Uncle Frank had been my favorite uncle since I was a kid. Frank is my mother’s brother and had spent his younger days in the merchant marine traveling the world on freighters.

Uncle Frank had been everywhere and fascinated me with is stories. I would sit for hours listening to tales of his adventures around the world.

By the time Uncle Frank settled down and got a shore job he was in his late thirties and never did get married. He bought a gentleman’s farm just outside the city where we lived and kept some livestock and tended to a market garden.

Uncle Frank’s income was from selling his vegetables, eggs and pork he butchered.

Frank kept a couple of quarter horses on his place, a Golden Palomino stallion and a Appaloosa gelding. I spent many days there riding the gelding along the trails with Uncle Frank on the Palomino.

My visits to Uncle Frank’s were mostly for the day but during the summer of my eighteenth birthday Uncle Frank offered to employ me for the summer so I could earn some money to attend college in the Fall. My parents delivered me to Uncle Frank with a couple of suitcases of my belongings.

The house was a century-old stone building with six bedrooms. Uncle Frank had a hired hand who occupied one of the bedrooms and I was given the choice of one of the four unused ones. I unpacked my stuff in the room between Uncle Frank’s and Dave, the hired hand’s.

Dave was a blond hair drifter about twenty-five to thirty-years-old. He had an incredible body in good shape from constant physical activity.

One afternoon Dave and I were in the loft moving the bales of hay into manageable piles. It was hot and humid and the air was filled with dust from the hay.

Dave had removed his shirt and rivulets of perspiration were rolling down his tanned back.

“It’s not fair you guys can take your shirts off.” I grumbled.

The plaid shirt I was wearing was soaked with sweat.

“You can take yours off.” Dave smiled.

There was no one else around, Uncle Frank was in town a t work. I decided to call his bluff.

Slowly and deliberately I began to unfasten the buttons down the front of my shirt. Unfastening bakırköy escort the last button I peeled the shirt off my arms displaying my well filled white bra. Tossing the shirt aside a reached behind and unhooked the bra.

The tension released and I pulled the bra forward allowing my creamy white mounds to tumble out into Dave’s view.

He gazed mesmerized at my 38D breasts with their broad pink nipples.

That was as far as it went that afternoon. Dave watching my bare breasts bouncing around in the hot dusty loft as I piled bales wearing only my blue jeans.

I sensed Dave looked at me differently after that afternoon in the loft. He now saw me as someone fuckable and was awaiting the right opportunity to mount me.

Most evenings after the chores were done we would congregate in the old farm house’s parlor and watch Uncle Frank’s big screen TV. With a satellite dish we could get hundreds of channels so there was always something to watch.

Dave and Uncle Frank bereaved baseball fans and caught mort of the games with Uncle Frank cheering for the Blue Jays and Dave the Red Socks.

As we became more comfortable in each others company our dress became more informal. I would often sit in my pajamas or panties and bra while the guys would sit in their boxer shorts. It was no big deal as we were like family with Uncle Frank being the father figure.

Uncle Frank had a passion for making homemade wine. His wine was both palatable and potent. He served it in a regular tumbler rather than a proper wine glass and after an eight ounce glass I was flying!

It started out like many evenings, we had eaten supper and settled in the parlor to watch Survivor.

I was wearing a pair of Baby-dolls and was almost through my first glass of wine.

Both Uncle Frank and Dave were relaxing in just their gotchies when Dave came over to where I was sitting and started horsing around, tickling me.

As I squirmed around laughing and trying to get free the flimsy pajamas worked their way up giving Dave access to my bare breasts.

Uncle Frank laughed as he watched Dave groping my naked tits.

As beşiktaş escort the wrestling continued Dave started pulling the skimpy panties of my Baby-dolls down over my hips. Uncle Frank cheered as my bare ass came into view.

“Take them off!” Uncle Frank yelled as I felt my bottoms sliding down my legs.

I was now totally naked with two men and full of wine. I saw Uncle Frank getting up from where he was sitting to join us on the couch.

Uncle Frank sat on one side of me and Dave on the other, Uncle Frank’s fingers went into my bush while Dave started sucking on my nipple.

I could feel Uncle Frank’s fingers exploring my womanhood while Dave’s tongue battered my teat in his mouth. I moaned with pleasure as the two men used my young body.

It was Dave’s cock that pressed against my lips. I was so hot from Uncle Frank finger-fucking me I opened my mouth and welcomed him in.

Dave’s cock was pretty big and my jaw was fully open to allow me to seal my lips around his girth. I felt the smooth mushroom head nuzzling deeper into my mouth. My tongue lifted the heavy cock to position it so it could easier enter my throat.

Deepthroating was an art I had perfected during my high school days. I was able to take a twelve inch cock entirely inside my mouth. The trick was getting the cockhead started down the gullet without obstructing the airway. Breathing through my nose and suppressing my gag reflex allowed me to take an amazing amount of cock into my head.

Dave gently cradles the back of my head in his hands and emitted a low moan as my tongue worked his meat.

Uncle Frank had freed his cock from his boxers and was nuzzling its enormous head between my pussy lips. I was already wet from his finger-fucking and my cunt accepted his cock without resistance.

My body came alive with the two cocks in me. It felt strange having my uncle in me, he was like a father figure and I thought I would be embarrassed with him being in my most personal place. Instead my cunt began to gyrate grinding is cock into life.

The pace increased as the two men became more excited with what my body was doing with beylikdüzü escort their cocks. My tongue continued to lash Dave’s meat as my uncle commenced fucking me hard.

I knew there was going to be sperm exploding everywhere in a few moments and I had no protection against pregnancy, but I was totally under control of the two cocks about to empty their cum into me.

Dave came first, flooding my mouth with a deluge of his thick, creamy sperm, pumping his jism across my tongue, coating my teeth and sliding down my gullet. Like a good whore I swallowed his entire load.

Seeing the look in my eyes as my throat swallowed Dave’s sperm triggered Uncle Frank’s cock into blasting his load deep into my womb. I felt the warm surge of sperm flooding my ovaries with new life.

I could hold back no longer, releasing Dave’s cock from my mouth my back arched and my toes curled as I screamed my rapture.

“Wow, that was terrific!” I groaned as I recomposed myself.

Uncle Frank and Dave took turns fucking me and having their cock dump loads of sticky cum down my throat. It was after midnight by the time we fell asleep in Uncle Frank’s bed.

The first rays of sunshine were streaming through the bedroom window when I was awaken by a cock sliding in and out of me from behind. I opened my eyes and saw Uncle Frank still asleep in front of me. Dave was fucking me from behind.

I was still naked and Dave’s hands cupped my large bare breasts as he thrust himself into me. My hips were responding by slamming my pussy back onto his shaft.

“Oh yes!” I groaned as my juices began to flow again.

Uncle Frank’s eyes opened, his face was only a few inches from mine on the pillow.

“Getting some more?” he smiled.

We spent an other hour in bed fucking and sucking that morning. “The hell with the chores!” Uncle Frank said as he slid into the wet hole Dave had left.

It was strange working with Uncle Frank and Dave after that night knowing they had both deposited their seed in me. They continued treating me as one of the guys but didn’t hesitate to slip their cocks into me whenever they got the urge whether it was in the house, the barn or just about anywhere.

The sleeping arrangements changed also, I became a permanent fixture in Uncle Frank’s bed and would spend a few nights in Dave’s bed.

When we discovered I was pregnant we decided I would continue to live with Uncle Frank rather than go back to school.



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