A sensual dark skinned nurseThe Surgeon checked out all the stuff I had given him and he finally told me I needed a pretty little surgery.I got scared and told my sweet Ana about my fears; but she said she had a meeting with other doctors and everybody said it was something easy, with no risk at all…So, one week later, the surgery was left behind in my memory; but some pain was still saying it had not been just “a pretty little one”…I should spend three more days at the hospital; so the doctor could check out my condition before letting me get back home.On the second night, after dinner and after my sweet wife had left me there in the comfortable bed, a very nice black nurse came into the room.She said she needed to change some bandages and clean my belly area and my crotch with some wet clothes.As she was getting ready the stuff, I had time to check on her nice curvy body. It was perfect; a very tiny waist, nice hips and a pair of long toned legs to die for… Her skin was darker than coal and she gave me every time a very amazing beautiful smile…She drew the curtains round my bed and pulled the covers away.To my surprise; before I could even react; she removed my robe, leaving me totally naked lying there on the bed.I had not fucked my sexy wife in a full week; pendik escort so I was horny as hell, although the infamous surgery they had done to me.I did not want to have a full hard on just in front of this sensual black nurse; but suddenly, I could feel my cock start to thicken…So I laid back there, closing my eyes and trying not to think about this black girl too much.But my cock became harder, when she started washing my nipples and then her soft hands moved down to my belly. Her delicate fingers definitely seemed to linger as my nipples began to stiffen under her touch. As my cock was resting down between my legs, hanging over my balls, the nurse finished cleaning my chest, including my nipples.As she got to my thighs, her hands brushed accidentally against my balls a couple of times and I could not help my cock twitching…Despite my best efforts, my cock was definitely getting hard.I opened my eyes and saw the nurse looking straight at me with a smile on her face. She looked down, directly at my hardening dick and then looked back up at me, with a silent question in her eyes. I nodded and she slowly slid the soapy cloth up over my balls, gently rubbing them and soaping them up. I moved my legs slightly çekmeköy escort wider apart to give her better access, as she slowly wrapped the cloth around my now very hard cock…She pulled my foreskin back and gently rubbed the head of my cock with the cloth. I felt I was going to explode…The nurse smiled again and she and started to massage my hard dick with her gloved hands. She slid a finger up my tight asshole. I looked down at her hands as they worked my cock and asshole.She bent down, her uniformed tits pressing against my chest as she did so. She whispered in my ear that she would come back later. I nodded and she helped me getting into my robe again.I soon passed out for a long while; until I felt some hands rubbing my belly. I opened my eyes to see I was naked again and the soft fingers of that sensual black nurse were sliding up and down, between my belly and my thighs. She told me her name: Agatha…She started again wrapping her long fingers around my hardened cock. This time she stroked it for some moments.I closed my eyes, trying my best efforts to help moaning loud. Agatha looked at me while she stroked my cock and she smiled.She then leaned on me and wrapped her plump lips around my cockhead. I moaned maltepe escort and grabbed her hair, pulling her face into my crotch. I heard her gagging on my thick cock; but however, I did not release the grip… She struggled and I finally let her head go.Agatha breathed for a couple seconds and she alone engulfed again my hardness. She sucked on hard.I reached out my hand and slipped it under her skirt.My fingers soon found her tiny cotton thong; it was damp. I pulled the cloth aside and shoved two fingers up her wet cunt.Agatha moaned on my dick and she kept sucking on me.I fingered her slowly and deeply, trying to guess who would come first. But she finally won. All of a sudden I felt a burning heat in my belly and I exploded inside of her soft mouth. The sensual nurse swallowed all my salty semen without letting out a single drop. She then pulled out my dick from her nice mouth.She moved away from me, as I sensed my naughty fingers slipping out from her warm wet cunt. She smiled at me…and leaned on me to kiss my lips. She made me test my own cum in her tongue.She then moved away, swaying her hips.On the third night I was waiting for her to come again and give me so warm treatment to my cock. I heard some footsteps in the alleyway and closed my eyes.Some moments later I felt some fingers wrapped around my dick and washing it. I open my eyes; I wanted to watch her doing it…A very huge black guy was grabbing my dick. He looked at me into my eyes and smiled; he said I would not worry myself, because he would give me same treatment Agatha had given the night before…



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