A Stepmother’s Sin – Chapter 6 – 4th of JulyMom, do you think we can take a trip and go some place where nobody knows us? You know, wherewe could actually go on a date?”I smiled at the thought.”Robert, you are so cute,” I said as I felt my pulse quicken at the very notion of traveling as a couplewith my stepson. “I think I would like that. Let me see what I can do. I have four days off over thefourth of July. Maybe we could go someplace then.”I started an internet search to find some romantic options for my young lover and I to consider. Ilocated a very nice lodge upstate New York in the Adirondack Mountains. The Fern Lodge lookedexquisite on the internetandwas a few hours from my Manhattan apartment. I reserved a luxury suitefor three nights. It was fairly expensive, but this was going to be a very special weekend for Robertand me.Living downtown Manhattan, I did not own a car. So I called Avis and reserved a Mustang convertiblefor the trip. Everything seemed to be falling into place.Robert and I were both anticipating this mini-vacation with excitement and high expectations. Thiswas going to be more than a sexual tryst;we both were anticipating a deeply fulfilling romanticweekend that we cold both cherish the rest of our lives.I was confident we would not be disappointed.the day of departure:Robert and I sat at the kitchen table, sipping coffee and eating bagels, the morning of our planneddeparture. I was wearing a pair of white shorts and a red halter top that tied behind my neck.I knew that the halter top would attract some attention. I guess that is what I was trying to do.”Mom, you look very sexy.Your high beams are turned on” Robert said with ample admiration as hestared at my erect nipples. “I love it when you don’t wear a bra. Don’t wear a bra while we are away.”I blushed at the thought of going braless in public at the lodge. I also noticed that Robert’s tone wasmuch more of an instruction than a request.”Baby, it is one thing to wear a halter top in public. Everyone knows you can’t wear a bra with one.But I have several outfits packed that would just be too revealing without a bra. Some of the blousesare pretty shear. My dresses are very clingy. I would be too embarrassed to go without a bra if I waswearing some of those.”I was suddenly aware of the pulse in my clitoris as we discussed possibly exposing my breasts toundue scrutiny by others at the lodge.”Mom, you have fantastic tits. You don’t need a bra. Your nips are always at attention. You will lookgreat, I promise.” He paused before continuing. He knew he was tempting me. He knew that I justneeded a little more convincing to comply. “Let’s leave your bras here at home so you won’t betempted.””Robert, you are such a naughty boy. And you make me behave like a very naughty girl. Do youreally want me to leave my bras at home?”Robert smiled and nodded. He knew he had won. I went to my room, opened my suitcase andremoved my bras. I handed them to Robert.”Okay, you will have me braless for the weekend. I will be attracting a lot of stares at the lodge. Youneed to make sure no one gets the wrong idea. You need to stay with me and protect me, okay?””Oh, I will protect you. I promise you that.””Robert, one more thing. You can’t be calling me ‘mom’ while we are on the trip. The reason we aregoing away is to allow us to act like a couple in public. People have to see us as a young man and hisCougar girlfriend; not a mother and her stepson. Call me by my first name while we are away.””You got it, Cindy. You can call me Bob,” he quipped. Just like his father, he always had an answerfor everything.”Okay, we better get going. I want to get to the lodge by early afternoon.”I called a cab to take us to the rental car outlet where wewere scheduled to pickup a bright redMustang convertible.Standing at the counter, waiting for our final check-out, I saw Robert’s and my image in a large mirroracross the lobby. Robert was wearing shorts, sandals and USC Trojans t-shirt. Even in the mirroracross the lobby, my erect nipples were obvious under the red halter top that covered my breasts andlittle else.We made a strikingly handsome couple. While it was obvious that I was older than my ‘date’, I reallycould pass for twenty six or twenty seven years old. Robert looked to be in his early twenties. Yes, itwas obvious I was a Cougar dating a younger man, but the difference between our ages did not looktoo extreme.At six foot two inches in height, Robert towered over my five foot three inch frame. His muscular legsand chest revealed to the world that he had a marvelous, youthful body. But only I knew howimpressive the bulge in his shorts was when it was fully ‘deployed’.Well, I guess that’s not really true. I guess a true statement would be, ‘Only a few dozen coeds backat school and I knew how impressive my stepson’s cock was.’I felt a sudden twinge of jealousy as I thought about the young women who had enjoyed Robert’scharms before me.And I would never say this to my stepson, but I did not like the thought that in a couple of months, hewould be back on the USC campus ‘sport fucking’ these coeds with my penis. That’s right, in theweeks since Robert and I first became intimate, I had come to think of his penis as belonging to me,his stepmother. I knew it was silly and perhaps warped, but that is how I felt.I knew that it was normal and healthy for Robert to resume his sex life with girls his own age uponreturning bahis firmaları to school. In fact, the only way I could justify our relationship was a firm beliefthat at the endof the summer, things would return to normal.But I was jealous nonetheless. I knew it was silly. I knew what Robert and I had was simply asummer fling. He was several years my junior. We were having a torrid affair, that he wouldremember for the rest of his life. I was having the affair that would actually define my life goingforward. I felt a pang of jealousy and nostalgia wrapped together.Objectively, I knew what I had with Robert was temporary, and fleeting. Emotionally, I was feeling adesire for a longer term commitment. I knew it was stupid. I knew it was unrealistic. But I wanted thisrelationship to continue. I was falling in love.But I had come to accept the fact that I would cherish these memories, but they would soon be justthat; memories. I felt a sudden sadness.Finally, we made it to the front of the queue at the Avis counter. The young black counter attendantwas obviously impressed by the manner in which my nipples poked through the red cotton material. Iknew his name was Jerome from the Avis tag on his shirt. Jerome stared fairly shamelessly at myerect titties.Because I had gotten myself slightly irritated by the thought of all the coeds who had been or wouldbe my stepson’s ‘fuck buddies’ soon, and I was feeling sad at the sudden thought that soon Robert’sand my affair would be ending, I did something I almost never do. I certainly never do itin front ofRobert. I flirted with someone else. It was harmless and relatively innocent, but it was completely outof character for me. Honestly, I do not even know what I was thinking at the time.Jerome handed me the keys and instructed us that our vehicle was in space F-11, I decided to teaseRobert and Jerome a little bit.In my most flirtatious little girl voice, with a big smile, I said, “Jerome, do you know where we can pickup some sunscreen before we get on the highway? Robert insisted that I wear this halter top and I amafraid I could burn, driving all the way to the lodge in the convertible. I suppose I could just put onanother top.”And then, in a manner that was totally inappropriate, I reached out and placed my hand on Jerome’shand and gave him a brief squeeze. Both Robert and Jerome looked a little shocked by my blatantflirtation. Jerome smiled back at me, then looking directly at my perky breasts, he replied, “Oh no,don’t do that. That is a very flattering top. You improve the scenery every place you go. Get some sunscreen instead. There is a grocery store just around the corner. You can get some sunscreen there.””Thank you. I think I will do just that,” I said, smiling one last time atJerome.Robert’s expression revealed a level of angerthat I had not seen before, but he remained silentwhilewe were still at the counter. We exited the building and walked towards space F-11, where Jerometold us we would find our vehicle.”What the fuck was that?” Robert asked with obvious irritation.”Whatever are you referring to?” I asked coyly with feigned innocence.”Mom, you know goddam well what I am talking about. You were coming on to that guy back there.You did everything but giving him a hand-job at the counter.””Oh, baby. I was just having a little fun. I was just teasing you a little bit. Don’t be mad. I’m sorry if youdidn’t think it was cute and sexy.””I didn’t like it. It made me lookfoolish.””Foolish?””Yeah, foolish. It looked like my woman was ‘on the prowl’; like I couldn’t satisfy you. You actedlikeyou were looking to upgrade at the Avis counter. I didn’t like it one bit.”I realized that my little teasing and flirtation game had gone horribly wrong. Rather than thinking Iwas cute and sexy,I had hurt and offended Robert. I felt terrible.”I see your point. It was stupid of me to tease you like that. I am sorry. It won’t happen again. Ipromise.”Robert nodded but said nothing, indicating he accepted my apology, but he was still mad. I hadinadvertently put a damper on the mood. I needed to work to correct this situation and not let it ruinour trip.We arrived at our space and foundthe vehicle. It was a gorgeous car. We loaded our bags in thetrunk. I handed the key to Robert and said, “Baby, why don’t you drive?”The smile on his face revealed the fact that he liked the idea of driving this sporty convertible. Hewas starting to thaw a bit from being mad. But he was not quite there yet.Robert climbed in the driver’s seat, put the top of the car down, started theengineand input theaddress of the lodge into the vehicle’s GPS. I climbed into the passenger seat and we started ourlatest adventure.We pulled out of theAvis lot a few minutes before eleven o’clock. It was a beautiful day, not a cloud inthe sky. The temperature was a very pleasant eighty two degrees; perfect convertible weather.I pulled my hair back into a pony tail, tying it tightly to keepmy blond locksout of my face. I sat silently,trying to decide how I could get Robert back into the proper frame of mind for our trip.It was a stupid stunt that I pulled back at the car rental place. I knew that I needed to repair thedamage. But how?It took us nearly an hour to get I-87 heading to our destination. We did not talk much while driving outof the city proper. Robert was still mad at the silly little flirtatious stunt I pulled back at the Aviscounter. I youwin giriş feared that I had really screwed up. I was afraid that I had messed up the one fantasyweekend we had to be a true couple in public.Once we got on the intestate, traffic started moving faster and wind was coming in the openconvertible.”Areyou okay?” I asked, trying to get us back on track.”Yeah, I guess. I’m fine,” Robert responded somewhat curtly.Idecided I would give him a little longer to get over his ‘being mad’. Ireclined my seat back andenjoyed the drive for the nextforty five minutes or so. I was lying nearly horizontal as I basked in thesun, waiting for Robert’s mood to improve.We had been on the road nearly two hours when I decided that I needed todo whatever it took tosalvage the weekend. I needed to get Robert in a better frame of mind, no matter what it took.Looking around, I saw there were no cars in our vicinity. Itook the bottom of my halter andpulled it up,exposing myleft breast. “Baby, the girls don’t like it when you are nothappy.”I tweaked my nipple before covering my breastby pulling down my top. Robert glanced over watchede flash my tit at him, and returned his eyesto the road ahead, without reacting.”Robert, I’m sorry. Don’t be mad at me,” I said coyly, reaching between his thighs and gave his penisa playful squeeze. His cock throbbed noticeably under my touch. “See, Willy’s not mad at me. Helikes me.”I could see Robert trying to keep from grinning. He was trying to stay mad, but I was starting to winhim over. I reached up the leg of his shorts, and after some fumbling, I found the glans of his penisand ran my fingers softly around the ridge that separated the head from the shaft. His cock began togrew.”Are you still mad at me?” I teased as I gently fondled Robert’s cock.Robert was smiling now. He moaned, “Damn, Mom, you are a sexy bitch.””Now Robert, don’t be calling your mommy a bitch. Sheis a very nice lady. If you call her that,shemight get her feelings hurt, and then she won’t suck on your penis later when we get to the lodge.”His penis arched in my fingers at the very mention of me sucking on himlater. By now he was abouthalf erect and his cock was sticking outabout an inch or two from the leg of his shorts.”Willy likes me, see?””I like you too, Mom.””Cindy” I corrected. “Call me Cindy this weekend; not mom.””Okay, Cindy, I like you too.”I brought myhand to my mouth, placed some saliva on the tips of my fingers, and then lowered myfingers to the exposed head of my stepson’s partial erection. I wiped my saliva on the glans, evokinganother loud moan from Robert. I used my thumb to massage the slick saliva over the head of hiscock. Hispenis pulsed at my touch and grew about a half of an inch.”Does my baby like that? Do you like my spit on your cock? I will put some saliva on your penis withmy tongue when we get to the lodge. Would you like my tongue on your cock?””Fuck, mom, you’re killing me here.””Cindy! Remember, this weekend, I am simply Cindy. I betterstop teasing youbefore I make youcrash.””Good call, Cindy.””Drive very carefully now,” Iinstructed as I unsnapped my seat belt and moved so that waskneeling inmy seat. I bent over, placing my head in Robert’s lap, and pulled his cock out the leg of his shorts asfar as I could. I took the head of his cock in my mouth for a brief second, sucking the glans into mymouth.I released his cock, sat back in my seat and buckled up. It was a risky thing to do, but the situationseemed to demand drastic measures. I think I now had gotten Robert past being mad at me.”Baby, that was to say Iam sorry for being so stupid back at the car rental counter. I will show you areal genuine apology that you will never forget when we get to the lodge. Okay?””Mom, I love you so much.””I love you too. But you need to remember, I am ‘Cindy’ this weekend, not ‘Mom’. Okay?””Okay, Cindy.”Robert reached over and gave my thigh a squeeze. He then reached up and teased my left nipplewith his right hand, all the time keeping his eyes on the road. Robert reached behind my neck andstarted untying the halter top.”Robert, what the hell do you think you are doing?””I want to give the girls some sun.””Oh no, you don’t, there are too many people around us. People will see,” I said with my voicequaking now from the excitement of my stepson trying to expose my breasts this way. But I did notactually stop him from untying the top. However, I did move my arms across my chest, preventing thetop from actually falling down and exposing my tits.“Let’s give the girls a little sun. They will look good with a little tan. I think you will look great withbrown titties,” Robert argued as hecontinued to pull my top free. The tie in the back came free easilyas he pulled the top from my chest.“Robert, people can see!” I said, covering my breasts with my arms now.“No they can’t. Not when you are lying back the way you are. Not unless they are in a truck lookingdown.”“Well there are plenty of trucks on the road!” I protested, trying to grab my top back again.“Mom, these poor truck drivers live the most monotonous life on the road. A quick little flash of yourpretty titties will be the high point of their entire trip. Give the guys a little thrill. What can it hurt?”“Robert, I can’t do that. It’s way to embarrassing.” I said continuing to cover my breast with my foldedarms.“Just relax and try it. It will be fun. It will break the boredom perabet of our drive. You will enjoy this, trust me.””I thought you didn’t like men oglingmy breasts? You sure didn’t like Jerome ogling my tits back at theAvis counter.””That was entirely different. Back at the car rental place, you were acting like I was nothing but a toyyou were willing to discard if Jerome had invited you into the back room. You acted like you wouldcrawl over to him on your knees regardless how I felt. It was embarrassing.”Robert paused, and I sat silently, still covering my breasts with my arms. He continued, “This situationis different. Now you obviously belong to me, and you are doing this to please me. You are nothumiliating your man, you are pleasing him by showing off your breasts.”I now understood the workings of my stepson’s psyche’ a little better. And yes, I wanted to pleaseRobert. I would do almost anything for him right now.I had to admit that the wickedness of such an act had its appeal. And there did not seem to be anyharm. It did seem kind of exciting to flash men I did not know with no risk to me. I laid back in theseat, with my arms folded over my chest for several minutes before a slowly unfolded my arms, andfelt the warmth of the sun on my breasts.”Thank you, Mom.””Cindy. I am Cindy.””Thank you, Cindy.”It took several minutes until we were approaching a large eighteen wheeler, passing him on his left. Ifelt my pulse quicken as we approached the cab of the truck, realizing some poor unsuspecting truckdriver was going to be subjected to my bare titties. I closed my eyes, too embarrassed to look up atthe driver as we passed. I feltRobert slow down as I heard the large truck beside us, and I realizedthatRobert was maintaining a speed to maximize my exposure. “Robert, speed up! Don’t just staynext to him.”“Aw, let him enjoy the view for a minute, Cindy.”I opened my eyes and looked up right into the face of a truck driver I estimate to be thirty years old.He smiled broadly, gave me a ‘thumbs up’, made a licking motion with his tongue and then gave hishorn a long blast in tribute to my bare breasts. I was so embarrassed, but excited too. I admit it wasexhilarating. Afterninety seconds or so,Robert pulled ahead of the truck, and the driver let loose yetanother long blast of the horn.A few moments later, the same truck came barreling up along side us, matching our speed. Thedriver clearly wanted another viewing.Word must have been broadcast pretty quickly on the truck driver’s CB radios, because for the nextforty five minutes, there was a convoy of trucks playing ‘leap frog’ to get next to us and see my baretitties. I was scared that I had created this commotion, but the fact that a line of men in trucks wereclamoring to look at me was exciting and flattering. I admit, I enjoyed this. And yes, I was getting veryaroused.In the middle of the convoy of eighteen wheelers, a pickup truck with a raised suspension drove alongside us, and a young man was getting his share of the “Cindy eye candy” show. He drove along sideus for three or four miles.Robert and his driver seemed to have some secret communication going onthat I still do not understand. I was getting quite nervous. “Robert, let’s pull away from this guy.””Mom, are you turned on?””I am embarrassed.””But are you aroused?”I nodded, “Yes, baby, I am pretty wet down there. But please pull away from this guy.””Mom, touch yourself.””Baby, I can’t do that.””Mom, please. touch yourself while he watches.”I hesitated for several seconds. I knew that I would do whatever Robert wanted me to do.”Robert, are you sure you want me to do this? To masturbate while he watches me?””Oh god, yes, Mom, I do.”I unbuckled my shorts, unzipped them and raised my hips up. I lowered my panties and shorts tomid-thigh exposing my pussy to this young stranger. I never looked into his eyes. I looked over at mystepson. “Baby, I am dong this for you.””I know, Mom. Cum for both of us.””I’ll try,'” I said as my left hand held my vagina open and my right hand massagedmy clitoris. “I’ll try.”I could not bring myself to look at the young man in the truck next to me, but I started to rub circlesaround my erect nubbins. I was scared and nervous. But the wickedness of masturbating while acomplete stranger watched only feet away excited me tremendously.It took several minutes, but I could feel it starting to build.”Oh god, baby, I am getting close. Do you want me to cum while he watches? Do you want him to seeyour mommy make herself cum?”Robert answered emphatically, “Cum for both of us.”I started massaging my clit furiously as the fingers from my left hand started to penetrate my wetvulva.”Oh…Oh…Oh…here it comes…oh fuck.” I bucked my hips as my climax shook my body. I opened myeyes and saw my audience was furiously pumping himself. No, I could not see his penis or his hand.But the motion of his shoulder and the look in his eye left me no doubt he was jacking off while hewatched me cum.Having achieved my orgasm, I was suddenly ashamed of my actions.”Robert, please let’s get away from him.”Robert nodded as if he understood, and accelerated. I looked at my friend in the neighboring truck,and I am certain he was cumming as we pulled away.I raised my bottom off the seat and pulled up my panties and shorts.”Robert, you make me do such naughty things. I can’t believe I did that.””Mom, that was so fucking hot. God, you are sexy.””Cindy,” I reminded him. “Baby,I will take care of you when we get to the lodge.”I covered my breasts with my red halter. I smiled, knowing that Robert was not mad any more. Then Ishook my head. I can’t believe I just masturbated while some stranger watched!



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