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My jaw dropped. I couldn’t believe what I had just heard; was I losing my mind? Had my ears garbled the words that had entered my eardrum and maybe I just misheard? Things like this just didn’t happen in normal society…did they?

“Yes, I did it. Last night.” My best friend said with a proud grin. “I finally did it.”

“Are you for real, Tasha?” I asked in disbelief.

She giggled. “What’s the big deal? It happens more than you know, Chasey.”

“But not to my best friend.”

“Well…it did. Believe it.”

I gazed at her steadily, looking for any possible signs of a lie. Tasha and I had been friends since we entered preschool together; she had never lied to me, and I never lied to her. But more than that, we were lovers…had been since we both turned eighteen but six months ago. Tasha pressed her small, full lips together and waited for my next reaction, moving closer to me and placing her warm hand on my tanned, bare thigh.

“So let me get this straight,” I murmured. “Last night, my best friend…my best friend…you…I mean…”

“Yes, Chasey, I slept with my father.” Tasha said exasperatedly.

The words seemed foreign, and with a distraught groan, I flopped down next to Tasha on my bed. She turned over on her side facing me and set her hand on my hip, urging me onto my side to face her also.

“It was so hot. God, I never thought sex could be so good with a guy. Usually, it’s just wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am and the guy is done. With my father…he was totally in tune to my every desire.” Tasha said, her brown eyes dreamy.

Here we where, my best friend and I, relaxing after a long days work at our jobs in my bedroom, and Tasha comes out with this revelation. I knew she only told me because I was her best friend and she trusted I wouldn’t go around telling everyone; plus the fact, I thought with a inward chuckle, she loved to try and shock me. Involuntarily, my pussy began to stir. An image of Tasha on her back, her hairless, shaved pussy wet and spread open for her father’s waiting cock filled my mind’s eye. Tasha’s father was thirty-seven and beyond good-looking; thick brown hair, hazel eyes, and a trim build that I had often found myself fantasizing about being underneath. Tasha herself was a beauty, too, with long, curly brown hair, brown eyes, and a lean, curvy build. Along with the lust came the jealousy…whether I was jealous about Tasha being with her father or vice versa, I couldn’t really tell, but it started from my belly and most likely turned my eyes from blue to green.

“Come on, Chasey. I’ve been telling you for months I wanted him.” She said. “Are you mad?”

“No,” I replied. “Not mad as much as jealous.”

“Don’t be jealous. There’s a world of difference between my best friend and my father.” She grinned.

“I – I still can’t believe it.”

“When I think it over, it’s hard for me to believe, too. I mean this is the man that raised me, took care of me, held me when I was a baby. But on the other hand, he’s a man too; a man with real desires and feelings, and I’m not just his daughter…I’m a woman.”

I ran my hand along her slim hip, feeling a little shiver of excitement unfurl in my belly. “Tell me about it.”

“Well, my brother was out with his friends, and my dad was downstairs watching a movie on the TV, wearing just his jeans. You’ve seen him in just his jeans, right?”

I had. Cameron, Tasha’s father, kept himself tanned and well in shape. He had a great stomach and a toned chest, and just imagining him in a pair of faded blue jeans started all kinds of naughty thoughts in my head. Now that I thought about it, so did my father…he was a year younger than Tasha’s father, with jet-black hair, forest green eyes, and a muscular build that could turn any woman’s head. Unlike Tasha, whose mom died when she was very young, I am an only child. My mother left us when I was five, which allowed him to date, though he didn’t very much. My father and I were very close; he was the only male I could fully trust, as well as being a loving, supportive father throughout my teenage years. But after I turned eighteen, he seemed to pull away. Maybe not emotionally as much as physically, he rarely hugged me, and sitting close to each other on the couch while peacefully watching a movie hadn’t happened since I could remember. I often wondered if it was because of how much I took after my mother, with long, blond-brown hair, blue eyes, and a curvy build that drew eyes wherever I went. Often, I caught him staring at me but he would quickly look away when I met his eyes; a few times I would find him just outside the bathroom door as I finished showering, hurrying away when I emerged…I thought nothing of it at the time…but now…Tasha wiggled closer to me, her voice lowering huskily.

“So I came downstairs in this short t-shirt and sat down next to him, cuddling up real close and resting one of my hands on his thigh. He put his arm around me, and I pretended to stretch, pulling my shirt way up past my belly. Of course, I forgot my panties…”

She trailed off, looking bakırköy escort at me from the corner of her chocolate brown eyes with a playful smile. “You little slut.” I said, not able to stop myself from smiling back.

“It was like flipping a switch. He had a hard-on tenting his jeans out so far boy scouts could camp under them,” she chuckled. “He kind of froze, like he was hoping I wouldn’t notice. I could imagine what was going through his head; this is my daughter, how can I think what I am thinking, why am I even looking at her the way I am. Actually, I could practically read what he was thinking.

“I looked up at him, he looked right back. I slid my hand farther up his thigh, waited for him to say no, when he didn’t say anything, I slid my hand over his cock. Still he didn’t say anything. I unbuttoned his jeans, pulled down his zipper, and let his cock out. Oh my God, Chasey, you would not believe the size of him. At least eight inches, and thick…way thicker than any other guy I’ve been with. I ran my finger over the tip of his dick, he moaned a little and asked what I was doing. I told him I was doing exactly what the both of us wanted. I told him that I knew he watched while I showered, that he watched when I walked in and out of a room, and that he liked to steal my panties to jerk off with. He managed to look really shocked and stutter a denial, but he knew he was caught. I wrapped my hand around him and started stroking him…God; the sound of his moans was one of the most erotic things I’ve ever heard. I was making my father moan, Chasey.”

“Jesus, Tasha.” I muttered. Though I wouldn’t admit it out loud, this was beyond hot. My eighteen year-old best friend rubbing her own father’s cock…what would it be like to wrap my fist around my father’s cock? Feel the pulsing veins running up the length of his shaft in my palm?

She continued. “I put my mouth around his cock and sucked him until he was on the verge of cumming…then he pushed me down onto my back and went down on me until I could barely see straight. I was almost screaming at the top of my lungs, he ate my pussy so well, Chasey. He used his tongue, his fingers; he made me beg for more. He spread my thighs and fucked me on my back…I came three times before he put me on all fours and fucked me until I came three more times. I wanted him to cum sooner, but he said he wanted me to experience a real man. He looked like he won the lottery when I asked him to cum in my mouth…mmmmm, he tasted good, too.”

I stared at her for a moment, letting everything she had just told me fully sink in. “I can’t believe you did it.”

“Then you probably won’t believe it when I do it again.” She said slyly.

“You’re going to hell.” I said matter-of-factly.

“I think I was already well on my way when I started playing with you, Chasey Alexandra.” We caught each other’s eye and collapsed into a fit of giggles, totally caught up in the pleasure and beauty of the other.

There was a brief knock at my bedroom door, and before Tasha and I had a chance to jump off the bed, my father peeked his head in. His green eyes opened to the size of saucers as he took in our nearly naked bodies (I wore a white cami and matching bikini panties, Tasha wore a matching black cami and panties) and he quickly diverted his gaze.

“Oh…sorry, girls. I just wanted to let you know that dinner is ready.” He murmured.

“Thanks, Daddy.” I squeaked. Tasha and I exchanged glances as he left, closing the door behind him, and I gasped when her warm fingers nudged underneath my panties. She rubbed along my thoroughly wet slit, slipping her middle finger between my shaven sex lips to firmly circle my clit.

“You’re soaking wet.” She murmured. “Does Daddy turn you on, Chasey?”

“Stop that.” I said sharply. “You fucked your father, that doesn’t mean I want to fuck mine.”

“Don’t lie to me! I saw your eyes when he was looking at us. Your little nipples hardened under your cami…now your pussy is practically dripping. Didn’t know you could want your father, did you?”

“I don’t want him.” I insisted breathlessly, enjoying the sweet pleasure washing through my body. I didn’t want my father…that would be wrong…

Tasha scooted closer, her smooth knees bumping against mine, her fingers working faster under my panties. “Tell me you never think about sucking his cock, Chasey. What it would feel like to have your father fucking hard into your aching little pussy…making you cum…over and over again.”

Was she right? Hadn’t I had those exact thoughts before? What was going on? I closed my eyes tightly, trying to block the pictures suddenly pushing themselves into my mind. I remembered seeing my father’s cock once; he had just emerged from the shower and had stridden through the hall to his bedroom, naked as the day he was born. I don’t know what he had been doing in the shower, but his cock was rock hard and standing straight out from his body. I had stared, frozen, at his engorged member while my pussy flooded with arousal juice. beşiktaş escort I felt so ashamed, and more than a little dirty, at what I had seen. Yet, at the same time, I was intensely turned on. Turned on by my own father.

“Admit it.” Tasha whispered hotly into my ear, her warm, wet tongue sneaking out to flick along my earlobe. “Every girl thinks about fucking her father at one time or another, baby. And just like I made it come true…you can make it come true.”

“No,” I groaned. “No, Tasha…”


“No…” I arched sharply into her busy little fingers, breath hissing through my teeth as she pushed my cami up over my breasts, baring my taut pink nipples to her hot gaze. She moved down to engulf one in her skilled mouth, suckling gently as she slipped two fingers deep in my horny cunt, her thumb expertly rubbing my hard, throbbing clit.

“Do you want my tongue in your wet pussy, Chasey?” she asked coyly. “Tell me you want it.”

“No…I…” I stuttered. God, she was bringing me so close! The little tease…

“Mmmm, tell me you want my mouth sucking your pussy. No…tell me you want your Daddy’s mouth sucking your pussy, Chasey.” Tasha said. Her plunging fingers slowed to an agonizing pace, slowly withdrawing and slowly pushing back in, teasing my clit with feather-light manipulation.

“Make me cum, Tasha…make me cum…” I whimpered, thrusting my hips upwards into her fingers.

“Not until you say what you really want.” She persisted.

“Girls! Dinner is getting cold!” My father shouted from downstairs. Tasha pulled her fingers away, drawing a frustrated groan from my mouth but at the same time sending a wave of guilt through me. My father worked hard as an EMT all day, he didn’t deserve having to wait for the dinner he made for all of us.

“I’ll get you back later.” I growled. Tasha laughed and we got up, quickly throwing on a pair of jeans. For a moment we considered putting on a t-shirt, but we figured our camis were decent enough.

“You look hot.” Tasha commented as I opened my bedroom door. “Your tanned little belly showing…your ass looks so good in those jeans.”

“Tasha, you tease…” I grabbed her and pulled her mouth to mine, thrusting my tongue deep inside as she cupped my firm little bottom to crush her chest against mine. Our moans mixed together, and I peeled myself away from her curvy body, trying to ignore how good she, too, looked in her slim-fitting jeans and tight cami.

“Come on, we’re wanted downstairs.” I said.

My father, Riley, was waiting patiently at the dinner table as Tasha and I entered the room, and I could swear a slight flush colored his handsome face as we settled into our seats; I sat to his right, Tasha to his left so we were across from each other.

“I’m sorry, dad. We didn’t mean to make you wait.” I murmured.

“I’m sorry, too,” Tasha chimed. “Girl talk can make time pass pretty quickly.”

“Understood.” He said with a grin, flashing dimples that suddenly made my knees weak. Damn her, I thought silently, giving Tasha a withering look. I never thought this way until she had to yank that door open in my mind. With a little trepidation, I wondered if it was already cracked open and just needed Tasha’s extra push…after all, I am my own mind, and am able to just banish whatever thoughts don’t appeal to me…right?

I peeked at my father from the corner of my eye, admiring the broad curve of his shoulders and firmness of his body, wondering what it would be like to run my hands over his tanned skin and pull him closer as he fucked hard into me…how could someone look so good in a simple white t-shirt and jeans?

“Earth to Chasey.” Tasha called. I snapped to attention, nearly flipping my fork off the table.

“Want some potatoes?” she repeated with exaggerated slowness. I nodded mutely and took the bowl she was holding out, spooning out a healthy portion before passing it on to my father. His warm fingers brushed mine, and he winked affectionately as I met his green eyes. Oh, damn.

“Dinner looks great.” I said quickly. He had prepared fried chicken, mash potatoes, corn, and dinner rolls; my father was a master in the kitchen.

“Thank you, sweetie.” He replied. The phone rang, and I stood to answer it.

“I can get it, baby.” Dad said.

“No, you keep eating. I’ll grab it.” I trotted into the kitchen, picking up the receiver irritably.


“Hi, is Riley there?” a breathy female voice asked. I frowned, raising an eyebrow in confusion. What female did I know that would call for my father?

“Can I ask whose calling?”

“Kristin from work.”

I cupped my hand over the mouthpiece and called, “Dad…phone.”

He came into the kitchen, his brow furrowed. “It’s Kristin from work.” I told him. His green eyes brightened a bit, and a spear of jealousy sank into my stomach as he took the phone from me.

“Hey, Kristin…”

I walked back into the dining room, Tasha looking up as I sat down to resume eating. “Who beylikdüzü escort was that?”

“Kristin.” I replied sourly.

She giggled. “Competition, hmm?”

“Shut up. It’s not like that.”

“Who says?”

I glared at my lover. “You know as well as I do it’s not like that.”

“Not yet.” She shot back, and then added smugly, “I wasn’t the only one watching your cute ass walking out of the room, Chasey.”

“You’re seeing things.” I grumbled, feeling a slow burn begin between my thighs. God help me, but I wanted my father.

Even as I thought about him, he came back into the dining room and sat down, a broad grin on his face.

“What’re you so happy about?” I asked, my stomach churning nervously.

“Seems I have a date tomorrow night.” He said, digging into his meal with renewed vigor.

“A date?” I echoed.

“That’s right. Your old man is going out.”

“With some strange girl?”

He chuckled. “Kristin is hardly a stranger, sweetie. We work together.”

“Right.” I said lamely.

“What are you two going to do?” Tasha asked.

“I don’t know. What’s a proper first date in this day and age?” Dad joked.

“Dinner and movie, definitely.”

“Dinner and a movie it is, then.”

I didn’t say much the rest of the meal; Dad tried to strike up conversation, but I was too involved in imagining all the things this woman would do to my completely trusting and compassionate father. Surely she wouldn’t give it up on the first date? More importantly, would my father take it if it were offered? It made me wonder just how long it had been for my father since he had last had sex…I would be a fool to think my mother would’ve been the last woman.

Tasha and I insisted on cleaning up after dinner, telling my father to go relax on the living room couch. I washed dishes and Tasha dried, my mind occupied with thoughts of my father’s non-existent sex life. Or so I hoped.

“Its just a date, Chasey.” Tasha murmured consolingly.

“I know.” I sighed.

“Quit your moping.”

“I’m not moping!”

“Are too.”

“Am not!”

“Are too.” Tasha twirled her dishtowel warningly, an evil twinkle in her brown eyes.

“Don’t even think about it, Tasha,” I giggled. She snapped it across my ass, sending a shock of pain down my thigh. “You bitch!”

My best friend shrieked as I dove at her, and she spun around to streak out of the kitchen and into the living room. I grabbed a towel and was hot on her heels, our laughter filling the spacious room as we chased each other around the couch and my baffled father. Tasha pushed me across his lap, climbing on top of me to begin my number one weakness: tickling.

“No!” I gasped in between breathless fits of laughter. “Stop it! Tasha!”

“Come on, help me!” Tasha cried to my grinning father. He joined her in the tickling torture, centering on my belly while Tasha worked on my knees. The two went on tickling me for a good five minutes, until I could barely breathe and was begging for relief. My father’s warm hand had slid underneath my cami to get better access to my bare tummy, just barely brushing the bottoms of my breasts and causing shivers of pleasure to spiral through my pussy.

“Please, stop!” I begged. From outside, a car horn honked loudly, signaling that Tasha’s father had arrived to pick her up.

“I have to split,” Tasha grinned. “See you later, guys.”

“Bye, Tasha.” I called. She grabbed her things and glanced back at me knowingly, giving me a little wave as she closed the front door behind her.

“God, she’s crazy.” I smiled, looking up at my father. He smiled back, his hand running in lazy circles over my flat belly almost absently. Our eyes met, and he froze like a deer caught in headlights as he looked down at his hand. At the small of my back, his cock dug into me like a steel pipe and I arched slightly as to not hurt him.

“I – I should get to bed.” He stammered.

“No, Daddy,” I whispered, realizing I hadn’t called him that since I was ten. “Please don’t stop.”

His green eyes were clouded with lust; that was plain as day to me. Was Tasha right? Did he want me, too? I had to know. I set my hand atop his, moving it lower down my belly to just above the waistband of my jeans, staring into his eyes to gauge his reaction. My pussy ached for release, throbbing nearly painfully as the rough texture of my father’s skin slid over the suddenly thrumming nerve endings of my stomach. His breathing was fast and shallow as he watched the journey of his hand, like he was an observer of someone else’s hand and not his own.

“Chasey…” he said huskily, his voice trembling. “Sweet God, Chasey…this isn’t right…”

I put my index finger over his soft lips. “Touch me,” I murmured. “I need you to touch me.”

I pulled my hand away, waiting anxiously as he stayed perfectly still for a moment before continuing downward, his fingertips slipping underneath the top of my jeans. My body trembled, my nipples hardening to firm little points as my father nudged farther down the front of my jeans. The sexual tension was so thick between us I could barely breathe. We were on the verge on something that would change us forever, and I found myself urgently wishing for it. Our gazes locked, his fingers stopping just above the top of my pussy, and I begged him silently with my blue eyes to continue.



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