A Story for StefaniIt was just another evening, or so I thought. I was tired of going out alone, and I was even more tired of the dating scene. Ever since Sandy left, my life has been dead, or at least it had felt dead.“Hey old dude!” said a familiar voice on the phone. “Whatcha doing tonight, old buddy?” Wow, it was Jackson. I hadn’t heard from him for at least 5 years. I just knew that he went on a cruise in the Caribbean, and met a woman in the Virgin Islands and ended up marrying her and then moving to somewhere in Canada. “Hey, Jackson-Hole. I’d know that voice anywhere. Where are you calling from?”“I’m back… or I should say that we are back. You haven’t met Stefani yet, have you?”“No. Remember you were going to come bring her to meet me a few years back…”“And you were always too busy to come visit me… Say, Rich, sorry about Sandy.”“Thanks, Jackson… I am recovering…. Yes, and I am growing… I have learned a lot about relationships since then… I just never meet anyone interesting.”“Tonight, we’re going out, the three of us, you, me and the little lady. Let us take you to dinner and then to the old club for a dance or two.”“Hey thanks,” I said. “I’d like that!” I had no idea how much I was going to like it.We met at a little Italian restaurant not far from my house. It was great to see Jackson! He was a bud since college. I made a pretty different turn from him when my interest in Far Eastern Spirituality arose, but we learned to just not talk about certain topics and still remained good friends. Somehow, whenever I needed a boost, he would appear, just like today.“Richard, meet my wife, Carolyn. I like to call her Stefani, because of her collection of nighties,” he said, as I approached their table. She blushed immediately.“Hello, Carolyn,” I said, “or would you like me to call you Stefani too?”Still blushing, she answered, “You can call me either, actually. I’ve kind of gotten used to Stefani.”She was lovely, with a mane of thick blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes, an infectious smile and a face that I cannot hope to adequately describe. There was something almost hypnotic about her beauty. Was it her eyes, or perhaps the mischievous smile? Maybe it was the contrast between her age, which was in the in the low forties, as I remember Jackson telling me, and her eternal youthfulness… I was mesmerized~ and then she stood up.. I am about average, just a shade under 5’10”, and she and I were nearly eye to eye when she took my hand in hers in a warm gesture of friendship.“I am so glad to meet you, Richard. Jackson has told me so many stories about you. He said you were into channeling and all kinds of interesting ideas.”“Hey, babe,” Jackson replied, “I never said it was interesting, just weird stuff like the weird stuff you’re in.” Stefani blushed, as an angry look spread over her face, and she sat down quickly.I started to say something, but Jackson yelled to the waitress across the floor, “Hey honey, another round over here!” She acknowledged his order with a wave. Jackson used to get drunk a lot in college, I remembered. He hasn’t seemed to change much.We ate dinner and made conversation, but the energy felt stiff to me. Then we went to our favorite club to have a drink and maybe dance a few numbers. Jackson was a real card on the dance floor, but after a couple of hours he was pretty drunk. The more he drank, the louder and more obnoxious he became.I danced with a few women during the evening, but nobody special. The woman I really wanted to dance with was sitting across from me at my very table.“Hey Jackson,” I said. “I hope you don’t mind if I ask your beautiful wife to dance.”“Hey no problemo, amigo. Mi wifee es su wifee!” he roared, slapping me on the back.“Would you dance with me, Stefani Carolyn?” I asked and our eyes met, really for the first time.She blushed, but did not look away. With a slight nod and the semblance of a curtsy, she said, “I would be delighted to dance,” and I took her hand and led her to the dance floor… The music was loud, but fun…. We danced a couple songs, flailing our arms like two white people, laughing, really transforming the negative energy that had persisted at our table.The next song was a slow one, and we both looked at each other, our eyes meeting once more. We held each other respectfully, but tenderly and moved to the music. “You know, I really like the name, Stefani, and I would like to call you that if you don’t mind.” She assented, and I continued, “Also, I want to ask you something.”“Please do.”“Does Jackson get like this a lot?”“Oh you mean drunk?” she replied with a sardonic laugh, pulling away slightly and reinitiating eye contact. “Yes, he gets drunk a lot, but not always like this.” A tear appeared on her left cheek. “Sometimes he is kind of cute when he’s drunk, but not very often. Sometimes he’s worse.”“Has he hit you?” I asked.Stefani shook her head, smiling. “One time he raised his hand as if he was going to hit me, and I looked him right in the eye and said, quite calmly as I remember, ‘If you hit me even one time our marriage is over.’ He never raised his hand again. No, his abuse is verbal canlı bahis and psychological. That plus his umpteen affairs! I am near the end.”Her eyes welled with tears, and I held her close to me, swaying with the music. “Whatever happens, Stefani, you will grow from it. You are on a path of growth, and you’re not about to get off. I see that in you.” She held me closer, and I felt an erection growing between my legs.“Hmmmmmmm,” she said, reaching down with her right hand to gently caress my ass. I was incredibly turned on, but was becoming more than a little concerned about Jackson still back at the table. The song was nearing its end. I said, “We’d better get back to the table and check on Jackson.”“Rich, tell me why you always call him Jackson,” she said as we walked back to the table.I chuckled. “Jackson as in ‘Action Jackson’. We also called him ‘Jackson Hole’ sometimes.” He was always carousing.“Still is!” she said with a slightly sarcastic lilt in her voice.“Hey Rich, old bud, did you try out your old moves on the wifee?” Jackson was still sitting, and not arranged in too straight a line… I had had maybe 3 drinks the whole night. Stefani sipped on one glass of wine, for 2 hours before finally ordering a second. I would guess that Jackson was somewhere between 7 and 10 drinks, and a couple of them were Long Island Iced Teas. He was pretty smashed!We went back to my place a short time later. It felt uncomfortable to me being there, so alienated from a long time friend and so incredibly attracted to his wife! I had put up with him all these years because he would listen to me when nobody else would. That was really what made him lovable, but he didn’t seem too lovable right now.“Hey Rich! Wanna fuck my wife?” he blared out shortly after we sat down in my living room. Stefani was turning red, and I knew by the feeling in my ears that I was too. I did my best. “Gee, thanks Jackson. You’re as generous as ever, but I have this weird rule about not having sex with my friends’ wives. A little quirk of mine,” I shrugged.He laughed, and both Stefani and I laughed too, though the tension was high. “Just k**ding,” he said. With that, his head rolled back and he was gone, passed out.“’Bout fucking time!” Stefani said, and lowered him into a prone position on the couch. “That’ll keep him till morning.” She then looked at me, again making eye contact, and said, “Please pardon me, Richard. I rarely swear, but I am so frustrated!” A moment later she was in my arms, crying, sobbing, as I held her close. “Hey,” I said. “Let’s go outside on the deck for awhile, so we don’t wake him up.”“Oh, he won’t wake up… pretty heavy sleeper once he’s gone.”Once outside we sat next to the hot tub and talked. It was still pretty early really, only about 11:00, and it was Saturday night, after all. We talked about life, about the miracles that abound in the world and about the process of healing humanity and the planet before it is too late. These were subjects that were of great interest to me, and, I was happy to see, to Stefani as well. We talked about creativity the most. It is my belief that we are all here on this planet to truly discover our passion, our mission, our link to the divine. Stefani not only agreed, but she had come to the same conclusions that I had in pretty much the same way.I couldn’t help myself. I just blurted out, “Stefani, why don’t we be really creative and hop in the hot tub?” She turned to look at me and started to shake her head, and then our eyes connected once again.Her confusion turned into a smile, and she said, “Yes, let’s be creative!” and started unbuttoning her blouse.“May I help?” I asked with a grin.“Why thank you kind sir,” she replied, still locked in eye contact. The light was rather low on the porch, not dark, but not really bright. I couldn’t make out all the details of her incredible eyes, but felt their pull and let myself be taken into them. She did the same and we merged. Our souls touched. That much I know for sure. It is not a theory. It was Leonardo da Vinci who said, “The eyes are the gateway to the soul”, and he was sooooo right! Stefani and I were totally joined as we slowly removed each other’s clothes and got into the tub.“May I look at you? I will have to break eye contact for a minute,” I said, and she nodded. We were both standing on one of the seats in the spa, water only up to our knees. She was so incredibly beautiful, with her long thick hair hanging over her shoulders. Her breasts were gorgeous, medium in size and beautifully shaped. Her aureoles were large, but shrinking fast, and her nipples were becoming erect, as was I!!! Wow! Then I let my eyes move down her long slim waist to her neatly trimmed mound of pubic hair.I noticed that I was holding my breath and breathed deeply. I really love pubic hair. It is so incredibly beautiful~so intimately womanly! I understand why some women shave their pussies, as it is really a turn on for oral sex, so I’ve heard. That is okay, but I like pubic hair. I don’t mind some shaving and styling. In fact that’s really a fun and wonderful art. I knew one woman who lets bahis siteleri her hair grow out totally in length, with a bit of shaving around the sides of the triangle. Sometimes, she even shapes it into a heart. What is unique about her is that she totally shaves her pussy lips, so that she can experience the joys of oral sex to the fullest. It was such a stunning contrast with thick long pubic hair in front and shaved between her legs. “Pardon me for staring,” I said, “but your pubic hair is absolutely wonderful.” I was totally hard and was still standing knee deep in the water. “You may have a taste later, but right now I want you to kiss me Rich. Shall we sit down first, so we don’t fall over?” Stefani laughed and plopped down into the water. I was sitting too, and within seconds we were wrapped in each other’s arms, kissing deeply. Her lips were soft and hungry. She devoured my upper and then lower lips with hers and then ran her tongue along the inside of each of my lips, as I did the same. She and I were both moaning softly. Her nipples were standing out now against the soft caressing of my finger tips, first her left breast, and then her right one. We continued to kiss deeply, our tongues intertwining as we touched each other. Stefani was exploring my cock with her left hand and running her right hand over my head, back, chest, and butt. We were both moaning louder. “I want to taste your yoni,” I said, and Stefani looked up at me with a question in her eyes. “Yoni is an Eastern term for pussy. The Indians and other Asians refer to sexual parts in honoring ways. Westerners are, for the most part, hard and coarse in their language and actions. Instead of ‘yoni’ I could say ‘Garden of Delights’, or ‘Moist Grotto’, or Sacred Tunnel, or my personal favorite, “Lotus Flower.”“I like that, especially ‘Lotus Flower’. Tell me more”“Okay. The Lotus Flower is sacred in India and Tibet. There are legends of Buddha being born from a lotus flower. The petals opened and there was a little divine being! A yoni is a lotus also, with its beautiful petals moistened by the dewdrops of passion.”“Yes, you may taste my yoni,” Stefani said, in eye contact again, but you have to tell me the words for cock too. Not right now, though. How about when I am sucking on it?”“Sounds delicious to me,” I replied, and lifted her to the side of the spa, where she spread her legs in anticipation. “You look really good with your legs spread,” I said, lightly touching the insides of her thighs, moving my fingers of both hands to her moist Grotto.“Now shut up, Rich, and eat me,” Stefani said with a laugh.“Mmmmrrgghhhh,” was my reply. I softly kissed and licked the insides of her thighs, very slowly working my way to her gorgeous Garden of Delights! As much as I wanted to taste her divine Nectar, I forced myself to be patient. Stefani was not so patient, moving her hips in such a way as to push her yoni towards my tongue, but I resisted. “Allow yourself to take deep breaths, and let a little moan come out on your exhale,” I suggested. “This breathing and making a sound increases pleasure.”She replied, “Suck my … What’s the word for ‘clit’?”“How about Little Princess, or since we’re in the water, how about Little Mermaid?” “Would you please lick and suck my Little Mermaid?” she said, laughing, and I slowly moved my tongue along her outer lips, moving up to her precious little bud, poking her head out of its sheath. As I ran my tongue along its side, she moaned louder. I still wanted to be slow, and did not give her too much attention, instead alternately licking and sucking on her outer lips. She tasted so incredible! I loved taking her outer lips between my lips, and running my tongue along them. I then slowly licked the inside of her outer lips, and moved to the inner lips, up along her slit, and again to her Little Mermaid. Then I put the little bud between my lips and gently sucked. Her moans increased! “Keep your breathing deep as we continue, and allow the sounds to come out every exhale. Don’t try to force the sounds. Just allow them to be whatever they will be.” She replied with a long, deep “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,” as I spread her lips and plunged my tongue into her moist cave and gently licked all around the inside walls. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhoooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” was her reply. I then again sucked on her outer lips and ran my tongue down along the inside of the outer lips, down to that beautiful valley between the lips. I slowly ran my tongue up and down the valleys on both sides. Then I licked the outside of her inner lips, and she moaned deeper. At this point, I ran my right index finger along her slit, opening the inner lips, and reached into this cave of mystery and delight until I felt her g-spot. Slowly and softly (at first), I ran my finger up and down the sides and then over the top of her g-spot with a “come here” motion. She moaned louder and was now moving her hips, thrusting them against my finger and mouth, which were working in unison. “Oh yes, Rich… yes, yes, yes!” Stefani moaned. With my left hand, I reached up and fondled her erect nipples. She was absolutely güvenilir bahis incredible! I loved her taste. Some women’s yonis to me taste wonderful, and some, not so great. I have found since I have matured, that I am only attracted to women with delicious gardens to munch on. Fancy that!Well this garden was a culinary delight! I loved her musky scent. She was talking more between her moans…“Yes, Rich, oh I love that. Nobody has done that before.. I am cumming.. cumming.. Oh yes!” She was loud now, and for the first time, I thought of Jackson.“Shhh, don’t wake your hubby!” I said, but she kept on, even louder.“Eat me, Rich, eat me! Yes, rub across the g-spot now~ and harder~ yes~ Oh yes, your tongue on my clit! Yes! Yes! Let Jackson hear! Let him! Hey, he told you to fuck me… Oh yes, Rich, right there.. cumming… cumming.. oh yes! Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Her hips were thrusting.. my left hand was now on her heart. She closed her eyes for a second and then opened them again, her eyes rivited on mine. Not on mine, but in mine. She was inside me and I inside her, as she let out cries of total pleasure. Our breathing was totally in sync, and I echoed her sounds. Then I felt something else welling up from deep within her. Her yoni was pulsating, contracting in orgasmic spasms, and now a tingling began. I felt it inside of her and simultaneously inside myself. It began at the base of our spines and gushed up the spine, exploding in a rainbow of sparkling colors over the tops of our heads.. I could actually see the colors, and I know that Stefani saw them too… Then it happened. A huge rush went thru her body and her eyes opened wider. Our pupils were joined. My left hand was still over her heart, and with a loud ecstatic moan a flood of Amrita flooded my entire face! Amrita is also called the nectar of the Goddess, and is literally female ejaculate. Very few women ever experience this. It is an actual squirting, like a man cumming. She was truly delicious… I rubbed my entire face in her blooming Lotus and then moved to her face and gently kissed her, giving her a first tasting of her cum.“Mmmmm, I am delicious, aren’t I?” she purred, smiling at me… “Okay, buster, up on the side… I want to suck your……??”“My lingham… my precious Jade Stalk…. my magic wand… my flute.. or anything you would like to call it.” I was beaming too, as we traded places… As soon as I was on the side, she was between my legs, taking my erect lingham between her lips, but just for a few seconds. She looked up at me and grinned. “Just a taste of what you’re going to get.” And then she moved up my body to my chest and ran her fingers through my hairy chest. She then sucked on each of my nipples, arousing me like no other ever had with that action. Then my neck… Oh, what she did to me with her lips on my neck and around my ear. Goddess she was good! Slowly she worked her way down my body, not missing an inch with her fingers, lips and tongue. She finally came to my straining groin and the magic began. I cannot tell you exactly what she was doing. I wasn’t taking notes at the time. I can just say that she used her tongue, lips and fingers like no woman I have ever known. She was not giving me a blow job. She was making love to my wand of pleasure, my divining rod!!! She sucked, nibbled, licked and stroked it in a way that has never been done, at least to me. When she was licking the outside of my straining lingham, she said, “Would you like a finger up your ass, Rich? I know some men like that.”“Oh yes, I would like that. It is a man’s g-spot,” I groaned in reply.“Hey, I’m blonde, but not that blonde!” “Really, truly. Here is some lotion that just happened to be by the tub. Grease him up, Stefani, and I will be your guide. Ah, yes… more slowly… now use the same motion that I used on your g-spot, a “come here” motion… yes, right there. That’s the prostate gland, and it is the equivalent of your g-spot. Oh, yes, baby, right there!!!”She resumes sucking and at the same time working her finger across the Prostate. I could feel something welling up inside of me.. It was not a sudden rush… more like a distant rumbling… a hint of things to cum. I said to Stefani, “You are going to be receiving some male really soon.”“Mail?” she said between the long mouth strokes that she was giving me, sucking hard on the withdrawal stroke. “Like e-mail?”“Uggggnnnn… .no, not M-A-I-L- It’s spelled M-A-L-E, as in my cum…. Oohhhhhh……….yesssssssssssssssss…. oooohhhhhhh!!!!! My voice was getting louder and Stefani was groaning in ecstacy.. Suddenly she looked up and made eye contact with me… At that moment, with a spectacular soaring rush, I came, and our eyes danced as we both groaned in delight, and she milked me… but not dry.. I knew there was more for her… I knew that I wasn’t going to lose my hard-on… my Jade Stalk was still erect!Ohhhhhh, the ecstasy~ Stefani Ecstasy~that I was feeling… rushes traveling, one after another, up my spine, exploding over my head… over and over again.. Stefani suddenly pulled away and kissed me. We were one. We had taken in the essence of each other and of ourselves. We were truly one! We kissed for a long time, hungry for each other, and at the same time knowing that there was one big obstacle in our path. Her husband and my friend……………



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