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A SPECIAL FIELD HOCKEY GAME (A Lesbian Tale)A SPECIAL FIELD HOCKEY GAME (A LESBIAN TALE)The tension was high as the two top Lesbian field hockey teams met in a closed arena which used to be a basketball court. This meant that there were boards to keep the ball into the arena but also that spectators had a closer view of the action on the floor.The rules were the same as field hockey, but the women played with a tennis ball. The players had ice hockey gloves, a sweatshirt with the team logo, and sneakers. They were naked from the waist down. There are a few special features: a goal is one point; tribbing an opponent until she cums is 3 points; fingering an opponent to orgasm is 2 points; penalties are important: the usual penalty is 2 minutes: grabbing ass or cunt; kissing if not solicited; mutual kissing takes out the two players; asslicking is also 2 minutes and both players are taken out if it’s mutual; and fighting is 5 minutes; and pissing on an opponent is a game misconduct. ———————————————————————————————————————-We tune in as the commentators are ready to describe the game (quotes are not used as the whole text is said by the commentators). A paragraph change means a commentator change.Welcome listeners, welcome Jenny Rhodes, our special expert analyst, former player herself. This is Rebecca Banting, your special field hockey commentator. We expect a pretty rough and tumble game here but are we mistaking ?Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. Ah Becca, I am quite sure there is going to be all types of action in this game. Of course, there is the game itself but as this is Special Hockey, well there is also some personal accounts to settle, some players upset at losing face during their last meeting, some quarrels, jealousies, love affairs. I think we’ll have a few fights and plenty of sex….and even some hockey. Some pretty good-looking women out there. I see Rachel Stallworth from the Lickers, Susan Lowe from the Tights, and a recent Russian acquisition Ludmilla Karmazov for the Tights. These women can make you wet in no time, but they can also flip you over and fuck you. I hope we’ll see some good tough pairings this afternoon. I was walking through the dressing-rooms earlier and I saw Karmazov in the shower and I can tell you, she can fuck with anyone out there. She is shaved, her ass is amazing, and her tits can match anyone’s. The Russian league is well-known for its sex and in one match I saw in a video there were a total of 17 completed fucks during the game. Mind you the benches cleared at one point and everyone was fucking including the two coaches and assistant coaches.—————————————————————————————————————-The whistle just blew, and the game is about to begin between the Tights and the Lickers. The Tights have the ball and are mounting an attack, but we already have a first penalty. One of the Lickers players, Campbell I think, is out 2 minutes for grabbing an opposing player’s cunt. On the replay, you see Campbell starts to grab her opponent’s ass then reaches her cunt through her legs. That’s a big mistake by Campbell. That gives kurtköy escort the Tights an advantage and at this early stage of the game, they may try to provoke one of the Lickers into a fuck fight. We’ll see. The Lickers can’t change lines, but the Tights can and are sending Susan Lowe on the court. As soon as the play starts again, Sue might try to provoke gorgeous Rachel Stallworth into getting into it on with her. These two are well-known butches and will fight with whoever tries to fuck their young dolls. The Tights are shooting at the goal often, but not getting through. Stallworth knows Susan is looking for her, but she seems to be successful in avoiding her up to now. Stallworth is called out of the lineup by her coach who can’t afford to play 4 on 4 with this team. The fans who were standing waiting to see these two butches fuck are a bit frustrated, but it’s still early in the game. The penalty has been killed off successfully and it’s back to 5 on 5 as the period is nearly over. Still no score between these arch-rivals. The two benches are side by side, and Stallworth and Susan Lowe are making obscene gestures at each other. These two have tangled before and Jenny, do you happen to know what the score is between these two gorgeous butches ?This season, when the referees weren’t successful in breaking up the fight, Susan was the winner 3 times out of 5 fuck fights. I certainly remember the last time they got down and dirty. It was a butch versus butch classic scissoring fuck fight when you think one of them is going to collapse. Both are gorgeous big mamas and to see them rub cunts is quite something. They didn’t go near each other for the rest of the game. Just a few minutes left to the period and the Tights are trying to start something before the whistle. Two players are near the Lickers’ goal and , oh yes…here we go….I’m trying to identify the two who have just dropped the gloves.Oh it’s Karmazov from the Tights who was provoked by the Swedish player Erika Karlsson from the Lickers. Two big girls. Karlsson knows better than to try to fuck the Russian but she’ll try to milk her to get her libido down and prevent her from fucking her teammates during the second period.The two half naked women are in a bear hug, kissing wildly and masturbating each other with some vigour. Karlsson better be careful not to get fucked. The Swede is strong and keeping her rival from throwing her to the floor. These two were lusting after each other during their last meeting and now they’re fingering wildly.Karlsson just came and the two fighters are separated by the referees. Both players are sent off with a 2 minutes penalty. Although Karmazov didn’t come, she will not be as horny during the second period. The two players are given a standing ovation as they walk back to their bench. What a cunt that Russian has. The camera is giving us a great shot of her shaved box with her wavy cunt-lips and also a great close-up of her other hole. I certainly wouldn’t mind getting my tongue in there. And I certainly wouldn’t turn away from Karlsson’s ass either. ———————————————————————————————————————–INTERMISSIONRebecca maltepe escort Banting here again for the Intermission. We have the pleasure of having the Tights’ Pubic Relations person, Barbara Horney, who can tell us about the local team’s efforts in reaching out to their fans. Our analyst Jenny Rhodes is busy right now and won’t be able to at least speak during part of the intermission.Thank you, Rebecca and also Jenny who does such a great clit suck. We got out our new set of players’ cards, one set showing full frontal and the other set full backside, some of those have moveable parts but they are a little more expensive.What about personal connections with the female fans and also the journalists I may add.There are many activities with the fans. There’s the ever-popular lesbian glory hole area which is on the third floor of the arena. We have added more stalls, some with the name of the players, and a few others which are “surprise booths” and they are very popular. We have of course the “glass wall” which gets you into the shower room as if you were there. And there is another glass wall which I can’t really talk about on television. You also have special group activities centered on one player. Yes ….ooohhhhhh…..Jenny…..ohhhhhhh thank you. Hummm….yes we offer the possibility for groups to bring their autograph books and have them sprayed during special close up masturbation sessions by one or a few players. One last question Barbara. What about the journalists covering the team at home and on the road .We have always had special private boths in which journalists can interview a player in total privacy. We have now added other cabins which cater to journalists from other cities who would want to meet local journalists. They have been very busy.Ah…nmmmm …yes they have been. They really blow your mind and you did put your finger right into improving the programming. Thank you Barbara.SECOND HALFRebecca Banting here again for the second half of this game which gave us little action in the first half, much to our surprise, so we expect lots of activity, mainly sexual, during the second half.Jenny here…mmmm….excuse me, public hair..ah there… Ok here we are with a new center playing for the Lickers, Aleksandra Wocznieck , now that’s a mouthful, who is new to the team. The coach has put her up against Vanessa Crosby who never turned away from a naked cunt or ass. The two are about the same size and have a gorgeous body which I am sure makes them each salivate for the other. Both are lipstick dolls and we are wondering how that will end. Even before the ball was dropped, Aleksandra was grabbing at Vanessa’s small hard tits. The two were separated by the linesman but the trash talk is still going on. As soon as the ball is dropped….yes…as predicted…the gloves are off and Crosby and Wocznieck have even taken off their t-shirts , clits and tits as hard as rocks, and they are rolling around on the hardwood floor. Crosby is leading her rival into the 69 position and the two women are now cunt in mouth, sucking furiously. The referees have of course to let them go at it. Both are automatically penalized for 2 minutes for sucking since neither came. The referees have kartal escort their hands full. While the two players on the floor are still sucking each other, other players have picked fights. Matthews and Hermann, two rather quiet girls usually but, as we see on the replay, Matthews went for the young Thatchuk and tried to set her up for a fuck. Hermann came to her teammates rescue and both butches dropped the gloves although no punches have been exchanged. Two more players are going at it and it’s Bergeron and Cherry, the two goaltenders.Yes Jenny and it’s a fist fight between the two goalies. It’s not the first time they give each other a bloody nose and they are obviously trying to change the pace of the game. They want their teammates to butt in and fuck their opponent. Cherry right hooks Bergeron and knocks her down. Now Karmazov comes out of nowhere and mounts a bleeding Bergeron. The referee is right on this one and inches away from Bergeron’s ass. Yes it’s a fuck. The referee has her arms up. It’s 3 points for the Tights. The Lickers are not happy and cry foul play. The two coaches are standing on their bench and screaming at each other, inviting each other to a fuck fight.I think the game is totally out of control. While Crosby and Woczieck are back at their bench, Matthews and Hermann are exchanging punches, while Bergeron is sent back to the dressing room. Ok now Susan Lowe is walking around one the Lickers young players while Rachel Stallworth is doing the same with a Tights player. The young girls just out of university don’t stand a chance against those gym dykes. Susan got her girl down and is fucking her missionary while players from both teams are pushing and shoving around the copulating couple. Stallworth at the other end of the court is finishing her fuck with Melrose, an older player but a a lipstick doll who has been fucked by about every butch in the league, including her own teammates.Now Karmazov and Karlsson are at it again. Karlsson is trying to get back at the Russian who jerked her off during the first half. The two gorgeous women have grabbed each other by the asscheeks and are bumping shaved mounds. The camera is showing us the two full asses which are jiggling as the women bang each other. The two beauties are left alone by the referees who are going to let them finish since no points are given and the game is about over. The two lesbians squirt at the same time much to the fans delight. That is the type of game that people pay money to see.AFTER GAME INTERVIEWRebecca Banting here with the first star of the game Ludmilla Karmazov of the Tights whose fuck gave the advantage to her team. Our analyst Jenny Rhodes is being attended to by our guest player who seems to still have some left.“So Ludmilla your fuck on goalie Bergeron was what made the difference. Can you tell us what happened ?”“Well Cherry was fighting with Bergeron and knocked her to the ground so I jumped her and I was excited by the fight so I fucked her before she recovered her mind”“How many fucks can you do in a game or an evening ?”“Well I did Bergeron, then I got to clash cunts with Karlsson until I sprayed and now I am fucking Rebecca here and I will probably come again. Maybe one or two more before the evening is over.”Thank you Ludmilla. If you have some left maybe….OK guys cut the camera….I said cut the broadcast….let me slip my pants down…thanks….oh yes…. Are we on camera ? Oh well…just rub your cunt against mine….sorry Rebecca…Oh God….yesssssssssssssss…..THE END



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