When I walked back in my door with the pizza, a pretty but angry blonde, who was again wearing my old t-shirt, was standing in my living room, her arms crossed over her chest.

“Hello, Mark,” Jessi said, glaring at me.

“Hi Jessi,” I replied. “I have the pizza.”

“I see that,” she responded. “And I got your note.”

“Great,” I smiled at her. “Everything worked out.”

“Just give me the pizza, Mark,” she snapped. “And get some plates.”

“This is my house,” I reminded her, trying hard not to laugh.

“Be careful or you won’t get anything later,” she warned me.

“I see,” I said. “So, you mean if I felt under my shirt that you are wearing, I would not find you ready?”

Jessi, who was in the process of putting the pizza box down on the table, looked up at me and fixed me with one of those typical Jessi stares.

“Maybe you would, maybe you wouldn’t,” she told me. “Let’s just eat, then you can find out for yourself how ready I may or may not be.”

“Or I could bend you over the table and fuck you, and we could have cold pizza after,” I countered, winking at my younger lover.

Jessi glared at me for several seconds, and I was quite sure she was trying to decide if she was angry enough about the fact that had I left without her to go pick up the pizza that she would pretend not to be aroused. However, as several more seconds went by, I began to wonder if she really was angry enough not to be aroused, despite her earlier assertion that she usually was aroused around me, even when angry. I was just about to apologize when a smile lit her face and her gaze softened.

“I like cold pizza,” she grinned, then pulled the t-shirt over her head and tossed it aside.

I grabbed Jess’s hair and pulled her to me for a quick but hard kiss, then I turned her around and pushed her forward so that she was bracing herself with her hands on the table. Using a knee, I pushed her legs apart before running a hand up her inner thigh to her almost dripping pussy.

“Well, that answers the question as to whether you are ready,” I teased as I began to slip my fingers in and out of her.

“But are you ready to fuck me, Mr. Warner?” she asked as she reached back and felt my rapidly hardening penis through my jeans. “Mmmm… pretty darn close, it feels.”

I did not respond verbally – instead, I reached around her torso with the hand not playing with her pussy and grabbed one of her breasts. I squeezed it for a moment, then pinched the nipple and pulled it forward. The blonde threw her head back and pushed her bare bottom up against my groin, moaning as she did so.

Moving my hand from between her legs, I fumbled at the buttons on my jeans while leaning forward and kissing the side of her nicely arched neck. I was rewarded with a shiver and a whine, then more moaning as I switched my hand to her other breast and repeated what I had done to the first.

“Fuck, I need you in me,” she told me while I was still trying to undue my pants sufficiently to slide them down.

In order to speed up the process, I let go of her breast and stepped back. I quickly finished with the buttons on my jeans and pulled them and my underwear off together. I did not bother removing my socks or my shirt, although I was reminded of the time Jessi had teased me about how unsexy it would have been if I had kept my socks on. It had been our first time together, and she had said she was so horny she would not really have cared if I had left them on, but she had teased me about it later.

Still, I did not want to waste the time, so I decided to just go ahead with my socks on. Jessi, who had groaned and pushed her hips back to try to make contact with me after I had stepped away to remove my pants, was looking over her shoulder at me, her vivid blue eyes first focusing on my face, then my now fully erect and free penis, and finally, to my discomfort, my bare legs and still sock-covered feet.

The lovely blonde smirked and raised an eyebrow, and I knew she was thinking about the same thing that had occupied my mind just moments earlier. However, I found that I really didn’t care if she teased me later. All I wanted to do was to push myself inside of her tight pussy and give us both as much pleasure as possible. But first, she had to be punished for that smirk, so I smacked her nicely shaped ass once, hard enough to cause her lips to form into an ‘O’ shape before she grinned and turned to look forward again.

“I am going to fuck you now, Jessi,” I informed her as I grabbed her hips and stepped up right behind her. “Are you ready?”

“I thought I told you that I am almost always ready when I’m with you, Mr. Warner,” Jessi replied as I began rubbing my erection against her moist labia. “The only time I’m not is when you’ve fucked me so hard that I’m sore, and even that doesn’t keep me from getting wet around you.”

“What about the time you were so pissed at me that you slapped me,” I reminded her as I pushed the head of my shaft inside of her tight warmth.

“I’m casino siteleri always wet when I am angry with you, Mr. Warner,” she groaned. “I’m a fucked up little slut. You know that.”

I thought back over the arguments in which Jessi and I had engaged, and I found it disconcertingly arousing to realize that she had been in that state during them.

“The only times I’m not wet is when I panic, or I have to shut down my feelings, and even then sometimes…” Jessi was saying, but she trailed off when I pulled the tip of my penis from inside of her.

“What are you doing? No! Please don’t stop! I need you… ffffffuuuuuccccckkkk!”

In the middle of Jessi begging, I had tightened my grip on her slender but sensuously curved thighs and rammed the full length of my erection into her in one stroke. As my younger lover shuddered and pressed back against me, I held myself still to let her adjust to me being inside of her. Then, I ran my hands up her sides and around to her chest, where I firmly grasped one of her modest breasts in each hand.

“Oh fuck yes, Mark!” she exclaimed. “I love it when you play rough with my tits.”

I smiled, although Jessi could not see me, and then kissed the back of her neck. The blonde shuddered again, then whined when I pulled my penis mostly back out of her. However, that whine turned to a yelp when I shoved it back in hard enough to make her butt cheeks quiver.

“You want it hard like that,” I asked her as I pulled back again, “Or soft and…”

“Hard!” she interrupted me. “Hard and fast and rough.”

“Like this?” I asked, as I moved one hand away from her breasts and pulled her hair while simultaneously thrusting forcefully into her and twisting one breast.

“FUCK YES!” she screamed.

Then, to my surprise, as I thought she would need more buildup, Jessi’s body went rigid while she grunted quietly. While that all was happening, I also felt her pussy quiver and clench at me, and I knew she was in the midst of an orgasm. Her climax did not last long, however, and in almost the time it took for me to realize she was experiencing an orgasm, her body relaxed and she slumped slightly forward, her head hanging down.

“Did you cum?” I asked her, although I was quite sure she had.

“Yes,” she rasped as her breathing slowed. “A little one. It just hit me.”

“Are you ready for more?” I asked as I began slowly thrusting in and out of her.

“Yes,” she breathed. “Oh fuck, yes.”

“But soft and slow this time?” I teased.

“Fuck, Mark,” she snarled. “Quit asking and just pull my hair and use me like a little whore.”

“Okay,” I agreed before I yanked her head back using her hair and clamped the fingers of my other hand even tighter on her breast.

“Yes, that!” she screamed as I began driving my manhood in and out of her still sodden pussy.

I am not sure what came over me in that instant, but I started ramming into the slender young woman with as much force as I could. I had always held back a little with her, something I did not do with Jessika, who was both bigger and stronger. But something about that moment caused me to pound Jessi every bit as hard as I had ever done with Jessika, and I had never had sex harder with a woman than I had with my brunette lover.

After just a little of this treatment, Jessi was panting hard, and she had reached the point where the cries she was making sounded like they might have been intended as words, but they came out as inarticulate noises. I had taken her to that point before, and I was sure an intense orgasm was building within my lover’s hyper-stimulated loins.

Dropping her hair, I moved that hand back around to her chest, and twisted both of her breasts at once, then rolled her small, erect nipples between my fingers. Jessi shrieked out a word I could understand, a long, drawn out, high pitched ‘fuck’. Then her body began to shake, and her shriek morphed into an undulating moan. The convulsions and the moan lasted several seconds before she slumped forward to where only my hands on her breasts kept her from falling against the table.

I waited for her muscles to tense, as they always did when she climaxed. Well, except sometimes when she had multiple orgasms – at those times, she would shudder through each wave, then only tense up at the end of the last one, as had happened earlier that day. However, this time I was quite sure Jessi had not had multiple orgasms, but she had gone straight from shaking to relaxed with no tensing of her muscles. Further, I could not feel any spasms in her tight pussy, something that happened with every type of orgasm I had ever felt her have. Instead, she was just limp, and her vagina, while it clung to my penis due to its normal snugness, was not any more active than the rest of the young woman’s body.

“Jessi,” I called, gently lowering her down so that her chest and face were resting on the table as I withdrew my penis from her. “Are you okay?”

“I think so,” she answered weakly. “That one hit me hard.”

“I slot oyna didn’t think you came,” I told her as rubbed her back.

“Why’d you think that?” she asked.

“You usually tense up when you climax. You shake first, but your muscles always tense up at the end,” I explained. “This time you just shook. You did shake pretty hard, but…”

While I was talking, Jessi had managed to push herself up off the table, before turning, somewhat unsteadily, to look at me. As her eyes locked with mine, I saw them fill with some intense emotion.

“I can’t believe you know all that,” she breathed.

“Of course I do,” I replied, unsure why she was surprised. “I know the noises you make, or how sometimes when it is a second orgasm closely after the first your face and your chest flush…”

My sentence was interrupted by my blonde lover grabbing me, pushing her lips against mine, then and thrusting her tongue past my lips. The kiss was so forceful and so unexpected that it was a couple of seconds before I reacted at all. Then I pulled her against me and kissed her back, relishing the feel of her body pressed tightly against mine, especially since her abdomen was pushed up firmly against my still hard penis.

“I never realized you paid attention to all that,” she grinned when the kiss finally ended and our grip on each other loosened. “You are definitely not like the boys I’ve been with.”

I chuckled at her words, realizing they were a reference to what she had said in the sandwich shop, then I kissed her again, softly.

“I still do not understand why the fuck your wife ever let you go.” Jessi declared after the second kiss.

And with that, the mood, at least for me, was broken. I let go of the blonde and stepped away from her. Jessi looked hurt and confused for a moment, but then she tried to ease the sudden tension by teasing me.

“Was it because you wore just socks and a shirt for sex?” she smiled. “I mean, that is a kinda unsexy look. If you had not fucked me so well…”

“Give it a rest, Jessi,” I snapped, and a hurt expression flooded across her thin, elfin face again, making her look as young as she had pretended to be earlier.

“I’m sorry, Mark,” she said. “Please don’t be mad at me.”

“Let’s just eat,” I shrugged. “Do you want me to heat the pizza?”

“It’s fine cold,” she replied, her eyes searching mine.

Without bothering to get my pants or underwear, I sat down, opened the pizza box, and put a slice of pizza each on the two plates that I had taken out earlier. I held one plate out to Jessi and kept the other. The blonde looked like she wanted to say something, but then she sat and timidly took the plate from me.

I felt horrible. She had not deserved my anger, and I regretted how I had spoken. While it certainly was not the first time I had been angry with her or spoken sharply, this time was very different. Before, such behavior on my part had always been in response to Jessi’s anger or her pushing me in some way. This time I was angry with someone who was not even a part of my life anymore, and I had taken it out on a young woman who had only been trying to compliment me.

“I am sorry Jessi,” I told her after watching her play with, but not eat, her slice of the pizza.

The blonde shrugged but did not meet my eyes. She did, however, take a bite of her pizza. We both then ate in silence while she looked down at the table, and I looked anywhere but at the clearly sad woman sitting across from me.

“I’m sorry I brought it up,” she told me when she had finished her slice of pizza. “It was thoughtless and stupid of me.”

“No it was not, Jessi,” I sighed, meeting her eyes, which had left the table to look up at me. “My reaction was.”

Jessi shrugged, then looked back down before continuing, “Still, I know better. I know that… some things are off limits.”

“I am not sure she ever loved me.” I blurted out, causing Jessi to raise her eyes to my face again. “I know she did not like having sex with me, at least not after the first few years. And even in the beginning, it was never like it has been with, um, you.”

“And with Jessika, I suspect” Jessi added, but I detected no malice in her voice. “But why not? I know what kind of lover you are. No other guy has paid even half the attention that you do.”

“She did not marry me for that,” I told her. “She married me for who she thought I could – and should – be.”

“She sounds like a fucking cunt to me,” Jessi replied, and I saw anger blaze in her eyes. “You were right to leave her.”

For a moment I felt an urge to defend my ex-wife, or ask my young lover not to talk about her that way, but then I realized it was just a reflex. Not only did I not care how Jessi talked about her, I realized I even agreed with the blonde’s sentiment about her.

“She left me…” I started to say, but Jessi cut me off.

“You should’ve left her. A bitch like that doesn’t deserve you,” the blonde growled.

“Let’s not talk about her,” canlı casino siteleri I suggested.

Jessi looked defiant for a moment, but then she nodded and we sat in silence for what must have been at least a couple of minutes. I tried to think of something to say, but instead my mind was reliving different experiences, good and bad, form the time of my marriage. Interposed with those memories were thoughts of Jessi and Jessika, and how my experiences with them were more similar to each other than they were any of my experiences with my ex-wife.

“Do you know what this reminds me of, Mark?” Jessi asked me, pulling me away from my thoughts.

“What,” I replied, focusing on her and finding an amused look on her face.

“We ate pizza after our first time,” she said. “But we got dressed first. This time we’re naked. Well, I’m naked and you’re wearing just a shirt… and socks. Gross.”

“Fine, I will take them off,” I told her, before scooting my chair back and removing my socks and tossing them under the table. “Is that better?”

“The shirt too,” she instructed. “If I’m going to be naked, you have to be too.”

“I think I said before that you are a lot more appealing naked than I am, or something like that,” I reminisced as I removed my shirt.

“Not to me,” Jessi smiled. “I like you naked.”

We looked at each other for a moment, then Jessi blushed and looked away for a couple of seconds.

“So, how about I slip under the table and suck you off while you finish eating?” she asked when her eyes met mine again.

“You have already done that once today, and gone down on me a few more times before we did other things,” I reminded her.

“I wasn’t aware there was a blowjob limit in effect,” the blonde countered, grinning at me.

“I just want to make you feel good as well, Jessi,” I explained, then hurried on when it looked like she was going to interrupt me. “And if you do that, I probably will not be able to do anything else tonight, at least not that involves me having an erection.”

“So?” Jessi responded. “I’ve already cum several times, and I want to please you. I’m okay with that being it for tonight.”

“But you were saying you are always aroused around me,” I pointed out, “and I know that, um, doing that arouses you more…”

“Doing what, Mark?” Jessi teased, interrupting me.

“Sucking on me,” I sighed.

“Sucking on what?” Jessi pushed.

“On my cock,” I said.

“Mr. Warner!” Jessi gasped in mock horror. “How dare you suggest that I get wet sucking your cock! That’d be very slutty, don’t you think?”

“Yes, I supposed,” I shrugged.

My young lover smirked, then reached across the table and took one of my hands in hers.

“I enjoy giving you head, Mark,” she told me. “I love making you excited and getting you to cum all over me, or in my mouth, or even down my throat. I like it all.”

I started to speak, but Jessi shook her head and continued, “I want to do it right now. And yes, I’m wet. And yes, I’ll likely be even wetter when I’m done. But if I never sucked your cock for fear of it arousing me, you’d never get your cock sucked, and I don’t think you want that.”

“I would… miss that aspect of our physical intimacy,” I agreed.

“You’re doing that on purpose, aren’t you,” the blonde accused.

“Doing what?” I asked.

“Using ‘proper’ sounding words just to get me to make you say the nastier words,” she replied.

“I could be,” I agreed.

Jessi tried to look stern, but she could not keep it up, and soon she was giggling. I felt myself smiling as I watched her. Things had been so intense between us for weeks – ever since she had sent Jessika the email with the proposed contest for my attention – that it felt really good that for at least parts of this weekend we could laugh and relax and have fun.

“You are very pretty when you giggle like that, Jessi,” I laughed.

“Am I prettier when my lips are stretched around your thick cock, Mr. Warner?” Jessi inquired, and I realized she had figured out that I was trying to steer her away from giving me head again.

“You are stunningly beautiful when you suck my cock,” I admitted. “And I feel horrible for thinking that way, because you are so much more to me than just…”

My words were cut off by Jessi climbing onto the table, pushing the pizza box aside as she crawled across, grabbing my head, and kissing me. For the second time that evening, I was too shocked at first to kiss her back, but I was able to move past that pretty quickly, and soon we were kissing each other like we had not seen each other for days.

“Did I say something you liked,” I teased her when Jessi finally pulled back and let go of my head.

“Yes,” she breathed. “Say it again.”

“You are stunningly beautiful when you suck my cock,” I repeated.

“Okay,” the blonde said, pushing herself back off the table. “I changed my mind about where I want to do this.”

“We could go in the living room, or the bedroom,” I suggested.

“As long as I can see you watching me, I’m good,” she told me as she took my hand and pulled me up out of my chair.

“Then how about the couch again,” I proposed. “That seemed to work well earlier.”



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