Driving home from work at 2 AM, I’m exhausted and irritated. It’s Friday night and I’m a young, horny male who is too tired to go out and get laid. Almost 28 years old, I’m one of the tallest Mexicans you’ll ever meet, at 6’4″. OK so I’m only half Mexican, I got my height from my mother’s side. My hair hasn’t been cut in quite some time, its jet black, slightly wavy and falls down to my mid back. Thick muscular shoulders with arms to match from all the years spent working at the plant, narrowing down to a nicely cut V’d waist, nice ass and long muscular legs. My look is complimented with two full sleeves of tats, 3 on my chest, my name across my stomach and a full back piece. I’ve also got my left eyebrow pierced twice, my labret, my tongue, both ears and both nipples.

On my tired feet is a pair of black biker boots, covered at the tops by comfortable jeans. My white tee is covered by my navy blue work shirt proudly displaying “CHAVO” over the left breast pocket and “Floor Manager” over the right. I don’t mind working at the plant, the pay is great, and usually I even have time on the weekends to work on my custom choppers.

Pulling into my driveway, I’m still in awe of my house. This place is my dream home. Two stories high, columns in the front, wrap around porch, a brand new 2 car garage, fresh coat of paint and a bright red door. It is of course an older home and was in need of serious repair, so I got it for a good deal, and I’ve done most of the work myself. It’s a family home and maybe, one day, I’ll have a family to put in it. But for now, it’s just me.

Sliding out of the truck and stretching my tired body, I make my way inside. The first thing I notice is lights on that shouldn’t be, the smell of food cooked in the kitchen, and a suitcase in the foyer. Walking into the completely remodeled kitchen I see my little sister sitting at the kitchen table. Clearing my throat she startles, then jumps and runs to me yelling, “Chavo!” We hug.

My little sister is my half sister, same mother. Trina is 18 years old as of last week and the complete opposite of me. At 5’2″ she still feels like a child in my arms. Her complexion is so fair you can see the faint blue veins in her face and arms. White blonde hair and big blue eyes compliment her face. I’ve always thought she looked like a fairy or something. Giving her a quick once over, I notice the poor girl has still not filled out. What breasts she has are tiny and she has yet to find the shapely curves to fill out the rest of her body.

“What’s up Trina, what are doing you here?” I asked.

“Dad asked if I wanted to spend the summer with mom and I said yes.”

Trina’s dad is a millionaire techno geek in California. He is so shy and awkward he can’t even really talk to his own daughter, how he ended up with out mom is still unknown to me.

“Mom’s in Europe with the new hubby has been for the last two weeks.” I stated.

“And she’ll be there for the rest of the summer.”


“Don’t worry, I’ll call Dad in the morning and tell him the mix up.”

“Why didn’t you just ask me to spend the summer here?”

“I didn’t think you’d want a little kid hanging around.” She said looking at the floor.

I caught her arm and pulled her back into my embrace. “You’re not a little kid anymore Trina. You’re a beautiful woman. If you want to spend the summer here, and your dad doesn’t object, then I think it would be great to have you around.”

Trina hugged my tighter than I thought her little arms could. “Do you mean that Chavo?”

“Absolutely. I just wished I’d known you were coming. My 3 spare rooms are full of remodeling junk, and none of them have any furniture.”

“So I’ll couch it for awhile. No worries. It won’t kill me. Now, I made you some food, so go eat while I get ready for bed.”

After eating I stepped out on the back illegal bahis porch. The back yard looked pretty solemn under the moonlight. The newly installed in ground pool was empty, as the concrete and paint had to cure, but they were coming to fill it up on Monday. The newly built brick pit looked good with the deck I’d built around it. Sighing, I thought to myself, ‘This is definitely a family home.”

Walking back into the house, I started up to my room. I caught sight of Trina already asleep on the couch. The light from the kitchen illuminated the living room enough for me to see clearly. She’d kicked off her shoes and jeans and lay there with only a t-shirt and tiny panties on. Before I knew it, I was standing over the back of the couch. I could hear her snoring softly. My eyes trailed from her delicate feet up her legs, they were thin, but well toned. Further up my eyes rested on the V of her legs, on the white fabric covering her most intimate parts. Her leg lifted, bent at the knee to rest on the back of the couch. I couldn’t help but stare at the little patch of white cotton, my cock stirred. I knew it was wrong, she is my sister, but I was mesmerized. My cock twitched again and I imagined running my hand up her thigh, feeling her pussy through the fabric of her panties, moving them to the side and the feeling the slick flesh under my fingers. I shook my head trying to clear the image.

Reaching down I touched her knee, slowly, I slid my hand lower, watching her face for any signs of waking. She was a very hard sleeper when she was young, maybe she still was. My fingertips brushed the fabric and I glanced down, put my finger against her center and rubbed. Tearing my gaze back to her face, she was still fast asleep. Moving my finger in a circular motion I felt wetness through her panties. Her hips shifted a little, giving me better access, but she was still asleep. Rubbing her little clit with my index finger, I slipped my middle finger under the edge of her panties, peeling the damp fabric away from her pussy. I put my index finger on her again; I thought my cock might explode! She was so slick and so soft. Putting a little more pressure against her clit, Trina moaned in her sleep. I knew I should stop, but I couldn’t. I slid my fingers lower, between her lips and paused at the opening of her pussy. I probed into her tiny slit with my fingertips and she moaned again, opening her legs wider, she was still asleep. Slowly I pushed my digit into her cunt, she was so tight! Her velvety walls like a vice on my finger; I pressed my palm against her clit and rubbed as I slowly fingered her pussy. Unzipping my jeans with my other hand, I feed my cock. It was throbbing and oozing precum. Pushing my finger into her faster and rubbing my palm harder against her clit, her hips bucked. Her face still held the angelic lines of sleep, her mouth opened in an “O”, but her eyes never opened, never fluttered. Her pussy pulsed around my finger, her thighs clamped down on my hand as she came. My cock erupted on my hand, shooting some onto the back of the couch. I looked down at my sleeping sister again, fixed her panties, and headed upstairs to bed.

I tossed and turned all night, I couldn’t stop thinking about the beautiful cunt downstairs and the fact that it belonged to my sister. And the dreams! I dreamed of her waking up and joining in, her taking my big cock in her tiny pussy and begging for me. I also dreamed of her waking up and screaming, pushing me away, her hating me. I didn’t know what to do.

Descending the stairs around noon, I smelled eggs and bacon, as well as biscuits! I walked into the kitchen to see my sister bent over and pulling a pan of biscuits out of the oven. She was wearing the shortest shorts I’d ever seen and a tank top.

“Morning.” I said.

She smiled perkily, “Good morning.” she set the pan on the marble topped island illegal bahis siteleri and came around to hug me. Her top was thin and I could feel her nipples against me.

“You’re in a good mood this morning.” I pointed out.

She nodded, “That couch is magic! I slept so good last night. I don’t think I’ve ever slept like that!”

“Oh yeah?” I asked, stealing a piece of bacon. Trina pointed to the already set table and I sat down sipping the glass of orange juice she’d poured for me. Trina brought over the plates full of food and served me.

“God yes,” she said, “and the dreams… wow.” Her face flushed and she sat down.


She reddened ever more and nodded, “I had the most erotic dreams last night. My body felt so alive. I’m telling you, that couch is magic Chavo.”

I buttered a biscuit while she talked, then asked, “You’ve never had an erotic dream before?”

Shaking her head no, “Not really, I mean I’ve masturbated and stuff, but I’ve never… you know.” She said shyly.

“Gotten off?”

She looked to the table and shook her head, “Never.” she whispered.

“What’s wrong with those boys out in Cali? You’re a beautiful girl Trina, you deserve someone to take their time with you and please you.”

The rest of the meal was eaten in silence. I washed my plate, glass and silverware, and then moved to the back door.

“Trina, I’ll be in the garage if you need me.”

Once inside the garage I started working on me recent purchase. It was a good looking chopper, but it needed a new motor, and paint job. So, the motor needed to come off, as well as everything else. Twenty minutes later, Trina brought me a beer. I thanked her and she left. I don’t know why I was so mad thinking about the boys in Cali fucking my sister. She had a right to fuck anyone she wanted, and I wanted to be the one she wanted.

Draining my beer I threw it in the can marked glass, and grabbed another beer out of the fridge in the garage. I stayed out there till well after dark and Trina had brought me several more beers, as well as me killing a 6 pack out of the garage fridge. I was buzzed pretty good when I washed up in the sink before going inside. Trina was sitting on the couch wearing a blue sun dress when I walked in, sipping on a beer of her own. There were 4 other bottles on the coffee table, all empty. Seems little sister got her drink on as well while I was outside.

“There’s never been a boy.” she said quietly.

“What?” I asked, caught off guard.

“There has never been a boy.” she said a little louder. She stood then coming towards me. “I’ve always dreamed my first time would be with someone I love.” With her hands behind her back she stopped just behind the couch. Her dress fell away to the floor, pooling around her feet. Stepping towards me she asked, “Do you love me Chavo?” She was only inches from me.

I nodded, “Of course I do.”

She brought her arms up, resting her hands on my shoulder; I put my hands on her hips.

“Do you love me enough Chavo? Enough to be my first?”

I leaned down and touched my lips to her. She parted her lips and I slipped my tongue into her mouth. Picking her up she wrapped her legs around me and I carried her up to my bedroom, never breaking our kiss. Her hands found my pony tail, and released my hair from its restraint. I sat her on the bed, breaking the kiss to remove my shirt. Trina went to work on my belt and jeans, kicking off my boots, I let her slip my jeans the rest of the way off of me, and I stood before her naked. Her eyes got big and her mouth fell open when she saw my erect cock. Well over ten inches, thick as your wrist, and oozing precum already.

Trina came forward as if to touch me, and I pushed her back on the bed.

“This is all for you.” I whispered to her.

Crawling onto the bed with her, canlı bahis siteleri forcing her back, back, back until she rested flat on the mattress and I loomed above her. I kissed her ears, her neck, down her chest to her breasts. They were barely more than nipples. I ran my tongue over the left one, and then the right, taking one nipple into my mouth I sucked, then nipped at her with my teeth. Back and forth, one to the other until she was moaning and writhing beneath me. I brushed my fingers over her wet, hairless pussy and she groaned. Sliding down her body planting kisses along the way, I stilled and just looked at her beautiful little pussy.

Trina propped up on her elbows waiting, and watching me. I lowered my mouth to her; the first swipe of my tongue over her clit she cried out fell back onto the bed. I ran my tongue up and down her slit alternating between sucking her clit and tongue fucking her pussy. I focused my mouth on her clit and slid one finger into her pussy. I thought my cock was going to explode. I couldn’t’ believe it! Pumping my fingers in and out while sucking her clit had Trina going nuts. I slipped a second finger into her and she came. I pumped harder and faster trying to open her up for my cock.

I rolled her over then and slid my two fingers back into her raised cunt while I stroked my cock. Leaning down I licked her clit while my fingers rubbed her G-spot. Trina came again, screaming in pleasure. I Ran my tongue up and over her rosebud asshole while she came and she screamed again. I’ve never licked a girl’s asshole before, but I wanted to please her so much. Still pumping my fingers in and out of her pussy I pressed my tongue against her ass again.

“Oh God Chavo.” she moaned.

Pressing the pointed tip of my tongue harder, the tip slipped in her ass. I pistoned my tongue in and out of her as she bucked against my hand and face wanting more. I knew then she was ready, and I was ready to fuck her. Pulling my fingers from her cunt I wiped the juices all over my cock. Rubbing the head up and down her slit getting it wetter, Trina moaned and pushed back against me. Lining up the head of my swollen cock with her opening I slowly pushed into her. Trina gasped and I stopped, letting her adjust to my cock in her. Slowly she started pushing back against me. It was a slow process, but eventually I was balls deep in my little sister’s virgin pussy. We rocked together slowly at first, Trina started shoving back harder and I could feel the head of my cock slamming into her cervix.

“Harder Chavo, more, more!” Trina cried.

I picked up the pace and was pounding my cock into her, my thumb pressed against her asshole. Trina moaned and pushed back harder.

“Yeah, you like that little sister? You like your brother’s big, fat cock in your tiny pussy?” I asked and Trina moaned again, rolling her hips.

“Oh yeah, little sister like my thumb in her ass too.” I said as I pushed my thumb deeper into her rectum. Trina’s answer was a whimper and she started to roll her hips frantically.

“MMM, you keep doing that and big brother is gonna cum in your tight little pussy. Do you want that Trina? Do you want your brothers cum deep inside your pussy? Maybe big brother will tongue fuck your ass again, you’d like that huh little sister? Yeah, oh, yeah, big brother is gonna fuck your ass with his fat cock too; fuck your ass till I fill it with cum.”

Trina’s whole body stiffened and shook; she cried out, her pussy clamped down hard on my cock as she came. I grabbed her hips with both hands and slammed into her as her pussy milked my cock and I came in her. I cried out, “There is it little sister, oh, yeah, fuck, milk your brothers cock for cum. FUCK! Yes!”

Trina collapsed on the bed, my cock slipping from her hot, wet cunt. I fell beside her on the bed. Her hair was a mess, and we were both sweaty and sticky. I pulled Trina into my arms and kissed her. Settling against my chest Trina closed her eyes.

“I love you Chavo.”

“I love you too little sister.”

I kissed Trina on the forehead and we both fell fast asleep.



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