A surprise at Helena’s bedOne Friday early evening, my good girlfriend Helena called me.She knew I was home alone, my hubby flying out of town; so she said she had a treat for me at her home, that same night…I could not wait to see what it was. I dolled myself up in a low cut top that showed off my cleavage, a sexy collar with a ring on it, a very tight black miniskirt that barely covered my butt, sheer seamed stockings, black stilettos and my favorite white satin thong nestling sexily between my cheeks. I looked in the mirror and found the reflection of a nice slut wife.When I arrived at Helena’s house, she took me in her arms, lock her wet plump lips with mine and fondled my body with her delicate hands, saying she loved my slutty look…I kissed her again, saying I got myself ready for her treat…Helena grabbed my hand and she led me upstairs to her bedroom.Once there, she began getting out some ropes and a spreader bar. “I have set a black gangbang for you, babe…” Helena told me.I asked for more details. I wanted to know even more…“I got three black guys… huge endowed black guys to fuck you.”Helena said, adding hey would fuck me even in my tight ass…My eyes widened and my heart began to race. I felt myself starting to get my horny cunt wet by the second. I wanted it, I needed it…My girlfriend said she wanted to be sure I would stay quiet while getting fucked by those niggers; so, she would bakırköy escort tie me up…As Helena got the ropes out, I lay face down onto the bed. She bound my wrists to the bed posts and fastened my ankles to the spreader bar, so my legs were spread wide. Helena then placed a pillow under my belly, so my ass was up in the air. As a finishing touch, she took a piece of cloth, stuffed it inside my mouth and sealed my red lips with duct tape. She moved the mirror close to the bed; so I could see myself dressed like a slut, cleavage out, collared, bound and gagged with shiny black tape. I was totally helpless; but worst of all, I was seriously turned on.Helena slapped my buttocks and said she would come back soon.I let out a muffled whimper of ecstasy.After a few minutes, I heard voices downstairs and footsteps on the stairs. The door opened and Helena announced:“There she is, my lads, just as I promised you…”One of the guys let out a long low whistle. The three guys took their clothes off, revealing their hard cocks. The first one got on the bed beside me and ran his hands up my stockinged legs, saying I looked like a hot little snow bunny…He then pulled up my tight black skirt, revealing my bare cheeks and the white tight satin thong. He squeezed and slapped my butt.He then pulled aside my thong, lubed up my asshole with some cold gel and he mounted me, invading beşiktaş escort my tight hole very slowly.I felt like a whore in a brothel, being bound, gagged and fucked by a perfect black stranger, with a very huge and hard dick.Another black guy put his huge dick on my hand and ordered me to stroke him as I was getting my anus pounded by his friend.I was in heaven. The last guy just pulled his cock close to my gagged face and started to jerk himself. He was the first to come.He arched his back in orgasm and shot his load all over my face.The guy who was sodomizing me slowed down and pulled out.His friend, the one who I was jerking off, took the place of the first guy and entered me again in my stretched asshole. He passed through my sore sphincter and began pounding me with no mercy.He was rougher and more brutal than the first guy; he was really driving himself into me, slapping my face and calling me a bitch…I moaned and cried into my gag, in a mixture of pain and delight. Eventually, he slowed down and came out of me like his friend had done before. He started to jerk himself close to my face.Before long he moaned in pleasure and I saw his black cock shooting a thick heavy load of cum onto my gagged mouth.The third man lay on top of me the same way his friends did, pinning me down onto the mattress. He took the belt from his trousers and put it around my neck, beylikdüzü escort pulling it tight as he thrust his thick hard cock deep inside my very stretched and sore ass.As he began sodomizing me, he slapped my ass as if he was riding a horse. The feeling of this gorgeous black stud, fucking me so wildly, sent pinnacle of sexual ecstasy, making me whimper, moan and cum into my satin thong.After what seemed like an eternity, this third guy pulled out, jerked his cock for a little while and shot his sticky warm cum all around my stretched rosebud, before giving my butt one final hard slap…The three guys left the bedroom, laughing and joking between them; saying they had enjoyed a very tight married white asshole.When Helena came upstairs again, she took off the gag from my mouth and asked me if I was fine. She untied me and help me get to the bathroom. I needed a relaxing warm shower; but I could barely walk on my weak legs…I looked my own reflection on the mirror. My sexy black stockings were ripped off; my make-up was smeared all over my face and I had sticky cum from these three black guys all over my body…I was sore, exhausted and shaking, but also unbelievably happy. Helena came with me under the warm shower and we rubbed our bodies as we kissed passionately.After drying our bodies, we went back to the bed.I was very tired; but Helena found the way to keep me awake all night long. She sucked my cunt that had not been used by the niggers, until I came in her mouth. She did it several times, until I begged her to stop, since I was really exhausted.Before Helena turned the lights out, she kissed me deeply and wished me sweet dreams. And I felt the happiest cheating wife…



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