A sisters Helping hand, and the Just RewardI just walked in on them, she was bent over the washbasin, knickers down, and he was deep in her, banging away like there was no tomorrow.I stood in the doorway, taking in the most intimate of sights between two people, his thick cock, glistening in the light, being reflected by her lubrication, her deep gasps mingling with his grunting, the raw music of lovemaking, two people oblivious and fucking as if their lives depended on it.As a young female, conventional wisdom would assume I would disappear, and make haste to the other side of the door, and pretend I never saw anything.I confess to being a watcher, or voyeur, I am turned-on with sex, in all its forms, and I was not going to miss having a good eyeful, of what was currently on show.I stepped forward and closed the door behind me, turning the latch to lock it, smiled and said, ‘Dont mind me guys, I need to pee, just pretend I am not here’, and as if obeying my command, renewed their efforts and pleasures, each of their canlı bahis bodies was providing.My brother turned as he continued fucking her, watching me drop my knickers as I put my exposed ass on the plastic seat cover and released a hot stream of Piss into the pan.I looked up at him as he looked between my legs, ‘You having fun s*s’, a smile on his face, but my eyes dropped to watch his testicular sack swinging and slapping into her bare ass, noting the lack of protective condom, he was giving her a good bareback and my nostril were picking up their sexual smell, her cunt was pumping out her pheromones, and brother and sister were both being effected by her.He turned back to pay attention to his thrusting and I in my vantage position, slid forward and stuck my nose into his crotch, his balls slapping my nose and mouth, as I adjusted my face to line up with our family jewels, sticking my tongue out to lick them, prior to his thrusting forward into her swollen pussy.No one spoke, we all knew what were doing as I reached bahis siteleri forward and pulled his ass cheeks open, exposing his crumpled anus, tightly scrunched-up and brownish, the tip of my nose poking it, as I sniffed him deeply, moving up and poking my tongue tip into that brown orifice, taking his hips as leverage, I tongue fucked his hole, lapping and licking, as he released a deep groan, fully inserted inside her, he released his seed, just thrusting deeper, not pulling out as each release of semen coated her uterus, and she relaxed in her climax.He pulled back and his huge penis slid out, hot and steaming in the cooler surrounding air, he turned to face me, and I did that sisterly thing, took him into my mouth and cleaned him, enjoying the saltiness of our families semen, and her sweetness, yes another girls estrogen, is an enjoyable delicacy, when given in the heat of the moment.’I never knew you two were into each other’, she ventured, enjoying the spectacle of me munching on my brothers semi swollen güvenilir bahis cock, ‘I love cock’, I murmured in my i****tuous best, once my brother’s cock slipped out of my mouth, ‘Cool’, she replied with a huge smile on her lips, as her knickers were pulled back into place, exposing her pubs and tattoo, ‘Can I see it’, I asked, and she responded by pulling her short dress up and he knicker elastic down.I small cartoon figure pushing a lawn mower, through luxurious growth, I smiled and run my fingers through its silky softness, my long fingers slipping in between her warm mist lips, ‘Dont’, she said softly, our eyes locked, ‘You will get me going again’, and as I withdrew my hand she stooped down a we kissed each other, ‘Like to have a drink’, I asked, getting up and pulling my own knickers up, while her eyes delved between my legs, not my total lack of pubes, ‘I like to shave’, noting her quizzled look, adding as an afterthought, ‘Makes it easier on your tongue’, with emphasis on ‘your’.She smiled and said, ‘Cool, yes lets go have a drink’, and at that we walked out of the bathroom, my brother forgotten, ‘Lets just go home’, she said, I looked at her, ‘Yes, I’m fucking horny’, and at that held her arm tighter and made for the door.



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