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A Slave’s Redemption“Master does not like when I keep him waiting. This time I knew I had to suffer his punishment.”My hands are tied behind my back. He walks in; my Master.”You know I don’t like when you keep me waiting,” he says.”Please master; forgive me,” I beg.He says nothing. He does not even bother to look at me. Master locks the door behind him and he dims the lights. Master is tall; his body is lean. His chest is strong and lightly hairy. Master has a beautiful European face with dark features. His prominent brown bone complements his Grecian nose which accentuates his strong chin. His eyes are deep; but, there is a fire to them. I was hoping Master would wear his patent chaps which perfectly showcases his abdominals. Today he decided to wear his black leather gimp suit without the matching mask. Master looks me in the eyes. My heart starts to pound.He grabs my hair.“Did I say you can speak slut,” he yells?I notice his huge bulge slowly erecting from the inside of his suit. His cock is throbbing.He captures my gaze. “You want it slut?”I nod.He yells “I said do you want it?”I bite my lips and moan “yes master, please give it to me.”He slowly walks up to me; while, caressing his meat. Master’s crotch is centimeters away from my face. Slowly, he unzips his pants. I salivate. I beg for it. I want canlı bahis to. I have to.”Get your fucking mouth ready, you fucking cunt,” he says.Master grabs my neck. His fingers press against the nape.I look up at him and say “yes master.”“You want Master’s big dick?””Yes master.”“Yes Master what?”“Yes Master, feed me your big dick.”Master slaps me, and exclaims “what was that you fucking whore?”“Yes Master, please feed me your big dick.”Master smiles to himself. His cock is uncut, long and thick. Except for slight stubble on the base of his cock, he is smooth. His balls are shaved. The sight of them dangling over his suit excites me. I want him to feed me them. Master grabs his cock and jerks it as he edges it towards my mouth. He forcefully grabs my head. Slowly, Master outlines the shape of my lips with the head of his shaft. Carefully, he enters my wet warm mouth. I moan with excitement….His shaft enters my mouth little by little. The taste of his throbbing head across the tip of my tongue feels like ecstasy. He forces himself deeper and deeper with each thrust. His hands are on the back of my head. I do not think I can take it. I feel my gag reflex subtly alarm my throat. I try my hardest not to gag. Master does not like it when I gag.”You like that cock,” he asks while pinching my nose shut?I bahis siteleri gag. Master keeps his dick in my mouth. He looks me in the eyes and smiles. Violently now, I gag again. My eyes tears up. Master laughs and he slides his meat out of my mouth. I breathe. I try to speak; but, he rubs his thick wet cock all over my face. He slaps me repeatedly with his rock-hard cock. “You like that don’t you,” he asks?I try to answer but Master shoves his throbbing meat into my throat. Instinctively, I swallow his cock.“Oh fuck,” moans Master.He slides his meat out of my warm velvety mouth and begins to circle my mouth. I slowly lick the head of his thick shaft with my tongue. Master rests his hands on his pelvis and rhythmically begins to thrust his meat into my mouth. His head fell back. Master seems pleased, so I continue to work his shaft the way he likes. Master lays me down on my back. Standing above me he thrust his cock down my throat. “Take it deep…” he says.His cock glides smoothly into my mouth. It nearly touches the back of my throat. I can feel him grow more violent with each thrust of his fat cock. He grabs my head and lifts it up as if I were his sex-doll. His eyes burned through my gaze as I met them. He was possessed. “Yeah, take it like a bitch…” my Master yells. I enjoy the pleasure güvenilir bahis Master is allowing me to have. I know that if I complain Master will truly punishment me. Eagerly, I work his cock. I lick up and down his shaft. When he lets me, I taste the flesh of his balls. I cannot get enough of sucking his sack. I can tell Master is pleased with me. All I want to do is play with myself; but, Master still has me tied up. He slides his slimy pulsing dick out of my mouth and jerks it. With his thumb he collects some of the saliva and pre-cum off my face and he feeds it to me. I swallow.“How’s that pussy doing huh,” moaned Master.Master moves his hands seductively down my neck, he squeezes my diamond hard nipples, and then he turns me over so that my torso is resting on his lap. He gropes my ass. His hands touch every surface of my rear. Master cupped my ass cheek. With one hand he rubs my ass, and with the other he fingers my mouth. He takes my panties off. Side by Side both his index and middle fingers trail down my crack easing to my anus. “That is what you want, huh? You want this Master cock to breed your tight hole?”“Yes, please.”Master slaps me. “What was that again?”“Yes Master, please!”“That’s what I thought you little tramp.” Master spits on my face and asks “are you ready for this, you little whore?” I moan “please master…” Jerking his dick Master grunts “Is my little slut ready for this Master cock?“Please Master, I am ready.”Master grabs me by the shoulders and forces my face to the floor. He begins to untie me…



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