbing my vagina slowly. Gently caressing it. As she stroked me softly hugging me tightly to he. the massage got dark. Deep. Hot.fire like kisses circled my nipple and vagina ands she suckled..In flame.pulling and pinching. .suckling my nipple I a heated caress.as escort giresun she stroked my vagina her tongue softly biting me rubbing.rubbing. Suckling me deeply on my vagina. Her warmth enchanting my vagina with licks and kisses. Suckling me deeply. Darker.rubbing my vagina. ‘ you will l remember this’ she said . Her hot kisses layering my breasts.massaging my vagina slowly.kissing my breast and nipple. Rubbing darker. My legs opened in her warm massage as she stroked me. Grazing me with hot kisses around my vagina.her tongue softly bit. Rubbed on me.* in and out.* in and out* cool kisses fell into me.as I moaned.rubbing my vagina ‘ so shy and warm’ she moaned. Stroking me.rubbing hard. In warmth.as her finger gently twirled into me. Pressing deeply .twising . Pressing and pinching.harder. Her finger gently entered. Pressing hard.deep.twirling. ‘Good’ .her finger pressed higher and higher .deeper. Pulling. Pushing. Squeezing my breast covering me in kisses. As her finger went higher deeper into me. Licking me slowly.caresing my breast in a fire heat. (* giving me a dark rimjob and massage)*. And circling me in a wind of cool breaths as she pressed her finger twirling deeper giresun escort bayan into me.’ Good’.rubing my vagina slowly..massaging me gently.the massage becoming darker.as she stroked me,suckling my vagina deeply.Massaging me in darkness.suckling me deeply. Hotter.*( layering my vagina In her soft Her hot kisses )* as she stroked me,rubbing.rubbing.gazing, as if spellbound.stroking my vagina.as she suckled it dark and deep. Twirl her finger deep into me.’ Tantalizing’ as she latching my vagina softly suckling it. Deep soft kisses layering it as I felt a heated massage.and a tug,toungue gently squeezing me slide into me.rolling.* rolling. In me.suckling deeply.she felt magical as she suckled me long and hard. Rubbing me slowly.’ So innocent ‘ she moaned .rubbing my vagina softly suckling..massaging.and caressing my breast as she suckled them in flame.nibbling my nipple.rolling her tongue in and out * her finger higher, higher deeper into me.squeezing my breast pinched my nipple.twisting her finger high.slow.licking my nipple and kissing my breast biting my nipple softly.suckling my breast.entered me in a jolt. Her orgasm exploded.rubbing my vagina slow. As we had .(* rough sex for hours)* suckling deeply my breast. Stroking. ..caressing.Pulling me to her, we had oral sex for hours.as I tore. I shivered. Smiling, kisses softly layering my breasts.stroking my vagina, as she pulled me to her for majestic oral,sex.’ Secrets ‘



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